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    Hi everyone. Finally plucked up the courage to post my first story. Its a bit of a long one, and these first three chapters are really just laying the groundwork for whats to come, but hopefully if you persist with it, you may be rewarded (or may abuse me for wasting your time…we will see). Let me know what you think! TP




    written by Overseer10

    — Disclaimer: You know what this story’s all about. If you dont like it, then don’t read it. Simple —


    Chapter 1


    Danielle stood alone in the shadows, staring at the building that loomed up on the opposite side of the street. It was a cold night, overcast, the moon mostly hidden behind dark clouds that would soon unleash a terrible storm over the city. Even now, in the distance the sky was often momentarily illuminated by the crack of lightning, accompanied by a distant rumble that seemed to eminate from the ground itself. The one working streetlight cast a warm amber glow over the decrepid exterior of the building. Most windows had been bordered up, leaving only a large black door uncovered. It looked, and more to the point felt, abandonned, as was the intention of its shadowy owners.

    Danielle pulled her coat tighter around her lithe frame, and pulled from her pocket a small white business card, blank but for a single address, written in small black type on the bottom.

    117a Howards Road…

    She looked back up, sure that this was the address. But it wasnt right. This wasnt the place she had expected to find. Her friend Jenna had said nothing of this in her letter, the nature of which itself had been somewhat perplexing. To recieve any form of personal correspondance via conventional mail was rare these days. And besides, up until two weeks ago, the two had been constantly in touch via the internet.

    But the letter had come after a week long silence from her friend, (one of the few she had kept in touch with after finishing high school), and sure enough, scrawled at the bottom of the handwritten note was Jenna’s signature.

    Sliding the card back into her jacket pocket, Danielle breathed deeply, attempting to muster what little confidence she could, and cautiously stepped from the footpath, crossing the road and finding herself standing in front of the big black door of the building, that loomed up even more intimidating than before. But before she had the time to change her mind, she raised her hand and pounded exactly five times, just as the letter had advised.

    For a while, there was no movement within, no sign of life or indication that anyone had heard her. Only the howling of the wind that swept down the deserted street, tossing the litter that lay strewn in the gutters. She waited, unsure of what to do. The letter had been very specific "…knock on the door five times, no more, no less…"

    But, Danielle thought, maybe the wind had drowned them out. Or, she thought cynically to herself, there was nobody there at all, and she was freezing her ass off for nothing. The letter had been a stupid joke, the address was wrong. Her mind debated what to do next. Finally, sure that nobody had heard her, she raised her hand, and was moments away from knocking again when deep within, a bolt clicked, followed by the sound of scraping metal. And with that, the door opened an inch at most. Danielle could just make out the dark shape of a body through the gap, and the gleam of a suspicious eye that scanned her up and down for several seconds.

    "Your name" a voice rasped

    Danielle was momentarily taken back, full of fear and aprehension.

    "Name" the voice rasped impatiently

    "Ah…ah, Danielle Basset…I was sent here by a friend…"

    But before she could finish, the figure dissapeared from gap and the door slammed shut.

    Shit, Danielle thought to herself. All this way in the cold for nothing…

    No sooner had she thought this when without warning the door reopened, and a warm blast of air momentarily blew away the chill of the night. The door had opened into an equally dark corridor, and as far as she could see, there was no sign of the mysterious figure who had asked her name.

    "Well," she muttered to herself, "here we go…" and with that she stepped off the street and into the warmth of the building. As she crossed the theshold, the large metal door swung shut, crashing against its frame and instantly locking, the bolt clicking back into place. She turned and stared wide eyed at the inside of the locked door, already having second thoughts.

    Holding her aprehension at bay, she slowly started to make her way down the corridor, holding her hands out in front as not to bump into anything. The floor creaked under her. the floorboards old and rotting. Up ahead she could just make out the impression of another doorway. Grasping for the handle, she found this door unlocked, and slowly opened it. Immediately, light spilled from the next room, momentarily blinding her. Squinting, she made her way forward, slowly ajusting her eyes to the light.

    The room itself was not brightly lit at all, but in comparison to the pitch black hallway, it was an incredible contrast. But that was the least of Christina’s concerns. While just a moment she had been making her way through a decrepid old building, she was now standing within a luxuriously appointed room. The carpet and the walls were a deep red, as was the apolstery on an expensive set of couches set around a coffee table. On the far wall was a nicely appointed bar, while to both her left and right where two more doors, both shut.

    She did not immediately realise that there was someone else within the room. It was only after she had scanned the room that she noticed the figure with its back turned to her, preparing something on the far wall.

    "Why, good evening Danielle. We’ve been waiting for you…"

    The figure turned toward her, and she was startled to find that it was not the mysterious doorman, but a woman, probably in her mid-thirties, and incredibly attractive. Her dark hair worn in a bun, she wore a black business suit that sat perfectly on her hourglass frame. Dark eyes sat behind a pair of thin-rimmed glasses, and her lips formed a slight smile at the sight Danielle.

