A not well known character: Crazy Eight

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    ze fly

    Here are some scans of this deceased character who appreared quite some time ago in The Incredible Hulk.
    : the  last pic shows her capital execution…

      Vol1, No. 380


    A beauty silenced.  😥


    I remember her well. I talked to the writer Peter David and he had no intension of resurecting her because it would have killed the whole point of the story which was to show the finality of the death penalty. Of course she could always be shown in a flashback.


    Funny thing is Superbeings are so common in the MArvel U that while other continuities proubably would have faked her death in order to get a hold of a live para-human to find out exactly what made her so strong.

    While it might result in a messy vivesection it's not as if she'd be considered legally 'alive' or even a citizen at that point. Drop her into an X-Files type of conspiracy world and she'd be writing her own ticket till she got caught.

    You just know Scully would hit her with a dumptruck  😮 👿

    Thank you for sharing this Ze Fly!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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