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    Kay – A "4400" Story

    Sixteen year old Kay was having a hard time adjusting to normal life again. Having been returned as part of the "4400", the group of diverse people abducted by humans from the future and returned home with special gifts, she felt out of place. No one at her new school realized her "gift". She had only been gone for 2 months., so no one had really missed her.

    Kay was still  a little worried about competing. She was a decent gymnast but a little heavy for the power moves. Her nemesis, Carol , was a gymnast, cheerleader,  and had even competed in amateur powerlifting contests. Powerfully built, Carol held the state teen bench press record of 200 lbs at a 135 lb weight.

    On the morning of the contest  Kay awoke early. As she showered she realized she felt different. Soaping her behind she noted it was rounder and firmer than usual. She tensed her glutes under her hands. Suddenly her hands were full of striated rock hard muscle. The massiveness throbbed under her fingers with each heartbeat. “Ohmygawd!” She exclaimed as she rubbed her hands over her ass. “I’m like rock!”. She felt deep indentations on the sides of each cheek. They felt like steel cables were tioed in knots just under her skin. She pushed in with her hands but was unable to dent them. "Super muscles must be my gift!" she realized.

    She wondered what else had changed. She tensed her leg and her firm thigh bloated with corded muscle, doubling in size. “It’s as big as my waist!” she thought. She ran her wet hand up to her waist and tensed her abs. Row upon row of stony slabs exploded out from under her skin. She ran her fingers up and down the washboard of her stomach, feeling the inch deeep groves of each muscle group. She tried tensing one set at a time and discovered she could make a wave of muscle roll down the left side and up the right side in a circular wave of muscle.

    She noticed she had to lean over to see the abs,  then realized why. Her boobs had grown at least 2 cup sizes and were obstructing her view!  Her formerly small breasts were now as big and round as softballs. They sat high on her chest. They were at least a DD cup ! She would be the envy of all the girls now. She put her hands over her breasts and was shocked at how sensitive they were! She nearly came right then. She felt bullet hard nipples rising under palms from the excitement. They forced her hands outward an inch. She lifted each breast, amazed at hard and heavy they were. She ran the bar of soap down her cleavage and it got wedged there. Letting go of the soap, she put her hands behind her head. The bar of soap sank deep into her 4 inch deep cleavage. She tensed her right pec, then her left, making the bar of soap slide up and down her cleavage. It lathered up the dark canyon, until foam began to erupt like lava over the top of her boobs. She kept moving the soap up and down, letting a warm waterfall of soap cascade down her boobs. She tensed both pecs at once and the soap shot out the top of her cleavage. It hit the shower stall ceiling and fell to the floor. She picked up the soap and noticed for the first time how muscular her arm was. She grasped the soap tight and was shocked to see her forearm nearly double in size. Inch thick ropes of muscle danced under her skin. The soap imploded under her unstoppable grip, sending pieces flying all over the stall,
    “Damn, I’m strong,” she thought.

    Finishing her shower,  Kay went to get dressed. Pulling on her 32A bra she found both the band too tight and the cups way too small. She managed to squeeze into it. Her chest was stretching the strap so it was making creaking sounds. Even though it was tight, her firm flesh did not yield to the elastic. Fist size mounds of breast peeked over and below the cup, which now barely covered her nipples. She looked at herself in the mirror, astonished. She took a deep breath and spread her lasts. The 2 hooks on the clasp bent out straight, releasing the bra. Simultaneously the shoulder straps gave way. The demolished bra flew against the mirror. Her tits, now free, settled slightly and jiggled to a rest. She turned sideways admiring her curvy profile. “God, they stand straight out”  she murmurred. She jumped up and down. Her breasts jiggled only slightly, their mass held firmly in place by her pecs.

    “I don’t even need a bra” she thought. She pulled on her gym leotard, loving how it clung to every curve and highlighted her shape. She had never seen such a figure, even on the fitness models on TV. She could make them look like little boys now.  She tensed her pecs individually, making each breast dance in a circle under the leotard. “Cool !” she thought. She pulled on a sweatshirt and jeans to hide her new development and went to meet the school bus.

    All school activities were suspended that day to hold the school Olympics.  Kay began to stretch and warmup before the first event, chinups. She knew she could do at least 8 so she would not finish last anyway. She wondered what her new muscles could do? She looked over at Carol, dressed in shorts and a halter top. Carol was showing impressive definition in her arms and legs.  Her 12 inch biceps showed a well defined ridge between bicep and tricep.

