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    Virtual M

    I wrote this about a year or two ago. I'll add part 2 if you like this one. I'm still thinking about continuing it someday… maybe someone has an idea in which drection it should go?

    And… please excuse any grammatical or semantical errors. I'm not native english.


    Bill and Bob

    The two 16-year-old boys went into the shop and tried hard not to laugh hysterically. A Magic Shoppe it was advertised…
    They checked out the shelves and displays which had hundreds of small to large items on them. Some were simple stones, others looked like finely crafted tokens of all possible shapes. Jewellery was stashed without any care in little Boxes swell as rings. Nothing was in any kind of order or seemed to be unopened or unused. Their giggling was put to an end, when they saw the old hag, who seemed to be the owner of the Shoppe.

    ‘What can I do for you little brats?', asked the hag and now it was her who giggled, as her voice seemed to have a paralyzing effect on Bill and Bob. After a few seconds, which they felt as an eternity, Bill suddenly answered, 'Well, yeah, do… do you have a stone or something that grants wishes…?'. Bob almost broke out in laughter since Bill sounded absolutely serious about this.
    'Are you crazy?', he whispered into his ear, but Bill ignored him and waited for the hags answer. 'A wishing-token you want? Well… I do have some here, but are you willing to live with the consequences?', the hag smiled mysteriously. Consequences! What else would he want wishes for? 'Hell, yes!', he boasted loudly. The hag handed him a rock, which looked like any other rock he could have found on a camping-trip. 'That'll make 20 Dollars.', the hag stated, as a matter of fact. '20 Bucks? For how many wishes? This rock looks like any other friggin stone I've seen so far!', Bill rotated his arms, as if to emphasize his point of view. 'Take it or leave it,', said the hag, 'But 20 Dollars it shall be.'

    Bill shuffled through his pants and dug out 20 Dollars and handed them to the hag. 'This stone better works, else…', the hag stared back at him. 'Else what?', she ended his sentence.
    'Else… else I…', he stammered around and suddenly felt very small and weak. He was too afraid to threaten the old woman.
    'Forget about it!', he said and took the rock putting it hastily in his pants pocket. Outside the Shoppe Bob couldn't hold himself any longer and burst into hilarious laughter. He could hardly speak, and said to Bob while gasping for air, 'You… just… wasted 20… Bucks… I can't… believe it! Oh my god…!', he continued laughing. 'You'll see', said Bill determined. If it was a wishing stone or rock, than it was one. Bill thought about his first wish and wanted to make sure, that Bob believed it was true. Maybe something that'd affected both of them. Bob was his best friend after all, even if he was laughing at him, because he thought it was stupid buying that stone. He took the stone out of his pocket and held it in front of him. Then, looking at Bob, he thought about a good first wish… a wicked smile crossed his face, as he was about to formulate his idea.
    'I wish… I wish, Bob and I are gifted with Superman’s powers with bodies that resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak of his bodybuilding-career.' Almost instantly the boys shred their clothes, as their bodies grew to incredible muscular size. Biceps, thighs, calves and abdomen… everything changed in an instant to fulfil Bills wish. Bob couldn't believe his eyes as he brought up his arm to a Biceps pose. He didn't flex the muscle but it still rose to prominent size, nearing 25 inches. Then he flexed it and it was like a small biceps rose on top of his already humongous arm peaking at 32 inches. 'Wow…', was all he could say. Bill looked no less incredible and grinned widely as he slowly rose up using his superpowers to fly. 'Do you believe me now?', he asked Bob and rose higher, making himself ready to burst like a speeding bullet up and through the ceiling of the mall. 'Wait for me!’, yelled Bob, as he saw his friend making an exit through the ceiling. He almost didn't realize, that he started flying himself as he tried to keep
    on Bills tail.

    Bill flew to a spot far away from town where he felt unobserved. It took only a matter of seconds to fly almost 60 miles out of town and Bob was nearing with incredible speed. Bill stared at the rock and his grin didn't go away. With the rock and him being like Superman there was nothing that could stop him and Bob. They were in to some great fun he thought to himself… and chicks… now the chicks would love them, too! But only the hottest of them, of course. Suddenly his desire for girls changed completely. Where his 'old' self would have been satisfied to 'score' any girl (he was still a virgin, like Bob), he now thought, that only the hottest babes could satisfy his needs… and of course he felt like he deserved it. Bob was still transfixed with himself. His clothes hang in tatters over his huge bulk of muscled super body. He scanned the area and found a boulder which was as large as a Buick and prepared himself to lift it. The boulder almost darted straight up out of his hands as he tried to measure the amount of strength he should apply. It was like he was lifting an empty can of Coke from which he expected that it was still full.

