A.D. 2 – Mirror’s Interference

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    Author note: This is a sequel of my story Disease.

    A.D. 2 – Mirror's Interference
    By Max
    Edited by Rex (tf_wizard)

    Alyssa Dodson was walking gracefully through the streets. Her
    imposing amazon figure called the attention of everybody
    nearby. She didn't like the idea of hiding her beautiful body
    under boring and baggy clothes, but since Absolute Drainer was
    already known by the media, she didn't have other option if she
    want to hide her secret identity.

    Suddenly, her nice walk was interrupted as the alarm of a nearby
    bank was triggered. "Not again. This has being the third one this
    week" sighed Alyssa as she quickly walked to a dark alley.

    In the meantime, the bank tellers were giving all the money to
    the masked thieves. "Just wait until Absolute Drainer gets here.
    You will pay for what you are doing" said a female teller.

    "I wouldn't trust in her to save me if I were you" grinned the
    thief under his mask.

    "Throw your weapons and surrender immediately!!" yelled
    Absolute Drainer as she entered into the bank. All people sighed
    in relief to see at their heroin. Of course, you exactly don't know
    if it's by relief or lust the reason men sighed.

    The thieves looked to each other, dropped their weapons and
    raised their hands.

    "That was easy. This hasn't happened before" said Absolute
    Drainer. Since she became the city's heroin, she never encounter
    a group of bad guys that give up without a fight. "I guess they are
    beginning to fear me" she grinned.

    As Alyssa began to approach the thieves, a female voice behind
    her said "Gotcha!". She turned around and saw woman standing
    in the entrance of the bank before an odd tingling sensation
    started cursing through her body.

    Shaking her dizziness, Alyssa watched as the woman had a big
    grin on her face. She didn't like that expression and in a quick
    move, Alyssa ran and grabbed the woman by her shoulders,
    lifting her into the air. "Who are you and what have you done to

    "My name is Mirror and you will discover very soon what I did
    to you" smiled the woman.

    The confidence Mirror's had was enough indication that she was
    plotting something. "Tell me now or I will drain you

    "I dare you to do it" Mirror said confident.

    "You asked for it. Say goodbye to your muscles" said Alyssa.

    Absolute Drainer wanted to show at Mirror she was talking
    seriously, so she unrestrained her absorbing powers to extract not
    only her muscles, but also all the work that puberty done in
    Mirror. Alyssa gasped as she wasn't getting any curve or muscle
    from Mirror.

    "My powers!! They are gone!!" said Alyssa.

    "If you are standing in front of Mirror, that only means that I
    must be you" said Mirror grabbing Absolute Drainer's extended
    arms. "And, as a  consequence, I must have your power" she

    "No!!!" yelled Alyssa as she felt her strength leaving her. Her
    legs buckled and she fell on her knees.

    "Oh yes!!" moaned Mirror in ecstasy. "Bow before me, Absolute
    Drainer. Your power is mine and with it, I will absorb all the
    muscle and strength you have taken in the past" laughed Mirror.

    Alyssa felt so vulnerable as her great strength was sucked out of
    her. Soon she found that her body was shrinking too, as Mirror
    was growing in size. She was now suffering the destiny she
    granted to many criminals in the past. She looked around and
    saw the terror in people's eyes. She had failed them.

    "More, more!! I want to have it all!!" gasped Mirror as she felt
    her body getting denser. Her muscles were slowly growing, but
    she knew that they didn't reflect the true power she was
    obtaining from the fallen heroin.

    "So much strength!! So much power!! I will be unstoppable!!"
    laughed maniacally Mirror, sensing raw strength beyond belief
    running through her system. Then, something else happened to

    Mirror was surprised to feel other parts of her body growing, but
    no with muscle. She looked down to see at her breasts inflating
    under her leather top. Her mini skirt became microscopic as her
    derriere grew big and round, exposing the under part of her

    "Your power is amazing Absolute Drainer. Besides taking
    muscle, you can also siphon beauty as well. This is just great"
    laughed Mirror as her charms were being enhanced by Absolute
    Drainer's ones, making her even more voluptuous than she had

    "Let's take a rest, shall we?" said Mirror, while breaking contact
    with Alyssa and allowing her to fall flat on the ground.