    “Damn she has good arms” Kay thought. Kay bent her own arm and felt it through the sleeve. She gasped as she felt a billiard ball muscle rise under the skin ! She had muscles too. Big ones. Maybe she would do well after all. Her arms would dwarf Carol’s!  But she would keep her secret for now.

    Carol walked to the chinup bar. She spryly jumped up and slowly curled her chin above the  bar. She repeated the motion 15 times.
    Dropping down she glared at Kay “Beat that, wimp!” Kay approached the bar. With unexpected grace she jumped up and grabbed the bar. To her amazement her body didn’t feel heavy at all. She began to rapidly knock off chinups, bringing her chest level with the bar to show her strength. As she passed 15 she heard a murmur go through the crowd. She was beating Carol. Easily ! 48..49..50. She had shattered the school record set by a boy last year.  Feeling cocky, she lowered her left arm to her side and continued to easily pull herself up with one arm. 58..59..60. That should hold the record for a while she thought. She dropped down and became aware of people string at her. More correctly, staring at her arms. The workout had seriously pumped up her upper body. Her arms were swollen to over 16 inches and were fighting to burst her sweat shirt.

    “Oh well” she thought, “no time like the present”. Kay turned to Carol and hit a crab most muscular pose. The shirt inflated with muscle. Her traps nearly touched her earlobes and tore a gash in each side of her collar. . The shirt exploded off her body, throwing strips of fabric in all directions.  Her throbbing torso practically glowed with power. Carol took a step back, shocked the most muscular body she had ever seen, 6 feet away under the smiling face of her nemesis.

    ”Hmmph” Kay sad and walked away. Suddenly her own body seemed inadequate.
    The other girls gathered around Kay, prodding at her muscles.
    “My gosh she is like rock” one said. “Can I feel your muscle?” another asked. Kay obliged, flexing her biceps. The peaks rose to 16 inches, split and then grew another 2 inches.
    The rest of the class finished their chinups but no one beat Carol or Kay.

    The next event was rope climbing. Carol and Kay were the last to compete. Only four girls had even made it to the top of the 20 foot rope. The best time was 90 seconds so far. Carol approached the rope and stretched her sinewy arms. She jumped up and got a good grip on the rope between her sneakers. She attacked the rope climbing hand over hand, pausing every few seconds to readjust the grip of her feet. She was up and down in under 60 seconds. She hopped down, glowered at Kay and said “Your turn, chump”.
    Kay reached up with her right hand and pulled her whole body up, until her chest was level with her hand. She held her legs horizontal, making it looking even harder. Hand over hand she went, effortlessly pulling herself up and down gain. Her arms were practically a blur as she scampered up and down in under 20 seconds. Carol was livid at having been beaten so handily. She walked menacingly toward Kay who was still hanging on the rope with her arm bent. Carol stopped abruptly as she saw the softball sized bicep of Kay’s arm. Too late and too close. Kay wrapped her long bulky legs around Carol’s upper body, pinning her arms to her sides. Carol tried to push her arms out with all her strength. It was hopeless. She felt like an anaconda was crushing her. “Now, now” said Kay gave a little squeeze with her legs, making inch thick cords erupt on her thighs.
    “Ungh” groaned Carol, momentarily unable to breathe.
    Kay began to once again climb the rope, carrying Carol’s struggling body held in front of her. Kay’s abs stood out showing inch hick grooves in row upon row. She didn’t seem to be slowed down by Carol’s weight at all. She was up and down in under 25 seconds. She released Carol, who fell to the floor panting for air. Carol slowly crawled off, muttering under her breath “Bitch..”

    The next event was the bench press competition. Carol held the state record of 200 lbs so she knew this event would be easy. After the other girls had all competed, their best had been 140 lbs. Carol loaded the bar to 200 lbs. The other girls looked at each other. If Carol lifted this, they were all losers. They just knew Carol would be “rubbing their noses in it”.