    "You came alone I trust…"

    "Yes" was the quiet reply

    "And you told no-one…"

    Both requirements had been stipulated in the letter.

    Danielle now noticed that the woman held in her hand a single tall glass filled with a deep purple concoction. Elegantly, the older woman moved from the bar to one of the couches, sitting herself in one and placing the drink on the table. Looking up at Danielle, who still had not moved from her spot, her smile widened and her demeanour relaxed a little.

    "You can take your coat off if you like." She gestured to a stand in the corner to Danielle’s left. She obeyed, unbuttoning the the long wollen coat and slipping it off and on to the stand. The woman watched her intently during this, observing every move Christina made. She was slightly smaller than average for her age of nineteen. Blonde hair fell loosely around a cute childish face with a fair complexion and a hint of freckles. Her body was lithe and thin, with a waist that tapered out subtly to her hips. As she turned to face the woman again, her small pert A-Cups came into view. The woman noticed, with an inward smile the two erect nipples that left slight indents on the fabric of her T-shirt.

    "Please, sit"

    Once again, Danielle obeyed without a word, taking the further seat on the other couch. Seeing this, the older woman got up and sat down next to her, all the time smiling softly.

    "My name is Rose. Its a pleasure to meet you Danielle. I’ve heard alot about you." Danielle suddenly felt a hand on her thigh, as Rose shifted a little closer to her. She thought to protest, but decided against it, afraid to offend her mysterious host. And besides, she was now acutely aware of the physical beauty of the woman sitting next to her. Even beneath the confines of the suit top, she could make out the impression of a large pair of DD breasts that sat right up, pushing at the constraints of the fabric. The thin waist that then flowed on out to a shapely pair of thighs, held tight by her pants. She also noticed a scent, an intoxicating aroma that carried with it a calming effect. Danielle hardly noticed as her breathing eased and she relaxed a little into the couch. Rather than shy away from Rose’s touch, she accepted it, and for the first time, smiled back at the beautiful woman next to her.

    Rose spoke again, the words comming softly and quietly, as if a secret to be shared just between the two of them.

    "You are on the verge of the most wonderful of experiences. It will inevitably flow through you and change you in many ways. Beneath the fear I can see withiin you an eagerness that has long been repressed and buried. Are you ready to free yourself from these bonds, to succumb to the innermost desires of your heart?"

    Danielle looked back at Rose, contemplating the ambiguous question. Part of her was unsure of how to respond. But deep within her, thoughts and emmotions began to take hold and slowly build. She knew the answer, and really always had. Suddenly, in a flurry of feelings and sensation that overwhelmed logical thought, she jerked up, kissing Rose on the lips with a passion that she had never known. Rose unhesitatingly responded in kind, returning the passion to the young girl.

    Finally, Rose pulled away, leaving Danielle hanging for a second before she opened her eyes. It had never been the case that Danielle was a closet lesbian. Even at an unconcious level, she was still firmly attracted to the opposite sex. But what had just occurred was something deeper and far more important than anything Danielle could quite comprehend at the moment.

    "I’ll take that as a yes" Rose murmurred with a glint in her eye. She then turned to the table and picked up the single glass filled with a strange purple liquid. Pausing for a moment, she then extended the glass out to Danielle, who took it from her, looking back as if for some instruction on what to do with it.

    "Now…drink this"

    Danielle raised the glass to her lips and took a sip. The taste, an unrecognizable mix of fruit and alcohol, warmed her as she felt the contents somehow spread down and out through her body. She took another sip, and another, and before she knew it, the glass was completely drained.

    Placing the glass back on the table, Danielle turned once more to face Rose

    "Now what?"

    But no sooner had she utterred the words, then the room around her began to swirl and fade. Before long, she was completely unconcious, drifting in and out of surreal and vivid landscapes, all the time aware of an energy that was slowly spreading throughout her body.



    Chapter 2


    She awoke to the sound of rain and wind whipping against her window. It took her a moment to realise that it actually was HER window, and that this was HER bedroom. But slowly, the fog faded from her mind, and she found herself, still dressed in her clothes, sprawled across the top of her bed.

    She saw that it was still dark outside, and the storm that had for so long sat menacingly above had finally unleashed its full potential. The wind howled as rain whipped at the windows, accompanied by the occaisional flash and rumble.

    Slowly getting up, she raised herself into an upright position, pausing for a moment to rub the groggyness from her face, and stood up, only to almost fall down again. Her legs felt numb, as did the rest of her body, while a slight headache continually crept in and out of her conciousness. Slowly, this time steadying herself, she raised her body up, and made her way across to a full length mirror that sat in one corner.

    Throwing off her jacket, and kicking off her shoes, she looked for any sign of change, but found none.

    She was still not thinking straight, having a hard time of trying to string any logical thought together. Making her way into her bathroom, she splashed some cold water onto her face from the sink, and for a moment started to feel a little better. But still groggy, she turned to the shower, and without even bothering to remove her jeans and t-shirt, stepped in.

