Amulet of Strength

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    The Amulet of Strength

    By Morpheus

    Amanda Barnes was 17 years old, and a very pretty brunette with her long tied back into a pony tail. She had always felt rather proud of her hair, which she thought of as her best feature. However, Amanda was a little less appreciative of the rest of her figure. She stood 5 foot 5, though was less than pleased by her small breasts and tended to dislike any girl who’s breasts were bigger than hers or received more attention.

    At the moment, Amanda was frowning as she walked through an estate sale that she’d spied while walking home from school. Everything had been scattered about on the front lawn, though you could even go into the house to see other things. There were piles personal items and antiques for sale, though Amanda sneered at most of them, thinking them little more than junk.

    Though Amanda’s first impression had been to just walk past the estate sale as she did nearly every other cheap yard sale, she suddenly remembered hearing a story on the news about some guy who’d bought a painting at one of those things for a few dollars and then discovered that it had really been worth millions. In fact, she remembered hearing several similar stories of people finding hidden treasures in places like that and grinned greedily as she thought that she might even be next.

    "Who can find anything in this junk," Amanda muttered to herself after she had been looking around for a little while. "And who wants to buy someone’s old clothes…"

    She took a look around the bedroom, glancing at the price tags on the bed post and dresser. Then she noticed something sticking out slightly underneath one of the dressers. Amanda pulled it out and saw that it was a plain wooden box that looked as though it could have been a jewelry box, except that it didn’t seem fancy enough to be. There was even a small latch and lock holding it shut.

    Amanda shook the box, hearing something rattling around inside. She looked at speculatively for a moment, wondering if it really was a jewelry box, and if so, what kind of jewels might be hidden inside. Then she quickly looked over it for a price tag but didn’t see any.

    "Perfect," Amanda mused to herself.

    Maybe the people holding the sale hadn’t even noticed it. Whether they had or not, Amanda saw this as an opportunity. She slipped the small box into a wicker basket with a $2 price tag and then left the sale, having gotten the extra box…and whatever was inside of it for free.

    When Amanda got home she set the box down and stared at it, muttering, "I hope I didn’t waste two bucks…"

    Once Amanda had her dad’s hammer from the garage, she took a good swing at the lock. The first swing missed and put a small dent into the box. She cursed, then tried again, this time hitting the lock and snapping it open.

    Amanda gave a hopeful grin as she looked inside, only to let out a sigh of disappointment once she saw what it was. The only things inside of the box were a slip of folded paper, and what looked like a jade necklace. However, after a moment of consideration, Amanda wondered if the necklace might be worth at least a little bit. It didn’t look too fancy though so she suspected that it wouldn’t be worth too much. It was little more than a jade disk with strange symbols on it and a long chain.

    After looking at the necklace for a minute, Amanda turned her attention to the paper. It was a short note, but after reading it, she was sure that it was some kind of joke.

    "The amulet of strength will offer great strength and power to whomsoever wears it upon the stroke of midnight."

    "Yeah right," Amanda muttered, dropping the amulet and note both back into the box with a snort of disbelief. "What a waste…"


    The high school lunchroom was busy, just as it was every day at that time. It scarcely seemed that any table had further room for more students, though they never failed to provide seating when required. Sitting at one of these tables, Becky Sawyer was talking to her best friend Chris.

    Becky was 17 years old, though could have passed for a few years younger, much to her annoyance. She was 5 foot 6, had shoulder length blonde hair and was frequently called cute, though she would have much rather have been called pretty. However, she was resigned to it and had decided to take what she could get.

    Chris was Becky’s best friend, having been her neighbor for nearly as long as she could remember. However, to her embarrassment, she had recently started to hope that he might become more than just her best friend, though she was afraid to mention this to him for fear of losing what they already had.

    "You okay," Chris asked, distracting Becky from her thoughts, making her blush as it was about him that she had been thinking.

    "Yeah, just fine," she told him. "Just thinking about that history report we have to write…"

    Chris just nodded sympathetically at that, "Doesn’t sound like much fun…"

    Once they were finished eating, Becky and Chris said good-bye to each other as they each had to get to their next period, and the classrooms were on opposite ends of the school. Becky watched Chris walking off, letting out a sight as she did so. He was so cute…and nice… And she was afraid that he wouldn’t like her like that.

    Becky started down the hall, then paused as she saw Amanda sitting on the foot of the stairs, eating her own lunch and glaring at just about everyone who walked by. At least those that she seemed to deem worth her notice. But that was normal for Amanda. As far as Becky could tell, the other girl had a huge chip on her shoulder and was always daring everyone to knock it off.

    Just then, Becky saw another girl coming their way, or actually several girls. The one in front of was Shawna Lewis, a hot looking blonde who was not only one of the prettiest girls in school, but also one of the most popular. The other two pretty girls behind her were Debbie and Michelle, her loyal followers. Or ‘lackeys’ as Becky thought of them.

    "Get out of the way, loser," Shawna snapped at Amanda, "You’re blocking the stairs…"

    There was far more than enough room for all three girls to get past, even going up side by side. However, this didn’t matter to Shawna who didn’t even need to go up them in the first place. She was looking for amusement and had found her target.

    "Fuck off," Amanda growled back.

    "What the fuck?" Shawna gasped, grabbing at the slightly shorter girl and pushing her back. Michelle and Debbie were both there, standing over Amanda, threatening her with their presence.

    "You scrawny little bitch," Shawna spat out angrily, "Who the hell do you think you are? You’re nobody in this school…"

    Becky grimaced, not able to take any more. "Leave her alone," she demanded.

    Suddenly, Shawna and her lackeys were looking at Becky instead, and Becky wasn’t sure that this was much of an impression. Especially since Shawna not only had several inches on her, but because she was outnumbered.

    "You say something girlie?" Shawna demanded, glaring at Becky.

    Just then, a teacher started moving up the stairs, providing just the break that Becky needed. She let out a sigh of relief as Shawna and her lackeys glared at both her and Amanda before leaving.

    A moment later, Amanda got up and spat, "Mind your own fucking business." There was just as much venom in her voice as if Becky had actually been helping Shawna.

