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    Annie Grows Up…and Out
    By Jeremy Wilson  [email protected]
    Annie Ample’s life as an adult

    **Author's Note: Well, here I am again, writing for my wide legion of fans and now also for a new group of fans, although some of them are maybe from the same fan base. I have gotten permission from the man himself, Michele Roppo (Le Muscle for the fans at Diana the Valkyrie's) to write this story of Annie Ample as an adult. Now what you will see here is very much a Michele Roppo story, with muscles huge beyond belief and incredible feats of strength, but I will be putting my own twist on things, meaning that you will get to see a lot more of both, plus some other themes. The typical rules apply, if you don't like my stories, don't read them, this story will not at all be grammatically correct, nor will it have much of a back story, but what do you expect, its me? Again, I have Michele's full permission to make this story, and I hope that it is up to his standards and his fan's standards, I hope you enjoy! **

    Its hard to call her "Little" Annie Ample nowadays, in fact she was never really little since before her 13th birthday. But now, at 19 years old, entering her first year of college at Smallville University, Little would be pretty much the complete opposite adjective to describe Annie's body. She has gotten a lot bigger since than of course, she stands 5'8 tall and weighs in excess of 500 pounds of muscle. Yeah, that’s right, our little Annie has passed the quarter ton mark, and now, her strength is unreal, it literally has to be seen to be believed. She also has a boyfriend, a 20 year old football player named Justin Atkinson, who she has been seeing for about 7 months, and just started to get intimate with. Her brother and father miss her at home, but are getting over it, the fact is that Brad's mother has been getting incredibly buff and strong herself and both him and his father have been on the end of her beatings for the past year. She may not be as big as Annie, but she has certainly quenched the muscle lust that Brad and his Dad had developed because of Annie. As for Annie, well her muscles have grown beyond anything you could possibly imagine, she needed to have the college reinforce the floors at her college to accommodate her tremendous weight, and had to get a room with double doors because her physique is so wide that no matter which way she tried, she couldn't enter a single door. Her shoulders are now 5 and a half feet wide, and her breasts are so huge that they stick out 30 inches from her 16 pack abs.


