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    A Most Helpful Student

    A tale

    By Neon Black

    William Turner had always been a helpful boy. Maybe a little too helpful some might say.

    His father raised him on the axiom: ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he shall eat forever’. But somehow William’s over practical mind added the amendments: ‘Before you can teach him to fish you must teach him to build nets, spears and poles. Then you must show him which fish can be eaten and where they can be caught. Then he must learn how to cook them. And he must plan for a time when the fish shall not be there. And what would happen if he over fishes’ and so on and so forth. His mind would allows create such extensions to such philosophies, planning for almost ever possible out come that his imagination could foresee. His father thought that this was a short coming to getting any positive and practical work done, but all others around him found it strangely endearing -that methodical caution of his. They said it allowed them to see all the possibilities around them and although William’s over helpful nature could be a little tiring at times, people always forgave him because he meant well.

    Which is how the incident with Ms. Harker first arose.

    Miss Josephine Harker was William’s year 12 English teacher. They had met when she was still a young student teacher when William had first started Year 9 in Highschool and they had become friends quickly. Ms. Harker was glad to have a cheerful, intelligent and, above all, helpful student in her class. She felt Platonically drawn to this qualities of William’s and counted on him to help the other less gifted students in the class as well as be a kind friend with a witty word and vexless smile whenever see need them. William, for his part, was drawn to Ms. Harker’s company because of an awkward pain she seemed to possess. A crystalline frailty that was so evident in her daily life.

    Ms. Harker was 30 years of age, stood just shy of 6 foot and weighed a painfully light 48 kilograms. She was sunfloweresque in her appearance in her clothes but in truth she was almost skeletal without them. She had tried her up most to rectify this problem -short of chemical assistance. She spent endless hours in the gym. Ate like a pregnant elephant. Took health supplements and protein drinks. Hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation classes. She had even gone as far as contemplating a fat-transplant from one of her friends. But all to no avail. No matter what she did, she could not gain a gram. Her weight -or there lack of- became an obsession for her. One that eventually bested her, leaving her cynical against any hope for a cure or resolution. This had cause random bouts of depression that were affecting her work and were more than evident to her friends -especially William.

    Who had long ago set about to rectify his teacher’s problem and bring joy back to her once more.

    And now, 3 weeks after his 18th birthday and a mere month before his graduation from Collage into a guaranteed University placement, he had his solution for her.

    He held it in a tiny glass vial as they sat in the classroom together. It was late Friday afternoon -almost evening- and everyone had gone home for the day, leaving the school until the rush and returning of Monday. They was an abstract silence around them -the buzzing of Summer insects and the rustle of the trees and wind, but no human sounds- as Ms. Harker stared at the tiny glass thimble that William held ever so proudly over the top of her half-moon glasses.

    “And what is it supposed to be, William?” she asked, as she leant her absent backside against her desk and folded he bird arms over her visible breastbone.

    “I told you: I call it my Hyper Muscular Accelerator,” he replied, beaming his eternal smile. “And it’s the solution to all your worries!”

    “How?” the pragmatist Ms. Harker asked, as she shifted her absent weight from one leg to the other.

    William lowered his hand and just stared at his teacher for a moment. Maybe he had miscalculated her eagerness for a resolution against her cynicism that the problem could be solved. After all, she had no reason to trust that this would work and even this reason to put any faith into it.

    “I do not believe you to be a stupid woman, Ms. Harker,” he said, with a near condescending sigh -the kind he got when talking to the less gifted classmates. “But you must believe me when I say that it will help.”

    “Then explain to me, William,” she retorted, matching his tone. “Explain to me how it works?”

    William removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. Ms. Harker knew this to be a sign that he was gathering all his thoughts, focussing his mind so he could leap the gap of understanding between the two of them. Like a dam brought to burst, William loosed a torrent of words -few Ms. Harker could catch, fewer still she could understand. But she listened to his rapid discourse with patient ears and when he had finished, she merely asked him:

    “And when did you come up with such an idea?”

    “Two years ago,” was his breathless reply. “When you first told me of your desire to put on more weight and possibly gain some muscle.”

    Ms. Harker smiled to herself as she shook her head.

    This was classic William Turner. The most helpful person she had ever known. There was nothing that he wouldn’t do for his friends that wasn’t within his power and even less he would do for strangers.

    She smiled at his thoughtfulness and only wished that she didn’t share his infectious hope.