    After Amanda had left, Becky shook her head and muttered, "What a day…"


    Later that night, Amanda was pacing back and forth in her bedroom, still pissed at the way she had been treated earlier that day. She couldn’t stand that stuck up bitch Shawna, or even that nosey Becky. Who the hell did that girl think she was?

    "Fuck them," Amanda growled furiously, "Fuck them both. Fuck all of them…"

    Then, her eyes settled on the box that she’d almost forgotten about over the last couple days. Amanda frowned and opened it up, staring at the amulet and the little slip of paper. As she glared at it, she couldn’t help wishing that what the paper had said was real. That she could get the power to teach those bitches a lesson just by putting that thing on.

    Finally, Amanda decided that it wouldn’t hurt to at least try it. She stayed up late, keeping an eye on the clock and fingering the jade amulet. And then, it was nearly midnight and she slowly slipped the amulet around her neck.

    "Here goes nothing," Amanda snorted, hoping that it would work though refusing to admit that she could possibly believe in such nonsense.

    Suddenly, the amulet started to glow with a pale green light, causing Amanda to gasp out in surprise. But just a moment later, the glow seemed to spread out, covering not just the amulet…but her. Amanda’s whole body was covered with a faint green glow.

    "No way," Amanda gasped as she felt a strange tingling beginning to wash over her body.

    A moment later, the tingling turned into a pleasant warmth that seemed to slowly be filling her, warming her from the inside out. Every one of her muscles felt warm…and as though it were being massaged from the inside out. It was a strange, though almost pleasurable sensation.

    "Is it working?" Amanda asked herself. "I don’t feel any stronger…"

    However, almost as if on cue, the feeling of warmth changed, becoming something more. Every fiber of Amanda’s body suddenly felt…energized. Alive. She’d never felt anything quite like it before.

    Just then, Amanda’s muscles all seemed to go incredibly tense, then swell up. She gasped as she could actually feel herself getting stronger. She looked down at her arm, eyes going wide as she saw that it looked a bit firmer…more muscular. This was happening over her entire body.

    "YES," Amanda laughed, "It’s working!"

    Then Amanda realized that the changes were still happening. Her body was continuing to get stronger…more muscular. But that wasn’t all. Her clothes were starting to feel tight on her, almost painfully so. She looked down and let out a gasp at the sight of two breasts pushing out against her shirt, at least two cup sizes larger than she had been.

    "Oh yeah," Amanda grinned excitedly as she grabbed hold of her larger breasts, feeling them continuing to grow.

    Amanda winced at the pinching from her clothes and started to undo her pants. While she was doing so, she noticed that her pant lets were several inches higher than they should be. But before she could get her pants all the way off, she heard a ripping sound, which was followed by a releasing of pressure around her top. Her shirt had torn badly, and it looked like her pants were soon to follow so she scrambled to pull the too tight piece of clothing off even quicker.

    As Amanda saw the way her socks were beginning to stretch around her feet, she thought that it was a good thing that she’d taken her shoes off some time earlier. But a moment later, her socks began to stretch to the breaking point…and then beyond, leaving her standing there with only the tatters of clothing that she had been wearing remaining.

    But still, Amanda continued to grow, if anything even more rapidly than before. She gasped as everything seemed to be shrinking around her, then grinned in delight at the strange sense of power that was filling her very being. Her whole body was swelling up with size and muscle, becoming much more shapely as well.

    When it finally seemed to stop, Amanda remained motionless for a moment before looking down at herself and gasping, "I’m…I’m HUGE!" She stood there a moment longer her new 6 foot 10 glory, feeling in awe of how small everything looked around her.

    Amanda gasped her now large and shapely breasts, then slowly ran her hands over her now rock hard body. Every inch of her seemed ready to burst with muscle…muscle and power. Her hands settled on her abs which had become a well defined six pack, then she continued to move them over the rest of her muscles.

    "Oh my God," she grinned in delight, flexing a bicep and seeing a massive bulge appear. "I can’t believe how strong I feel…" Amanda grinned, feeling as if she could do anything… She’d never imagined that she could feel that bursting with energy.

    On an impulse, Amanda leaned over, wrapping her arms around her dresser and lifting it off the ground with ease. Normally she wouldn’t even be able to budge it. She set the dresser back down, feeling even more excited.

    Amanda laughed in delight, then took off the necklace, sure that it was safe since the glowing had stopped when the changes had. She was surprised to see that the amulet no longer looked like jade. The green had faded away entirely, leaving it all a dull gray. Since the amulet had already done what it was supposed to, she absently dropped it back into the box she’d taken it from, giving it no further thought.

    Then Amanda suddenly realized what it was that she needed. A mirror. She hurried out of her bedroom, having to duck to avoid hitting her head. The doorway seemed so small to her now, as did everything else. That just made her grin even more broadly.

    When Amanda looked at her reflection, she let out a gasp of amazement…and delight. Her body was ripped with well defined muscle, yet at the same time managed to look even more feminine and sexy than ever before. Her face seemed to have matured a little, and her hair had grown even longer, more lustrous.

    "I’m a goddess…," Amanda gasped, then laughed, "I’m a fucking goddess…." She flexed her muscles at that, loving the power that she felt within them. She was even sure that she was now the strongest person in her school, even stronger than any of the football players.

    However, Amanda still wanted to try her new strength out. She ran outside, not even bothering to put any clothes on, knowing that nothing that she had would even fit her now. But at the moment, she didn’t care. She had nothing to be ashamed of now. NOTHING.

    Once outside, Amanda went to her dad’s car, staring at it for a moment with a smirk and deciding that this would be a good test. She moved to the front of the car and braced herself, then started to lift. Amanda had to grunt with a bit of effort at first, but the whole front end of the car lifted off the ground. It was even easier than she would have thought. The front wheels were nearly a foot above the pavement before she put it back down.

    "Oh yeah," Amanda laughed loudly, no longer caring if anyone saw or heard her. "I am a GODDESS."

    Amanda grinned triumphantly, knowing that the world was now hers. No one could mess with her now, and once they saw her, they wouldn’t even dare. She could do anything she wanted and no one would be strong enough to stop her.