    Cranking the faucet, steaming hot water blasted away the cobwebs left by sleep, and she started to playback the events of the evening. She ran through everything that had happened, over and over again. The letter, the building, the doorman, Rose…that Kiss! She had no idea what had come over her. "What in gods name would have compelled me to do that?" she thought to herself.

    The headache was returning, and the constant thinking wasn’t helping at all. Conceeding this, she dropped all thought, shifting her focus to the warmth of the water as it streamed over her and down her body. She was still only vaguely aware that she had forgotten to remove her clothes.

    She watched as the damp white fabric of her T shirt clung to her skin, turning partially transparent. She could make out the black straps of the bra that she really didnt need to use. Her breasts had ceased their growth spurt a couple of years back, leaving her with very little in the way of a bust. Further down, she watched as her figure-hugging blue jeans turned dark, clinging to her small (yet somewhat perkY) behind and her thin legs.

    And for no reason in particular, her train of through drifted back to Rose. She tried to imagine those striking features again, her stunning figure contained within the formality of the business suit, bulging at the chest and thighs, as if it had been tailored for a man. She swore that she could smell the scent that had seemed to eminate from the older woman’s very being, intoxicating and disarming.

    Outside, the storm grew in intensity. The wind swirled and billowed, thrusting the rain upon the house in sheets of water. Lightning continuously cut across the sky, illuminating the dark underbelly of the storm front.

    Meanwhile, the thought of Rose was dominating Danielle’s conciousness. Oblivious to the raging storm outside, she closed her eyes, letting herself meditate in the strong jets of water that pummled her body. She was beginning to feel like her old self again. In fact, she was feeling better than normal. Even in the warmth of the water, she felt a slight chill come over her, followed by a tickling sensation that slowly filled her, starting in her throat and filling down and out to the very farthest reachers of her body.

    Almost of their own will, her hands led themselves to the sides of her hips, before running over the smooth contour of her ass. She let out a small gasp, lingering for a moment before raising them up, over the seam and under her wet T-shirt, feeling her flat stomach…

    ‘That feels odd,’ she thought to herself, as she broke momentarily away from the feelings that were by now coarsing through her body. Running her hands over her stomach, she could make out a slight curve. While it was hardly noticeable, Danielle had always secretly prided herself on having a perfectly flat stomach, with the scarcest hint of muscle definition from her abbs. But now, it was slightly swelled, the skin smooth and taught. She ran her hands over it more, as the feelings of euphoria and sexual energy regained control of her actions. Leaving her stomach, she lifted her hands to her small breasts, cupping them, massaging them around her chest. Unconciously, her hips began to sway from side to side, slowly thrusting back and forward as the energy within her increased in intensity. Her breathing quickened, her eyes shut tight, as her body began to writher in uncontrollable exstacy. One of her hands began to run back down her torso, moving slowly toward her crotch, that gyrated back and forward, side to side in an ever increasing Tempo.

    "What the…" she gasped quietly, opening her eyes and looking down to where her hand was resting.

    For her stomach had swollen out a little bit more. Not much, but enough to slightly raise her T shirt away from her Jeans, leaving a centimetre of flesh exposed. SHe could feel a tightness around her waist that had not existed before. She let her other hand fall onto her waist, and found that the skin was stretched tight across. It did not feel like fat underneath, but rather that she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

    But this had happened in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

    Even this revelation was not enough to hold Danielle’s attention for long. Outside the house, lighting cracked very close, sending a shockwave through the walls and beyond. Danielle had now started stroking her stomach lightly with one hand, while the other ventured further down, finding the start of her jeans, and making its way over the material to her crotch.

    Another flash of lightning cracked, much louder than normal, this time accompanied by the sound of an explosion close by. The bathroom light flickered for a second, and then blinked out, leaving Danielle in semi-darkness. The only light came from a skylight above, which glowed a dark blue.

    But she honestly did not care. She was totally and utterly lost in the feelings that now ravaged her body, forcing her to writhe and thrust against the falling water. She was moaning constantly, the intensity of which was steadily rising, till she was on the verge of screaming. Her hands had left her lithe body, and were now pushing at the walls of the shower, partly attempting to support herself as her legs threatened to give out, partly to push the walls out entirely and release some of the energy within her.

    Another fork of lightning unleashed, this one greater than any that had come before. In that instant the bathroom was illuminated in a pale white glow. Involuntarily, Danielle’s entire body spasmed, her back arched, her face thrust upward. Her eyes, snapped open, bulging as the energy reached its climax.

    "Whats happening to me…?" she utterred aloud, a hint of panic in her voice.

    "Oh my god…" she vaguely thought in the deep recessess of her mind "I’m growing…!"

    Slowly, as the shockwave of the thunder faded, and the room returned to near darkness, she lowered her gaze to her stomach, and sure enough, it was even bigger. It looked as if she was now acouple of months pregnant. She felt the increasing tightness in the waist of her jeans, while her white T-shirt sat above her belly button. Slowly, as she watched in a mix of curiosity and horror, it started to swell in front of her eyes, pushing at the material confines. Her hands fell to her sides, and she felt herself slowly growing, larger and larger.