    Absolute Drainer was… well… absolutely drained. Her body was
    very thin and weak. Also, she was as flat as a board. She even
    didn't have the strength to stand up by herself. Mirror had taken
    a part of her original strength too. She was breathing with great

    Without showing any sign of compassion, Mirror turned around
    roughly with Absolute Drainer. The mere pull Mirror did in
    Alyssa's arm was enough to dislocate it and break it. Absolute
    Drainer cried in pain.

    "Ha ha ha!! I enjoy the music your cracking bones produced" she
    said with an evil glare. "But don't worry. I won't harm you more.
    I still have plans for you, so be assured that you won't die"

    Mirror ordered at two of the thieves, who weren't other than her
    minions, to lift Absolute Drainer. "Take her to our hideout and
    chain her as I instructed you" she said.

    Quickly, the thieves dragged at the heroin to the van they had
    outside the bank. Alyssa watched impotent at Mirror. Now that
    she had her strength and power, she was virtually unstoppable.
    The thieves threw her inside the van and drove away.

    In the meantime, inside the bank, Mirror caressed her dense
    muscles. "I can't believe my plan worked so well" she said
    flexing her arms to tense her biceps. "I have not only succeeded
    in taking out at the local heroin, but also I gained her strength to
    do with it as I please" she said.

    Turning her attention to the people of the bank, Mirror said "All
    of you, get out of here. My minions and I need some space to
    work and I don't want any distractions".

    People didn't think twice and rushed scared toward the exit.
    "Now that we are alone, bring the vans here. We have a vault to
    empty" she said to her minions.

    The minions obeyed and they broke the bank entry with their
    vehicles. They drove until they were almost in front of the huge
    steel door, that protected the bank.

    "Let's put this muscle to work, shall we?" smiled Mirror as she
    walked toward the vault. She pushed her fingers against the hard
    metal and became pleased to hear the sound the door was
    producing while her fingers were penetrating it.

    "Amazing" gasped Mirror as she has inserted her hands into a
    thick door of metal, as if it was made of water. Closing her
    hands, Mirror concentrated all her strength to pull out the door.
    The force she applied was enough to yank the door off its hinges
    and to send it flying to the second level, destroying the ceiling of
    the first floor.

    "What an unbelievable strength!" said an astonish Mirror, while
    she was looking at her hands. They weren't even bruised. "And
    it's all mine" she laughed maniacally as her minions rushed
    inside the vault to steal everything they could.

    In another part of the town, Dr. Leon Dodson and a young
    woman were leaving the training room he built for his wife,
    inside of his mansion. "Your progress is very remarkable,
    Samantha. It seems that you have finally gained full control over
    your powers. Soon, you will be joining Alyssa in the fight
    against crime" he said.

    "That will be great, doctor. I'm eager to work with Alyssa and
    kick some ass!" smiled Samantha.

    Leon raised an eyebrow. "That is not the language for a young
    lady like you".

    "Sorry" said ashamed Samantha.

    "That's OK. You can say those words when you are wearing
    your costume, but only on those occasions, agreed?" he said,
    extending his hand.

    "Agreed!!" said Samantha jumping at Leon hugging him tightly
    and kissing him on his cheek. Then, she rushed to the kitchen to
    get something to eat.

    Looking at the young woman, Leon wondered when he and
    Alyssa will have kids of their own. He couldn't avoid thinking if
    they had a daughter, she would inherited the powers of her

    This thought lead him to another. It seemed that Alyssa's
    condition wasn't as unique as he thought in the beginning.
    Samantha was the proof of that. Thanks to his connections as
    doctor, he was informed of about 23 cases more of females
    developing special abilities.

