The Noctivigant Nurse


After the fitness competition, time seemed to blur in the celestial ecstacy of nascent love. A few days later, Chad found himself next to an altar surrounded by his colleagues, his family, and almost an entire cathedral full of unfamiliar albiet affable looking Greeks and Mexicans.

"You may now kiss the bride." The preacher stated.

The relatively tiny man scaled his bride’s body for a three minute kiss. A gala reception followed. Tia chattered with her family interminably. Chad enjoyed the festivities affably, but his attention was remotely displaced from the sea of celebrants around him. The magnitude of Tia’s family plus a recursive tendency for generaosity that bordered on largesse amounted to a heap of wedding gifts that even Tia couldn’t lift easily.

After the wedding, the Honeymoon spirited them across Europe. Tia relished squeezing through the confined streets and shortish populace. Over the next three days, the newlyweds visited the Parthenon, the Arch of Triumph, and Neuschwanstein. Tia travelled on foot, and Chad travelled on Tia’s back; her endless angelic legs were both capable of superhuman speed and far too cumbersome for the mass transportation. In Bavaria, Tia and Chad stared up at a famous bronze colossus of a woman known affectionately as "Frau Bavaria".

"Beautiful!" Chad remarked, snapping a digital photograph.

"I thought you would like that attraction, shorty" Tia stuck out her tongue and shoved Chad lightly. He laughed; even though Tia had gradually increased his height to six and a half feet tall, she still eclipsed him. "If you like to make fun of my height, why do you keep increasing it?" He took a handfull of Tia’s flank, and tickled it.

"EEEEEEEEE!!!" She squealed and batted his hand way. "I extended your legs so you could keep up with me." She seized Chad in one hand and exacted a tickling retribution with the other. At the end of that episode they were hopelessly intertwined in affection.

"Hey, I’m feeling inneffably lubricious. Wanna engage in sex somewhere?"

"A sage suggestion." Chad nodded from under a mountain of leg.

They found a hotel room and copulated until sunrise. After sating themselves temporarily with each other’s bodies. The two lovers sat on the floor and cuddled; no bed could withstand Tia’s passion.



"I’ve been wanting to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"You still never explained my Gyn… cat… thing exactly."

"Oh… the gynecatalyst. You’re a psychic whose presence causes women to grow. Physical and emotional propinquitiy expedite this."

Chad blinked. "That must not be much of an ability, if I’ve had it all this time."

Tia looked taken aback. "On the contrary. Your ability is more mystifying than mine. My ability functions on a conservation principle, although the transduction of matter and energy does not require any energy expenditure. Your ability causes matter and energy to arise ex nihilo."

"Why hadn’t I noticed it yet?" Chad iterated.

"It’s rather subtle. It only makes women taller if they haven’t reached metaplasis yet. Adult women only become denser and stronger. Additionally the effect is compounded if the woman is a sarcophrene like me."

"How do you glean this knowledge?"

Tia shrugged and giggled. "I don’t have to. I simply have this knowledge about the matter around me. That’s why I have a masters in chemistry. I can recompose living bodies, and influence the mind as well."

For the first time, Chad felt a soupcon of insecurity around Tia. "You mean you can control people’s behavior and cognitions?"

"Not really. The best I can do is suggest something that the person already desires to do. I can’t read minds either, the higher order processes actually involve the soul, and that’s beyond my ability, but I do have some subtle control over hormones, though. Have you ever noticed that every time we have sex, it feels at least as exhilarating and fulfilling as our first encounter?"

"Souls!?" Chad blurted.

Tia responded nonchalantly. "Yeah. Souls exist. The mind is actually a portal of the dualistic nature of mankind. I don’t know much about them, though."

"Wow… Have you ever changed anyone’s behavior behore, though?"

Tia giggled. "Describe your love for me."

Chad immediately uttered. "I’d die for you, but I prefer living with your love."

"Now… pleasure me!" She exclaimed, pointing at her pelvis.

Chad brought his lips toward Tia’s pudenda, but stopped midway and shook his head. "Stop pulling Jedi mind tricks on me."

"Actually I only coaxed you with the first one. You were very willing, so that wasn’t difficult at all. The second was a normal speech act: No psionics whatsoever!" Tia chortled so hard that her abdomen rippled.

"Ummm Tia?" Chad stroked Tia’s curvature quizzically.

"Yes, hon?"

"You’ve become very fat since the bodybuilding contest. Is your power malfunctioning?"

Tia grinned in a way that exaggerated her subordinate chin. "Yes, I’m quite plump, and I like it that way."

"That’s unusual for a bodybuilder, I thought…"

"It makes perfect sense. My strength is known throughout the world now. Most people think I’m a mutant, a transmongrant, or product of a miracle. My muscles are much larger than when I entered that silly contest. I only did that because I wanted to donate the money to the advancement of medical research. I mean, I can heal far better than any doctor, but I’m not ubiquitous. Now that I’m done with bodybuilding, I can be voluptuous too. I think it suits my paradigm."

"What paradigm?"

"If you had to choose between a woman who was strong, capable, and protective who would rule you for the rest of eternity, or a tender, soft, affectionate woman who delighted in your touch and wanted to include you in her wildest fantasies, which would you choose?"

Chad pondered, until an epiphany descended. "That’s a theorhetical question."

"Smart boy…" Tia kissed Chad and thrust his face into her abdomen. He felt himself descending through a stratum of undulating flesh to bump his nose on a megalith of muscle; each of its fibers were expanded to the diameter of a soda can.

"Tia…. you’re a goddess."

Her eyes flashed. "Do not use such an apellation on me!"

"Wha— huh?"

"I’m just… not a goddess… remember that." Tia looked at Chad with a sigh, knowing that this outburst troubled him, so she stroked his back until he calmed down and they put their clothes on.