    "What…the hell…is…happening…to…me…arghhh!" She convulsed in a mixture of orgasm and pain as her stomach swelled faster and faster. Her jeans were now starting to constrict circulation as the material cut into her skin. It pushed forward, gaining weight. Soon, Danielle looked like she was on the verge of giving birth to twins; triplets even.

    And then, as if somebody had flicked a switch, her stomach ceased to grow, and shortly thereafter the feelings of erotic euphoria evaporated, leaving the young girl panting heavily, leaning both arms against the shower wall, her head drooped down as she stared wide-eyed at her new-found growth. All that remained was the faint sensation of the spray from the shower trickling down her back.

    Finally gathering her thoughts, she turned off the faucet and slowly stepped from the shower cubical, and crossed to face the vanity mirror hanging above the sink. In the dim blue light she could just make out her own silhouette. Not bothering to dry the water from her body, she walked back into her bedroom. While the storm had knocked out power to her house and those to either side, for some reason the streetlights were still on, one casting a warm amber shadow through her window. Turning to her full length mirror, Danielle could for the first time see the full extent of her changes.

    There was her belly, sticking out as if somebody had opened her up and stuffed an oversized basketball into her gut. Her skin was stretched to its limits while her belly button itself had popped out. Her white t-shirt, still drenched, ended several inches from the waistline of her jeans, which themselves had been pushed down considerably at the front. The first two buttons had popped clean away, while the third was struggling to hold on, leaving her black lace panties slightly exposed.

    But apart from her stomach, nothing else had changed. The rest of her body was exactly the same as before. Same thin legs and small perky ass, tightly contained within her damp jeans. Same slender neck and arms, and same old A-cup breasts.

    Totally bewildered, Danielle fell back onto her bed, and for a while stared at the ceiling, trying in vain to make some sense out of what had just happened. Before long, she had drifted off to sleep.



    Chapter 3


    Somewhere off in the distance, a doorbell that sounded remarkably like Danielle’s was ringing. Though it took a little time to register, she soon realised that the sound was comming from downstairs.

    "Dad can get it…he should be up by now…" she thought idly, rolling over.

    It rang again.

    And then it struck her through the murkiness of partial sleep that her parents were on a plane half-way across the atlantic bound for England…


    And then as her eyes opened, squinting in the sunlight, it all come flooding back. Immediately her hands fell to her bloated belly…

    …only to find the flat smooth stomach that she was familiar with. What ever had happened to her that night, the effects had obviously subsided while she slept, leaving her looking and feeling just like normal. And then the doorbell rang again…

    …and she remembered that she had organised to go running with Tom that morning. She heard his voice faintly call out, and quickly jumping to her feet (the nasea from last night gone), moved across to her window and slid up the pane of glass.

    Sticking her head out, she staired down at the young guy standing on the garden path below. He looked up at her with a smirk…

    "Seems somebody had a late one last night…"

    "Sorry Tom! Just give us a sec…" she shouted, quickly making her way to her wardrobe while at the same time pulling the still damp white shirt over her head. She was filled with energy now, looking forward to her morning run and gossip…

    She had met Tom several months before, during her high-school musical. Acouple of years out of school, he had been brought in as an accompanist, and the two had quickly bonded. Back then, though tall, he had been somewhat of a couch-potato. However, since the show finished, he had started taking some sessions with a Personal Trainer and had quickly developed a passion for it. Now, after half a year of constant training, the results were easy to see.

    Having discarded her clothes from the night before, Danielle now threw on a pair of spandex work-out shorts and a matching sports bra. She had always liked how the bra looked on her. It held her tits high and firm, making them stick out slightly against her lean profile. As she struggled with a pair of grey tracksuit pants, she hopped back over to the window, stealing another (this time covert) glance at the guy below. Today, Tom was wearing a black nike singlet that hung a little loose on his frame, and a pair of baggy white shorts.

    Ever since starting his fitness training, Tom had taken a particular liking to weight training, and over the past six months had bulked up considerably while loosing what flab he had. From where Danielle was standing, she could see his strong defined arms hanging from broad shoulders. She could make out the indentations of his pecs against the black material of the singlet. She had yet to see his entire upper body, but had on occasion caught glimpses of his abbs, which were, like the rest of his new body, incredible.

    For a moment, Danielle stopped and simply stared at him from above. While she had always kinda had a slight crush on the guy, ever since he had started training she had become more and more attracted to him. Unfortunately for her, he had never once given her a hint that the feeling was mutual, and for fear of loosing a good friend, she had never made any moves.

    As Danielle stared, she suddenly became aware of a feeling, kind of like a pins and needles sensation that washed over her entire body. Though subtle at first, it slowly started becoming ever so slightly more noticable…

    But just at that moment, Tom turned and looked back up at the window, catching Danielle’s eyes and completely shattering her concentration. He smiled and waved impatiently. The pins and needles had all but dissappeared as she bounded down the steps three at a time and out the front door.