    'Whoa… this thing surely weighs several tons, but it feels like an empty can of coke!', very satisfied with his achievement Bob strolled over to his friend. 'Ok, what's next? That rock surely 'rocks', he laughed about his own joke and patted his hand on Bills shoulder. Bill was already about to formulate his next wish. 'First of all, since we don't know how many wishes this rock grants we shall proceed as follows: I bought the rock, so I get to start with the wishing. Then you, then me, and so on, until there are no wishes left. Agreed? And don't dare to wish for anything ill on me or it'll be the last thing you ever wished.

    'Yeah, whatever', answered Bob. Just before Bill wanted to make his wish he changed his mind. 'Do you know something? I just realized… but lets check it out first!', Bill jumped up and headed for his home and Bob wished he could anticipate Bills next move… else he would waste time finding him… but on the other hand, who cares? He's got all the powers to make sure he finds him in no-time. From the direction he could tell, that they were heading back to town…

    Bill arrived only a few seconds before Bob, but since he got super speed it took him only a few seconds to search his room for all the comics he got and find the examples he wanted to use as proof to convince Bob of his next wish. Bob swooped in through the open window and landed cat like in Bills room. 'This is sooooooo cool.', he half said to himself. 'What's this for?', he asked, as he noticed, that he was surrounded by comics… all picturing very busty women in all various designs of spandex. 'Ever noticed, that all them super heroines have large busts and tiny waists with perfect butts? What if I wished for all busty women on earth to be like them… like… like all women with double Ds shall become superheroes. Even the fat ones… they simply would transform into this!' Bill pointed anxiously at a picture of Power Girl. 'Yeah, cool!', was all that Bob could say and his super powered manhood ripped through his pants, as he got a hard on from looking at the buxom Power Girl.

    'You need to get that under control, Pal', said Bill, as he pointed at Bobs over enlarged 14 inch dick. 'Yeah, whatever.', was all that Bob said, while he was struggling to either satisfy his erection through masturbation (what he usually did) and heeding his friends advise. 'Wait a minute!
    Do you want them old ladies to transform, too? I mean, who wants a 50-year-old super mom… or even worse a 70-year-old super nanny… no way, Dude!'. Bill slowly nodded, 'Ok, then it shall be only girls up to 25 years?', Bill was thinking. Some of the hottest actress were in their mid 30s. 'Lets say younger than 40? That'll make sure, we get enough babes for our needs. And since there are no other super dudes, they'll love us, since we can keep up with them. I mean, look at us. Which woman can withstand this?', to emphasize his point Bill made maximum flex of his muscles and shredded almost the pitiful rest of his clothes he still wore. 'Yeah, cool.', answered Bob. 'Lets do it!'

    Bill took out his wishing-rock and held it in his hands. Than he said, 'I wish that all women in our town under 40 years of age and with busts larger than D-Cups have superpowers and bodies like comicbook-superheroines.', the rock started to glow for a short while and than returned to its original state. 'Wow… way to go. I sure hope it worked', said Bob and took a glance out of the window. 'Hmm… nothing, yet.'

    'What did you expect?', let the changes conquer the world and us take a look at it.' – 'Ok!', answered Bob, but quickly added, 'But let me make my wish first!' Bill nodded and handed him the wishing-rock. Bob took the rock and held it exactly like Bill did and concentrated for a short moment, then he proclaimed 'I wish that I can change a woman’s boobs-size with my Supervision! Yeah…', Bob nodded to himself, as if some one just agreed that his wish was the most excellent idea. Bill shook his head, he was into girls like Bob, but Bob just exaggerated it always. Now he gave himself the ability to make larger boobs >I don't mind as long as he has fun with it…< Bill kept thinking about his next wish and decided to have first see, if the other wishes actually got fulfilled. He could wish for more later. Using his super speed Bill quickly cleaned up his room and put the rock under his beds pillow. 'We need some clothes! Look at us. You're almost naked, Bob.' The boys checked themselves up. Their bodies had truly become the epitome of male muscularity. They were simply huge and most perfectly defined, yet retained smooth looking skin. Nobody would ever believe, that they were 16-year-old boys. 16-year-old super powered boys… 'We need some money for new clothes.', said Bill and reached for the wishing-rock. 'Lets see… I wish for a credit-card on my name, that always keeps a balance of 10.000,00 Dollars.', out of nothing a credit-card appeared and fell to the floor.
    'Whoa… way to go, Dude. But why only 10k?', asked Bob. 'Well, if it keeps the balance of 10k it doesn't matter how much I spent… I can always withdraw 10k cash. That should be enough for most things.', stated Bill as a matter of fact. He picked up the credit-card and smiled broadly putting the rock back under the pillow. 'Lets spent some money!', he took one step towards the open window and flew out of it, Bob just behind him.

