2005 Ms. Olympia competitors: Where is everybody?

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    This is the entire list according to the official site at http://www.2005olympia.com/new/msolympia.htm

    Dayana Cadeau
    Desiree Ellis
    Rosemary Jennings
    Iris Kyle
    Marja Lehtonen
    Mah-Ann Mendoza
    Yaxeni Oriquen
    Betty Pariso
    Brenda Raganot
    Annie Rivieccio
    Betty Viana

    Remember the days they had DOUBLE the competitors before they turned it intoo the sideshow it is now? Mmmm… good times…



    Yeah I remember when there were more competitors and they also made a lot more money. It's sad that these beautiful women aren't given more for all their hard work like the men are.


    It is definitely a shame that there are fewer compeditors, but on the flip side, are there more muscular women in general due to the internet and the numerous pay sites that exist?  Social trends are heavilly driven by economic trends and if the internet makes it economically beneficial to be a female bodybuilder (because of our money by the way) then we will see more muscular women in the world, this is one of the reasons why I sign up for as many sites as i can afford, in the hopes of economically encouraging the trend towards muscular women!!  Reactions?

    David C. Matthews

    I'm not sure there are "more" muscular women nowadays, but I do agree that the Internet and pay sites are keeping interest up in muscle-women (now that the "mainstream" muscle-mags are ignoring them); if not for pay sites and such I think we'd definitely see a sharp decline in the numbers of FBBs as they become discouraged at the lack of opportunities to benefit from the hard work they do (pro contests, modeling/endorsement work, etc.), and the social ostracization they face from the general public.


    Missing from the list are Bonny Priest and Tonia Williams. Also there is one more show with 2 more too qualify.
    15 isn't bad but get this they pay to 7th place and this year there are no weight classes. So 8 women get to train and travel for nothing but applause.


    Both the upscaled drug testing, and still unwilling judges to see a mass muscled woman as a winner has caused this to happen.

    Many women train themselves to a level that is not accepted as what is wanted by the muscle world.


    Damn this is depressing…Less amout of women, more money for the guys…and that isnt cool.  😡


    What were seeing was inevitable. The sport of fbbing has been in decline for years, due to the drug issue. Interest drops, along with prize money, etc. Personally, I welcome the 20% reduction rule, although I dont think it'll make a huge difference for the dying sport. The average fbb makes more $$$ on the net than competing. Honestly, Id like to see a similar reduction measure taken into consideration for men's bbing as well. Remember when the sport was about balanced proportions and symmetry? Now guys walk onstage looking like giant slabs of beef with ears and walk away with $100k. Amazing.


    There are a fewer competitors, and the other thing we are seeing
    is fewer and fewer new competitors each year. In fact, I think
    every competitor on the list has competed in one Olympia before,
    most of them numerous Olympias. (There are some newcomers
    on the way, like Gina Davis, but whereas before it was a stream
    nowdays its only a trickle).

    In any case, the 20% rule has pretty much destroyed my interest
    in fbbs. I'll stick to browsing fbb art and watching my old Denise
    Hoshor tapes — now there was a woman with some muscle


    Bonny Priest is now doing Figure Competitions.

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