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    By Hatour

    As you all know, the Worlds Strongest Man competition is held every year.  Men from all over the world compete in regional competitions until there are 10 left.  Those proud few go to the finals to test their strength and muscular endurance.  There is a little known part of the contest called the challenge.  The challenge can be invoked by anyone.  It was placed in the rules in case anyone thought that they had been cheated.  The challenge is more difficult than the actual contest.  The challenger must beat all the winners of all the contests that were run for the finals.  Finally, the overall winner got to challenge the challenger to a contest of his choosing.  You can see why no one has invoked the challenge, that is until this year.

    This year, the contest finals were held in Primm, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas.  When Jouko Ahola was about to be awarded the title of world strongest man, the presenter asked if there was a challenge.  Too the surprise of everyone, a voice came from the crowd the yelled out “YES!”  There was a hush in the crowd as the challenger emerged from the crowd.  Immediately, laugher followed the quietness.  Everyone was laughing because the person who had offered the challenge was a girl.  She was hunched over and was wearing a fat woman’s dress and she obviously filled out the dress, especially at the belly.

    “Lady, you can’t be serious!” the presenter asked.

    “Oh I am,” she replied calmly.  “I want to challenge Ahola.  Unless, of course, he’s afraid of a fat girl.”

    “I am afraid of no one!” Jouko proclaimed to the crowd.  “I will accept your challenge!”

    “Very well,” the presenter announced.  “The challenge will be conducted tomorrow at 8:00 am.  If … ah…” he whispered “what’s your name?”

    “Brandi,” she answered.

    “If Brandi loses a single event in the challenge, it will end and Jouko Ahola will be crowned the World’s Strongest Man!”

    Everyone was at awe that a fat girl would dare challenge Ahola.  There were comments from the crowd that she was big, but that it was mostly fat.

    We all returned the next day.  Brandi was sitting in a chair, looking very confident.  Everyone was setting up for the first event, the truck pull.  Flemming Rasmussen finished in 46.35 seconds, an improvement over his 47.87 seconds during the contest.  Everyone thought that the contest would be done.  Even if Brandi but her weight into it, no one believed that she could beat 46.35 seconds.  But I wasn’t so sure.  I noticed that she was standing very still, and I thought I saw some ripples in her arm that was caused from nervous flexing, not sagging fat.

    “Brandi, ” the presiding referee said, “It’s your turn.”

    “Very well, ” she replied.  “Just let me get ready.”  She walked out, front and center to the crowd.  Just my luck, that was were I was standing.  For some reason, she singled me out in the crowd and stared intensely into my eyes.  She began to rise and rise and rise.  She stood up at her full height for the first time.  She towered above everyone at six foot, six inches tall (2 m).  She spread her arms out and started to flex them.  At first there were some chuckles from the crowd, but they all stopped when the ripping sounds were heard.  She hadn’t even flexed 25 degrees when the top of her biceps ripped through her dress sleeve.  At 90 degrees, her biceps and triceps tore through her sleeve completely.  Her biceps were as big as footballs, and she wasn’t fully flexed.  When she finished her flex, she smiled at me.  She obviously saw the erection pressed against my pants, but I didn’t care.  I was transfixed by her huge mountains of muscles that rested on her arms.

    Next she flared out her lats.  Once again the fabric of her dress disintegrated against the force of her ever expanding lats.  Her dress fell to the ground, and everyone gasped in amazement.  The fat girl that everyone was laughing at turned out to be one of the most muscular women, let alone men, on earth. 

    She held her lats out and let everyone take in her spectacular form.  Her pecs were striated mounds of massive muscle.  Her pert C cup breasts were constrained by a halter top that went around on bowling ball sized shoulder.   Her lats converged to a 35 inch (88.9 cm) waist.  Her abdominal muscles were the size of tennis balls.  Her obliques were just as shredded.  Her legs were meaty columns that but an ancient redwood tree to shame.  Her legs were easily more than twice the size of her waist.  They led to a pair of full diamond-like calves that rivaled her massive arms, which were now the size of a soccer ball.

    Ironically enough, the woman whom everyone assumed was fat, didn’t have an once of fat on her.  The only exception being her wonderfully perfect breasts.  As she stepped out of the dress, she winked at me a blew me a kiss.  I lost it.  I had to leave, the spot on my pants had to be cleaned.  Brandi picked up the dress and revealed the stuffing in the dress to everyone and then to Jouko.  She dropped the dress in front of him and leaned in close to his ear, giving a great view of her cleavage and massive muscular pecs.  She whispered in his ear,  ”You’re mine.”  Now Jouko was beginning to think that he had a real contest one his hands, but he still thought he could beat her.

    I got back just in time to catch her finish the race.  She took the straps that go around the body with her left hand, her WEAK hand (if she had one), and walked unwaveringly to the finish line in a record 10 seconds.  She wiped her hand together and did a double biceps pose.  The crowd erupted in applause as everyone began to admirer the huge beefy musculature of this amazing woman.