    "Just wait till they see me at school tomorrow," Amanda grinned smugly as she looked down at herself, flexing her muscles again at the same time.

    But after a moment, Amanda remembered her clothes, or lack of them. Nothing that she owned would fit her now. Her growth spurt had seen to that. Not even her dad had anything that would fit her, which made her grin as she thought how he would react the fact that she now towered over him.

    "I go shopping tomorrow," Amanda grinned to herself as she made plans, "And then the day after… Wait till everyone at school sees the new me…" She could hardly wait.


    When Amanda made her debut at school in her new body, she loved the way everyone stared at her…at the way they stared UP at her. She was instantly the center of attention, with everyone quickly stepping out of her way. And she was enjoying every moment of it.

    Amanda smirked as she looked around at the other students, all of whom were so much smaller than her now. They all seemed so…fragile. Almost pitiful.

    That just made Amanda think back on how her parents had reacted to her changes the day before. She even laughed as she remembered the look on her dad’s face… And even harder on the look on his face when she’d forced him to realize that she was MUCH stronger than he was. It was at that moment that she has become the defacto head of her home.

    But just then, Amanda was snapped out of her thoughts by the sight of Jason Whitmore…the tallest…now second tallest person in school. Where once he had almost seemed to be like a giant to her, now she dwarfed him by a full 6 inches.

    "Hiya shorty," Amanda smirked as she put a hand on top of Jason’s head, laughing at the look of shock on his face.

    Jason gasped, staring up at her in shock, "What the…? Who…?"

    Amanda just grinned, announcing, "See ya later tiny," as she walked off with every eye nearby locked on her.

    Of course, Amanda was bombarded with questions about what had happened…about how she had changed so drastically. But she had been expecting those questions and had even come up with a story. Amanda told her teachers…and everyone else that she had no idea how it had happened…that she had just woken up like that. She wasn’t sure that anyone really believed her, but no one dared to question her further on it to her face.

    Throughout the day, Amanda quickly became sure that this was the best day in school that she’d ever had. All of the boys were staring at her not just in awe, but in lust…desiring her much sexier and shapelier body than they ever had before. Of course, everyone was MUCH more accommodating of her. Everyone would move out of her way in the halls and the teachers were VERY nice to her, obviously intimidated by her massive new size. And she loved it.

    "I’m finally getting treated the way I should," Amanda smugly told herself several times.

    However, there were several problems for her during the day as well due to her new stature. She bumped her head several times entering classrooms, and her seats and desks in every class were now far too small. Fortunately, there were larger substitutes in the library, but even those proved to be barely adequate.

    During lunch, Amanda quickly ate her lunch, as well as those of several other’s since her appetite had increased along with her size. Fortunately, there seemed no shortage of people who were willing to surrender their lunches with nothing more than a suggestion from her.

    Then as Amanda started to leave the cafeteria, she nearly ran into Shawna and her two friends. She looked down on the other girl, wondering how she could have ever felt threatened by something as small and pitiful as that.

    "My God," Shawna grimaced as she looked up at Amanda, taking a step back, "What a freak…"

    "What did you call me?" Amanda demanded.

    "You’re a freak," Shawna sneered, stepping back nervously, though still continuing to talk. "Why don’t you just go away and leave this school to normal people…?"

    Amanda glared down at her, beginning to get angry. She looked at Shawna’s breasts, once the target of her envy though now nowhere near Amanda’s size. Then Amanda started to smile, and it wasn’t a pleasant one.

    "Look here pipsqueak," Amanda growled as she lifted Shawna off the ground with one hand, not even having to put forth any effort. "You’re going to stay out of my way if you know what’s good for you…"

    "You leave her alone you freak," Michelle called out.

    "Yeah," Debbie added, obviously afraid, "put her down…"

    "Gladly," Amanda laughed, then proceeded to dump Shawna head first into a garbage can, laughing at the other girl was screaming and struggling uselessly.

    Debbie and Michelle both stared at Amanda in terror, and as soon as she took a step towards them, the girls ran off as fast as they could. That just made Amanda laugh even more.

    Suddenly, she looked at the gathering crowd and flexed one of her arms for them, loving the look of shock and amazement on their faces. "Anyone else want to mess with me?" When no one volunteered, she snorted, "Good…," and started towards her next class…which was to her delight PE. It was a class that Amanda normally detested, though this time she couldn’t wait to make that asshole teacher realize how weak and scrawny he was compared to her.

    By the end of the day, Amanda had made herself the nearly undisputed queen of the school, and that was exactly the way that she liked it.


    Becky nervously looked around the halls of the school, trying to see if Amanda was within sight. She let out a faint sigh once she saw that it was clear. The one good thing about Amanda having turned into some sort of giant amazon was that she was very easy to spot.

    It had been a week since Amanda had shown up at school, somehow having transformed into that mountain of muscle. And Amanda had quickly become the biggest bully in school, intimidating anyone who disagreed with her and actually beating up those who really got in her way.

    That just made Becky remember the football players. Several of them had tried pushing Amanda around, refusing to believe that any girl could possibly be as strong as they were. However, Amanda had quickly proven that she was MUCH stronger than they were…much to their regret. Several of them had been left badly bruised, while Dean Brasco…who was a bit of an asshole and too stubborn for his own good, was left with a broken arm. All of which had been done in front of numerous witnesses…and with apparently almost no effort from Amanda at all.

    "They should have pressed charges," Becky muttered to herself, but knowing that they were far too intimidated to do that. Not just the students that Amanda had bullied, but the teachers as well. There were rumors that Mr. Tanner’s new limp wasn’t from an accident on the stairs at all, but from a run in with an annoyed Amanda. Becky didn’t doubt that at all.

    "She’s gone crazy," Becky told Chris who was standing beside her, "I don’t see why they don’t call the cops on her…"

    "I know," Chris sighed in agreement. "I don’t know what kind of super steroids Amanda took, but she’s like she’s got a super case of PMS too or something…"

    Becky giggled slightly at that. She could always trust Chris to give his own special view on things. That was one of the reason’s that she liked him so much.

