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    Nina slumped down on the couch and rested her head in her hands, her elbows on her knees and let her long red hair fall over her face and she sighed. It had been a long day at school, and she could barely contain herself once the bus finally reached her gravel road in the countryside. She had burst out of the door and sprinted to the house as fast as her thick legs could carry her, but once she reached the countryhouse she called home…

    Nina had always thought herself to be fat. Whether or not this is the truth depends on the eyes of the beholder, but it can admitted that she wasn’t skinny. As a result, she often wore country clothing that she thought took attention away from her body, but really made her look more like a tomboy. Growing up on a farm, she hadn’t really thought much about what it would be like to meet and play with other children, other than her friend Matt, who lived down the road, but once she was finally shipped off to attend junior high school after nearly a decade of homeschooling, she had been unhappy.

    The only thing that cheered her up every year, without fail, was her birthday. It usually seemed like a time when the family got together and everything seemed like it used to be. Nina loved her family but didn’t get to see a whole lot of them often, as her father worked constantly and her mother was always in town. Her older sister Jean lived on her own, so it was on rare occasion when Nina actually got to see them all at the same time. Today was supposed to be a day when that happened.

    Instead of a party, with streamers, balloons, presents, cake and her family gathered around the kitchen table, was a note.

    Nina read the note quickly, and, cursing the family emergency that was ruining her sweet 16, she had gone into the living room to fume. The anger soon gave way to disappointment, and that’s where she was at, slumped on the couch.

    After sulking for a bit (this time lying upside down on the floor with her legs propped on the sofa armrest), Nina heard something from outside. She dashed to the front door (in hopes that her family had been tricking her with a fake note to surprise her on her birthday), but there was no one there. Nina stared out into the driveway ahead, the wind gently blowing against her freckled cheeks and then she sighed again and prepared to come back inside. As she turned, her foot bumped into something on the porch.

    It was a box.

    There was no marking on the box, nor was there any indication as to where the box may have come from. Nina noticed a small card underneath the brown wrapping of the package and she pulled it out carefully. Embroidered in nice smooth lettering were the words:

    Happy Birthday Nina, Enjoy

    Nina’s wariness faded instantly as she tore into the package. Who could it be from? Her parents? Jean? …Matt? As she opened the box and looked inside, she began to realize how the light the package was and though she checked several times, there didn’t seem to be anything in the box at all. She tossed it to the floor and ran her fingers through her hair, biting her lip. Then she checked it again.


    Nina was upset at this point. Who would send her something like that? Why would anyone go the trouble of mailing an empty package all the way to the sticks when…

    Nina gasped as she felt a tightness in her chest. Her lungs grew tight and she found it hard to breathe. Clawing at her coveralls, she fought to keep her balance, but feared that she would pass out at any moment.

    There was a light sensation of falling, drifting, as Nina was barely aware that she was on her knees now. Her entire frame was filled with an energy beyond her experiences, she wasn’t aware of it at the time, but her body was pulsing with such immense power, and her body’s response was just as strong. The goosebumps rose on her tingling skin, her hair was on end, electrified almost, and her breathing became rapid.

    Sweat started to pour down her forehead as she leaned back and felt her arms pumping with blood. Nina flexed and felt them pressing against the fabric of her shirt. Her body seemed to press on the limits of her clothing, and her feet began to strain against the limits of her runners.

    "Oohhhhhhh, what’s happening to me?" Nina felt a burning between her legs, it was as though she’d been charged by lightning. The muscles throughout her arms, her forearms, biceps, triceps began to expand and firm up. The sleeves around her wrists and forearms grew tight and she moaned some more as she felt her body realigning itself.

    Her bones began to shift as she stared at her changing arms, feeling the same process taking over her legs. Her quads began to widen enormously, and Nina’s first fear was that she was growing fatter than she thought she was. Really, she has always been a big girl, but never really fat. This change in her began to bring that out now.

    Toes pressed against the canvas of her shoes until the canvas seams started to split and break through. Her feet shredded what was left of her shoes and socks after that. At the same time, her calves were pressing against her jeans and they were started to give out as well.

    Nina flexed her biceps as her thighs started to rumble, and she simultaneously destroyed both her pants and her shirt sleeves as the same time. The feeling was an amazing rush to her and she tossed her head back, hair flailing wildly as she screamed in ecstasy.

    "Ooohhhhhh, yessss, god, this feels so fucking good…." Nina felt every muscle in her frame shudder with power, her body was shaking and soaked with sweat as her abs grew tight, her ass expanded and tore the limits of first her jeans, then her panties and her breasts began to pressure their way past the shirt. The buttons of her coveralls had long since popped off and she had no desire to cover anything anymore.

    "MMMMmmmm, yes, more… I want more…" Nina flung her chest out and felt her pecs grow as the rest of her body split her remaining clothing. She leaned forward and tore her shirt right down the middle. Her neck and shoulders widened with muscle and she moaned as she felt herself charged with such incredible desire. Her chest expanded to the point of no return and her soaking, ripped body exploded from her clothing, baring her freckled, muscular frame to the air.

    "Ahhhhhhh…. YES! That felt so great!" Nina stood up slowly and surveyed her entire frame. No longer did she feel intimated by anyone or anything, no more was she self-conscious about herself. Nina ran her hands over her body and smiled.

    "Happy Birthday…"


    short but interesting. good job


    Short of course but who says a good FMG story have to be long. It’s a good one


    i agreed it just that maybe we should have a section for short and look stories i dont know.


    Thanks, I’ll be working on more, that was just a warmup.


    wow, I’m sorry I don’t check this out more often, with quality stuff like this around 🙂 Great job, I look forward to your longer pieces.


    Nice vignette!

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