    Bills sister Betty watched them all the time and had to shut her mouth with both her hands to keep her excitement in check. First she thought someone had broken into Bills room, but then she recognised him. His brother resembled an over pumped up bodybuilder, but at the same time she thought, that his body was perfect in shape. If it wouldn't have been his brother, she could've imagined to fall in love with him. Unfortunately, whatever made her brother turn into a superman, it must've affected his pest of a best friend Bob, too. If it weren't for his stupidity, she could've imagined to fall in love with him, too. >oh my god… they must've used that wishing-rock Bill hid under the pillow<

    Betty waited a few seconds until she felt safe enough to enter her brothers room. Standing in front of his bed she felt a surge of excitement. She heard his brothers wish about the superheriones and secretly she always dreamt to be like Power-Girl (she knew where Bill hid his stash of comic-books and Power-Girl excited her the most). Only she lacked the breasts for the wish to have effect on her. Though one should think, that someone as fat as Betty, she weighed well over 200 pounds, should have at least largish breasts… the lack of breasts made her obese appearance even more grotesque (her being only 16) and sometimes she hated herself for being so fat and unable to gather the willpower to stand through a diet. Power-Girl easily had G- or H-cups, since the artists of the comic book made it a running gag to increase her bust-size from issue to issue. In the latest issue Power-Girl simply looked stacked – super trim body, slightly muscled and humongous tits. She reached under the pillow and took the rock holding it in front of her as her brother did, when he wished for something. Then she closed her eyes and said, 'I wish for H-cups sized breasts.'

    Almost instantly her breasts surged outward and filled her oversized sweater making her belly appear. Betty opened her eyes in disbelief but before she could reach for her breasts to feel if they were for real the next transformation started. Slowly she felt an incredible energy concentrating in her tits and spreading throughout her body. The energy rose with her heartbeat pulsing stronger and stronger. With each pulse her body changed, getting slimmer and more defined. Her fat melted away revealing impossibly defined abs and arms. First her clothes hung saggy on her, except for her overabundant bust, but then her muscles bulked up. Within a minute Betty transformed into a living wet dream. Her hair turned a bright blond, her blue eyes radiated power and her skin seemed to glow with a mystical energy.

    Betty felt invincible and with just a little tug she ripped her clothes off of her revealing the spandex uniform of Power-Girl underneath. The fabric clung dearly on her incredible curves. White spandex covered like a one-piece swimsuit most of her Torso but instead of following the rules of modesty it left a deep cut in the chest area which gave her a deep cleavage of at least 5 inches. A tiny yellow belt caressed her hips, accentuating the high cut legs which made her legs appear to go on forever. A red cape and red high heel boots rounded up her uniform. Betty couldn't believe what just had happened. She looked around trying to get a feeling for her body and took a short and hesitant step towards Bills bed. She bent down to pick up the rock and realized just how stacked she was. Her suit strained under the weight her pendulous breasts exerted on the material but it yielded. She put the rock carefully back under her brothers' pillow and started to giggle.

    >I made it! I'm Power Girl!!! I can feel the power… I feel so incredible!< She went out of the room and locked herself up in her room. 'Wow…', she exhaled lowly, as if making too much noise would revert her back to her formerly fat self. After a few seconds excitement took over and she started to feel herself up. Her hands exploring every curve of her body which screamed sex in capital letters. Her breasts were incredibly firm and pert supported by super powered pecs and back muscles, her legs and arms showed definition that would put any lightweight female bodybuilder to shame. She was searching for a mirror large enough to give her a complete look at herself, but she never had any use for something like that. Most of the time she preferred to AVOID mirrors, but now, now she wanted to see her body. >hmm… seems like I have to check myself out somewhere else< She opened the window of her room and with just a tiny effort of flexing her leg muscles Betty flew out of the window and into the sky, leaving only a red blur for the eyes to see.

    Betty flew over the city and scanned the area underneath her. Flying into town she stopped in front of a skyscraper which had mirrored windows. Floating in the air she checked herself out grinning wider and wider, as she saw her reflection. >There is no girl in this town, even on earth, who can match my curves! I'm perfect!< Betty thought and she couldn't suppress a giggle of excitement. Thinking about what she should do next, she decided to fly over to her best friend Cindy and show her her new self. Cindy was the opposite of Betty weight wise. Where Betty was fat Cindy was too slim to the point of being anorexic. Of course the lack of fat resulted in Cindy being even flatter than Betty was. The only hint of breasts she had were her nipples and areoles but even her nipples were quite small. Cindy was doing her homework when she felt a cool breeze from her rooms window. She wondered how suddenly such a cool breeze could brush in and walked over to the window to check out, if there was any obvious reason for it. Finding nothing of interest she shut the window and turned around to her desk when she bumped into… into two huge breasts. Cindy gasped and stared in awe. Slowly she looked up and down to see the rest of the body which supported such incredible tits. Either she was hallucinating or Power Girl just stood in her room and grinned at her. It took Cindy a few seconds to realize, that it was her best friends face she saw attached to that perfectly shaped and humongous titted body. Betty stood in front of Cindy making her best act of a superherionepose which mostly had the effect that her boobs stuck out even more than they already did. 'Like what you see?' she asked, not really expecting any negative question. Cindy only managed to nod slowly, her face still locked up in her amazement-stare.
    Cindy could only stutter ‘B- B- B- Bet- Bett- Betty?' This time it was Betty who just nodded. 'Yeah, it's me… sort of.' she crossed her arms under her huge boobs, since covering them would have been impossible. 'I happened to get some luck lately… seems as if fortune has favoured me to be a superherione!'. She hugged herself, lifting her tits in the process making maximum cleavage which almost spilled out of her spandex and then rested her hands on her voluptuous hips. Her tits just wobbled for a few seconds before they came to rest obviously supported by super powered pecs. 'H…H… How?' managed Cindy to ask still staring at Betty's most obvious assets – her tits. 'So you do like it?', Betty made a slow pirouette using her flying powers to float just a few inches above the floor displaying every dramatic curve on her breathtaking body. Cindy gulped for the first time, since she saw Betty.
    'This is impossible…' she whispered, still not believing what she saw. 'I suppose the only way to make you truly believe it is to make you feel it for yourself!', Betty took Cindy under her left arm and carefully lifted her off the ground then she proceeded to fly out of the window. 'Hang on' she said and then she darted out in to the sky – heading straight towards her home. If she was fast enough her brother would still be out with Bob.