    "Something funny?" A voice growled from behind them. Becky snapped around, horrified to be staring into the torso of an obviously annoyed Amanda. "It’s not nice to be talking to people behind their backs pipsqueak…"

    Chris and Becky both moved back, looking up at Amanda and the arrogant sneer on her face. It was an expression that both of them had seen before, just before she really decided to push people around. And it was an expression that neither of them wanted to see at the moment.

    "Who the hell do you think you are?" Amanda demanded of Chris, "You think you and your scrawny little ass can mess with me?"

    Though Becky knew that it wasn’t the smartest thing, she demanded, "Leave him alone!"

    "Fuck off," Amanda growled, pushing Becky away as though she was nothing.

    "HEY," Chris demanded angrily, "Leave her alone you bitch." And then he tried to shove the much larger Amanda back, though he couldn’t budge her an inch.

    With barely a thought, Amanda slapped Chris, sending him flying across the floor and slamming into the wall. He let out a gasp of pain from the impact, and remained where he was, completely dazed. However, Amanda started to move towards him, obviously not intending to let him off that easily.

    Suddenly, the warning bell for the next class started ringing and even more students started filing into the hall. Amanda looked around at the growing crowd, scowling deeply as she did so.

    "We’ll finish this later," Amanda threatened as she bent over Chris, "And you’d better bring a full body cast…" Then with a glare at him, then at Becky, she snapped around and hurried away.

    "My God," Becky gasped as she hurried to Chris, "That was stupid…" Then she gasped, "Are you all right…?"

    "I don’t know," Chris grunted as he started to stand up, "Nothing’s broken… But damn, I think I’m gonna have some serious bruises…"

    As Becky helped Chris to his feet, she demanded, "What the hell were you thinking going at her like that? You know she can pound you…"

    "I know," Chris admitted, obviously embarrassed. "I just wasn’t thinking. I mean…I just got mad when she did that to you…"

    "Really?" Becky asked in surprise, suddenly feeling her heart race at the realization that Chris had actually tried saving her. It almost made her feel like a damsel in distress.

    "Yeah," Chris told her quietly, unable to even look at her as he admitted, "I…I like you. And not just as a friend…" He turned bright red, half afraid that Becky would laugh.

    Becky just stared at Chris with her mouth open for a moment, tears beginning to well up. Then to his surprise, she threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss. Once she pulled back, she was feeling a bit embarrassed by her impulsive act, but excited at the same time.

    "I like you too," Becky told him shyly. This was almost a dream come true.

    After a moment more of uncomfortable silence, Becky slid her hand into Chris’ and they started to walk down the hall together. But as nice as things seemed at the moment, in the back of both of their minds was Amanda…and her threat. They both knew that Chris was in real trouble…though there was nothing they could do at the moment.


    Becky thought about Amanda and her threat to Chris for the rest of the day. She was afraid…terrified for her friend. With as arrogant and power mad as Amanda had become, she didn’t know where Amanda would stop. Chris could very easily end up in the hospital…or even worse.

    Even after school had ended and she had said good-bye to Chris and gone home, Becky couldn’t help worrying about him. He was trying to be brave and joke about it, but Becky wasn’t fooled. He was worried too.

    "How can she do that?" Becky growled, then added more thoughtfully, "How?"

    Of course Becky had heard the story of how Amanda had just woken up one morning, suddenly a foot and a half taller as well as what seemed a hundred times stronger. And Becky didn’t wasn’t sure that she believed it.

    The more that Becky thought about it, the more convinced she became that Amanda was hiding something. There was some secret to Amanda’s transformation…and that secret might even be able to stop her…or at least save Chris from her temper. Then, Becky became determined to learn that secret.

    After eating dinner that night, Becky snuck out of the house and made her way to where she knew Amanda lived. She hid out of sight, watching for a little while until she saw Amanda leave. She smiled at that, waiting several more minutes, clutching the small package in her hand tightly before starting for the front door.

    "Here goes nothing," Becky muttered to herself as she rang the doorbell.

    A woman opened the door and gave Becky a curious look. "Is Amanda home?" she asked with as much feigned innocence as she could.

    "Not at the moment," the woman whom Becky assumed to be her mother answered, glancing around nervously. "I don’t know when she’ll be back…"

    Becky nodded, trying to look disappointed. From the expression that Amanda’s mom wore, the people at school weren’t the only ones she’d been bullying.

    "I brought a present for her," Becky announced, holding out the carefully wrapped box. "A friend asked me to give it to her. He’s a secret admirer…"

    "Really," Amanda’s mom asked in surprise.

    "If she’s not here," Becky went on carefully, "Can I just go leave it in her room…?"

    "I…I don’t know," the older woman responded nervously.

    It was obvious that Amanda had been pushing her around for the last week. The woman had almost no confidence left it seemed. And though Becky felt guilty for doing so, she gently nudged Amanda’s mom until she’d agreed to let her leave the package in Amanda’s room.

    When Becky went into Amanda’s room, she took a careful look around. It was a bit of a mess, with clothes piled into one corner and the bed looking as though it was half broken down.

    "With her size, no wonder," Becky mused. Then she took a deep breath and muttered, "I’d better hurry…"

    She quickly dropped the ‘present’ which contained some chocolates onto the bed, then looked again, this time more carefully. Becky tried to notice if there was anything out of the ordinary, anything that might explain Amanda’s sudden growth…and maybe reverse it.

    "Maybe some kind of super steroid," Becky mused to herself, "Or some kind of machine…" However, she saw no signs of either.

    Then Becky saw a small wooden jewelry box on top of the dresser. She opened it up and picked up the paper within. As soon as she read it, her eyes went wide in disbelief.

    "This is it," she gasped.

    With a suddenly feeling of triumph, as well as nervousness, Becky quickly put the necklace into her pocked, leaving the box where it was. Amanda might notice the box missing right away, but unless she looked inside she wouldn’t know that the jade necklace was missing.

    "I can’t believe I’m stealing," Becky told herself, feeling a little bit of guilt. However, it was quickly assuaged once she remembered exactly why she was taking it away from Amanda.

