Breaking The Dam

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    M Lee

    Here is a new story…as always feedback(both positive and negative) is appreciated and encouraged.

    M Lee

    Breaking the Dam

    Trina Scott was her parents’ pride and joy. They prayed so long, and tried everything imaginable to have a child. They were some of the first families to try the now widespread fertility drugs in the late 70’s and early 80’s. And, after years of trials and tribulations, they were blessed with results from the drugs. Trina’s mother conceived three children, one of which being Trina. At birth, their joy became somewhat melancholy though. Trina’s mother had given birth to conjoined triplets. A rare feat, but understandable given the drug treatments she’d undergone. And, what was worse was that the babies were not given a high chance of survival. A tragic choice had to be made, as Trina’s parents decided to separate the two weaker triplets from the stronger baby, who would be known as Trina. Doing this would undoubtedly kill the other babies, but they felt they had no choice. So, the doctors performed the harrowing surgery, and saved Trina’s life. During the surgery, it was discovered that the triplets shared many internal organs, which were “super-sized”, which were able to produce enough blood, hormones, and other bodily fluids to all three babies. Fearing the loss of Trina, they decided to keep as many of these organs in tact, and leave them in Trina’s tiny body. Also concerned that her super-organs would over-pump and kill Trina, small clamps were installed, to meter out their production. As a result, it was theorized that the connecting veins would atrophy, and shrink to a more manageable size for her body. The surgery was successful, and Trina was saved and allowed to live a normal life. Trina grew up like any other child, with only a few scars to show for the ordeal of her infancy. When she started 1st grade, she was the average height and activity level of any other 6 year old. But, as she aged, the differences between her and her classmates started to become more apparent. By 15, when all the other kids started their own growth spurts, and began to blossom into women, Trina was noticeably behind. This was a fact that wasn’t missed by her, or by her ridiculing classmates. Trina was small, and chronically exhausted. She was never able to be as athletic as the rest of her peers—sucking air from a 40 yard jog down the block. Her bodily dimensions paralleled that of some small boys, with no curves or bust line to speak of. The sheepish and small Trina lived a life that was always in the shadows of others.

    By 23, Trina had come to grips with her body, and accepted that nothing would bring about a change in her life. One day, while cleaning out her parents’ attic, she came across some of their old photographs and yearbooks. She marveled at the pics of her parents in their heyday. Dad had been an All-State high school and college quarterback and Heisman finalist, and mom had been a softball standout. Both of them were athletic gods. “What happened to me?”, mused Trina, as she perused the albums. Gathering more evidence, she looked through more pictures. All four of her grandparents were at least 5’10”, and all of her cousins, both male and female, were much bigger than Trina’s 5’1”, 111 lbs. Trina’s eyes widened with an obsession over it, now. Was it all a cruel joke, from God? Was she adopted? She just had to find out. In speaking to her parents, she was assured that she wasn’t adopted. But, that just fueled her inquisitiveness. Her final stop was to the Doctor. She’d recently decided go to a new doctor. Her family had been using the same doctor since before she was born, and had recently retired. So, she was shocked when her new doctor filled her in on what had been on her medical records. In the records were the entire story of her birth and the death of her conjoined siblings. “So, you see Trina, there are small discs covering the openings of many of your organs, which partially constrict the flow and operation of these organs. By removing at least some of these discs you should see a remarkable increase in your energy. And, with the greater hormonal flow, you might just see a small increase in your physical size. Nothing major, you might just gain a few pounds here or there.”. Trina accepted the plan, and went forward with the surgery, hoping that the small increase will at least help her become healthier.

    A few weeks had passed since the surgery to remove the restraint discs inside Trina. The only side-effects were small headaches from time to time. There were small increases in her stamina. She didn’t need to nap after work as in the past, but still, she wasn’t as full of energy as she’d hoped for. She decided to help her body along, and put her new stamina to use by buying a modest weight and barbell set, for her to use in her basement. As with all new things, Trina made good use of the weights for the first couple of days. But, she pushed herself too hard, and ended up retiring the weights within a week. It seemed like the more she exerted herself, the more she had her headaches. Not being one to take a lot of medicines, she often opted not to take any aspirin for the pain, and stop her new workout regiment. Taking it easier was Trina tried to do. A couple of weeks later, Trina had the worse day of her life. Her office got hit with a computer virus, wiping out most of her work for the past three months. She forgot her umbrella at home, and got caught in the rain, walking to her car after work, ruining her brand new work outfit. Arriving at her car, she saw that someone had knocked off the mirror on her car. And, to make it worse, she got a ticket for that missing mirror on her car, on the way home. By this time, her head was pounding with an intense pain, as if someone was shooting a nail gun right into the back of her neck and skull. Dreary-eyed she made it into her house and into her bathroom, cracking open the aspirin and taking 3 or 4. Taking deep breaths, the she could feel the headache ebb slowly. She made her way to her couch, to relax and let the aspirin do its magic. She sat there, kicking her shoes off and flipping on the TV, and checking her answering machine. It was then that things turned for the worse. The first message on her machine was her supervisor. “Trina, we need you to come back into the office tonight. With this virus, we’re gonna have to re-do all the work we lost. I know that you’re the only person on our team without a spouse or kids to go home to, so I know you won’t have any plans for tonight. I’ll expect you in by 8. Thanks”. It was already 6:30, and the traffic was jammed all the way home for her. “How dare he!!!”, Trina screamed, as she threw her remote control across the room. She barely took off her shoes, and has to go back to work?!? She seethed with anger, as her headache rebounded and overtook her. What her new doctor failed to tell her was that her internal organs, which she shared with her conjoined siblings never atrophied like her veins. Those headaches she had been experiencing were a side-effect of her organs trying to pump more and more into her constricted veins. And, since aspirin thins out blood, it allowed her super-organs to pump more and more, strengthening her body, and allowing her veins to expand, which in turn, allowed more flow to the rest of her body. A chain reaction had begun, and God knows how it would end.

