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    This is Erin ('Ace' to her friends), a character I haven't drawn in close to a decade. Ace is Scottish but lives in London, and she works as a sound technician for local club shows and concerts. She trains in powerlifting three days a week; weight training was part of her rehabilitation after a traffic accident in her late teens, and over time it just became part of her routine even long after the therapy was ended. Pushing the heavy weights as well as a love for all things edible has contributed to her overall 'thick' appearance, though she herself will tell you that's she's 'just plain fat arse an' horse tits'. Her love of eating as well as smoking end up being about her only vices; while it'd seem as though she'd be the drinking type, her accident involved being struck by a drunk driver, and so she's sworn off alcohol in all but the most intimate settings and situations.


    This character design is a step towards trying to vary my overall range of physical types. What I wanted to do was try and draw a character who was physically strong like many of my other creations, but less than what society would consider physically perfect. To this end, she's got no real muscle definition, instead having the muscle mass hidden beneath an extra thirty or so pounds of fat. Overall I'm pretty happy with her design, as I feel that out of all the characters I've created, she's the most 'real', looking as if she might be someone you'd run into on the street.

    Amazon Lover

    Nice work.  She does indeed look the most realistic and, as you said, like someone you'd meet on the street (Though I rarely meet women that busty on the street… maybe I've just been on the wrong streets).  I must say, you do have quite a range, Mr. Morrison, from uber-buff Andrah to elegant Laura to athletic (when not dragon-like) Sheeri to busty Lindy to skinny Pierce to thick Ace here.


    Very nice, dear Christopher. She doth remind I of an East German Powerlifter I's meet way back when I's was still a teenager, oh-so long ago, and returns such interesting memories.
    Thank you.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    To be perfectly honest, I MUCH prefer this to the ripped, count-the-veins type of strong girl.


    To be perfectly honest, I MUCH prefer this to the ripped, count-the-veins type of strong girl.

    D to the I to the TTO

    Anyways, excellent stuff Dr. Otto.


    She looks cool. I probably wouldn't date her (she's a smoker) but as the germans say, I wouldn't push her off my bed's edge either.

    Really nice rendition.


    Sometimes people will quit the oddest habits when they're in love. 😀


    She could certianly make a Gallifreyan or two quite happy  😆

    THanks for sharing her with us.

    I'd love to see you draw a comparison between the Beast of Bristol and 'everyday' Ace. Wouldn't even have to be anything strength related. After all she with the most toys wins -cues Bass speaker contest-.


    Could be interesting considering their size differences.


    Looks like a Chris Morrison inking of a Doug Holverson sketch.  (I wonder what ever happened to him?  His site doesn't appear to have been updated in five years.)

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