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    I have written two fiction books entitled, "Selina Mae Steele" which is about a biography of an Asian female bodybuilder and "Grass IS Green … But Beyond Reach." which is about a child with an inborn illness that made the impossible possible.  More information regarding the books will be found in the link below:

    Message from one reader:


    I have just received your book 'Selina Mae Steele' and I enjoyed it very
    much. I am wondering if you would be open to me writing a book
    review? Overall, I would recommend the book to anyone interested in
    female bodybuilding and of course to all of Sylvia's fans. The
    experiences of family violence, sexual exploitation and corruption in
    the bodybuilding world, reminded me of the importance of treating women
    and especially female bodybuilders with deep respect and support.


    The Muffin man

    Hate to break it to you, but this is bad form. Future warning: NEVER sign up to a message board with the simple intent of hawking your product. It's rude and it'll get you more hatemail than fans.

    At least you're selling us something somehow RELATED the bodybuilding/muscle. The last guy who tried this pretended he had everything to do with it, yet he himself had to actually go out of his way to find and post pictures of the singer to prove she some muscle.

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