    After a few quick words of thanks, Becky hurried away from Amanda’s house, only letting out a sigh of relief once she was sure that she was far enough away. Then she paused to pull the necklace back out and stare at it. It was a bright green jade stone, and she didn’t see how it could do what the note had said. However, she’d seen Amanda and had no doubts that it did indeed work.

    Then Becky smiled to herself, knowing that all she had to do was get it to Chris so that he could use it’s magic, then he wouldn’t have to worry about Amanda anymore. Becky let out a dreamy sigh at the thought of Chris being much bigger and more muscular. She was sure that they would both be able to enjoy that.

    "Thanks to you," she kissed the amulet, "that bitch won’t be able to hurt Chris…"

    Becky took another long look at the jade stone, then decided that she had better get it to Chris as soon as possible. And the quickest way get back to her house, and his which was right next door, would be a shortcut through the old woods. She clutched the amulet tight in her hand and began running as fast as she could.

    When Becky was halfway through the old woods, she was beginning to become very nervous. It was rapidly getting dark out, which was making it more and more difficult for her to see where she was going. The last thing that Becky wanted was to get lost in the dark.

    Suddenly, Becky tripped over a tree root and went flying forward, howling in fear as she lost her balance and slid down the side of a steep hill. And before she knew what had happened, Becky slammed into the side of another tree and let out a loud grunt before everything went dark.

    "Oh shit," Becky gasped when she came to, feeling dazed and confused, as well as more than a little sore.

    She slowly got to her feet, feeling extremely wobbly, but used the tree next to her to help with her balance. Then she looked around, gulping at the realization that it was even darker than she remembered. In fact, the only light seemed to be coming from the moon.

    "Oh shit," she repeated, her heart racing as she realized what must have happened.

    Becky quickly looked to her watch, using the light button on it to check the time. She’d lost a lot of time and it was getting closer to midnight. Far too close for her comfort. There was less than half an hour, though that was still enough time to get the amulet to Chris if she hurried.

    But then, Becky stared down at her empty hand in horror, realizing that she must have dropped it when she tripped. She frantically started climbing the hill again, cursing almost constantly as she tried to find the necklace. The darkness made the task much more difficult, leaving her to pat the ground to try finding it.

    Finally, Becky’s fingers touched the amulet’s chain and she jumped back to her feet with a triumphant, "I found it!"

    However, Becky’s excitement was cut short as she looked at her watch again and saw that there was only two minutes left till midnight. She gasped in horror.

    "NO," Becky cried out, "It’s too late…" There was absolutely no way that she could get the amulet to Chris in time to use it. And the note had specifically said that it had to be midnight…

    For a brief moment, Becky remained frozen, thinking about what Amanda would do to Chris in the morning. She’d already tried asking him not to go to school, but knew that he would anyway. He was going to get killed…

    Suddenly, Becky realized that there was another option. It was too late to get the amulet to Chris, but not too late for her. If she was as strong as Amanda, then she’d be able to stop Amanda from going after Chris. She didn’t want to turn into some kind of freak, but it was the only choice.

    Then without a word, only a determined grimace, Becky slipped the amulet around her neck and stood there waiting.

    It didn’t take long…less than a minute before the amulet started glowing. It was a strange green glow that quickly spread to cover her entire body. She gasped in amazement at that, and then at the tingling that started to accompany it.

    "Oh my God," Becky whispered.

    An instant later, the tingling turned into an almost pleasant warmth that soaked into her entire body. It filled her, becoming warmer and warmer until it burned. Until it burned with power.

    Becky gasped out as her muscles all started to tense up and bulge at once. Her whole body felt strangely energized, similar to after she’d recovered from a long workout. It was a little tiring, but extremely exhilarating at the same time. And it was getting stronger.

    At the same time that Becky was awash in these strange sensations, she knew that her body was changing. She could feel that as well. Her clothes were beginning to feel tight on her, especially across her chest which had grown visibly. She thought for a moment, then realized that it could be uncomfortable if this continued so quickly started to undress.

    Though she tried, Becky was unable to get all of her clothes off in time as her body continued to swell and grow. Her muscles had become extremely well defined and were even starting to bulge. The shirt and panties had proven no match for this growing flesh.

    Then Becky looked down at herself, gasping at how ripped her body was. There seemed to be little fat at all, except for that in the right places. Her breasts had grown considerably, as had the rest of her, now sitting large and round on her chest, making her smile somewhat in delight. There was no doubt that she’d ever be thought of as looking like a 12 year old with those.

    Becky’s body continued to grow, to become taller and larger. Her muscles bulged outwards, becoming hard and dense symbols of her growing feminine strength. She could feel every inch of her body bursting with energy, bursting with strength and power. It was enough to make her gasp out in awe, and almost enough to make her orgasm.

    When the changes stopped, only several minutes had actually passed, though it almost seemed to have been much longer. Becky remained where she was, breathing deeply and trying to make sense of everything that she felt…of all the changes that had occurred in her body.

    "Oh my God," Becky gasped as she looked down at herself in awe.

    Her breasts seemed huge in comparison to what they had been, but they weren’t the only thing. Every muscle that she possessed stood out, bursting with power. Yet at the same time, her body remained sleek, sexy and feminine…even more so than she had ever been before.

    "Incredible," Becky exclaimed after looking herself over. She flexed her arm, her eyes going wide at the size of her bicep. Not even any of the guys at school had arms like that. "Unbelievable…"

    Then Becky looked around her, then down at the ground. It was hard to see with only the pale light of the moon for illumination, but she could tell that she had definitely grown taller. A lot taller. Though she didn’t know it yet, her transformed body now stood at a full 7 feet tall.

    "Now I can protect Chris," Becky announced, feeling a mixture of new confidence and nervousness at the same time.

    Suddenly, Becky wondered what her parents were going to think of her changes. And more importantly, what Chris would think. Becky had done it to save him, but she gulped, afraid of how he would react. However, there was nothing that she could do about that now. So after taking a deep breath, Becky started heading home again.


    Amanda stepped onto school ground and smirked as she watched people scramble to move away from her. And at the same time, she was fully aware that a number of people were watching her too, the guys with envy at her strength and lust for her body, while the women with envy and jealousy.

