The Noctivigant Nurse


The next day, Chad sat at home, pondering the scrap of cloth in his hands. He peered at the fibers, then suddenly wrenched the shred in opposite directions, applying all the strength in his tenuous grip. He managed to rip the cloth slightly, but he knew it had no unusual durability.

"Breasts that large should rationally need support! Something rather subtle is at work here…" Chad muttered.

At that moment, Meredith walked into the room. She descryed the silken rag on her fathers lap. Her glare impaled him.

"Hi Daddy, where did you go tonight?"

"I was at school."

"Was she a muscular one?" scowled Meredith, the cords of her neck thickening.

Chad sighed ecstatically, Remembering Tia. "Indeed!" He backpedaled "How did you-??"

Meredith tacitly seized the silk, threw it in Chad’s face, and stormed out of the house.

Chad sprung to his feet. "Honey, wait!"

But then a mop of disheveled hair ran into the room. Beneath it was Chad’s son. "Dad! Play video games with me!"

"Okay…" He yawned and sat in front of the television set. They began to play.

Teddy pulled out suddenly in front of his father’s car. "What’s wrong with Meredith?"

Chad shrugged as he grazed the outer edge of the track, causing him to lose more position. "I don’t know anymore."

Teddy lapped his father for the second time when he asked. "Is she always going to be this moody?"

"I doubt it. Girls her age exhibit notorious volitility in their moods. Some never seem to grow out of it completely." Chad sniffled, and slammed his digital vehicle into a wall.

"You’re playing awful today!"

"Perhaps the inexorable senectitude is descending already!" the young man laughed. His laughter wilted slightly at the end, but Teddy kept playing the video game untrammeled. This ensued until a strident tone issued from Chad’s waist.

"Do you have to go again?" Teddy pouted.

"Yes, It’s an emergency." Chad rolled his eyes.

"You’re always leaving in the middle of things. Can we at least do stuff after you come back?"

The nurse sighed. "After it’s over, I have to go to night class.

-But if you promise to be good, I can let you go with me…" Chad reversed in mid sentence.

"Yay!" Teddy jumped up and down and clapped until Chad grasped his shoulder.

"You can only do this if you promise to be on your best behavior. Only mature people are allowed at our destinations."

"I promise! I promise! Let’s go!" Teddy charged to the car.

At the hospital, Chad was outside the locker room when a doctor accosted him. "You can’t bring a child into the operating room!"

Chad was mollified. "I was hoping he could watch the operation from the balcony for a while. He has a considerable amount of restraint…."

"Preposterous! That child must be supervised by someone."

"Pardon me, boys, but I can watch him." A mellifluous voice behind and above the men resonated.

"Auntie Tia!" Teddy cried. He ran up and embraced the woman’s leg.

"Hello Teddy, Youve gotten so big since I saw you last." Tia smiled sweetly and ran a couple fingers through the boy’s hair.

"And you’re freaking huge!" The child took a moment to assimilate the statue and demeanor of the gigantic woman, causing her to laugh lightly.

Chad was dumbfounded. "I could never… You’ve just worked twelve consecutive hours… you..errr"

"Relax! I can supervise him."

"Thank you Miss Juno." The doctor interceded.

"Your father is going to help operate on a patient, and you can watch!"

"Cool! But don’t I have to stay out of the OR?"

"Yes, but we can watch in the theater from a front row seat! What do you say..?" Tia looked to Chad. The man stared into her eyes. For an instant his jaw clenched at the idea.

"Knock yourselves out." He smiled.

"Come on Teddy, I’m going to make some popcorn."

The titaness hulked gracefully into the breakroom, Teddy balanced comfortably on her shoulder.