    “How is it meant to be taken?” she asked, with a sigh. “Not through a needle I hope?”

    “Oh, nothing to crude,” he replied, with a dismissive wave. “I’ve designed it so all it needs to do to work is to be simply ingested once it has been infused with another digestible liquid substance -like water or milk for example.”

    “I assume that you’ve throughly tested it?” she asked, full knowing the answer.

    “Oh, indeed,” he quickly replied. “For over a year now. Beginning with animals and I started human trails a month ago, all with positive results.”

    Of course they would have been, she thought to herself, as she eyed the small vial he held in his lowered hand. You would have simulated it endlessless on your computer before you would have even considered using it on animals. And then you would have made sure everything was perfect before you tested it on anyone else.

    And then the notion struck her.

    “Who did you test it on?” she asked.

    William turned a dull crimson and fumbled his words.

    “Well. . . Ah. . . I first tested it on my family members,” he muttered. “Both my mother and sister wanted to lose a bit of weight, so they were the first to volunteer. Then my cousins all wanted to try it. And then a few of my friends wanted to get fitter, so I tested it on them.”

    Yes, Ms. Harker thought. You would have worked like that. You wouldn’t have forced anyone. You would have tried your best to dissuade them but you would have given into them all in the end because your so damn helpful. Aren’t you?

    And then she recalled that a number of his friends had looked slightly different in the past week or so. Those members of the Coven of Intelligencia that so flocked around William who seemed to move differently of late. With more pride and purpose. Ms. Harker had merely dismissed it at the self assurance of the Smart that came before test time, because they knew they would all pass whilst there lessers would be left behind in their wake.

    They would have been the ones you first tested on, she thought. Because you wanted to help them to be better than they could be. Mentally and physically. That’s just you, my dear William. That’s who you are to a ‘T’.

    But she knew William better than that. She knew that he was still hiding something. A little vanity maybe. Something that he was a little ashamed of but had to do to be absolutely assured of his formula’s success.

    “Who was your final test subject, William?” she asked, as she strode towards him, swinging her absent hips. “Who did you use it upon to be complete assured of your success before bring it to me?”

    William bit his lip but he could not lie to his teacher.

    “I was,” he said, as he stared at his feet. “I tested it on myself this morning to be utterly sure before bring it to you.”

    “And the results?”

    “Prefect!” he replied, looking up at her, smiling his contagious smile.

    “Then show me!” she demanded, returning his smile.

    He beamed as he bent down and lifted his button-down shirt.

    Ms. Harker gasped and moaned when she saw the cut and definition of William’s abdonimals, oblecs and chest. She made several more involuntary gasps and groans when she realised that the body -the physique- that she had longed for all her life was within her reach.

    “Wow!” was all she could say, as she rubbed a skeleton finger down his cut six-pack. “That’s amazing.”

    “I told you,” he said, triumphantly.

    “When can we start the treatment?” she said, almost foaming with excitement.

    “Right away,” he replied. “All we need is some liquid you can drink.”

    Ms. Harker desperately looked around the room for some to drink. It was too far away to go to one of the toilets to get water from one of the taps and the staffroom was on the other side of the school. She wanted this now! In a final flung of desperation, she looked at her desk and spied her coffee cup hidden amongst her half marked papers. Without abandon, she leapt for the cup, almost knocking it from her desk. She grasp it tightly as she peered inside.

    A rimful of cold, black coffee stared back at her.

    Yes! It was full!

    She thrusted it into William’s hands so forcefully that he was afeared that she might break it.

    Or him for that matter.

    “Does it take long? Does it take long?” she asked, like an impatient child, bouncing up and down.

    “Not very,” William replied, as he cautiously unstopped the vial. “A minute at most. It’s almost instantaneous.”

    “Do you need much?” she asked. “Is that going to be enough?”

    “It’ll be enough,” he replied, as he carefully measured a few drops. “I added a few failsafes to the formula to ensure nothing can go wrong.”

    “Will I need to take my clothes off or anything,” she asked, her mind and words reeling a million miles an hour.

    “No,” he replied, as calm and practical as ever. “You won’t grow that much. Just enough to get started. And once you’re taken the Formula, your metabolism should be altered so you can gain muscle easier than before.”

    “Is it going to taste strange?” she asked, as William handed her back the cup.