    Stumbling back, Trina grabbed her head at the temples, trying to calm the pounding, but it was too late. She staggered to the bathroom, to find more aspirin. She flung the medicine cabinet door open and grabbed them. She stumbled to the kitchen, to get a glass of water. She tripped as she fell into the kitchen and drug herself to the sink, with aspirin bottle in hand. She flailed her hands into the cabinet and grabbed whatever glass she could, pulling others out in the process. As the other glasses crashed to the ground, her trembling hands reached for the faucet. Her brow was sweaty as tears streamed down Trina’s eyes. Trina was having a hard time seeing anything as it seemed that her eyes were constantly losing focus. As she reached to put the glass in her hand under the running water, she lost control of her balance and fell onto the floor, dropping the glass in the sink. As she lay on her back she arched it upwards, as it seemed the pain was only getting worse and spreading through her body. Seemingly unable to stand, or even roll over, the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of a glass that hadn’t been broken from the fall from the cabinet, and the aspirin bottle. There they lay, just inches from her outstretched hand. As she reached, her attention was broken from looking at the glass, to looking at her reaching hand. There it reached, with fingers splayed apart. But, the skin seemed to rippling across the back of it. Bringing her hand closer to her face, she was alarmed to see her veins bulging over her back of her hand, pumping like fuel lines at the Alaskan Pipeline. Out of sheer fear, she brings her hand to her chest with her other hand, and tries to calm herself with deep, cleansing breaths. “It’s okay. Just breathe, T. Just breathe and work your way through it”, Trina laments to herself. Then, a spasm racks her lower back and hip, forcing her eyes wide, and she jerks her right leg straight out, crashing through the door of the oak cabinet beneath her sink. The armpits of Trina’s suit jacked are soaked with perspiration, as her body is super-charged by the infusion of hormones from her organs. Noticing her foot in her cabinet, she focused her attention to pulling it out. She braced her left foot against the outside of the cabinet, and noticed a pulsing on her foot similar to her hand. She grunted deeper than she ever had before, as she gathered the strength to ignore the pain, and pull her foot out of the cabinet. Once free, her right foot was displaying the same pulsing as her hands and her other foot. She then began to feel muscle cramps all throughout her body. She rests her toes against the front of the sink basin, to see just what was going on. She watched her toes balled themselves up, as the pulsing veins intensified their work along the top of her foot. And, through tear drowned eyes, she could’ve sworn she saw them grow, slowly ripping through what was left of her stockings. As the sweat from her brow burned into her eyes, another spasm hits her and her legs jerk forward and up, dislodging the sink basin from the cabinet. Water sprayed upward throughout the kitchen, watering the room like an automated sprinkler system. The spasm of her legs turns her onto her left side, as the pain only seems to intensify. Trina begins to whimper in acquiescence to the pain and pulsing, now all through her body. She brings her right hand to her grimacing face and is greeted by a tearing sound from her shoulder. She looks to her arm and sees that she wasn’t just hallucinating about the growth of her feet. Her arm too is now growing, and her suit jacket has started to tear at her shoulder seam. She gazes down her arm as she watches in awe as her tennis bracelet pops free from her increasingly constricted wrist. Out of sheer disbelief, she squeezes and opens her hand just to convince herself that what she sees really is her arm. With every clench, she can feel her body pumping up…pumping bigger, and stronger. The first tear along her sleeve starts at the joint of her elbow, as the increasing girth of both her forearm and biceps are just too much for the fabric in between to manage. As the sleeves of her suit jacket and blouse opens like ripening corn on the stalk, she is greeted by her newly acquired and rapidly increasing muscular arm. A large vein, almost an inch thick seemingly, greets her at the head of her bicep as it pumps more and more to her bicep. Her thoughts drift from the pain of this moment, as she looks to her left arm and sees that it has followed suit, tearing away the fabric of her once tailor-made suit. Her left shoulder breaks free of it cotton constraints as she rests on her buttocks, which have clenched and she feels herself rising off the ground like a barber’s chair. Her short, wet hair is matted along her forehead as she crosses her arms, each hand feeling the chiseled and growing bicep of the other arm. She rocks back and forth, almost hypnotically, losing touch with the reality of what’s going on around her. Her head pounds with every beat of her heart. Her sweat and water stung eyes flutter as her thoughts are clouded more and more with her confusion, and “something else”, something dark, full of energy, but seemingly uncontrollable. She brings her left hand to her head as the pounding and throbbing only seems to intensify. “Unnnghhhh”, she utters in a new raspy tone. She leans on her right arm, which is now thicker than her legs ever were and gets up, wobbling to try to gain her balance. Her efforts are rewarded my more rips and tears as her thighs exert their presence in what’s left of her skirt, ripping it everywhere, leaving her skirt more reminiscent of a grass skirt, let alone part of her “power suit”. “Unnngghhh, my God, what’s going on inside of me. Something wants to get out…and I can’t stop it”. Trina stumbles towards her fridge, to lean on it for support. Just then an explosion goes off inside of Trina. “Arrrgggghhh!”, she flings her fist forward, and it goes through her refrigerator door. In a blind mixture of panic, pain, and uncontrolled ability, she yanks her hand back, ripping the refrigerator door off, launching it into the wall across the kitchen. Her bare gargantuan feet slip on the wet floor, and Trina falls onto all fours. She grits her teeth as she lands, punching holes into the floor with her palms and knees that break her fall. Her head cocks to the side as she hunches up. Unbeknownst to her, the final stages of her metamorphosis is before her and it’s going to go out with a bang.

