Aliana’s rebirth, part 1(revised)

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    Yeah, I'm actually much more satisfied with this version.

    Well, here's my first story. Didn't quite know where to put this, so it goes here.

    Aliana's Rebirth, part 1

    “Well, that’s all for now. Don’t forget to pay on the way out.” Doctor Aliana smiled after saying this, but, as usual, her patient grumbled. It may have been that he disliked the fact that he had to pay for health care, or the fact that during the examination, she deflected a poorly-constructed advance against her by the teen. Either way, he did seem rather dissatisfied. Aliana sighed softly, and put her feet up on the desk, leaning back in her chair. She certainly hated having to deal with these kinds of people in general. But, one had to work to eat, and being a doctor did come with plentiful monetary and spiritual rewards. Aliana was a good doctor, after all.
      She was, quite bluntly, quite a big doctor, in every aspect one might think of. Standing at 6’ 4” in height was certainly enough of an oddity on its own, but the rest of her was quite impressive as well. Her long, brown hair was done in a single, thick braid that she slung over her front, and even then it reached down to the top of her hips. Her warm green eyes were framed by a pair of round, wire-rimmed glasses. Her white doctor’s coat hung easily from her unusually, but not grotesquely, broad shoulders. She needed the strength, too. Her arms were certainly not lacking in it as well, but her thick, red sweater covered a pair of enormous breasts, certainly larger than her own head, and semi-firm. Her waist was certainly solid, but not particularly fat, and that curved out into a pair of wide hips and thick rump, snugly wrapped in a black skirt that reached down to the middle of her thick, strong thighs. The rest of her powerful legs were covered in a pair of dark stockings.
    As she made her way out of the office, closing and locking the door behind her, the receptionist spoke up. “Ah, Doctor, the head office just called again, leaving a rather long message. It’s the usual, of course.”
    Aliana groaned. They always left messages like that so they wouldn’t have to endure the ordeal of actually trying to directly tell the doctor what to do. She’d already forced one director into early retirement with her vehement resistance. “Well, tell them the usual: I am not going to do away with or cut off any inch of my body just to please their marketing groups!”
      Her feet, covered by a pair of dark shoes, carried her out of the office, and she quietly placed her bag in her car. She certainly enjoyed being a doctor, that’s for sure. She was well-versed in everything she needed to know for her profession. However, it was beginning to wear on her, despite the fact that she had only been in active practice for three years. She was tired of being lied to, of being treated as if she said she was going to open up someone with a rusty knife and apply the leeches directly to the injury. Not that leeches didn’t have their uses, but they certainly weren’t a cure-all. That, and the ever-present threat of the lawsuit was enough to keep her on edge. Her endowments didn’t put stress on her: That dubious honor belonged to her job. She looked at her watch. 4:30. Just enough time to get an hour in at the gym before having to go home.

    The gym itself was actually a fairly short drive from where she worked, not too deep within the city to cause her all that much inconvenience. It couldn’t be said that she didn’t get the most out of her membership: She was seen there almost every time she had a free hour to spend there, even in the evening, when most sane people would be relaxing. Of course, given the stress she regularly endured at her job, doing something so purely physical was relaxing to the doctor. It didn’t take the doctor long to switch out of her work clothes into her black sports bra and gym shorts, baring her midriff which did, in fact, show at least the outline of an emerging six-pack.
    Now, anyone in their right mind knew that messing with the bountiful, strong doctor was a bad idea, especially right after work. At least the regulars knew this, but occasionally, some new people needed in object lesson in the art of tact and manners. Aliana was the one to do this, of course. Aliana knew that the guys would be trouble. Cocky, with all of the hallmarks of arrogance that come with living near the heart of town rather than on the fringes. Alana pretended to mind her own business, laying back on the bench and lifting, occasionally stopping to adjust her sports bra so that would give its best support. She even continued once she saw the hand on the bar.
    The leader of the trio was what Aliana referred to as “Tanned to imperfection.” Some blonde beach-strutting pseudo-macho type who had definitely spent too much time in the sun for his brain’s own good. He pushed his hand down on the bar. “Well, a girl like you looks like she could use some help with that thing.” Aliana groaned quietly. “What, is it too hard for you now?” Aliana continued to lift, and did so quite easily. This made the other two guys quite nervous, especially when they looked at the ends of the bar. The leader went on, despite his obvious peril. “Now, a girl like you is just needs some conditioning, so…”
    “Jim?” One of the guys pointed to one of the ends.
    “Yeah, can’t you see I’m working here… Oh.” Before he arrived, the good doctor was benching 650, perhaps even more. He took a step back. “Well, no big deal.” He grinned. “She’ll probably make herself a guy soon enough.”
    Aliana did stand up, however. She was quite unhappy with that particular insinuation, and with so many around to hear it, the gym owner would count it as provocation. He certainly had before. Of course, needless to say, Jim had no idea what had hit him, only that he was flat on his back, and that his nose was bleeding. Nothing more was said afterwards, and thankfully, no charged were pressed. Being beaten up by a girl was humiliating enough.