    "Where the fuck is that pipsqueak Chris?" Amanda demanded, fully having expected him not to have shown up. She was almost hoping that he hadn’t come to school, that way she could have the fun of chasing him down.

    Then Amanda saw him in the distance and grinned, starting towards him while forming a fist. She was going to make him regret that he’d ever tried messing with her.

    But just as Amanda got close to Chris, a voice called out from behind her, "Leave him alone you bitch!"

    Amanda was shocked. "Who the hell would dare talk to me like that?" She snapped around to teach whatever idiot it was a lesson. Preferably, a very painful lesson.

    However, Amanda froze in shock at the sight of another girl just as big as her, standing there with her arms crossed. Becky glared at Amanda, "Trust me…you don’t want to touch him…"

    "What?" Amanda gasped in shock, feeling furious that another girl could be as big as her. No…even bigger. Not by much, but it was enough that she noticed it. "How did you…?"

    "The same way you did…," Becky answered with a cold grin. "I woke up like this…"

    For a moment, Amanda just stared at her, then gasped in realization. The amulet. Becky somehow got hold of the amulet. She didn’t know how that could be since it was dead…having turned gray and useless after it had transformed her. But then again, she hadn’t looked at it since and it was obvious that it was neither dead…nor in her room.

    "You…," Amanda started to accuse Becky of being a thief, but then paused, realizing that it wouldn’t be good to admit that she had been given her strength from the amulet in front of all those people. They’d all want to use it too and there was absolutely no way that she was going to allow that. "You fucking bitch…"

    "Look who’s talking," Becky sneered back.

    Both amazons stood there, glaring at each other. Finally, Amanda snorted and turned to go to her class. However, she wasn’t about to just let this go. Not with that little weasel Chris, and certainly not with that thief. There was no way that she could tolerate someone else to be running around the school with the same kind of strength she had. She just had to figure out what she was going to do about it.

    Once Amanda had left, Becky let out a sigh of relief, afraid that she’d actually have to fight her. She hadn’t really wanted to do that, but was prepared to do so if that was what it took to keep Chris safe.

    And with that, Becky looked around at all of the tiny people…people she had to remind herself who were still normal sized. It was just that they all looked so small compared to her now, and she knew that none of them were anywhere near as strong as her. It was a strange feeling, making her both excited and nervous at the same time. She didn’t want to hurt anyone.

    Becky took a deep breath as she saw their faces, the looks of fear…of envy…and awe. She wasn’t sure what to think about that, especially when she remembered seeing similar expressions on her parent’s faces when she got home the night before.

    Of course Becky hadn’t told them what had really happened. She’d just told them that she was walking home when she saw a bright light above her….and the next thing she knew it was hours later, and she had changed. Fortunately, they had bought it as it wasn’t any odder than any other possible explanation for her sudden growth spurt.

    Once Becky had calmed her parents down and gave her ‘explanation’, her dad had even rushed out to go and get her some clothes. She had absolutely no idea where he had found stuff that would actually fit her at that time of night, but somehow he had, much to her relief.

    But at the moment, Becky’s attention locked onto Chris…who was staring up at her with a look of shock on his face. There was no doubt that he recognized her, which made Becky feel a little relieved since she knew that she looked drastically different.

    "Um..hi Chris," Becky greeted him nervously, feeling uncomfortable as she looked down on him. He seemed no bigger than a little kid to her at the moment. He was just over a foot shorter than her.

    Chris took a nervous step back, obviously a bit intimidated by Becky, which made her wince in pain. "B…Becky…?"

    "Yeah," she gave an embarrassed shrug, "Um…I guess you can see I kind of changed…"

    "No shit," he gasped out, his eyes locking onto her now large firm breasts, then scanning her well muscled body.

    "But how…" Chris stammered.

    For a brief moment, Becky thought of telling him how it had happened…of explaining that she’d originally intended for him to be the one to get all of the extra size and muscles. However, she glanced around and realized that in the middle of school might not be the greatest idea. Nor was she even sure how he was going to react.

    "The same way Amanda did I guess," she responded, deciding not to lie to him…just not to tell him the full truth just yet. Maybe later when they were more alone. "It happened on the way home last night…"

    Chris still looked nervous about Becky…intimidated by her sheer size. She almost felt the tears starting to come, thinking how unfair it was. After she’d finally gotten him to like her…this happens.

    "I won’t hurt you," Becky bent down and whispered, looking Chris in the eyes. She begged him with her eyes not to run away from her in fear.

    "My God…," Chris gulped as he stared at her, first her breasts and then into her eyes. And after a moment, he smiled gently, then threw his arms around, giving her a kiss on the cheek which seemed to send shivers straight to her breasts and crotch. "Thanks for saving me from Amanda," he whispered back, embarrassed at having to have been saved from beating beaten up by a girl…by another girl.

    "No problem," Becky told him with a grin, then added a little more quietly, "Anything to help you…"

    But just then, the warning bell rang and Becky straightened up, leaving Chris to look up to meet her eyes again. "I guess we’ve gotta get to class," he stammered.

    Becky nodded, "Yeah." She looked down at Chris, "See you later…?" It was more question that statement as she hoped that he wouldn’t avoid her because of the way she’d changed, just like everyone tried avoiding Amanda.

    "Yeah," Chris agreed, "I’ll see you later…"

    On a sudden impulse, Becky grabbed Chris in a hug, picking him up off the ground at the same time with no effort.

    "Becky," he gasped out, wincing, "That hurts…"

    She immediately dropped him, feeling horribly guilty. At the look on his face, she suddenly realized just how delicate he now was compared to her. How fragile and helpless. She winced under the realization that she could have hurt him without even meaning to.

    "I’m sorry," she cried out, hurrying to her class before he had a chance to see the tears that were starting to come.

    Becky went through the rest of the morning, filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, she absolutely loved how incredibly healthy she felt…how unbelievably strong. Yet at the same time, she didn’t want to be a freak and feared what everyone else would think. And of course, she couldn’t help noticing how all the boys were staring at her, making her excited by the attention yet embarrassed by it as well.