    "Hey, Babe, want to go out to a club tonight, I got a game on Saturday, but tonight I'm free for whatever you want to do?" Justin said on the phone to his girlfriend of 7 months. "Oh, no Justin, I just want to stay in tonight, they're showing Supergirl the movie on TBS tonight and I want to catch it to get strength feat ideas." Justin giggled as he said "Sure, baby, that would be cool with me, we can always go out on Sunday, and I wouldn't ever want to keep you from showing off your strength, that’s one of the reasons I love you so much, Annie, I'll see you tonight, around 6:30, okay?" Annie giggled a little too, "Okay, babe, see you then, I'll be wearing something special for you, it'll blow you away." She laughed some more as she hung the phone up, and picked up a huge pink negligee that was lying on her bed. "Oh yeah, this will definitely blow him away, of course, my little babies blow everyone away, don't you?" She then lightly flexed her biceps, which sprouted up well over her head from the light flex, easily eclipsing the 100 inch mark, and growing bigger and stronger all the time. She put on the teddy, only to find that it fit so snugly that it ripped in places, it stayed on, but just barely. "Damn, the cashier said it was the biggest size, too, oh well, Justin should like it anyway."
    Annie waited for 2 hours, still no sign of Justin, it was 6:45 now and he still wasn't home. She picked up her phone and called his cell phone, he answered "Hello?" She said "Justin, where the heck are you? I've been waiting here for 2 hours, baby, and you haven't shown up and you haven't even called, what are you doing?" Justin was stuttering with fear and anxiety "I'm sorry Annie, but I broke down about 10 miles away from the campus and I have been trying to get triple A on the phone for the last hour or so, I know I should have called you first, but I didn't want you to be all worried, so now you know, can you phone a tow truck for me?" Annie relaxed immensely and sighed "Oh, don't worry Justin, I will come to pick you up, just tell me exactly where you are and I'll be there in about 5 minutes, okay, honey?" Justin was relieved to say the least, "Oh Annie, that would be great, I am so glad you understand, I'm on highway 310, you know that gas station near that Old timey General Store on the road to Metroville, I'm about 2 blocks to the south of that, I'll be waiting, babe, thanks." Annie hung up the phone, took off her negligee, careful not to accidentally rip the fragile lace with her enormous strength and put on a T-shirt and short jean shorts. If its possible, that outfit made her look even sexier! She put a jacket on, locked the door and as soon she was out of the apartment building started running faster than any human being could dream of!
    She arrived at the scene in about 4 minutes, her boyfriend was amazed to see her already there, even the fastest car couldn't do 11 miles in 4 minutes, but Annie was faster than any car. She looked at him, then at the car and said "Well, I guess I gotta give you a lift, get in the car, you're going for a little ride." Justin got into his car, buckled himself in and put the car in neutral, thinking that Annie was going to push the car back to college, but then the car started rocking, Annie was on the opposite side of him picking that side of the car off the ground, then he felt the car was rising jerkily, he braced himself, but one part of him was stiffer than the rest, he loved when Annie lifted something heavy and this was the first time he had ever witnessed anyone lift a car off the ground. Then, to Justin's amazement, the car started moving, really, really fast! The roads were a blur to him as he looked out the windows, Annie was running faster than he had ever even driven, and she was holding a near 3 ton car over her head while she was doing it! Annie wasn't getting tired in the least though, her power had really increased since she had started college, she had eaten more protein and carbs, and has had generous time to work out. Unfortunately for her, the weight room at the college gym doesn't have enough weights to challenge her, but there are plenty of cars ranging in size from 1,500 pounds all the way up to 6 tons, so she is in no short supply of weightlifting equipment. Just the day before she had overhead pressed the heaviest car, the football coach's H2-Hummer, weighing an astounding 12,500 pounds, and did 12 reps with it, so the 6,000 pounds she held now, was not even making her try. It wasn't the first time her body was tested to its limits and to her excitement overcame them with ease.