    "So, what did you get up to last night. Nothing too heavy I hope…?" Tom said with a smile on his face. Though now an imposing figure, he had always, and still had a gentle and somewhat quiet demeanor that completely contrasted his physical characteristics.

    "Well…" Danielle thought for a moment, wondering what to say…"one minute I was drinking this great new cocktail, and the next thing I can remember is you ringing my doorbell…" And that was, more or less, the truth, or at least part of it…she thought to herself.

    "Oh well, at least you pulled up alright this morning. You want to stretch a bit before we get started?" Tom asked.

    "Um…I actually quickly stretched before. Let’s just get straight to the running part yeah?" Now this was a lie. But Danielle felt full of energy, and didnt have the patience for doing the necessary stretches. She just wanted to get out there and run…

    "Yeah sure…lets go"

    And soon they were jogging down the road (all but empty on a sunday morning) side by side, the small lithe Danielle, thin and elegant, alongside Tom’s bulging frame. The pace was easy-going. Tom was by far and away the better runner, but he always knew when Danielle was tiring and never pushed the pace too much. Still, every now and then, he’d quicken his step, raising the intensity and pushing Danielle to follow. She had even shown a little improvement since they had started the weekly routine a couple of months earlier.

    In fact, Danielle thought to herself, this morning she felt more confident in her stride then ever before. Without conciously realising it, she lifted the pace slightly, pushing out in front of Tom ever so slightly before he adjusted his own stride and caught up. She gave him a quick glance and he returned it with an open smile, maybe a little suprised at her enthusiasm, but none-the-less encouraging.

    The scenery scrolled by as they turned a corner into another quiet street of their suburb. The sun was just climbing over the horizon, casting a light amber into the blue sky, which had been cleared of most of the clouds from the stormy night before.

    Normally, the increase in pace would have worn Danielle down rather quickly, but not this morning. She bounded along, feeling full of life and bursting with energy. The events of the previous night were but a distant memory, if not a dream, and she hardly paid them any mind at all. All that mattered was the moment, and she was enjoying it much more than usual.

    It was then that Tom started to push forward, quickening his step and accellerating past Danielle. He was still well within his comfort zone, but the new speed was a little too much for Danielle, and within a few minutes, as she pushed herself to keep up, she lost her rythym and began to drag.

    Tom thought of slowing, but then told himself ‘just a little longer…"

    By now, Danni had fallen a few metres behind, and was on the verge of loosing Tom altogether. The energy she had felt moments ago was now suppressed by a burning in her legs and a weight in her chest as she gasped for air, trying to control her breathing and keep her concentration. She looked up at Tom in front of her, his large mass moving solidly along in front of her. She didnt want to drop off. She wanted to be back up there beside him, running side by side. She pushed with all her might to keep the tempo.

    Her legs were starting to tingle now, and this soon turned into an ache. She knew that any moment now she would drop away and have to call for him to slow. The ache was slowly spreading up her body, through her chest and across her arms. Here it comes, she thought, trying desperately for one last effort to catch him.

    And with that, she almost collided straight into him. She had been so caught up in the moment that she had failed to see him slow to a stop and turn around. Bouncing of his chest and stomach, he caught her before she could fall to the side, completely and utterly wrecked. Setting her straight, Tom looked on guiltily as Danielle bent over, hands on her knees, gasping for breath. He was a little puffed himself, and should have known that it was too much for Danielle to handle.

    "Sorry Dani, didnt mean to push you like that. Why didn’t you tell me to slow down?" he asked as she slowed her breathing somewhat.

    "I…wanted…to…I, I thought…I could keep…keep up…" she stuttered out between deep heavy breaths.

    Tom left her to gather herself, and feeling a tightness in his hamstring, jogged to the nearest tree and started to stretch it out.

    Meanwhile, Danielle straightened herself, trying to slow her breathing. Ever so gradually she calmed her body, though the general ache that had manifested itself during the last stages of the run was still present.

    And soon enough, that faded to. Looking up, she watched as Tom stretched against the tree by the side of the road. He had worked up a fair sweat that now covered his body in a faint layer. His skin was flushed, muscles bulging as he stretched one leg and then the other. Watching him, the feeling that had overcome her earlier that morning in her bedroom was now slowly creeping back. She had always been attracted to his newly developed muscles, but now the feeling had intensified greatly. And with this feeling, she hardly noticed as that unnatural energy that had filled her at the start of the run, crept back into her limbs, shaking away the tightness and burning. On any other day she would have been paraletic by now. Instead, she wanted to run.

    "He Tom, quit stretching…" she called confidently, her voice light and easy "…lets get going again."

    Tom turned, walking back toward her. "You sure? You looked pretty beat just a minute ago…you dont want to push yourself too hard…"

    "Nah its cool. I just needed to catch my breath…I’m fine now. You ready?"


