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    anyone remember or have any scans of an obscure comic called Jaguar, she was able to switch from her mousy short self into a seven foot tall muscular amazon with catlike traits…she is single handedly responsible for me being here right now…


    Can't say as I do – directly, as in I have any by that name, but the name seems to be vaguely familiar.  Do you know the name of the publisher?  Another possibility, try running a search by that name over at the Mile High Comics or Lone Star Comics sites, they might have some of the covers scanned in their data base.  Also, try to run a advanced search at Google on the off chance that someone, somewhere put up a fandom site about her – I know that I once found one for Thundra that way.   😎


    Something else, unrelated, but I remember a long while back someone posted on the (now defunct) GTS Shrine site a series of Flash Gordon comic strip scans with two storylines that were about a Giantess guardian of a alien world that Flash was on.

    Just a thought, but if someone has them it would be interesting to see them re-posted here in the Comics forum.   😀

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    Yeah I Have some of her comics. Sadly enough it was the only one of that comic universe worth anything so it eventually got canceled. I'll dig them out and get some scans up tomarrow.

    Paul Schilling

    Jaguar was originally an Archie Comic in the Sixties.  The Jaguar from the DC (Impact) universe was his niece


    OOOh yes,
    I remember this GREAT title and own every issue she was ever in! -Jaguar Impact series and her specials- I'll never forget my first encounter with Maria DeGuzman turned muscled predator Jaguar. 14 years ago, I walked into a local candy store that sold comics and started at the beautiful cover of Jaguar #4 -posted- I grabbed it immediately and went home to read it, astonished to find this nerdy college girl with a secret, she's the JAGUAR! So, over the next few years, I brought more and more issues of the Jaguar and was saddened to find out Impact tanked the series and tanked the comic label too. I managed to buy the missing issues I needed and now, sit happily with my 14 issues- 🙂

    Now, for those who don't know anyting about the Jaguar, she is Maria DeGuzman, a Brazilian college student who inherits the power of the Jaguar from her Tia -aunt in spanish- Luiza- She has super strength, speed, and keen eyesight and over time, joined the Crusaders superhero group. I would recommend the Jaguar as it was a great read, IMO.

    Also, here are some scans of the comic -I'll post some as someone has already offered to post them- that I scanned over the years -I own a superheroine group.

    Enjoy the pics!



    Wow…she has an impressive look. ^_^


    Impact was a joint effort by DC and Archie comics to revive old characters. It didn't work, but the stuff they managed to put out was very good. Jaguar was the only one I could never get copies of….


    Impact comic yes! I have bunch of her issues , she was quite buff in her hero form.


    Lovely pics!  Thanks for posting them.  I particularly like the 'Cry for vengeance' one, even though her left arm looks a bit strange.

    Muscle Growth Nut

    Hmm, she looks pretty good!

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