      Aliana thought about sighing in frustration again after the episode at the gym but that would be too cliché for her own tastes. She wasn’t really relaxed about it afterwards, and silently cursed her own size. She was just too big for where she was. She was an ardent reader of fantasy, particularly of the Amazonian kind. These thoughts did preoccupy her as she drove down the road, and they did so much to distract her that she almost didn’t notice the roadblock. She managed to avoid crashing into it, however, and she looked around to see what the problem of the day happened to be. The police had cordoned off the area for a good reason. Demons weren’t a common thing, and really shouldn’t exist. The fact that there was a battle involved made it more interesting, however. Aliana couldn’t help but noticed what seemed to be a rather large woman, clad in a practical version of the leather and chain panopoly that seems to accompany amazon warrior women. The demon itself was a stereotypical affair. Very tall, blood-red skin, bat-like, leathery wings, and horns. Nothing too unusual. However, Aliana couldn’t help but find herself drawn to the combat, unlike, say, a sane person.
    Aliana approached the barrier after getting out of her car, and looked over at the obviously nervous policemen, and then at the combat. She began to step over the hurdle-style roadblock, and one of the rookies did try to stop her. “Miss, sorry, you can’t pass through. We have the situation under control, but you’ll have to go around.”
    Aliana rolled her eyes. “If it was under control, you’d be cleaning up that monster’s corpse rather than simply setting up a playground obstacle course.” Aliana got a running start, and jumped the barrier. The policeman frantically protested this, though it fell on deaf ears: Aliana couldn’t help to be drawn to what she saw. She figured that it would’ve probably been smart to have taken her revolver out of the trunk of her car, but from what she’s read in numerous fantasy novels, such a thing wouldn’t help her. She took a closer look, quietly approaching the battle ahead.
    The woman was hurt, but so was her opponent. Neither side had an advantage against the other, and neither spoke. It was the demon’s claws against the amazon’s battleaxe, to be sure, one that Aliana would have to wield with two hands of she got a hold of it. The warrior woman was wielding it with one hand. A rattling of metal at her feet distracted the doctor, and she looked back. Aliana could only gawk for now, watching the battle between two things that shouldn’t technically exist in her modern, civilized world. The doctor’s mind was jumbled and confused, reason fighting against romanticism. Her body, however, took over, and her mind slowly sorted itself out. She picked up a STOP sign that had been uprooted, the bottom end formed into a pointed tip from being bent from more than one side.
      After watching a couple of exchanges of blows between woman and monster, her blood began to run hot, and she gripped the handle of the improvised weapon. Something seemed to possess the good doctor, and she couldn’t help but fling herself into the battle, as if she were no doctor, but a warrior herself. The monster, not expecting this, suddenly found the steel end of a stop sign pierce throught the back of its knee. The demon looked over to Aliana and feebly tried to swat her away, but by then it was too late. The sheer shock of this allowed the amazon to recover, and deliver a blow that no beast could survive through the creature’s skull, finishing it. The monster’s body dissipated in a cloud of black vapor. Aliana dropped her weapon in surprise at what she did, and looked meekly at the amazon woman who she had helped. She was tingling with excitement, and almost forgot to let go of the sign.
      Aliana felt a bit inadequate. The woman was surely at least half a foot taller than herself, which was duly impressive in her eyes. The woman wasn’t as neatly groomed, however, her own long brown hair somewhat tangled, and a bit dirty. Understandable since she had just been in a fight. The woman’s green eyes were more intense than her own. Of course, everything else about the woman was bigger as well. There was no mistaking the full definition of her powerful muscles, both arms and legs. There was not an inch of excess on her torso, save for her impressive, firm bust, proportionally the size of Aliana’s but seeming all the larger for their lack of sag. The cleavage formed by her leather and chain armor was impressive, but her outfit was surprisingly practical, covering the rest of her torso quite well.
      Of course, the first thing Aliana noticed was the cuts on the woman, and she finally gained the courage to speak. “Ah… You look hurt, miss. If you’ll let me, I’d like to help.” Now, being smashed into paste wasn’t something that Aliana would like, but her profession made it unavoidable for her to give that offer. Curiously enough, the woman seemed to understand her, and the amazon followed Aliana through the barricade. The police were busy photographing the spot where the monster fell. Other paramedics who were on the scene offered the doctor and her companion help, but the amazon idly refused their help: Aliana was the only one of these people who was worthy in her eyes.