    So far, women are the only ones that have showed these abilities.
    It could be nothing, and at the same time everything. Alyssa and
    Samantha were nice women and they wouldn't use their abilities
    for evil, but he couldn't expect the same from all women.

    Falling over his couch, Leon turned on the TV to see the news.
    "… And what you are seeing, dear viewers, are live images. Right
    now, an unstoppable woman who called herself 'Mirror' is
    literally tearing apart the police force outside of the bank which
    she has just robbed" announced a voice.

    "This is bad" said Leon as he watched how the muscled woman
    was lifting the police cars and breaking them in two with her
    bare hands, while the police opened fire on her. "That what I
    feared, has happened. There is a superwoman who is using her
    abilities to commit crimes. I hope Alyssa can manage her. It
    looks like she is invincible" said Leon.

    "Witnesses inside the bank have confirmed that this Mirror
    incapacitated our heroin Absolute Drainer and took her powers
    and strength from her. The police is keeping a safe distance in
    case this villainess want to increase her strength. Without our
    heroin on the scene, who will save us?" said the reporter.

    "This is terrible" said Leon, while he turned off the TV, because
    he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

    "What is terrible?" asked Samantha as she exited the kitchen
    eating some ice cream.

    "I wouldn't like to put this on your shoulders Samantha, but
    something awful has happened and you are the only hope this
    town has" said Leon very serious.

    "Tell me what I need to do" said also serious Samantha.

    Two hours later, Alyssa heard as two vans were parking outside.
    This was the second time the thieves returned, so she knew that
    another bank was robbed. She felt completely hopeless as she
    was restricted to a bed even while she was too weak to even tie
    her shoes.

    She heard at the thieves laughing at how easy it was for Mirror to
    overpower the army that was sent to stop her during the robbery
    at the second bank. Alyssa cried in silence as she heard that
    Mirror had used her power to take the strength of some of the

    "You won't believe the size of her muscles" said one of the
    thieves to the guard outside Alyssa's room. "They are simply
    huge. They look very intimidating in her 8 feet tall frame".

    "You two, stopping chatting and help at the others to download
    the cargo. I will take care of the prisoner" said other male voice.

    "I have orders to not allow at anyone to stay close to the
    prisoner" said the guard.

    "And I have orders from Mirror herself to check at her. If you
    don't want me to go inside, that's fine, but you will explain to
    her why I couldn't" said the other voice.

    A couple of whispers where heard and then the door was
    unlocked. "Good. Now it will be better that you two help to
    download the van. Mirror will be here in any moment" said the
    other voice.

    As the man stepped inside, Alyssa noticed that he was one of the
    thieves of the bank. The man locked the door after closing it.
    "Are you alright?" he asked at Alyssa with a worried expression.

    The kindness of the thief took by surprise at Alyssa. "And why
    do you care about me?" asked Alyssa.

    "Because I'm your friend" giggled the man. "Leon sent me".

    "Samantha?!" Alyssa gasped. She was astonished.

    "Etheria please. You won't like it when I call you by your first
    name, right, Absolute Drainer?" the man said.

    "Right. I'm so glad that you're here. There is a woman…"

    "Don't worry. I know everything about Mirror. Right now, we
    need to focus on you. Are you badly injured?" the man asked.

    "Nothing that my powers can't solve, but I don't have them
    anymore. Mirror stole them from me" said Alyssa.

    The man checked his watch. "It's almost time. Grab my hand and
    try to take a bit of my strength" said the man giving his hand to

    Alyssa did what Samantha said and concentrated in transfer a
    small part from the man. She gasped when she actually felt the
    strength flowing toward her.

    "Don't be greedy girl" said the man as he stumbled a bit for the
    transference. "It seems that your power is back. Now hold my
    hand tight while I abandon this body"

    Once Alyssa held tightly the man's hand, the ethereal form of
    Samantha began to leave his body. "He's all yours" smiled
    Samantha as she looked like a ghost.

    Without hesitating a moment, Alyssa concentrated and quickly
    sucked all the strength from the man's body. He was only able to
    sigh before collapsing – completed drained – on the floor.