    And no sooner had Tom answered, then Danielle was bounding away down the road again.

    "Don’t fall behind too much Tom!" she called out playfully.

    Tom grinned widely. It seemed that today he’d underestimated Danielle somewhat. He took a moment to admire her lithe frame as she bounded away (he had always considered her an attractive girl) and then sprinted after her.

    Catching up with her, they turned a corner together and headed back towards Danielle’s house.

    "So, you want to go for a run huh?" Danielle called out playfully

    "Show me what you’ve got stick-girl" Tom retorted.

    "Stick-girl huh? Ok beefcake,,,try and catch me!" And with that, she accellerated from a Jog to a sprint. Tom immediately copied, and soon the two were racing down the middle of the road.

    Tom was panting heavily by now, but slowly caught up and passed Danielle, who was herself starting to struggle. She had instantly realised that she had gone out too fast, and was now once again feeling her legs tire. In her perhiperal vision, she felt Tom pulling up along side her and soon watched him pass her, albiet quite slowly. Pain was replaced with pride as her determination to keep up with him overwhelmed her senses. She pushed harder, and from some distant nerve ending, felt her body respond.

    She watched Tom up ahead, his rhythym now broken. He was clearly holding nothing back this time. And yet the distance between them was no longer growing. As Danielle summoned all her strength, she could have sworn that she was actually starting to gain on him. She felt every muscle in her body expand and contract, straining itself to the maximum. She felt on fire, ready to explode as her vision started to blur.

    And then suddenly, there was her house. Tom pulled up in front of the gate and Danielle joined him a second later. This time, they both practically collapsed. Tom sat himself down, back against a tree on the nature strip, while Danielle leaned back on the fench bordering her front garden.

    "Wow…" she mutterred in between gasps

    "I’ll say" Tom replied. He paused to catch his breath. "I’ve never seen you run that hard. That was incredible…i’m stuffed"

    And he looked it too, his face bright red from the exercsion. He continued…

    "I didn’t realise you’d been training so hard on your own. You’ve made some serious progress Dani…"

    "Huh…?" Danni replied, still recovering.

    "You didnt think I wouldnt be able to tell did you? I mean, I didn’t notice it when you came out, but I can definately see it now. No wonder I haven’t seen you since last week. You’ve been spending all your time at the gym!"

    Danni still didnt have much of an idea as to what Tom was talking about, but that quickly changed as she followed his gaze down over her body. And suddenly it hit her…

    Her entire body had changed ever so slightly. Where before there had been a flat stomach, now there sat a touch of definition. Running her hand over it, she could feel the contour of her abbs beneath her fingers. Looking beyond, she noticed her legs looked slightly more defined. She could see the faint outline of a vein or two, and her thighs and calves sat up slightly more then they ever had before.

    Danni was momentarily in shock. Recovering, she quickly attempted to mask her feelings. The events of the previous night came flooding back, her mind racing over the possibilities. She had to figure out what had happened…but first she needed to get rid of Tom.

    "You know what…all this running has made me feel a little woosey.." Danielle started "…I think I might have pushed myself a bit far" (in truth, she felt fine, completely recovered…) "I think I might take a shower then have a lie down for a bit…"

    "Yeah, good idea. I have to be getting off to Uni anyway." Tom replied, before adding on a more serious note "…are you going to be alright? I mean, I still feel bad for pushing you that hard…"

    "I should be fine. I think I just need to cool off…"

    "Ok sure. I’ll give you a call later when I get back."

    "Ok. Bye Tom…thanks for the run!"

    And with that, Danielle bounded up the steps, (perhaps a little too quickly for someone feining total exhaustion), and back into the house, the front door slamming behind her.

    Tom slowly struggled to his feet, and started an easy jog along the sidewalk back to his own house a couple of blocks away. As he jogged, his mind raced. The way Danielle had kept up with him today had startled him. True, he had been a bit slack this week, not eating the right food and partying a bit too much, but that wasnt it…he had taken a good hard look at her while he was sitting up against that tree, trying to hide the fact that he was totally fucked. Her entire body had looked just that little bit more athletic then he had remembered. Her lines were just a little bit less smoother then before, her features just a little more defined.

    Maybe he just hadn’t been paying that much attention to her these past couple of weeks…maybe it was just his imagination. But what ever it was, it had left him with a newfound attraction toward Danielle that hadn’t been there before…

    He continued to mull over the mornings events as he slowly jogged up the street and out of sight.


    Cool story – thanks for these chapters. Look forward to how the growth continues to pan out!


    thanks man, next chapters comming soon!



    Chapter 4


    "Oh my god…"

    …was the only coherrent thought running through Danielle’s mind as she stared at herself in her bedroom’s full length mirror. The reflection was startling…it was her alright, same face, same hair, same height. The spandex shorts and top she had worn were now soaked in sweat, and her body was covered in a thin layer of moisture that glistened slightly on her pale skin.