    Cindy was held in Betty’s powerful arms her head almost engulfed in Betty’s cavernous cleavage. Tilting her head to the side, she realized, that Betty’s tits were larger than her head! They flew over the city and reached in no-time Betty’s home. Betty landed on the balcony upstairs and left Cindy there, 'I'll be right back’, said Betty and with blinding speed she reappeared inside and opened the balcony door.
    'How…?', was all that Cindy managed to say. 'Super speed!', beamed Betty. 'Come quickly, I don't know how much longer my brother will stay away.', Betty took Cindy’s hand and led her to her brothers room. She reached under the pillow and took the rock and gave it to Cindy. 'There you go… simply wish for larger breasts, above D-Cups, and let the magic do the rest!', Betty smiled broadly, her excitement rising as she imagined how her best friend would be soon turned into a bombshell, too. Cindy held the rock, as if it was the holy grail and slowly pouted her lips.
    'I…, I…', she stammered. Tears welled up in her eyes, as she tried to formulate her wish. She glanced over to Betty and saw her marvellous figure. She wanted to be like her… she wanted to be even bigger! 'I wish for breasts double the size of Betty’s!', Cindy shouted. The rock flashed bright for a short moment and Cindy looked up to face Betty. 'Double!!!', Betty couldn't believe it. She saw down at herself and tried to picture herself with tits double her current size but she simply couldn't grasp it. 'Double!!! Holy cow, you won't be able to walk!'. Cindy just grinned, as she felt a tingling in her chest. 'It's working' she said lowly in excitement and anticipation. Cindy’s chest was rising underneath her small Nicky. Two fleshly bumps steadily pushed outward and forward gaining size with every breath Cindy took. Within a few seconds Cindy already looked stacked, as her petite breasts developed into full-fledged womanly D-Cups. Cindy felt the incredible weight of her boobflesh and it didn't get lighter with each following breath. Taking two more breaths her breasts bulged out to F-Cups and Cindy had to fall on her knees because of the weight and constriction she felt from her too tight clothes.
    'Oh my god…', she managed to press out under her breath. Cindy was on her 'fours' like a dog trying to steady herself somehow and control her breathing. Looking down at herself, her sweater was filled beyond its capacity wrapping itself around Cindy’s humongous tits. With a ripping sound her huge boobs tore the sweater apart, releasing themselves for all the world to see. Now it was Betty who had to stare in awe and gasped in amazement. Cindy’s tits were passing beyond her elbows and still growing. Cindy looked down her cleavage (yes, she had cleavage now!) and smiled broadly. Her tits felt magnificent, only the weight was starting to get unbearable. Her arms were to weak to support her any longer and slowly she bent her elbows. Her breasts continued to grow and Cindy could feel her nipples touching the floor which aroused her like never before. She almost had an orgasm so overwhelming were her emotions. Betty’s amazement changed to disbelief, as she witnessed how Cindy’s breasts grew so large, that she didn't need her arms to keep her supported in the 'doggy' position. Cindy tried to turn around and sit on the floor, but all she could manage was driving her left arm in her left boob which almost disappeared in the fleshy mass of her titanic tits. Then she tried to stand up, but her heavy breasts kept her pinned to the ground… slowly fear arose in her and she lifted her head to look for Betty.
    'What am I to do? They're too heavy… I can't move!' Betty was still transfixed by Cindy’s sight. She felt small compared to her… Cindy’s upper body was covered completely by her outworldly large breasts. It was strange for her, because only a few moments ago she felt invincible and incredible sexy, but now… Cindy dwarfed her. 'Help me…', said Cindy, while she tried to move herself closer to Bills bed by punching from the side into her tits and using the momentum to get closer. But before Betty could help Cindy’s second transformation started… Betty heard more ripping sounds which confused her, since there was no piece of cloth left on Cindy’s upper body. Then she saw the seams of Cindy’s jeans being split apart. Cindy’s breathing got even heavier than before but this time each breath she took made her grow overall. Her legs first grew in length then in circumference and size. Betty saw how Cindy’s former skinny legs and arms gained mass and definition. With a little growl Cindy managed to move one leg forward which changed her position to kneeling on one knee, while she up righted herself. What seemed impossible just a few seconds ago appeared as no effort to her now. Her tits were so large, that they hung way down past her navel… one tit resting on her thigh now and the other having no obstruction dangled free. Betty smiled for a little moment, because even if Cindy’s tits were larger, hers at least were pert and firm supported by her super muscles and therefore protruded out like volleyballs as if gravity didn't existed. But her triumph was only short-lived. Cindy’s raised her arms to a double biceps pose as she felt incredible power and strength pouring through her body and muscles. Her skinny arms quickly gained size and her biceps ballooned just like her tits did before. The more she flexed the higher her biceps rose. Betty’s smile faded as she saw how not only Cindy’s arms, but her whole body was gaining muscles. Slowly Cindy’s uberbreasts crawled upwards on her upper body. It almost seemed like invisible hands cupped her humongous hooters to lift them up for support… but there were none. Betty realized, that it were Cindy’s muscles which made her tits shift on her torso. Cindy’s navel was visible again, but now surrounded by a washboard like six-pack of abdominal muscles. Now that Cindy’s tits had support from her muscled pecs Betty felt even more dwarfed by Cindy’s sheer size. Cindy’s lats flared out and by now she resembled a perfect muscled Amazon. Her body was covered with incredibly defined and chiselled muscles. Betty couldn't believe the size of Cindy’s biceps as they continued to rise above Cindy’s head.
    'Please… stand up, Cindy…', said Betty in awe. She checked out Cindy’s body and was convinced, that not only her muscles grew to never before seen size. Cindy pushed herself upwards in a smooth motion and hit the ceiling with her head. 'Oh my god… you're well over 7 feet tall! And look at those muscles!'
    Cindy could see Betty’s former confidence being shattered by her appearance which boosted her own self-esteem to new heights. She looked down at herself and noticed how small her surroundings appeared to her, except for her tits, which blocked most of her vision a few feet directly in front of her.
    'Guess I won't be seeing my feet again…', she stated, half giggling. Cindy slowly rested her hands on her hips and then slowly moved them upwards exploring every dent of muscle on the way up to her humongous hooters. Finally she reached the lower part of her tits and slowed down even more to miss out nothing of the experience… it was so overwhelming, that she closed her eyes, letting her imagination describe the sensation her hands and tits experienced. Hot and cold sensations over flooded her senses and as she reached her nipples a little squeezing made her orgasm. Betty saw how Cindy’s body tensed itself, making her muscles bulge ominously larger and then she fell to her knees as the orgasm made her convulse out of control. Betty darted out with her super speed to prevent Cindy making any damage to the interior but was unable to block Cindy’s arm, which crashed into Bills bed splitting it in half. She made it in time but Cindy’s arm was stronger than Betty’s super strength. Slack-jawed Betty stared at Cindy’s Amazonian muscles. >She is far stronger than I am… I didn't even slow her down!!!< 'What happened?' asked Cindy, as she came back to her