    A growl emanates through Trina’s gritting teeth as she claws at the floor in front of her. Her auburn hair begins to grow with a fevered panic, quickly going from shoulder length to nearly touching the floor. She hears bones cracking as she brings her left hand to her face and sees her fingers lengthen before her eyes, and follows the spasms and cracks along her massive arms to see her arm lengthen and get even more thick, if that’s even possible. The right arm and hand follows suit. Sitting on her knees, she feels the urge to hunch her shoulders again, as the cracking noises intensify. She is forced back down to all fours as her back surges in size and girth. The middle seam of the back of her suit jacket is further strained as her shoulders widen, and her vertebrae pop in and expand, causing an increase in Trina’s 5’4” frame. Her ass widens. Her firm, round ass emerges, discarding what’s left of her failed skirt, and making short work of her underwear. “Yesssss…”, Trina hisses. Something inside her has told her to enjoy what is going on…and she’s can’t say no. Her shoulders then suddenly push forward as her delts and lats finally make themselves known. Erupting like a volcano her back shreds the back of her suit jacket and blouse. The spraying water runs down her spine, as her muscles bunch, creating a trough for it to run through. Trina forces herself back onto her knees, and flings her hair back off of her face. Her face is no longer grimacing, instead is seems to relish the wave of hormones that her body is flooding her with. She slowly slides up and down on her knees as her tongue seductively slides over her lips. “One more thing…give it to me”, Trina pleads. She isn’t disappointed. A peak starts to exert itself, coming from Trina’s chest. Trina cups her B cup breasts through her rapidly deteriorating blouse with her oversized hands. She feels her pectoral muscles coming alive, and they fight through her bra and blouse. Trina grunts as she still slowly grinds on her knees. Trina can feel her increasing size and her multiplying pleasure as her chest begins its share of her change. She runs her hands through her mane of hair as her chest spasms, thrusting her upper body forward. Trina is also greeted not just by muscle growth, but her breasts are growing as well. Reaching D cup range shoots the first button off of her blouse. Her breasts are visible at DDD, two more buttons are history and her swelling bustline crests over her bra like ripening cabbage. Her breathing is labored as she grabs what’s left of her shirt by the torn away collar and pulls it apart, popping the remaining buttons. Her abs and obliques have joined in the fun, as they sculpt themselves into their monstrous form. The water runs down her body, using the creases of her muscle as waterways to the rest of her body. Her now EE breasts fight off of each other, and in a final push, snap her inadequate bra across the room. Trina trembles as she feels one last eruption coming from within her…”Eeeearrrrgghhhh!!!”. And with that last burst, Trina slams her fists into the floor, smashing a hole through to the basement. Upon catching her breath, Trina opens her eyes. Her eyes look different, very different. Looking in them, you can barely see anything of what or who Trina was. She stands, and surveys her kitchen. Without speaking, just a low growl, she grabs the now-doorless refridgerator with one hand, picks it up, and throws it through the rear wall of her house! As she steps out into the world there’s a flash of lighting, as you wonder…is the world ready for what she has in store for it?


    I liked the super sized organ theory.

    The instantaneous growth seems at odds with the delicately evolved beginning. I’m not complaining though ladies should erotically blossum out of their clothing more often 😉

    Maybe that could be a hallucination and she has to deal with going to the office as her body slowly expands over the next few months. The changing relations amoung everything else could be a hot item.

    As it is though a nice FMG/BE story with an open ending. Thank you very much for sharing it Leondus 🙂

    Mark Newman

    I agree with CP’s comments. The triple organ theory is a great idea.

    Good writing. I would have liked slower growth too. I often have to discipline myself to hold back and let the growth spread out over a period of time.

    Thanks for contributing.



    It seems unfinished.

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