    "I feel much better now. All my injuries are healed, but still I'm
    not strong enough to break lose of this restriction" said Alyssa.

    "Let me help you out" said Samantha as her body turned solid.

    Once Absolute Drainer was free again, Etheria told her what
    happened while she was incapacitated. "When Leon saw the
    news, we rushed to the scene where Mirror was. I used my
    powers to possess one of the thieves and learn everything useful
    from him" Samantha said.

    "I learned that Mirror has the ability the swap powers with other
    persons. You got her powers and she got yours. Since you didn't
    know that, you couldn't swap your powers back" she said.

    "Since I have my power back, that means that the swap is
    temporally" said Alyssa.

    "Exactly. That is why Mirror ordered to hold you as a prisoner.
    To take your power again when she needs it" Samantha said.
    Then, she took a small vial from her pocket that Alyssa knew
    very well.

    "Even with your powers, Mirror is far stronger than you. She was
    able to take your strength because she caught you by surprise. If
    you try to put a finger on her, she can make you a lot of damage.
    That is why Leon gave this vial".

    "I must admit that Leon is a genius" smiled Alyssa.

    "Indeed. Well, now let me tell you the plan to take Mirror down"
    smiled Etheria.

    A couple of minutes later, Etheria left the room and quickly took
    possession of another thief's body. She conducted him to
    Absolute Drainer. Once the man was only skin and bones.
    Alyssa's muscles looked like before but a lot less denser, but
    there was nothing she could do to improve her curves.

    "There are 5 more thieves. Do you want me to bring some
    more?" said Samantha

    "Don't worry. I'm strong enough to do it by myself" grinned

    "Let me help you. You still can be hurt by bullets" Samantha
    said, while taking her ghostly form.

    The thieves were counting their bounty when a young woman
    appeared. "Hello boys. Let me introduce myself. I'm Etheria"
    Samantha said.

    Immediately the men opened fired at her. Dozens of bullets flied
    towards her and passed through her. "You can't hit me, but
    certainly I can hit you!" smiled Etheria as she ran towards one of 
    the thieves.

    Using the training she received from Leon, Etheria kept her body
    in ethereal form and only turned solid the parts of her body she
    used to hit at the thieves. Bullets kept passing through her while
    she punched and kicked the thieves at her will.

    The thieves were so distracted attacking at Etheria that Absolute
    Drainer began to take them down one by one. A seven feet tall
    Alyssa hugged at the last man from behind. Her tight embrace
    made him expelled all the air out of his lungs as well as drain all
    his muscles. They belonged to Absolute Drainer now.

    "It's good to be strong again" said Alyssa as she flexed her arms.
    Her muscles bulging with the strength she absorbed from the
    thieves. "Now, if I can only get my curves back" she said,
    touching her flat chest. Her pectoral muscles were incredible, but
    still she wanted her large breasts back.

    "Do you think I will be as strong as you, someday?" smiled

    "If you eat all your vegetables, maybe you'll have a chance"
    smiled Alyssa. Both women burst in laughter.

    Suddenly, the floor began to tremble. "Mirror must be
    approaching. Are you ready, Etheria?" asked Absolute Drainer.

    "I hope this works. She must be denser than you have ever been"
    said Etheria.

    "That's is true, but without the compressing formula her muscle
    shouldn't be too dense. Now go" whispered Absolute Drainer
    and Etheria vanished in a wall.

    Absolute Drainer gulped hard as the entire building was
    trembling. She could see that Mirror had grown a lot. In fact, she
    was completely naked. Her body was bigger than the doorframe.
    Taller and Wider. Without ducking, Mirror walked inside the
    building, destroying the hall with her invulnerable body. Her
    breasts were huge and denting the concrete, as she walked
    forward. The walls didn't stand a chance against her hard skin.