    😀 Keep up the good work!


    Great story, I remember reading it at the overflowingbra.

    Just curious, are you ever going to continue Blessings and Curses ??

    Virtual M

    thanks for the feedback.

    I want to continue both stories, I only am currently working on a different idea, which I cannot fit in both stories, because it has a different theme. Too many ideas, to little time…

    I can't say when I'm going to go on with the stories, but I will…

    Matthew Sicherman

    I got the impression that part of the story is missing. It just sorta jumps when Betty is about to use the wishing rock. In the course of one sentence,  she's about to get the rock and then suddenly she's already super with no transition.

    Virtual M

    oh my… you're absolutely right, the whole transformation scene into Powergirl ist missing! I can't understand why, since I edited the whole story in Word and pasted it over here.

    I just tried to fix it by modifiying my post, but it doesn't keep the changes  😐

    It's a large paragraph which ist missing. Thanks for the hint, Jumper!

    Virtual M

    ok, on my second try it worked. It should be complete now, as it was supposed to from the beginning.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I thought nothing would get lost by copy & paste.

    Matthew Sicherman

    Very nice story. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, and seeing how these 2 supergirls stack up against the boys

    Virtual M

    Here goes:

    Betty tried to keep calm and shrugged off her dizziness which Cindy’s 'punch' caused. Cindy slowly came to her feet again and saw the shattered bed. Staring at her right arm, she knew that she just shattered the metal chassis without the slightest effort. She felt her hair flowing down her back reaching down to her butt and it turned from it's brownish tone to a deep black tone with a green tint. Just when she wondered about the green tint her whole body tingled once again and what felt like being connected to an indefinite source of power washed over Cindy’s whole body. The whole world around her turned green and she tensed all her muscles to grasp the power she felt.
    'You… you are the She-Hulk… Cindy…', said Betty as she saw her best friends skin turn into a deep green tone. The colour did even more add up to the incredible definition of Cindy’s huge muscles. Cindy simply smiled. 'Thank you Betty… this is the best thing that ever happened to me. Now lets see what this body can do.' Cindy turned and twisted her body to get an overall look of her massive form, then she tried to flex the parts she saw and tried to mimic the poses from bodybuilders she had seen in TV.