    By the time lunch had come, Becky still hadn’t gotten used to all the strange looks, all the admiring stares and nervous glances. It had quickly become obvious that a number of the students and teachers…even those she had thought were her friends were afraid of her. Afraid that she would act like Amanda and push everyone around. That hurt, but she’d become determined to convince them that she wasn’t going to hurt them. She couldn’t bear the thought of all her friends avoiding her because of her new size and strength.

    When Becky sat down for lunch, she was disappointed when all the other students moved away from her, yet let out a sigh of relief when Chris came and sat with her. As they ate, she could almost pretend that everything was normal…except that he was so small and she was so hungry that she had to buy 3 lunches.

    "This could get expensive," Becky complained to Chris, tempted to go and buy yet another lunch.

    However, the thought of how expensive her lunches could be from that point on paled compared to when she realized what it would be like for her clothes. She knew that they didn’t exactly make women’s clothes in her size. As it was, she was wearing a super-sized men’s shirt and shorts.

    "Really," Chris nodded agreement, passing her the rest of his half eaten lunch. She was even a little touched to notice that he’d given her his desert too, and she knew how much he liked that.

    "I can’t believe this," Chris told her a minute later. "I mean…you’re so…big…"

    "Tell me about it," Becky responded with a sigh, "It’s really weird for me too."

    She silently reminded herself that she’d chosen to do it to herself in order to keep Amanda from killing Chris. Seeing that he was safe and still her friend made the whole thing worth it.

    After they’d finished eating, Becky and Chris left the cafeteria and continued talking. Suddenly, Becky noticed several of the football players gathered together and laughing, though it wasn’t a pleasant laugh. It only took a moment for her to see that they were surrounding a much smaller boy. She didn’t know his name, but recognized him as a frequent target of those particular type of bullies.

    Unable to just watch, Becky moved towards them, calling, "Hey, leave him alone…"

    "Who’s gonna make me?" the biggest of the bullies demanded, then turned and saw her, his eyes going wide. "Oh shit…"

    Becky just sneered down at him, then glanced at the victim to make sure that he was all right. "It’s not nice picking on people smaller than you…"

    For a moment, the football players all looked at her nervously, caught between the desire to punish anyone who would stand in the way of their ‘authority’, but clearly remembering what Amanda had done to several of their own.

    "We were just playing," another of the bullies stammered, stepping back nervously.

    "Well leave him alone," Becky told them, "or I might have to just play with you…"

    Without another word, the football players scattered while the victim gave her a quick look of thanks, then one that was a little more uncertain before mumbling, "Thanks," and hurrying away as well.

    Just then, Chris put a hand on Becky’s arm, announcing, "That was pretty nice of you…"

    "It was nothing," Becky mumbled in embarrassment.

    But still, Chris smiled, "Well I think it was cool that you helped him."

    Becky just blushed, not saying a word. She did feel rather nice about having actually been able to help that guy, not to mention being able to stand up to those football players without having to be afraid of them. It was definitely a nice change.

    After a minute more, Becky gave Chris a gentle but nervous hug before they went off to their next classes. Hers was Literature, which was followed by PE. However, she had been doing some thinking and had convinced the teacher to excuse her from regular class so that she could go to the weight room instead.

    "Now let’s see how strong I am," Becky told herself nervously as she looked around at all the exercise equipment.

    Becky frowned, glancing nervously at the several other students who were in the room, each watching her carefully while pretending that they weren’t. It was a little unnerving, but she didn’t blame them. If she’d seen someone looking the way she now did walk in, she would have been staring too.

    "Now what to try first…," she mused.

    Once Becky had decided on a plan of action, she went from machine to machine, quickly discovering that none of them offered her much of a challenge. At least the ones that she could actually fit in to use. She could max out each of them, which left her in complete awe of her own strength, but with no clearer idea of just how strong she actually was.

    "Holy shit," Becky gasped to herself. She glanced at the machines, half of them too small for her to even fit in them properly, then at the other students who were staring.

    Then Becky moved to the free weights, finding that they were much more manageable. But even they couldn’t help her completely. She’d been able to lift over 400LBS on the bench press before she had to quit. Not because the weight was too much, but because she was afraid that neither the bar nor the bench would be able to support much more.

    "I can’t believe this," she stared down at herself, then at her reflection in the mirrored wall. She didn’t think that she’d ever get used to the fact that the powerful and sexy amazon that was reflected was actually herself.

    There was suddenly no doubt that she was the strongest person in school…in the whole city, with the possible exception of Amanda. She still didn’t know which of them was the strongest and hoped that she’d never really have to find out.

    However, when school had ended, Becky was heading to where she was planning to meet up with Chris, but stopped when she saw Amanda with several boys cornered. She quickly thought about getting to Chris, reminding herself that this wasn’t really her business. But she knew that she couldn’t just let Amanda push anyone she wanted around…even if it wasn’t Chris.

    Taking a deep breath, Becky reminded herself grimly that she was the only one able who was actually big enough…strong enough to stop that crazy bitch. She didn’t want to have to fight, but if it was that or letting Amanda hurt people…

    "What the hell do you think you’re doing?" Becky demanded, glaring at Amanda and trying not to look at the two scared boys that were her latest targets.

    Amanda turned to glare at Becky, snapping, "This is none of your fucking business…" And while Amanda was distracted, the two boys that she’d cornered took the opportunity to slip away.

    "Well, you just made it my business," Becky responded, trying to keep her voice calm, not wanting the other amazon to see how nervous she was. She didn’t want to fight…but she knew that she would if it would stop Amanda from hurting people.

    With a sneer, Amanda glanced over, noticing that the boys were gone and becoming even more angry. "Give it back to me you fucking thief," she abruptly changed the subject, "It’s MINE!"

    "Not anymore," Becky teased.

    Amanda was not pleased with that, her fists clenching tightly. "If you don’t give that back to me, I’m going to tear that little boy of yours to pieces…"

    That threat hit Becky hard and she knew that she couldn’t let Chris get hurt. But at the same time, she knew that she couldn’t let anyone else get hurt either.

    "You’re not gonna touch Chris," Becky hissed furiously, then added, "Or anyone else. I’m not going to let you just beat people up whenever you feel like it."

