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    I were browsing the valkyrie library yesterday, read a few stories, sometimes I do that in case I come over something great I've missed.

    I came over a gem of a story called 'Prototype' by Heck at The Valkyrie.

    I guess the story would belong in 'super strength' here at Amaz0nz-forum..

    I usually read alot of science fiction, and to be honest, I would be very suprised if 'Heck' is not a professional sci-fi writer. :-/
    Why on earth this story is published at 'The Valkyrie', and not by Baen or Voyager books, beats me (ok, maybe the strength of the heroine, have something to do with it).

    Anyway, this is a real pageturner of a sci/fi-story, I've read over 100 sci/fi books, and the ending of this story is shockingly awesome, compared to alot of the signed sci/fi-writers.

    Anyway, if you like sci/fi, and havn't noticed this story before, (and have time to read a prologue, 26 chapters, and a epilogue), concider this a recomendation. 🙂


    I've read that story and liked it a lot, I would reccomend any of Heck's stories and agree that he could have them published.  Good Stuff!!!


    And thank him.

    GREAT story..

    Actually left an emotional dent other than mere carnal stirrings.

    Read it from start to finish on a day off.



    That story brought a tear to my eye  :-[

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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