    1 and a half years before, 1 month after Annie's 18th birthday

    Annie has always found her body to be powerful, in every single body part, and she loved testing it in college, away from her perpetually horny brother, and her constantly interrupting father, she could let her strength and muscle blossom like never before. She was experimenting with a hundred barbell holding 2400 pounds, she lowered it on her incredibly hard chest and released her hands from the 2 inch thick bar, well actually she supported it with her pinkies, in case the bar happened to roll down her massive pectoral muscles and crush her face or neck, but the majority of the poundage was supported on nothing but her unbelievably ripped, monitor sized pecs. She relaxed her chest a little and the bar lowered, then she tensed her chest, a little at first and then with little pulses every second, she smiled as she saw the bar rise up with absolute ease, a bar weighing more than a ton and a quarter was rising through no more than the flexation of her immense chest! And it was easy, the bar didn't even really feel heavy to her, she felt it was there, but didn't feel it pressing down on her at all. She kept flexing up and down, up and down, until finally she completed 100 reps with 2500 pounds, just by flexing her colossal pectorals. She took the bar and put it back on the rack, when she sat up, she looked down to find her pecs were pulsing with a power unlike any she had ever felt before. Her pecs were now sticking out 2 and a half whole feet from her rib cage, with striations upon striations and veins at least an inch and a half thick running up and down, left and right. She had never seen anything quite like it, she had flexed after working out numerous times, but her pecs had never been this big, never this ripped, she moaned as she rubbed her hands over their hardness, her knees buckled as she fingered her nipples, which were now 3 inches in length and harder than steel. She was lucky no one else was there, or her orgasmic screams would have been enough to make them cum their own pants in sympathy.
    Annie had always prided herself on her vaginal muscles, she had lifted weights with them before, on her 18th birthday, her brother Brad had given her a special weight machine handle, one that was just a long steel bar with a hook on one side of it. She was puzzled before he whispered in her ear, "This is for your special muscles, remember back when you said you wanted all of your body parts to be stronger than the world's strongest man, well, here is a way for your muscles down there to get stronger and more muscular, hehehe." Annie's eyes grew wide, and she giggled for a little before bear hugging her 18 year old brother, lifting him off the floor and shook him around a bit like a rag doll, "Thanks brother, its the best gift ever, I can't wait to try it out!" Well she ran straight up to her room, where she had a massive gym with all kinds of overweighted machines and benches, she raced right up to a machine that had a curling type mechanism, she switched handles with great anticipation. She knew at the time she was very strong in her vaginal muscles, she had lifted some objects by ropes and chains, but none of them was very big and heavy, but now, she had a way to work them out to get stronger and stronger and fulfill her fantasies. She set the weight at 20 pounds, slowly and gently entered the steel bar into her vagina, and gingerly sat down on the workout mats. She laid on her back so her pussy would be doing the work, she took a deep breath and began pulling earnestly with her inner muscles, the weight was coming up slowly, but surely, and she started doing reps with the 20 pounds, after 25 she finally quit, sure that her vagina was pumped and ready for the real workout. She set it to 50 pounds, hoping that it would be a challenge, and for a very short time it was, the first two reps were labored, but after that she got control of it and using her immensely powerful vaginal muscles, she repped the 50 pounds 25 times again. She was breathing hard now, not from the exercise, but from the feeling of a steel dildo going in and out of her pussy, that got her very hot, and to add to the fact that she had 50 pounds on the bar made her even hotter. She took time to calm down, before she lost it totally and increased the weight to 150 pounds, all the weights on the bicep curl stack! She got down on her back again, took several deep, calming breaths, and with her inner muscles, slowly brought the great weight up off the floor. Like before it was very hard to do, but after a couple reps the weight became more and more weightless. She couldn't believe her own eyes, 150 pounds was now being lifted by only her pussy muscles with ease! Well as you could probably tell, now that she knew how to do this exercise, she did it with increasing weight and repetitions, soon her pussy became as strong as the rest of her body, and she took pride in it being that strong, but also for being gentle enough to not crack an egg while holding it and having an orgasm. Over the next year though, all aspects of her body grew bigger and stronger.