    'You destroyed my brother's bed… now he will find out, that someone was here! We need to get it fixed quickly', said Betty but  Cindy didn't listened, she was far to involved with herself. Her body’s response to her flexing turned her on and the play of her deep curves of muscles and cleavage mesmerized her. She heard Betty’s words but didn't care… her body was far more important than a stupid bed. She turned around to face Betty and then started to compare her body to Betty’s. Betty was a perfect reflection of a mans wet dream, especially in her superheroine outfit. She stood in small red 3-inch heeled boots and her legs seemed to go on forever. The high cut bodysuit clung to Betty’s body like a second skin and Cindy could see the defined abs just underneath the spandex. A legman would immediately cum in his pants when he saw her… but that was just the beginning. Checking out her upper body Betty’s most prominent features came into display – Betty’s boobs. Betty was standing there, one arm wrapped around herself just underneath her humongous hooters and the other arm bend in a thinkers pose while she was contemplating how to fix Bills bed. Cindy could see the shifting of Cindy’s well defined biceps as she repeatedly tipped her index finger on her full lips trying to figure out a solution to the problem at hand, but even if that display of perfectly shaped muscles was exhilarating, Betty’s humongous boobs put everything else to shame. Like two almost to bursting point pumped up volleyballs Betty’s tits constantly struggled with the spandex to free themselves out of their containment. Betty shifted her weight from one foot to the other which made her tits strain the bodysuit even more. The deep v-cut almost reached down to her navel and left a generous display of cavernous cleavage for everyone to see. Cindy got turned on by just watching her best friend. Then, before she could go on with her examination Betty’s body whirled around leaving only a blur of white and red for the eye to see.

    Betty just shook her head and tried to solve the problem at hand. With blinding speed she started to reassemble the bed from the shattered pieces
    using her super strength to meld the parts together which had been crushed. It felt like playdoh and Betty had to be careful not to rip the pieces apart which had not been damaged. Within a few minutes Bills bed almost looked as new.

    'It probably won't support my brothers new body… so it doesn't matter actually. Now lets get out quickly, before he comes back.' Cindy saw down to Betty and got an impression of how big the differences between the two of them was. From above Cindy had an excellent view down Betty’s deep cleavage and she could tell that Betty’s breasts were quite larger than her head. Comparing to her own tits Cindy’s smile turned into a grin – she was easily twice as large… only her huge overall size made her breasts appear more in proportion with her body. As Betty passed her by to walk out of Bills room Cindy could see, that even her biceps were larger than Betty’s boobs… and that in a relaxed state. Live was good to Cindy… finally. Following Betty out of the room she had to bend down to pass through the door. Just before Betty left the room she remembered to put the stone back under her brothers' pillow.

    Bill and Bob stopped at the next gym they saw and proceeded to buy some clothes, that actually fit their new physic and revealed much of their magnificent muscles. They were already checking out most of the women.
    'Bill… did you wish for women with tits larger than Ds?… Ever asked yourself if you knew any women with such busts?' Bob was scanning the area using his x-ray-vision but didn't seem to be satisfied with his examinations.
    'I fear there are no women with such tits in our city… you stupid dumbass!' Bill looked a bit confused. He was sure that he'd seen some of the girls with large busts… Mandy for instance, for whom he had a secret crush on.
    'I think we're just not in the right area for such specimens…' Bills problem was, that he had never ever seen any real breasts from up close nor touched them. He had no idea of cup-sizes but he was sure that 'larger than D' must've been quite large… he just didn't mind, that in order for his wish to have effect, there must be women with such breasts to start with.

    'Maybe you should wish, that all women gained 4 cup sizes… that'll make even a flat boarded A-Cups chassis extraordinaire of DDs.' Bob didn't seem to listen, for he changed from scanning to hunting mode. Bill could tell by the bulge in Bobs crotch, that Bob most certainly had found someone who turned him on. 'What's up?' asked Bill trying to tell by the direction Bob was looking at, whom he had spotted.
    'You know something? I don't need that wish… I think it's time to try out my 'Boob-Vision.'. Using his x-ray-vision Bob found a girl in one of the wardrobes who was about to undress and try on a new swimsuit. She was quite on the thin side and barely sported B-Cups, but Bob couldn't resist… He waited until she was completely naked and then started to apply his 'Boob-Enhancing-Vision'. As if the girl expected it, she just stood in the wardrobe and waited before she put the swimsuit on. Just for a little moment she seemed to examine herself and with a little frown put the swimsuit over her small tits. As soon as the smooth fabric touched her nipples Bobs boob-enhancing-vision kicked in. The girl turned to the side, to get a profile of herself and looked confused, as she saw that her breasts seemed to stick out more than she was used to.

