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    Hey – saw this listed at the BEArchive. It’s in Japanese, and is basically about the tit fairy going around and enlarging women’s breasts:

    Step into a world of wacky filled fantasy role play in this comical hentai manga by megaplus comics as the goddess of breast enlargement is here to save the relationship to many small breasted females around. Armed with her funky head band (with hairbuns that are shaped like breasts) and her magical powers, she enhances their chest sizes with a snap of a finger to make things go right again. A great adult comic that also features terrific cosplay from devil girls, to maids, women in 1 piece swimsuits, shrine maidens and more. A truly erotic piece of work that features excellent high detailed illustration with bukkake, facials, oral sex, doggie style sex, and even dick girls (futanari) as just a sample of what you’ll see. 165 + pages.

    Almost certainly in Japanese, but the pictures should be worth looking at.

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