    “Maybe a little sweeter,” he said. “But it’s a molecular bonder, so it should basically taste the same as the liquid you’re drinking.”

    For a moment, Ms. Harker stared at the coffee cup. Her hesitant fingers frozen around the green enamel glaze. So many thoughts crossed her mind. Was it right? Would it work on her? What would be people say? What would she say? So many thoughts swarmed within her mind, but all it took was a reassuring touching of her hand from William. So she smiled, pursed her lips against the rim of her cup and kissed her old self and her old life good-bye.

    He was right, she thought, as the coffee/formula mix passed her lips. It does taste a little sweeter.

    And then it hit her.

    A burning that turned to a stabbing. The stabbing turned back to burning and then to a series of painful orgasmic flushes. She fumbled and caught herself against the desk, nearly dropping her coffee cup, but righting herself and slammed the cup on her desk. She screamed and growled as every muscle in her body seemed to tear against each other, as if they were trying to contort her into a different shape. Her knees buckled again, but her skeleton fingers refused to unbind themselves from her desk. She forced herself to her feet, whilst William began to panic.

    “What’s wrong, Ms. Harker?!” he shouted. “This shouldn’t be happened.”

    He tried to rush over to her but then he heard a noise, over her near orgasmic whimpering, that made him pause.

    It was a long, drawn out ripping noise. The sound of fabric being shredded. But it couldn’t possibly be coming from. . . No! It was impossible! There was no way he could have made a miscalculation. He was too careful for that!

    He tried to think of what might have gone wrong, but to no avail. As the ripping was joined by a plethora of other tearing noises.

    The back of her business-styled jacket seemed to be ripped about where her shoulder-blades were tensed. Her skirt also seemed to be tear, as too her stockings. As he jacket split, her white bloused followed and William got his first glance of her growing, and hardening, muscles.

    Her whimper became a growl as her shoulders and deltoids began to rive the rest of her jacket. She let out pearls of laughter as she turned around, revealing the slowly popping buttons on the front of her blouse -several even managing to hit William over a metre away. Her expanding breasts pushed the blouse further apart at the front, revealing deepening abdominal groves, as her flourishing arms began to make short work of her sleeves. Her ballooning thighs, thick cords of quadriceps, began riding up her skirt before it was shredded upon those oaken legs, all the whilst, her growing calves made short work of what remained of her stockings. Her hair was also growing thicker and long, unbinding itself from the bun that she wore. There was an audible pop as her straining beasts and pectorals spilled out of and tore apart her minuscule bra. And her face bore an orgasmic glow as her growth seemed to dissipate.

    She dazed eyes looked down at the remnants of her clothing before her thick and strengthened hands wretched the tatters from her altered flesh. She laughed as she ran her fingers down her form, cupping her breasts and caressing her deep and grooved abs. She gasp in awe as she brought her arms up in a twin flex -the split peak of her biceps complemented by the thick cut of her triceps. And then she smiled as she flexed each leg, pine tree thick quads and diamond-cut calves. The only thing she was left wearing was a bow-fronted pair of nickers, but most of that was stretched and trapped in her now expanded and round glutes.

    William, for his part, was still in shock over what he had just witness. He knew it to be all impossible. The formula was designed for grow of such magnitude. He couldn’t fathom it, but he also knew that Ms. Harker didn’t seem to care. As she gazed down at body with a child’s wonderment at the World.

    And he gazed at he too. His brilliant mind doing quick calculations of her size and symmetry.

    Her arms must be at least 20 inches when fully flexed, with thick forearms to match. They moved into carved cannonball delts, hugely round against her slim neck and balance traps. Her lats were full, but not overpoweringly large, balancing her delt perfectly. Her pecs were plates upon her chest, on which two inspired teardrop breasts sat -as large as soccer balls and as formed as raindrops on wire. Proud nipples pointing Heavenwards, as in praise to some unseen yet eternally watching Power. Her abdominals were ten stacked bricks, defined within their mortar and glistening with her thin sweat. Her hips were now flared and full, strong against her tight waist. Her thighs were like bound ropes upon steel pylons, each stranuation and rippled as defined as snakes withering within sacks. And her calves were two jewels suspended upon dainty ankles, as thick as her arms and as glistening as her stomach.

    She let her thick brown hair fall about her face and rippling shoulders, as she smiled.

    Smiled at William and all that he had brought.