    'What's happening…', she whispered to herself, turning back to get a frontal display of herself. Watching herself in the mirror she could tell, that her breasts started to stretch the swimsuit pretty prominently. She looked down at herself and saw her tits making an ever growing cleavage. Her small B-cups just a passed time memory as she reached the size of men’s magazine renowned Katie Price. Now the swimsuit strained to keep the overabundant breasts covered but failed as boobflesh spilled out to the sides and the top of the swimsuit. The girl smiled more and more as she witnessed her marvellous transformation from barely B-cups to top-heavy F-cups in the matter of a few seconds. She reached for her breasts and realized, that the swimsuits fabric was about to get torn apart 'I'm… I'm a Supergirl!' she proclaimed and as if on queue her blue swimsuit transformed as well. A yellow v-shaped belt appeared just below her navel, then a red miniskirt appeared next, just below the belt. The girl could barely see past her huge boobs and wondered what was going to happen next. Staring at the mirror it slowly dawned on her – she was turning into Supergirl herself. Her huge chest bounced up and down from her deep breathing as excitement took hold of her. Her Hair grew longer and lighted up to platinum blonde while the characteristic diamond-shaped S appeared on her chest… distorted by her huge bust. As her transformation finished she felt the power of the sun running through her whole body. With a smile she stepped out of the wardrobe and rested her hands on her hips ready to conquer the world. She looked around, still breathless from her extraordinary transformation and tried to figure out, if someone witnessed what had just happened. Obviously no one was aware of her change in the wardrobe, so she decided to quickly change back into her clothes and sneak herself out of the shop. Using her super speed she managed to get undressed, stuff the costume in her backpack and put on her now far too small clothes on in a matter of seconds. A huge smile was on her face as she saw her reflection in the wardrobes mirror. Her once baggy sweater was now stretched tightly over her round globes which were unaffected by gravity. Her body was toned like that of a fitness competitor… she knew she was going to like this.

    Bob was completely dumbfounded and turned on to the nth degree. The Girl transformed in front of his eyes into Supergirl and then disappeared with super speed. Bill watched his friend closely, trying to figure out what was going on. ‘Something wrong?’ asked Bill drawing closer to Bob. Bills words barely reached Bobs conscious mind… he just shook his head and mumbled ‘no…’.
    ‘Then lets go!’

    The guys went upstairs to the gym above the shop, here they could show off their incredible physic and check out some girls. As soon as they entered the big gym all eyes rested on them, checking out their buff bodies. Bill and Bob looked around with mixed feelings… for sure they were by far the most muscular men in the room, but they hadn’t the slightest idea how to use all the machines and weights. But that was more than secondary to them… they scanned the room for women and got disappointed by the results. None of them were the super babes they were hoping to find.

    ‘Maybe they’re hiding their bodies under those baggy clothes?’, said Bill and switched to his X-Ray-Vision. Still nothing he was looking for…
    ‘Hmm… this isn’t turning out as I thought it would.’, said Bill slightly disappointed. ‘Maybe…’, he hesitated and thought >Maybe… I should check out Mandy? She’d most surely has transformed by now and she won’t be able to resist my looks!<
    ‘Lets split up, we meet tonight at my place and see if we have some things more to wish for, ok?’, Bill didn’t wait for an answer and headed out of the gym leaving Bob alone in the Gym.

    ‚Do you have something for me to wear? I can’t go out like this, I’m completely naked!’ asked Cindy her friend. Betty looked up at her and tried to imagine how Cindy would look like with some clothes on her but failed since there was nothing that could actually fit her. ‘Have you taken a look at yourself lately? You are beyond huuuuuge.’ answered Betty trying to put enough emphasis on the word ‘huge’ in order to make her point clear. ‘I just want to have my private parts covered…’ said Cindy and crossed her arms under her mega breasts to make HER point clear.
    ‘There’s nothing here, that’d fit you… but let me see if I can organise something for you!’ Betty left the house and disappeared in a red blur skywards heading to the next mall.

    Cindy went back upstairs to Betty’s room. Each of her steps made the floor creak from the strain of her increased body mass. Cindy simply couldn’t believe what has happened. She remembered how weak and helpless she was, how a few books already winded her, when she had to carry them from class to her locker. Her eyes wandered down her magnificent body emphasising on her hugely muscled arms. She bend her arms without flexing and the muscle responded increasing its size and density. Cindy’s former toothpick arms were gone and instead she had the largest biceps the world has ever seen. Not knowing any comparison to determine what her size was, she was sure that a biceps larger than H-Cup-sized breasts must’ve been huge by any standard. And that was without putting any strain or effort in flexing them. She admired her arms turning her head to both sides to make sure that what she saw was real. Her green skin didn’t seem to bother her at all, it felt perfectly natural to her. She relaxed her arms and let her fingers explore her abs. Deep clefts of defined muscles under her skin was what she felt. Unable to see her waist because of her beach ball sized breasts she concentrated on flexing her abs. The muscles underneath the skin shifted and increased their size and density. She could tell by her tactile senses that her abs resembled the definition of a perfect washboard each group of muscles outlined clearly under her skin. Her fingers went further up and reached the underside of her new grown pride and glory – her breasts.

