Betty from Smallville

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    Mark Newman

    Some comments on Betty from Smallville. But read the story first. The link is in the FMG story section.

    What I liked:

    Good descriptions of muscle growth.

    Good strength feats: stopping the bull, crushing her fellow high school student in wresting and applying the firm handshake to Clark.

    Good setting. I do enjoy the goings on in Smallville.

    What I wanted:

    More understanding of how the stones worked. In particular, if a stronger connection could have been made between the stones and the individuals/animals Betty came in contact with. She could have absorbed or duplicated the bull’s strength and special muscular properties, the high school student’s strength and perhaps his wrestling abilities.

    And then when it came to Clark. Well, just think about the possibilities.

    It would also have been nice for her to appreciate how extraordinary all this was. And then perhaps to get at least slightly drunk with the implications of having all that power. And to indulge herself beyond just testing her strength.

    So there is room for part 2.


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