    Next came the overhead lift.  Since Collins had injured himself, Jouko did the honors.  He grasped the weight and ripped out 14 reps, once again doing better than his 12 reps.  He gave out a yell and responded with his own double bicep pose.  This was a mistake.  His biceps were obviously smaller than Brandi’s and he had some fat on his arms.  He was a bit upset that the crowd did not respond to him in the same way as they responded to Brandi.  “Try and beat that!” he yelled at her.

    She hoped up and took the weight in her hands.  The judge made her stop at 30 reps.  She took the weight and tossed it aside as if it were a pebble.  She won the car roll and the husafel stone in the same convincing style.  That’s when we took a break for lunch.  Brandi was immediately mobbed by people wanting her autograph or just wanting to touch her.  She towered over everyone.  She made eye contact with me again and gave me wink.  Chills went down my spine.  I went in to get lunch and to recollect myself.  After all, my friend was at full attention again.

    Some how she found me at the eatery and sat down across from me.  I was looking directly into her chest, then I looked up to her face.  This was the first time I actually noticed her face.  MY GOD she was gorgeous!!  She had crystal, clear blue eyes that looked right through me.  Her shoulder length jet black hair was tied into a small pony-tail.  I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. “Hi, I’m Brandi,” she said, breaking the silence.

    “I’m Matt, “ I replied, thanking the guy upstairs that I had my voice.  “Could I ask you a question?”

    “Sure.  I’m an open book.”

    “What’s your interest in me?  I don’t mind the attention, in fact, I love it.  But I just got to know.”

    “Well first, you’re the only person who didn’t start off a conversation with asking me about my muscles.  I like that you can think of me in other ways.  You are also the only one in the crowd who did not laugh at me or make a snide comment about me when I made the challenge.  I like open-minded people.  I came to sit with you because I could tell you liked what you saw when I tore out of my clothes.  Does that answer your question?”

    “Yea.” I continued to eat my meal.  She started to eat her meal also.  She had two trays full of food and devoured it.  She finished before me.  She looked down at me and asked, “Well aren’t you going to ask me about how I got so big or how old I am or even my measurements?”

    “I figured you’d tell me when your ready,” I said smiling at her.

    She looked back at me with a coy smile.  “I see.  I can tell I’m going to enjoy you.”  I almost spit out my food when she said that.  She laughed and continued.  “You should know that I’m only 17 years old.”  I looked at her unbelieving and stopped eating. “It’s true.  I’m six foot six (2 m) and weigh 350 lbs. (158.76 kg).  The doctors say that I have about another inch or two to grow and that I have completed about 75% of my puberty.  This means that I can still grow bigger and stronger.  My arms measure about 22 inches (55.88 cm) around and I do single arm dumbbell curls of 200 lbs. (340.19 kg) for reps.  My breasts are C cups but they still seem to be growing.  I can bench press 750 lbs. (340.19 kg) for reps and I haven’t even tried a max.  I do about 2,000 upside-down sit-ups a day.  I squat…well, you’ll see in the next event.  However, my thighs measure 88 inches (223.52 cm).  I do calf raises of 1,000 lbs. (453.59 kg) for reps with my 23 inch (58.42 cm) calves.  So, what do you think?”  She punctuated her question with a right bicep flex.

    I was speechless.  My erection was throbbing.  Jouko didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating her at any contest of strength.  And if what she says is true, she could become 25% bigger!! “Do you want to touch my bicep?”
    I nodded yes.  I reached for her arm and my hands looked tiny on her bicep.  I but both on and they only covered about half her bicep.  Oh she was so hard and warm and unbelievable.  Words are failing me.  That was the second time I shoot my wade.

    “Uh oh,” she said, getting up.  “Time to finish.  I hope you have a little more control tonight.”

    She walked away and I cleaned myself, again.  When I got out there, everyone was staring at me.  Some with jealousy and others with envy.  Apparently, everyone had seen what had happened in the eatery.  I didn’t care because I had finally found the woman of my dreams.  Besides, I wanted to see how much she could squat.  After all, that was the next event.

    Brandi told Mark Phillippi that he could start at any weight he wanted too.  He decided to start at were he finished, at 821 lbs. (372.40 kg).  He succeeded again, but to everyone’s surprise (except mine of course) she waved the first lift.  Mark attempted 850 lbs. (385.55 kg) and succeeded again; and she waved again.  Mark was getting mad and tried 880 lbs. (399.16), this time he failed; and Brandi laughed.  Mark walked up to her and said, “Okay, girl, lets see what you can do!”

    Brandi walked to the referee and whispered a number in his ear.  At first he refused her, but she shot him a look that made him change his mind.  The helpers started to add weight to the stand.  More and more weight was added to the stand until the referee announced the weight she was attempting, “1,500 lbs. (680.39 kg)!!”