    But then there was the matter of her body, which had (now that she could see her reflection) undergone somewhat of a transformation. This was not the body of a normal 19 year old girl who occaisionally ran and stayed thin on account of her genetic disposition. This was not the body she had seen when she had woken this morning.

    Rather, this was the body of a girl who had spent more than a few moments of her spare time at the gym. She now likened her body to that of a female gymnast, only taller. All over her entire frame, she saw her muscles, not bulging, but rather sitting confidently under the skin. She had never really had much in the way of fat on her, but now it was clear that every inch of her body consisted of lean, mean tissue. Her legs and arms had both taken on definition. While they hadn’t really grown per say, they had tightened and compartmentalised. She could now see a slight curve over each of her shoulders, which felt just a fraction wider than she was used to. Her abdomen was equally impressive. Looking at the reflection, a tight little six pack potruded ever so slightly.

    And there was something else too, Danielle now realised as she stared dumbfounded into the mirror. Her spandex top, which she had always worn tight in an attempt to accentuate her small breasts, now seemed just a little bit tighter. Looking down, she realised that there was slightly more to her bust then there had been before. Hardly thinking, she pulled the top up over her head and flung it away, exposing her petite breasts that sat high on her chest. She hardly noticed the cool air wafting across her sensitive nipples that made her involuntarily shudder. What she saw wasn’t quite what she had expected. Her breasts themselves had not changed. They still appeared to be around the same size. What had changed was the fact that now Danielle could quite clearly see a small groove that ran down her sternum. Her chest, more to the point her pecs, (which she had never even really been aware of) now sat out slightly, making her tits sit out just a little further.

    Danielle stood there for a long time, staring at her practically naked, athletic frame. The sight shocked her and confused her. But deep within her conciousness, it also began to arouse her. She had always had a thing for athletic guys. Watching Tom transform his body over six months had been an eye-opener as to just how much it interested her. But she had never really considered her own physique. Genetically, she didnt need to really do anything to keep her figure. The only reason she had started running was so she could use it as an excuse to hang out with Tom; watch him strain and sweat, watch his own frame bulge with strength from the exercsion. In a way, running was as intense a physical contact as Danielle could muster herself to have with the guy. It was a far cry from sex (though Danielle herself was still a virgin, so didnt really know what she was missing out on), something she had fantasised about from time to time, imagining what it would be like to have him take her and have his way with her. Once or twice during their running sessions, she had even been able to get so lost in the thought as to bring herself to a gentle orgasm.

    But now she looked at her own body, at the long lean muscles that sat proudly on her frame. And she recalled the look that Tom had himself made earlier when they had finished their run. It had primarily been a look of suprise, which was of course natural. But then, his eyes had lingered ever so slightly on her new athletic build. It had meant little to her then, but now it hit her like a freight train…

    ‘Could it be’ she thought to herself. The more she thought about it, the more she was sure. His gaze had lingered because he liked what he saw!

    Her imagination ran wild, thinking of the possibilities. She wondered wether or not this would actually improve what little chance she had of hooking up with the guy. She turned her attention back to the reflection in the mirror, and mimicking the bodybuilders she had seen occaisionally on the TV, posed side on, flexing her arms in a curl and bending her legs slightly. She watched in further amazement as her body came alive, bits of muscle that she never knew existed tensed and strained. She watched more lines appear in her skin, watched her bicep push up slightly from her thin arm, and her pecs bunch up slightly, pushing her exposed breasts forward even more. She then noticed that her nipples were fully erect, more-so then she had ever seen them before. Forgetting the pose and the reflection, she stood up straight, and ever so meekly brushed a finger over the top one of them flicking it up, instantly rewarded with a gentle tingle that eminated from her left tit before spreading out and through her new body.

    Throwing any inhibition to the wind, she grabbed both breasts in her hands, and began to massage and kneed her tits, embracing the incredible sensations that spread through her body. Continuing to stare at the mirror, she started to admire and probe her new athletic limbs, feeling her muscles buldge and shift beneath her skin. Bending over, she felt her abbs compact and swell as they were pushed together, pausing for a moment before straightening and arching her back, pushing her chest out and pulling her skin tight against, rubbing her hands up and down her front, over her subtle thighs, the damp spandex shorts clinging to her ass, which sat perky as ever, maybe even a little more so.

    Forgetting the mirror (and practically everything else in the room) she let herself fall backwards onto her bed, still messed up from the previous night. Feeling the fabric of the sheets rubbing against her sweaty skin merely added to the euphoria, and she writhed and wriggled, her body spasming almost of its own free will. She loved her new muscles, the feeling of tightness, of her body struggling to contain the growth, of her new-found strength. She didnt need a weight-set to appreciate the fact that she was stronger and fitter then ever before. She could tell just by moving; her body felt so light, so free, and yet so full, ready to explode.

