Sorry, no X-Box here, but I do have a PS2 and Gamecube and the Smackdown games are pretty sweet. Raw Vs Smackdown is awesome and Day of Reckoning is acutally one of the better WWE games I’ve played in awhile, but the story mode sucks. But what I was getting at is the create-a-wrestlers on both won’t let you physically edit superstars. I wish I could morph Stephanie, Stacy, Trish, the list goes on. Although I did make afew FMG women and She Hulks. It’s sweet, pump them to the max in height and muscle, put them in tight shirts with the breast popping out and the torn, ripped up, skirt, give them fitting entrances, last one I had I used Scott Steiners entrance where she would flex and pump up her biceps 😉

Then give them powerful moves in the ring and have all of their taunts represent flexing or hulking out. Quite fun, makes great games even better 😉

Although I hear City of Heroes or one of those online superhero rpgs, where you can make FMG heroes do whatever, whenever (grow on command works for me) is tons of fun 😉