The Noctivigant Nurse


"That was great, but we should be going to the airport soon." Chad held Tia close as he rested.

"Yes, we should, but we have a complication…"

"Hmmmm? Oh!" Chad examined his wife. When she entered, Tia’s thighs could barely squeeze through the door. Currently, she couldn’t stand without damaging the ceiling.

"I overdid it a little didn’t I?" Chad covered his face in chagrin.

Tia giggled and slapped her plump thigh, jostling the building slightly. "Well, you did, but you fullfilled my every fantasy plus a few that I hadn’t conceived of yet. I’ll forgive you." She gave him a pat on the head. "Now we have to devise a plan to get out of the room without anyone rousing their suspicion.

"Condense it into muscle."

"I’d still be a giantess. Moreover, I’d probably fall through the floor!"

"Turn it into energy."

"I or this edifice would spontaneously combust!"

"Give it to me."

"You’d fall though the floor and be over ten times as large as you were when you entered. No. I wonder…" Tia trailed off pensively.

"Chad, get my wedding ring!"

Chad explored Tia’s chest and strained to lift a bulge of his unfathomably buxom wife, but he managed to find the ring with the rest of her clothing. Chad gave the ring to Tia. "What will that do?"


Tia focused on the ring, scrutinizing its configuration: a tesseration of deteriorating carbon rings. First she repaired the carbon structure, resetting the gradual evolution into graphite. Then she projected some of her body into the stone itself. The immaculate matrix of sparkling diamond exploded, and Tia soon found herself at the size she was when she entered the chamber. The room was also much warmer.

"Now let’s get out of here." Tia slid into her greatcoat, which hid the prodigious muscles she was sporting. The towering woman and her lover left the building in each other’s arms. Travelling home via airplane was always an ordeal for Tia, but relatively little incident occurred until they were en route to their house.

"Hey baby, I’m esurient. Let’s get something to eat."

"Okay." Chad pulled the Winnebago-sized Cadillac into the nearest fast food restaurant. As they waited before a vast procession of people, Chad whispered to Tia, "I’m going to the bathroom. Please get me a grilled chicken sandwich." Chad then disappeared. Eventually Tia overshadowed the cashier as she placed her order.

"I’ll have a grilled chicken sandwhich, a small box of fries and" She clenched her gut with relish.

"a dozen number 3 combo meals- Ubertized!"

The tiny girl gasped at the order, but maintained her composure. "Ummm.. maam, would you like a drink with that?"

"I’ll have three extra large chocolate shakes!" Tia was giddy with anticipation.

"errrmm For here… or to go?"

"To go."

A murmur of discontent seemed to rise from the customers lined up behind her as the machines strained under the load of Tia’s grandiose appetite. The massive beauty turned around and smiled, and that seemed to pacify them, at least temporarily. Tia paid for the meal and took the luggage of paper bags that contained her food, when three huge black-clad thugs kicked the door down and brandished an assault rifle. He demanded that all customers kneel on the ground. As Tia bent down, a thud sent a dyspeptic feeling into her stomach. A two hundred pound diamond shattered on the floor.

One of the thugs kept a gun aimed at Tia’s head. Another watched over the employees and customers. while a third scrambled to obtain the fragments of diamond. Once the diamond pieces were in the thugs’ possession, they headed toward the door, and nearly made their escape.

At that moment, Chad emerged from the bathroom, colliding with the thieves. The closest one grabbed his weapon and aimed at Chad’s heart in agitation, but he never had the chance to fire.

"You stay away from him!" Tia roared as she punched the man in the back of the head. His skull splattered like an overripe watermelon."

The other assailants aimed and shot Tia several times. She struck at one before hitting the floor, splintering his ribs. The brute buckled helplessly against a wall, struggling to breathe. However, this unenviable state was not to last long.

"Murderer." Chad snarled as he kicked the last standing criminal. His fury multiplied his giantess-augmented strength, propelling his foot though the enemy’s entrails. Chad then stumbled over to the dying man in the corner and bludgeoned him with his hemorraging accomplice, still attached to his leg. The ribless man died after a few blows, but Chad was unsure about the burden on his leg. He seized the skull and began to squeeze. The eyes behind the mask dialated in terror, then blood seeped from the eyeslots, followed by brain tissues. Seeing the criminals suffer caused Chad to smile grimly.

This acrid smile faded as he saw his wife on the floor, blood seeping from her wounds. He held her blood soaked head and searched for a pulse. Tia opened her eyes, and smiled feebly at her sobbing friend.

"How could you have done something so cruel? I’ll forgive you… Don’t worry about me… We’ll be together again." Tia closed her eyes tacitly. The bleeding ceased. The muscles slackened. Chad turned his back to the body, stomped on a dead criminal’s head on the way out, and waited for the paramedics, unblinking. Neither the staff nor the bystanders dared to disturb him before the police arrived.