    Back to present day

    Justin was becoming dizzy, not only because of the incredible speed his car was going, but most of the blood in his body was now being pumped below his waistline. He couldn't remember ever being this turned on before, the fact that his girlfriend was carrying a 3 ton car over her head, while running faster than 120 miles an hour was almost too much for him to bear. He knew Annie was strong, he had seen her lift weights he knew he couldn't, but this was crazy, a big, fully loaded, Detroit steel covered automobile was being held with ease by a 19 year old woman who probably weighed 1/12 what it weighed! He didn't have to think about it long though, as 3 and a half minutes later, they were at their apartment complex, even though it was 10 miles away from where the car broke down, it seemed Annie wasn't even out of breath as she set the car down gently in the complex's parking lot. Justin got out and he walked away, a little woozy from all the excitement, he turned around and for the first time since they got home, he looked at Annie. What he saw made his mouth drop, Annie was larger, more defined, and had more veins than he had ever seen before, and he had seen her naked many times! She was just standing there, not flexing at all, but she looked fully pumped, as every single muscle in her body stood out to one and a half times their normal size, her chest looked like it stood out over 4 feet from her rib cage, her shoulder's looked to be 4 and a half feet wide, her waist, incredibly, seemed to be even smaller than it usually was, but her 20 pack showed through the thin material of her T-shirt with ease. His eyes traveled down to her calves, which were pumped up impossibly huge, looking bigger than a mans head, heck the individual muscles looked as big as cantaloupes. He looked up at her thighs and was blown away again, he wasn't much of a leg man, but he had to admit that Annie's thighs were the biggest legs that ever existed in human history, each of the muscles were clearly defined, and striated, plus veins were running all over, some as thick as his own thumb. Her arms were unbelievable, sticking out at a 80 degree angle because the lat muscles stuck out at least 2 feet on either side of her. Her shoulders were unreal, all three heads could be easily seen and the striations looked big enough to lose your finger in! Her traps were huge as well, up to the level of her ears, and were the first set of trapezius muscles that I have ever seen to have both striations and veins running all over them. If he had a measuring tape with him, these are the figures he would have come out with calves: 102 inches, thighs: 145 inches, waist: 28 inches, chest: 230 inches, biceps: 120 inches. Our little Annie, is definitely all grown up.
    Justin spent almost 5 full minutes looking at the enormity of Annie's muscles, he couldn't speak, he could hardly think, he was just mesmerized by the size that his girlfriend possessed, he knew she was bigger than any body he had ever met, and was very surprised when she actually said yes when he asked her out. It took them very little time to get hot and heavy, and he found out that not only was Annie the biggest woman he had ever been with, she was the most passionate, and was surprisingly gentle for someone of her size and strength. The first time they made love was incredible, it was definitely the best orgasm he had ever had, he hardly had to do anything, Annie's vagina muscles massaged his penis with intensity, making him climax time after time with ease. Her muscles intimidated him for some time, until he really got to know her, he cherished the time he spent with her, and now, he was completely in love with her. He also loved to watch her work out, as usually, she became very aroused after an intense workout session, and that usually meant he was in for a night of incredible sex. Justin thought of the last 6 months since he first noticed Annie, and smiled, the girl was incredible and he was so incredibly lucky to be her boyfriend.  The End… for now

    Here is the place to read all of Michele Roppo's stories, which were recently taken off of Diana the Valkyrie's site:



    Doesn't anyone have any opinion at all on this story, I feel like its some of my best work, but so far, I got zip for responses, whassupwidat?


    I liked the story a lot! Annie Ample has been one of my faves for a long time, and I certainly think you did the character justice. Good job!


    Hi Jeremy,
    This is a short note to let you know that I really enjoyed your version of a Little Annie Ample story. She has also been one of my favorite muscle girl characters. She is seemingly innocent and naive yet very strong, sexy and erotic. You often don't get enough praise and credit for the number and quality of stories you write. I hope you continue to create more stories for Annie.
    Thanks, Rodman


    Thanks guys, its nice to know someone's reading my stories, I've spread them all over the internet, and so far, 4 total comments on this story, so its great to hear and see compliments on them. Thanks a lot, hope you're the first of many here. Remember, the more compliments, the more chance of part 2 being written!


    Awesome story! i really enjoyed reading about the "new and improved Annie" it's amazing to imagine how much muscle her body can support.  can anybody do a picture of the new Annie? See ya!


    I don't post often because I find most of the stories written nowadays are lacking in quality.  I am proud to say that I look forward to all your stories. 

    You are truly among the best in the genre.  Please keep up the good work!



    Wow, thats a real complement coming from you Hatour, your stories are great as well. The last new one you posted here blew my mind. Its a little hard to live up to, but I'll try my best with my next story, Chapter 2 of this thing will be coming, eventually.


    A kinder, gentler Annie!  Praise can be hard to come by and mine is overdue.  Thanks for the story!  I wrote an "older Annie Ample" story a few years back and sent it to Ms. Roppo.  I don't think she liked it much!  Scoundrel liked it more, but thought it was too dark for his tastes.  That's probably why mine are a little lighter than most.

    I'm about half done with a new one inspired by your last e-mail to me.  Thanks, dude!

    Also, I agree with your comments on Hatour!

    You keep writing, we'll keep enjoying.

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