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    This was mentioned a whiles agao on Wreck Shop’s former Forum but was recently rediscovered by The Shadow during the course of his meandering within the Cyber Space Realms.

    The comic is called Krakow (

    in which Tom is on a date with the Cute Video Store Girl and she is speaking about the methods which she uses as part of her bodybuilding program.

    With the exception of the conclusion of the strip, this situation very much rings true, for both sexes.

    When dating men, they forever go on about what weight they lift and what exercises they do, women prefer to speak about what suppliments that they use and the diet regime that they adhere to. This is more common is amateur bodybuilders and gym junkies than the profession but can drive a creature. Such things has ended many of The Pimp’s relationships (with both men and women) because of this behaviour. It makes a person one dimensional. Stripping them of all interest and substance.

    Though they may have the exterior that we crave, the interior is hollow.

    The author of this strip seems to speak genuine of the situtation and possible has great respect for female bodybuilders and it would seem that he has been in that situation before.

    Disagree with him you may, but you must respect the fact that he chose to do that story arc.

    And it is throughly recommended that you read the entirity of the strip. It is most entertain. And, who knows, if enough of you go and read it, as well as make positive commentry on his forum, he may bring back the Cute Video Store Girl even more muscular than previous.


    The Pimp NeonBlack


    Thanks for the heads up man. I read through the story arc, though I had some difficulty locating the older strips to make a comparison. You make a good point about one-dimensionality and I think that that can apply to a number of situations outside of the strip i.e. the girl who always talks about gossip, the guy who always talks about sports or how much he can drink, someone obsessing over how great their car is, the list goes on. It pays to be a well-rounded individual

    . . . as well as well-toned. 😉


    Percipient point, Pimp. Many bodybuilders owe their progress to fanaticism, and to quote Tennyson, "All fanatics are boring".

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