    Finally, Mirror reached the room where the bounty was. Her 11
    feet tall frame covered in her inconceivably bulked muscles
    made her into a shocking sight. She looked down to see her
    drained minions and a healthy Absolute Drainer waiting for her.
    "So, you find a way to free yourself and steal the strength of
    some of my men, ah?" laughed Mirror. Her ominous voice
    rumbled the whole room.

    "Thanks for sparing me the problems of catching those men and
    taking the only useful thing from them. It will be easier to take it
    from one person only" she grinned.

    "This is where you go wrong, Mirror. Now that I have my
    powers back, I will claim what you took from me" said Absolute

    "Not in this life. I'm the one who owns your power and let me
    tell you that it's a great power. I lost the count of how many
    officers and soldiers surrendered their strength to me. I'm at least
    7 times more muscular than you have ever been, but I still don't
    feel that powerful" said Mirror.

    "You should have seen what these guns are capable of doing"
    said Mirror, while flexing her arm. A mountain of pure muscle
    sprouted on it. "I was able to carry a tank over my head and I
    didn't feel its weight. Then I put some pressure on it and the
    metal screamed in pain as I compressed it with my bare hands".

    "Then, I reduced an entire division of tanks into heavy metal
    balls. The army decided to attack me from the air. I guess they
    didn't were trained to confront hard turbulences because the air I
    expelled from my lungs pushed them against each other making
    them explode in the sky. It was a nice firework show" laughed

    "Another thing that I enjoyed was to demonstrate how powerful
    my body was" said Mirror, while she grabbed a gold bar from the
    bounty. "It really turns me on, being able to do things like this"
    she smiled as she gently pressed the gold bar against her bare

    She removed the bar and showed Absolute Drainer the deep
    impression her breast left in the golden bar. "I can turn metal into
    liquid if I apply a fraction of my strength. The resulting hot
    liquid can't even bother me" Mirror laughed.

    "But what I enjoyed the most was draining the beauty from
    women. It was an utter orgasmic experience. I have reached the
    most powerful orgasms in my life by siphoning all the beauty
    and sexiness of 4 women. Their combined essence gave me this
    mega voluptuous body" laughed Mirror while she was caressing
    her large breasts. For Absolute Drainer, they looked like torpedo

    "But if you are confident enough to take your strength and
    beauty back from me" said Mirror, while Absolute Drainer began
    to feel the same dizziness that hit her in the bank that morning. "I
    invite you to come over and take it" she grinned.

    'She must have switched powers again. This is my chance'
    thought Alyssa. "Showtime!!" she yelled.

    Quickly, the ethereal form of Etheria came out of the wall and
    jumped toward Mirror. Mirror turned her body and tried to catch
    at Etheria but their hands grabbed the air. Grinning, the young
    heroin entered into Mirror's body through her breasts.

    "Oh!!" purred Mirror. She began to caress her body and
    especially her breasts.

    "Etheria, is that you?" asked Absolute Drainer.

    "Yes, it's me. Quickly give me the formula" said Mirror.
    "Mirror's body is too dense to keep a possession for too long.
    Still, it feels incredible. This body is hard and at the same time so
    sensitive" gasped Mirror.

    "Here is the formula. Drink it fast" said Absolute Drainer.

    Mirror took the vial and gulped it down. "I'm feeling weaker. I
    guess that the formula is working. Now is the time to move on"

    Etheria floated out of Mirror's body and got into Absolute
    Drainer. 'Hello Alyssa' said Samantha mentally. 'While I was in
    Mirror's body, I learned how you can activate her powers. I'm
    now giving you that knowledge'

    Alyssa nodded in agreement and moments later, Samantha left
    her body.

    "Why have you done to me? I'm feeling weaker" said Mirror as
    she grabbed Absolute Drainer by the neck and raised her into the
    air. "You did something to me, but I won't let you take
    advantage of it" said Mirror pressing tightly the heroin's neck.

    "Your muscles are relaxed now. You can't apply more than the
    strength of 2 average men. Since I have the strength of 7 average
    men in me, you realize who is the stronger of the two, right?"
    grinned Absolute Drainer.