    “Thank you,” she breathed, as she slinked over to him and put her ripped and straining arms upon his relatively thin shoulders. “But I want more. I wanna grow bigger!”

    Her eyes flared with obsession. A manic passion animate by the preternatural power that William had brought her.

    “No!” William screamed, as she turned away from him with a high pearl of laughter. “You can’t!”

    He tried to move, but Ms. Harker already had the cup in her hand. She took another mouthful of the saccharine formula and blissfully swallowed, awaiting the results.

    Results that never came.

    She stared disheartened into the coffee cup as William began to explain:

    “You’ve already taken too much,” he said, as he went to her side, putting a reassuring hand on her naked shoulder. “It’s the failsafes. I made it so you can only have so much of the Formula before it would stop working. It was designed to block itself once a certain dose had been absorbed by the body. Not allowing any more unnatural growth but being still able to reproduce itself so the person can build new muscle more rapidly and thus being able to get bigger and fitter without putting themselves in danger.”

    “So,” Ms. Harker muttered, almost teary. “I can’t grow anymore?”

    “No,” William replied, with comforting shake of his head. “Not with the Formula. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to build more muscle through natural means -such as weightlifting and all that.”

    Ms. Harker smiled at his words and simply said: “Thank you, William. You don’t know much this means to me that you did this.”

    “You’re welcome, Ms. Harker,” he replied, softly taking her free hand. “But I still don’t understand how you could’ve gotten so big? I mean: you’re bigger than any female bodybuilder ever known. You’re almost as big as some of the big men!”

    “You really think so?” Ms. Harker asked, coyly, twisting her arms towards him across her bare chest and lightly flexing her bicep. “I’m not too big am I?”

    “Na-na-no,” was all William could mutter, as he stared at her bulging bicep. His fingers softly tracing its shape.

    And then his eyes struck something else: the coffee cup that she had pressed against her abs.

    “The coffee!” he exclaimed, with a jump.

    “What?” Ms. Harker asked, taken aback with his reaction.

    “It must be the caffeine and similar chemicals within the coffee acting as accelerants when combined with the Formula!” he blathered, his eyes wild with data, theory and formulae. “That must be why you grew so big so quickly. The Formula must have bonded with the caffeine within the coffee to create a new chemical compound with accelerated the growth process and thus altered the outcome of your transformation.”

    “But do you like what you see, William?” she cooed, as she leant back, slowly revealing her body to him in all its resplendent magnitude.

    The curve of her strong, supple breasts as they rose and feel with each eager breath. The desertesque ridges of her abdominals, tighten and contracting like the tight skin of a softly beating drumming. All the way down to her oaken legs and her secreted map of womanhood that lay hidden therein.

    “Indeed,” he gasped, breathless words falling off his tongue. “You are a most fascinating study of chemistry and biological reactions to outside agents. . .”

    Ms. Harker angrily slammed the cup on her desk, William was surprised that she did not either.

    “Is that all I am to you?!” she demanded, as she put both hands on her hips and tensed her entire body, muscles swearing and veins coming to prominence under the pressure. “Another science experiment?! A thing to be studied?! To be looked at through a microscope?!”

    “No! No! No!” William pleaded, afraid of how the chemical changes within might affect her moods and hormones. “You’re an incredible and beautiful woman!”

    He blushed scarlet and muttered: “I thought so even before this day.”

    “Oh, how sweet of you, William,” she cooed, softening her stance and her form. “But tell me: have you exceed your maximum dosage of the Formula?”

    “No,” William replied. “But I hardly see what that has to do. . .”

    But before he could finish his words, William felt a soft hand lightly clasp the back of his skull and the coffee cup being forced against his lips. He swallowed the saccharine sweet liquid from fear of choking and coughed as it went down. He looked up into Ms. Harker’s dark smile as she watch him -no! His body intensely.

    William’s second transformation was swift and painless. Just the deafening sound of tearing and he had gone from merely athletic to full-blown he-man. Standing there in a pile of shredded clothing and a pair of all too tight blue Y-Fronts briefs.

    “Ooooo,” Ms. Harker cooed, running a finger down his massive pecs and deep-cut abs. “And what’s this?”

    She traced her finger around the thick bulge that distended the front of his Briefs and, with a final rip and tear, even they gave way.

    “Oh, my!” Ms. Harker exclaimed, an orgasmic edge to her voice. “Looks like the Formula’s really effected you!”

