Animated Female Muscle Growth

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    Yea those are actually guys… from I think Baki the Grappler…

    Muscle Growth Nut

    Although the Adventure Time “Islands” miniseries featuring Susan Strong as a major character doesn’t air until next week, it’s already been released on DVD, iTunes, and the like. I won’t go into any in-depth spoilers, but I will say that Susan’s upbringing is like something we would’ve thought of.

    Efran Fernandez

    The disney XD animated sketch show “Right Now Kapow” has an intro that shows the cast, girls included, as muscular wrestlers at the :12 second mark.

    There’s more of the episodes from this show I have on my wikia pages or list…

    The Bulkbodies
    College Prank War
    Innocence of a Child
    Dragon Riders
    Beach Detectives

    Efran Fernandez

    There’s only one show that have some muscle growth in Nickelodeon called Pig goat banana and Cricket. Three episodes they had Mall Ya Later, steak bus, and Gold Rush. This show is still on aired every Wednesday at Nicktoons. Those episodes has on


    I remember a show called Itsy Bitsy Spider on USA network. It takes place at a wresling match. In a chase scene back stage we see a muscled granny kniting. Images Clips?


    It hasn’t been posted here yet so I will do the honors B) .

    Apparently there is a fan made animation with a character named Android 18 from the Dragon Ball Z anime that includes female muscle growth over at deviant art.

    Here is the link:

    That took me by surprise the first time I saw it, it is totally worth watching it and thumbs up to the guy that made it :).

    *Correction actually from what I read it was a paid commission by someone over at deviant-art :pinch:.


    Yes, it is a job well done. I saw it before and glad someone decided to post it here. Really awesome job by him.



    I’m very disappointed neither of you have posted this.

    Kale transforms into a female version of a hulking Broly. The growth is about as rapid as Jen into She-Hulk in the new comic, but her muscles are definitely enormous. The voice is a little annoying but that can easily be resolved with the mute button.

    1:42 if you want to cut right to it. Remember it’s fast, so it’s better for you to wait it out a bit.


    WOW! So they finally revealed it! It’s actually really good despite its relatively short! But yeah, I never thought that would happen in all the years I’ve watched the show!

    Bane Dorrance

    Very odd stuff here. But it’s got some FMG in it:

    From the dialogue,.. it would seem that Baki The Grappler is just a Ozymandias rip-off

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