    Her thoughts turned back to Tom, as slowly she slid a hand down over her stomach, over the ripples of her six-pack, pushing down beneath the spandex into her crotch. Her fingers brushed through a light patch of blonde pubic hair, before reaching her cunt, which was by now dripping wet, leaving a dark stain on the material of her shorts. She thought of Tom standing there in front of her, having just finished his workout, looking down on her with a slight smile. She imagined him stripping away his shirt and shorts, exposing his erect cock that stood to attention, ready to penetrate her cunt. His muscles bulging even more than normal, he looked like a pro bodybuilder at a Mr Olympia competition. He had gotten even bigger…he knew how much she liked it…

    "For you…" he whispered in the recesses of Danielle’s mind.

    And with that, she imagined him falling upon her, pinning her hands to the bed, as he wedged himself between her, spreading her legs even wider. His arms intertwined with hers, his massive six pack rubbing against Dani’s own abbs. The feeling of his slab-like pecs grazing over her own erect nipples. Both of them contorted, spasming in a clump of muscle and sweat.

    Back in the real world, Danielle’s right hand was furiously masturbating away, while her left alternated between her two bloated nipples. She started to talk to herself, and to the imaginary man that was at that moment fucking her like an animal in heat, forcing her body to thrust her hips high off the matress.

    "Yes Tom yes…I want to…uh…want to feel your massive cock inside me….oh god, your so big…look at you, your about…about to burst open!"

    She licked the fingers of her left hand, rubbing the saliva over her flushed stomach…

    "You did this for me…urgh… didnt you?" she muttered aloud between the gasps and moans. "You made yourself bigger for me…you knew how much I liked it."

    The climax was rapidly approaching…

    "Well, I’ll uh, let you in on a little secret…(gasp)…

    …I want to get bigger too…oh yes…uh…I want to grow for you, to swell up, big and strong and sexy like you…urgh, oh…oh god…"

    Now in her mind, she felt a new power surging within. She imagined her bones creaking as in the dream she began to balloon outward. Tom was on top of her, grunting loudly, lifting her legs up in the air and driving her down into the mattress, which squeaked in protest. She felt the fabric slide beneath her. In her minds eye, she watched her thighs swelling on either side of Toms muscular torso. She watched her calves balloon out in tight balls of muscle, while her hips and thighs grew wider. She could feel her ass expanding, the perky cheeks pushing out further and further. And her chest! Not only were her pecs growing, but her tits were slowly inflating, her A cups bursting into DD’s, then even E’s, bouncing up and down to the rhythm of the pair’s thrusting. And all the time, Tom pounding into her, caressing her body ever more intensely. He was on the verge of exploding within this newly transformed blonde amazon…

    …and in real life, so was Danielle. Her skinny athletic body practically bouncing up and down on the matress, her skin flushed, eyes shut tightly as she moaned and grunted, head snapping from side to side, whispering to her imaginary lover. New sweat streamed from her skin. She felt so hot, practically on fire. She pummelled herself harder and harder, all logical thought clouded by a primal lust that had all but taken over. The moans grew louder, the whispers turning to shouts and then screams. Her free hand now clawed at the bed, while her cute innocent face contorted with pleasure.

    "Oh…my…god, I…" she gasped between breaths. It was all she could utter before her body exploded in a sensation of warmth and power, electricity surging from her tight cunt up her body and out her limbs. Her back arched, stomach stretched out to the ceiling. Her right hand fell from her crotch, grabbing the sheets of the bed and hanging on as her body went rigid, her eyes bulging from her face which held an expression of total exstacy.

    But something was not quite right. She had brought herself to a climax before (though never this intense). Quickly, the standard feelings of Euphoria were being replaced by something totally new…the pins and needles she had felt looking at Tom were returning, only ten times stronger now, while immense heat spread out through her body, causing her limbs to spasm and contort of their own free will. Any sexuality was suddenly gone, replaced with the realisation that something VERY unnatural was building within her petite frame.

    "What the…" was all she managed to gasp before the new power building within her suddenly errupted. She screamed in a mixture of suprise and primal fear as every fibre in her body exploded outwards. SHe felt the sweat-drenched sheets beneath her slide and stretch, faintly hearing the mattress creak loudly under a growing weight. Somewhere in the far recessess of her mind, she felt her spandex shorts tightening very quickly, fabric ramming up her ass and compressing her thighs, and heard the faint ripping of material.

    Her body felt as if somebody had connected it to a fire hose and unleashed the valve, pressure cascading and bloating every muscle of her body. The sensation was far too much for Danielle’s mind to comprehend, let alone the logical process currently attempting in vain to figure out what was happening to her. She was fighting a losing battle simply to remain concious. Her body was being exposed to a traumatic experience beyond compare…

    Her head pressed back against the mattress, she had only a view of her bedroom ceiling, unable to observe first hand what was happening to her.

    But just as the darkness started streaking across her vision, she was able to faintly make out two massive mounds of flesh that were towering toward the roof, still swelling rapidly as she finally lost conciousness…


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    All i got to say is WOW!!!  For a newbie story..this is turning out to be fantastic!  I hope you continue and can't wait to read more of your work.  Please, please continue!

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