    She stared slackjawed at the 15 inch phallus that arched upwards from his groin. It’s plum head gently smacking against his giant pecs. She rubbed the palm of her hand down it, quivering more with each inch she passed. It was so thick she couldn’t get her hand around it, let alone get the fingers of both to meet.

    “N-n-n-not re-re-really,” William stammered, through the waves of ecstasy.

    “‘Not really’?” Ms. Harker gasped, still grasping her prize. “What do you mean?”

    “I mean it’s only gotten a little bigger,” William moaned. “Since taking the Formula, I mean.”

    “Well,” Ms. Harker muttered, gazing at his monestrous cock over the top of her half-moon glasses. “If I had known that, I would’ve done something like this along time ago,” she smiled a prefect smile and her new full and prefect lips. “Minus all this muscle growth of course,” she added with a wink.

    “Wouldn’t have matter before now,” William managed to gasp, between jagged breathes.

    “Oh? And why is that?” Ms. Harker whispered in his ear, quickening her stroke. “I thought you said that I was always beautiful to you?”

    “You are,” William panted. “But I’ve never had the blood or the strength to get it up until now.”

    “Oh, poor baby,” Ms. Harker cooed, nibbling at his earlobe. “That was then and this is now. And now I’ve got you all to myself and all for the weekend.”

    She pressed her hard and massively muscular body against his. Her thick six foot frame dwarfing his large, but not as large, 5 foot 8 inch body. She ground herself into him with a burning longing. Embers of passion that had been smouldering since the 17 years past her teenage years flared and dwindle into her twenty and now into her 30th year flared to this new ignition, this new fuel that was the transformed William Turner and this new body, this new life, he had given her. She snuggled closer to him as their hand continued with mutual exploration of each other’s body.

    “Ms. Harker,” William whimpered, as she softly kissed his neck.

    “We’re beyond that now, William,” she breathed and gasp, as he nuzzled against her neck. “Call me Josephine, William. Josephine.”

    “Josephine,” he muttered, between impassioned kisses. “We can’t do this.”

    “Why not?” she demanded, with a rasped and husky growl.

    “Because the cleaners will be here any second,” he said. “And we don’t want to get caught naked like this.”

    “You’re right, William,” Josephine gasped, trying her hardest to tear herself away from him. “Too many things will need explaining.”

    Finally, they tore themselves away from each other as a fresh set of worries past over them both.

    “What are we going to do?” she muttered and sighed. “All our clothes are ruined and it’s too far to run to my car. Someone’s sure to see us.”

    “What about the Textile Department in the Art Section?” William uttered, between heavy gulps of air. “They’re bound to have something we can turn into clothes so we can make our escape,” a frown suddenly hit his bright face, so out of place on those bespectacled features. “But it’ll be locked by now. Mrs. Harvey always makes sure to lock up for the weekend.”

    “Won’t matter to us!” Josephine exclaimed, flexing her right bicep, rasing it to its full 20 inches, covering it with criss-crossing veins. “Just grabbed what you can and let’s go. I don’t want to be caught in such a state. Especially since I have so many plans for you tonight. And for evermore!”

    She gave him a cheek smile and she gathered up her bag and papers, before she took his hand and fled.

    Mere moments later, Katalina Tromkomsky -the Polish cleaning woman- entered the abandoned classroom and tutted quietly to herself as she spied the mess.

    She was fifty years old and had immigrated to this Country with her husband many years before. She had been much the respected beauty back them but such times as passed, such as her husband had. And now, to make ends meet, she took jobs as a cleaning lady. Forever wishing of her young days of strength and beauty.

    “Vould Vere they doing to leave clothes in such a state,” she muttered to herself, as she picked up the tattered remains of Josephine Harker’s blouse.

    She sighed again and tossed it in the bin that she dragged behind, the arthritis creaking in her hands.

    She turned and saw a half filled coffee cup on the desk amongst the scattered papers.

    “Not like you Miss Harker to leave such a mess,” she sighed, as she tidied the desk.

    She picked up the coffee cup and stared it.

    It might be cold but it was still inviting. And with a long job ahead of her, Katalina Tromkomsky need all the help she could get. So she drank all that remained in one swift gulp.

    “Arck!” she spat. “The girl has it too sveet!”



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    good story


    Bravo! Excellent setup, and the denouement was terrific!

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