    She knew that the formula will relax Mirror's muscles, but her
    body still was invulnerable. 'Trying to hit at Mirror will only
    result in hurting myself' thought Alyssa as she calmly await
    Mirror's next move.

    "Of course I do!! Once I drain all your muscle" grinned Mirror.
    To her surprise, she found herself unable to do it.

    "What's the matter, Mirror? Did you forget how to do it? Let me
    show you" smiled Absolute Drainer as she easily broke Mirror's
    grip and began to extract her strength.

    "No!! My marvellous strength!!! Don't take it away from me!!"
    gasped Mirror as her voluminous muscles were dwindling in
    size. Then, she began to feel a heavy sleep falling upon her.

    "I don't want to imagine the terror that you have unleashed in the
    city. How many lives have being lost. At least your madness will
    now come to an end" said Alyssa as she enjoyed the warm flow
    of strength that was leaving Mirror's body.

    Mirror couldn't do anything to stop at Absolute Drainer while
    she felt her eyes collapsing. Unable to say something, Mirror fell
    into a deep sleep.

    "Good thinking that Leo added some sleeping formula in the
    vial. He thought that it will be easy for you to manage her
    unconscious" said Samantha.

    "Leon thinks of everything" said Alyssa hearing at Mirror
    snorting. "With her out of the picture, I can rebuild my body
    again to its former glory and more" she said. 

    Absolute Drainer concentrated more and soon her curves began
    to blossom again. All the femininity that Mirror snatched from
    her was coming back and they were increased as well. She filled
    out perfectly her outfit as her womanly proportions were
    restored. Then, the outfit began to get very tight as she kept
    getting more voluptuous with every passing second.

    Samantha only stared with devotion as Alyssa was growing
    bigger and bigger. Her muscles practically exploding from every
    extension of her body. Her increasing beauty only assured she
    was becoming the most powerful woman alive.

    A couple of seconds later, the transfer stopped. "Why did you
    stop?" asked Samantha since Mirror still had some muscles left
    on her.

    "I'm not sure, but I felt something. Something I hadn't felt
    before" said Alyssa.

    "What is it?" asked Samantha intrigued.

    "It's hard to explain. I wonder if…" said Samantha as she closed
    her eyes. Suddenly her eyes were wide open. "Quickly,
    Samantha. Fuse with me and give me an ethereal form" she said
    with hurry in her voice.

    "Due to your new nature, I won't be able to keep you ethereal for
    long" said Samantha.

    "Understood. Now do it!!" Alyssa commanded.

    Samantha quickly entered into Alyssa's body from behind.
    Absolute Drainer turned into a ghost and without support, Mirror
    fell flat into the ground. 'Now what?' asked mentally Samantha.

    "This" said Alyssa as she stocked her hand inside Mirror's chest.
    "It's nearby. I can almost feel it" said Alyssa as she scanned
    Mirror's upper torso.

    'I can feel it too' said Samantha as her feelings were connected
    to the ones of Alyssa. 'What is it?' she asked.

    "I have a good idea" grinned Alyssa.

    'Please, hurry. I'm getting weaker. I can't stay to long in your
    body' said Samantha.

    "I almost have it. Hold on a bit more" said Alyssa. Then, her
    hand stopped. "I GOT IT!!!" exclaimed Alyssa as she felt an
    energy source inside Mirror. She closed her fist and pulled out
    her hand from Mirror's body, just in time to let at Samantha
    stepped out.

    "What did you find?" asked Samantha intrigued.

    Alyssa opened her hand and a luminous pink big scale atom was
    glowing over her palm. "I must know if this is what I think it's"
    said Alyssa as her absorbing powers entered in action. The pink
    atom melt in her hand and a wave of pure electricity hit her body.

    "You are not going to believe this Samantha, but I was able to
    yank the mere essence of Mirror power from her and merge it
    with my own" smiled Alyssa.

    "Really?" asked astonished Samantha.

    "Why don't I show you?" said Alyssa.