      Aliana’s apartment was actually quite spacious, though her new companion did have to duck under the doorframe. Her car was brought back by a friend of hers, so no worries there. The amazon sat comfortably on Aliana’s bed while the doctor went through the motions of disinfecting the wounds. “Well, this should be rather easy. The cuts weren’t deep enough to cause much serious damage to you, and they should heal rather quickly. My name is Aliana. Now, I can tell you’re not from around here, but I can’t guess where you’re actually from. Could you please tell me, if you can?” Aliana looked hopefully at the warrior woman.
      The amazon nodded, and a bracer on her left arm seemed to activate. The amazon did, in fact, speak Aliana’s language, perhaps a result of some magical device of her own. “Yes. I sometimes come this way, just to relax in a wilderness not of my own world. However, that thing mis-directed me, which is how I came to combat that creature in the middle of one of your streets.” She smiled, showing that her teeth were in good shape. Aliana knew that it was most likely because the world where the amazon came from didn’t have a processed sugar industry. “Thank you for your help. My name is Phaeris Stoneaxe, a princess of my tribe. You are bigger than most of the women I have observed here, interestingly enough, and you seem significantly stronger. Do you prefer it this way?”
      Aliana blushed a little as she bandaged that well-muscled arm, and thinks for a moment. “Well, I enjoy being a doctor, to be sure, but it may not work the same way here as it does where you do. In all truth, being so big has been a bit of a hinderance to me. Intimidation isn’t positive around here, and strong women… Well, that’s a bit looked down on.” She did allow herself a sigh. “Well… In all truth, the people here consider me a bit too big to be approachable, and even worthy of scorn for what I have that most don’t”
      Phaeris looked quite confused, and placed a strong hand on one of Aliana’s wide hips. “But… You seem very resilient and powerful, and very ripe with fertility. Shouldn’t someone have been found to provide you with children? Wait… No, you don’t have any. None of the signs are here. Most people here require weapons to fight from a distance exclusively, not daring to risk themselves. You, on the other hand, used a sign to fight. You are more like one of use than you are one of your own people, and I can see that. You are also a decent healer.”
      Aliana blinked slowly at this assertion, and looked herself over. She certainly had many physical qualities in common with Phaeris… She decided to change the subject. “Well, do you at least know how to get home from here?”
    She nodded. “Yes, Aliana, I do. I know where the portal can be found, but I will need you as a guide. The wilderness where I came in is probably about a day or two away, but I need help with this city of yours. It’s nothing like anything I’ve seen built before.” She smiled. “You can follow me as far as you like, even through to the other side.”
    Aliana considered. Follow this woman to her settlement of amazons? Leave what she had here, which was admittedly not much? She would require time to think about this. “Well, I’ll get my things together. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.” A nice invitation to consider, at least.

    End of part 1.


    It's an interesting start. I'm eager to find out what goes on on the other side of the Amazon's portal! 😀

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