    The crowd was stunned into silence.  No one moved or made a sound as she positioned herself under the bar.  She looked at me and winked.  She stood up with the weight on her shoulders.  The bar and stand creaked from the pressure.  She squatted the full weight and stood back up, but she didn’t stop there.  She squatted the weight again, and again and again.  She squatted the weight a full 20 times before she stopped.  The crowd erupted with wild excitement. 
    She walked up to me and lead me to the resting area.  “You can stay here and help me rest.”  It was intoxicating to be near her.  “At first, I was going to put on the weight that I normally work out with, but I thought that might be too much for the crowd to handle.”
    “You mean you don’t even work out at that weight?”
    “Nope.  My legs are the strongest part of my body, second to my arms.”  She shot me a beaming a smile and I just melted.  Unfortunately, my friend didn’t, it was excited stiff . 😉
    Flemming Rasmussen got about the same time of six kegs in 46.05 seconds.  Brandi decided to stop playing games.  She took a keg in each arm and placed them in the proper places in a record 10 seconds.  Jouko was getting scared now, but he still thought he could beat her.  The dead lift was the event that everyone was waiting for.  Jouko had set a record in this event to take the lead and, ultimately, the title.
    Jouko meant business.  He decided that he would let her go first.  Brandi asked if he was sure, and he nodded yes.  He was planing to forfeit this event to save his strength for the final.  I thought it showed bad form, but it was his privilege as champion.  She set the bar at 1,105 lbs. (501.22 kg).  She looked directly at Jouko, took the weight in her hands and dead lifted the weight.  Then she heaved it to her chest.  The people in the crowd were amazed.  She then lifted it over her head with a might heavy.  The crowd went wild, flash bulbs were going off like crazy.  She turned 360 degrees to let everyone see then dropped the weight on the ground.
    “God that felt good!” she exclaimed as she sat back down on her chair.  Jouko made his announcement to forfeit this part of the competition and said that he wanted to skip the medley and proceed directly to the challenge.  The judges agreed if Brandi agreed, and she did.

    “The challenge is as follows,” Jouko announced to the crowd. “The girl must crush a 200 lb. (90.72 kg) boulder between her chest and arms and then crush a 750 lb. (340.19 kg) boulder between her legs.  If she succeeds, that I shall complete the feat with a keg!”  The crowded roared in disapproval.  Everyone new that the crushing bit was what made him famous.  The judges where about to call him out of line and to make another challenge, but Brandi interrupted them.

    “I accept the final challenge!” she proclaimed and crowd erupted with cheers.  The crowd, as well as myself, did not think that even the mighty Brandi could pull off this feat of strength.

    “Can you do it?” I asked.

    “I really don’t know, but I’d love to try.”  Her eyes burned with a fiery intensity that both frightened and aroused me.  This would be good.

    First came the 200 lb. (90.72 kg) boulder.  She grasped it with her big hands.  Her huge arms actually went all the way around the boulder.  She clasped her hands and began the pressure.  Her back began to bulge.  Her halter-top was beginning to get stressed as her back got bigger through her exertion. The deep grove down her back began to channel the sweat off her back to her tight, clenched butt.  Her arms were growing larger as a slight crackling sound was beginning to be heard.  The crackling got louder as she flexed her arms and back to proportions that no one has ever seen before.  Finally, in a puff of smoke, the boulder disintegrated to the unyielding might, power, and strength of Brandi.

    The crowd was near riot with all the celebration that was going on.  She flexed her mighty biceps and they looked bigger.  They had to be a least 24 inches now.  She gave a most muscular pose that flexed her impossibly large beefy pecs.  She was so pumped that another tearing sound was heard.  This time her sweat-drenched halter-top gave way to her amazing musculature.  She immediately ran to me and I covered her with the towel she gave me before.  She put on spare halter top and went back out to the staging area. 

    The 750 lb. (340.19 kg) boulder was there waiting for her.  She lay down on the ground and placed the boulder between her legs.  Once again her huge limbs were able to snake their way around the entire boulder.  Her massive thighs jumped to attention, signifying that she had started.   Her thighs were nothing short of spectacular to behold.  The striations on her thighs were so deep, you could lose a finger in them.  Her thighs began to expand some more.  Her tight clinched ass probably would have crushed a walnut if I had placed one between her glutes.  She began to scream as the familiar crackling sound was heard.  Her thighs were continuing to expand.  The boulder didn’t have a chance.  A puff of smoke signified the end of the over matched boulder.

    Once again she jumped up and flexed for the cheering crowd.  She relaxed her leg and shook it.  The pure mass of the leg was swinging far to the right and left until she flexed.  The beefy quad stopped dead in it’s tracks and displayed the thickest quads in the world.  The definition was unreal.  Her quad looked a half a foot over her knee.  They looked even bigger than before.  The massiveness of her legs seemed to increase before my very eyes.

    When she was finished with the display, she walked over to me.  “I don’t think my muscles have been this big!” she exclaimed to me.  Her look of excitement suddenly changed.  She placed her hand on my butt and lifted me up to kiss her.  I was in ecstasy.  This was when I discovered she was a great kisser, too.  Was there anything this woman couldn’t do?  “There’s more where that came from, I hope your ready.”

    Jouko Ahola was forced to concede the title.  So I bet your wondering what happened with Brandi and I.  Well, that story is saved for another day.  I promise you’ll like it, especially what happened later that night 😉

    The End……for now


    That is the first time that I have ever read that story, and I'm loving it! The descriptions were spectacular, and the story was told fantastically. Is there any more coming?


    I remember reading this back in the day, and it's STILL awesome.  😮


    Very good job. Loved it. ^_^

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