    Cindy never had breasts and never knew how ‘real’ breasts felt. Now she possessed the biggest tits she has ever seen, including those incredible silicon enhanced strippers she had seen in the internet. Her boobs were firm and stuck out proudly more than a foot on top of her pecs. She was barely able to cup her mega mams since her biceps ballooned up and didn’t give more girth to reach around or closer. Excitement got hold of her, as she imagined the sheer size of her breasts and biceps and felt the sensations at the same time. Her own muscles obstructed her from reaching every spot of her body… this was soooo unreal!

    Next curiosity struck her and she stretched out her arms to the sides and slowly balled her hands to fists, then she bend her arms and flexed her biceps as hard as she could. While her biceps grew like they had a mind of their own and inflated like balloons she felt her lats flaring out like wings. The sensation as her muscled back rippled with strength to further increase her flex went straight to her cunt which immediately got wet from the extreme arousal. Her triceps responded to her biceps, as cords of muscles contracted themselves and swelled to unseen size surpassing the volume of Betty’s H-Cups by another half coming close to Cindy’s own marvels. Cindy felt the raw strength and power of her muscles which intoxicated her. The might of thousands of men running through her body. She never knew what it felt to be so powerful and sexy ‘I shall never be weak and puny again.’ she proclaimed to herself. ‘And to make that sure…’ Cindy went to Betty’s brother room and took the wishing rock. It looked so small in her huge hand but it still was the same stone.
    ‘I wish that no wish, no spell, no supernatural or alien nor normal source shall ever turn me back to my former puny little self.’ She pictured her former self in her mind and hoped the wishing rock understood her. The rock responded with a small flash and went silent again.

    In the meantime…

    Mandy was taking a shower. She hated to shower at school after phi. Ed., since there she was put to publics eyes scorns. Mandy wasn’t exceptionally pretty nor ugly, but she had, what her classmates referred to as, huge udders. Mandy didn’t like that, since she was already self-conscious about her breasts. Ever since she hit puberty her once small frame lost its tight built and expanded in directions she never really wanted. Unfortunately she didn’t grew very tall but stayed at a small 5’. Worst of all were her breasts which continuously grew to end up as her most prominent features and being small made her appear even larger. But to call her breasts udders was still something, that made her upset because she didn’t liked to be compared to a cow.

    >Why can’t I be taller?Oh my god… I must be way over 6’!!!That’s too tall!What if I can…?Perfect!perfect hook-up line, Mandy… you’re so stupid!I’ve got the get as strong as he is!< she thought and then it hit her. She started to transform her bodies genetic makeup to match Bills, keeping her appearance and just copying his abilities. She felt her body changing underneath Bills steady thrusts and soon the pain subsided and got replaced again by pleasure and lust. Bill was on auto mode… he didn’t care, he just wanted to reach his goal. He changed his grope to grasp her perfect shaped butt and tried to push himself even deeper inside her. Mandy started to enjoy herself more than ever, as this superman fucked her like she never ever been fucked before! Her transformation was completed, when Bill grunted like an animal foreshadowing his orgasm. Mandy smiled with intense lust, as she felt her own orgasm joining Bills bucking and grinding. He released his grip letting her bend down on her back, only to smash down his arms into her huge tits, an earth shattering sound destroying the bed and all glass in the rooms surrounding. Mandy barely felt his incredible super strong punches which would have crumbled a mountain to dust. Then her orgasm washed over her and she pressed her legs together.

    Bill felt exhausted like he never was before, he collapsed on his back hoping to slide out of Mandy’s but she managed to stay on top of him. To be precise she held on dearly to him… somewhere far away in his conscious mind he felt an incredible pressure applied to his lower body, then he lost his conscience.

    Mandy on the other hand felt invincible. Luckily she realised, that she was about to crush Bill under her und slowly lifted herself off him using her newfound flight power. She understood the unstoppable strength cursing through her body coming straight from the suns core giving her the powers she possessed now and obviously that man lying under her. >Could that be Superman? He doesn’t look like him… he looks more like… like…< she put her hand in astonishment on her mouth as she realised who this ‘Superman’ was ‘Oh my god… that’s Bill from my class! But how?…’

    Zespara Alathar

    Nice continuation on your story.  However, I noticed that the tale jumped a bit after Mandy wished that she were taller.  You may have had the same pasting problem that you had previously.  If that's true, you can correct it easily enough.

    Keep up the good work.


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