    "What was that?" gasped Samantha as she felt a momentarily

    "That, my friend, is the confirmation that you now have Mirror's
    and my own powers. Of course, that implies…" said Alyssa
    turning ethereal. "That I have yours"

    "Cool!!" said Samantha. Then her eyes were on Mirror. "May I…
    you know…" she said a bit embarrassed.

    "Go on Samantha. I have taken more than she took from me"
    said Alyssa, taking the time to realize that she was beyond the 9
    feet tall. Fortunately, Leon improved the muscle compression
    formula. Otherwise I would have to give up these babies" said
    Alyssa, while she was caressing her large breasts. She was sure
    that she had become two cups bigger at least.

    "Are you sure I can do it?" asked again Samantha feeling very

    "You asked me if someday you could be as strong as me. Well, it
    seems that you have taken a big step today" Alyssa smiled.

    Samantha blinked her an eye as she placed her hands over
    Mirror. Soon, she felt the euphoria of being able to do what she
    had always dreamed of doing. Her skin-tight outfit began to
    stretch obscenely as her muscles sprouted and grew like popcorn
    bags over the fire.

    Her muscle development was quickly followed by her curves
    development. Her nice rear soon inflated with muscle giving her
    an impressive view. Her legs grew longer and shapelier as more
    muscle appeared. Her pectorals developed impressively pushing
    even further her enlarging breasts.

    When Mirror was sexless and thinner, Samantha decided to let
    her go. "Whoa Alyssa. Check me out!! I'm stacked!!" gasped
    Samantha as she looked at her improved profile. "And, look at
    my muscles. I should be the second strongest person on the
    planet" she said, while she was admiring the size of her biceps.

    "Definitely you are Samantha and now that you some muscle to
    support you, there is no doubt that we will be able to keep this
    city safe. Of course, if you still want to work with me as my
    partner" said Alyssa.

    "Sure!! I wouldn't want things to be any different" smiled
    Samantha as she took out the muscle compression cream Leon
    also gave her. As Samantha was applying the cream over Alyssa,
    helping her to return to normal proportion, she added "Promise
    me something…"

    "What?" asked Alyssa.

    "If we encounter other villainies, you will share some of their
    powers with me, Okie dokie?" asked Samantha.

    "Okie dokie artachokie" smiled Alyssa. Both women laugh

    The End.

    Trent Harlow

    Excellent story!!!!!!!  I was a big fan of Disease and this was a great sequel.  Please tell me there's more coming!!!


    I was really feeling Mirror…but hey, ya win some…ya lose some. Cant wait for the next installment.


    Hey, great story!  It's interesting having the good guys going around draining people rather the usual evilness.  I think the growth segments were very well described and the plot was interesting too.  Thanks for posting it!


    Thanks a lot for your words dear readers. I'm glad that you have enjoy this next installment of Alyssa's life. I can't assure you that this will become a steady universe to work with, but if people like, I can explore more this universe.

    As you have seen, in this universe only women have powers. So, if you have any ideas of what to see in a future story with this two heroins and what dangers they can confront, please feel free to PM me.



    Yeah, it was a pretty good story, Max, would love to see more along these lines from you, I loved the muscle description and the feats of strength you had Mirror perform.


    Thank you. I can't promise a next sequel, but if it would, it will have a lot more of strength feats. That will be for sure.




    Does this mean that Alyssa can extricate the powers of the villainesses she defeats?  If so, it would be like Megaman, only hotter.

    Mark Newman

    I really enjoyed this story.  Thanks Max.


    Thanks my friends for your support. I'm so glad of the comments this story received that I have decided to make a third one. This one will take place a couple of years in the future.

    To answer your question Axel, yes Alyssa can now extract the powers of the villaness she defeat, but only with the help of Samantha. I guess that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger ah?

    I have some of the plot for the next installment already drafted, I almost have defined at the villaness of the next story, but I still looking forward of any ideas that people will like to see.

    Axel and Mark, if you have ideas for the next part, I will be more than glad to hear them.

    Thanks again for your appreciation.


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