    For a brief moment, Amanda looked like she was going to punch Becky. However, she paused, thinking twice about it, not liking the idea of fighting someone as strong as herself…someone who could actually fight back.

    Finally, Amanda just snorted, "Whatever," before turning and walking away as if bored. However, she couldn’t resist adding, "Don’t think that I’m done with you just yet…"

    "I can hardly wait," Becky muttered sarcastically to herself.

    After taking another deep breath and looking around, she realized that a number of people had been watching the exchange from a distance, obviously expecting a fight between them to break out. And there were a lot of looks of disappointment, though Becky didn’t mind at all.

    When Becky eventually arrived home, she was somewhat relieved to discover that her parents weren’t there. She loved them, but she wasn’t sure how to deal with them now that she had changed so much. It was hard enough dealing with Chris.

    Becky hurried up to her room, then glanced around quickly before pulling the amulet out of where she’d carefully hidden it. She stared at it for a moment, seeing that it was still the same flat gray that it had turned into after using it the night before.

    "I guess it’s dead," Becky told herself, wondering if maybe it could only be used so many times, and that she’d just used it the final time.

    But then as Becky looked closer, she thought that it looked just a tiny bit greener than it had been after first getting home and looking at it. And the more she examined it, the more certain she became of that. Maybe it had to recharge instead.

    "Cool," she announced to no one in particular, thinking at the same time how dangerous that could be.

    And as Becky stared at the amulet that had so drastically changed her the night before, she thought about what it meant for her life. She was so big now…so strong. No one would ever be able to push her around again. She was so much bigger than even her dad. Then Becky suddenly realized that even her dad couldn’t boss her around anymore. How could her parents possibly punish her?

    "NO!" Becky told herself firmly, "I’m not going to be like Amanda." Taking a deep breath, Becky silently promised not to go that route.

    Then after taking another long look at the amulet, Becky carefully slipped it back into it’s hiding place.


    For the next week after Becky had used the amulet, things changed quite drastically, at school…at home…and with just about everything else. Almost nothing in her life seemed to be the same since she had become a muscle-bound amazon.

    Becky’s parents were obviously concerned about her new size, though they were supportive as well. She had no idea where her dad had gotten her new clothes, or how much he must have spent getting them, but she now had a wardrobe that would fit her new body. For that, she was quite thankful.

    Her mom on the other hand seemed even more uncertain about the situation than her dad, though was doing her best to pretend that it didn’t even exist. It amused Becky that whenever her mom needed something off a shelf she couldn’t reach or a jar opened, she would still call for Becky’s dad…even if Becky was standing right there.

    School had changed quite a bit as Becky found herself almost the constant center of attention. Teachers and students alike were nervous of her, and she suspected that some of the good grades that she’d received on her work might have been more for that than for how well she had actually done. She tried to discourage that intimidation, being gentle and on her best behavior at all times, though she was beginning to fear that there would probably always be some.

    However, Becky found that there were some times when it proved a good thing being able to intimidate people with little more than a look. Especially when she students bullying other’s. She had decided that since she was big enough to stand up to the bullies now, she might as well do so for those who still needed it. Somehow, Becky didn’t think that she’d ever get bored of the look on a bully’s face when he realized that she was not about to let him shove some poor guy into a garbage can.

    Of course, the one bully that wasn’t that intimidated by Becky was Amanda. Still, she had managed to stop the other amazon from terrorizing the school for the most part. Becky had caught her pushing people around a few times and made sure that Amanda knew that she couldn’t just do whatever she wanted. It created a tense situation, but it did keep Amanda from hurting people.

    And then there was Chris. Becky was delighted that she and Chris were finally going out…that he cared for her the way she cared for him…as something more than just a best friend. She knew that she was extremely sexy now and that a lot of boys wanted her, but that Chris had wanted her even before her transformation. That meant quite a bit to Becky.

    Unfortunately though, Becky’s new body had created a number of problems with Chris as well. Problems that saddened her and that she knew would probably just get worse.

    Though Becky longed to make take their relationship even further, Becky was terrified of the thought of having sex with Chris. Of even making out with him. She wanted to so badly, but… He was so small compared to her now…so weak. So…fragile. Becky was afraid that if she did try to get to close to Chris, she’d hurt him without meaning to.

    But that was not the only problem that was beginning to appear. There was the fact that Chris was a bit intimidated by her size and strength, even though he knew that she would never hurt him. He loved her, of that she was certain, though unfortunately he was not one of those guys were attracted to women who were bigger and stronger than they were.

    Becky couldn’t help remembering a talk that she’d once had with Chris about relationships, where he’d said that he thought a relationship should be between equals. Otherwise it was unbalanced and wouldn’t last. And at the moment, Becky had no doubt that they were no longer equals. At least not physically.

    And though Becky didn’t like to admit it, she knew exactly how Chris felt. She’d never been attracted to guys who were smaller and weaker than her…though she hadn’t met many until recently. Becky wanted a man who could make her feel safe and comforted, not one who made her feel like a mother holding a child. But at the same time, she and Chris had been best friends for as long as she could remember. She loved him and didn’t want to lose him.

    Becky didn’t miss the irony of the situation. It frustrated her to no end, knowing that the very thing that had allowed her to save Chris…was the same one which was threatening to destroy their relationship.

    But still, Becky wasn’t about to give up. Not on trying to fit in at school, not on trying to keep Amanda from hurting anyone…and especially not on her relationship with Chris.


    Amanda was furious. It was all that she could do not to put a fist through her bedroom, wall, though there were already several holes where she had done just that. She stood in front of the mirror, loving the look of raw strength and power that was reflected back, but that excitement was dimmed by the knowledge that she wasn’t the only one who possessed it.

    "That fucking bitch," Amanda snarled, her voice filled with the hatred that she felt for Becky.

    Just when Amanda had gained such incredible power…when everything in her life was finally going right, that bitch had to mess everything up. Becky broke into HER house…into HER room…and stole HER amulet. But even worse…that she had used it…becoming just as big and strong as Amanda herself. Just when she was finally the most powerful person around…Becky took it away from her. The very thought of there being someone else as powerful as she had become wa

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