    Carol lay on the bench and slid under the bar. She placed her hands under the bar and pushed with all her might. Cords of muscle leaped out on her bare arms. Her arms trembled as she slowly pushed the bar up. She held it for a few seconds then let the bar slowly down. She stood and flexed her arms in triumph. Her lemon sized biceps erupted from her arms. She turned from side to side, making sure all the girls saw her. All the girls were impressed…except Kay. Kay held her arms folded across her chest, feeling her own steel-hard biceps.
    Kay left the weight at 200 lbs and slid under the weight.
    Carol said “No way can you lift that !”
    Kay said “This little thing?” as she moved one hand under the center of the bar and effortlessly hoisted it.
    Everyone’s jaw dropped. Kay was more than twice as strong as Carol ! To emphasize her superiority, Kay began to twirl the huge barbell like a baton, whistling a tune. Then she gently set the bar down.
    Kay rose and stacked all the weights they had, sixteen 45-lb plates on the bar. The 765 lb weight drooped at each end of the bar. The bench stand creaked under the weight.
    Kay slid under the weight and placed both palms under the bar.  Then she pushed.  Her tricep muscles exploded into masses that looked like three horseshoes stacked atop each other. Two inch thick striations rippled along the backs of her arms. Her delts inflated like balloons and showed a split down the middle. But her chest was the most amazing part. Her pecs rose like two loaves of bread, with twisted striations filling her 4 inch deep cleavage. Her globular breasts stood high on each mound of muscle.  Her white leotard was stretched thin over the twin mountains. She slowly did 5 reps, each rep inflating her upper body more. After the fifth rep she set the bar on her breasts. The bar sank an inch into her tit flesh, stopping as it met incompressible muscle.  The thought of the power that her softest parts was exerting excited her. Her nipples hardened until they tented her leotard 3 cm over her breasts.
    She lowered her arms to her sides letting the massive weight futilely try to crush her boobs.  She slowly brought her hands together over her crotch as she tensed her chest. The weight rose as her pecs expanded and the indentation they were making in her breasts filled out. The bar had risen about 3 inches when it suddenly started to roll toward her face. The sudden fear snapped her nipples to rock hard attention and 5 cm in length. The bar hit the side of her nipples with a clang and stopped. Her nipples were supporting the weight!
    She quickly relaxed and tensed her chest, each time sending the bar several inches up into the air. As it fell, it clanked as it hit her steely boobs, not even denting them. She took the bar with her hands and daintily racked it.
    Standing up, she heard a gasp from the onlookers. She looked down and saw the cause. Her striated cleavage was sweat soaked and visible above the neck of her leotard. Under the fabric her breasts were swollen 50% larger, stretching the fabric until it was almost clear. Her rosy nipples pointed straight out, engorged to 6cm long and a cm in diameter. Her nipples quivered from her exertions.  As she breathed, each boob rose and fell, making a creaking sound against the fabric. Proud of her eye popping development, she alternately tensed each boob, making them pop up and down 4 inches.

    This show was all Carol could take. She punched Kay’s right breast as hard as she could. The blow, which would have sent any other girl to her knees in pain, felt like a light tap to Kay.  Carol felt like she had hit a sandbag and pulled her hand back in pain. She swung again with her left hand. Kay was ready his time. Kay tensed her boobs slightly apart and moved so that Carols fist landed in the middle of her cleavage. Before Carol could react Kay tensed her pecs the other way, slamming her tits together. Carol’s fist disappeared up to her wrist in Kay’s cleavage. Carol tried to pull her hand back to no avail. Kay just stood there, hands on her hips while Carol struggled.

    “What’s the matter, Carol ? Stuck ?” Kay taunted.

    Kay tensed her pecs to the maximum, applying hundreds of pounds of force on Carol’s fist. Carol screamed in pain, and continued to jerk on her arm. Kay could hear the muffled sound of bones popping and crackling coming from her bosom.  Realizing she did not want to break Carol’s hand, she relaxed her grip. Carol gave one more tug, and fell to the floor, her arm finally free. Her left hand hung limp and swollen, but not broken. She got to her feet and rubbed her bruised hand  and walked silently away.  Kay flexed her massive arms, victorious at last.


    C'mon!  😮 Don't stop there!  😮 There's still lower body work to do! 😀


    Yes please, more would be good…


    Great story, man, but I wouldn't expect any less from you, Zawaa (or should I say Morphinman?) your stories that you posted on the Xtreme Strength group were totally awesome, and this one was just great as well, I love to see women perform feats with their bodyparts, not just their arms and legs, but the actual muscles, the pecs, the biceps, every muscle working together to make some awesome strength feats, I hope you keep posting stories here, you are quickly becoming one of my, if not my favorite writer of all.  😀  :mrgreen:

    Mr. Stone

    Excellent read!  Like everyone previous, I'd love to read more!


    Great story!  😎 Any chance of part 2?  🙂


    I have to agree with the rest of them it is a great story. I wonder how she'll handle boys I hope she is not mean to them.

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