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    What do you think that these two girls are saying?


    The girl on the left

    "You were supposed to cover my detention not steal my boyfriend!"

    "So what if you're my robot duplicate that's the LAST time I'm letting you share my poodle skirt!"

    "Look it's NOT OK to frighten off aluminum siding salesmen, even less so when you throw them miles away!"

    The Android on the Right

    oO(Wow humans faces turn red easily, or at least this one's does)

    Neat image and I like the interaction between the characters.



    "When I say flex your pecs, I mean FLEX dammit !!!
    You act like your not even trying. Do it again, now !!!
    Do your most muscular and don't even think about
    stopping until that leotard is shredded to pieces."


    "Your wish is my command, Mistress."

    My first post, I think you guys (and gals) are awesome !!!

    "We have three sizes, wee, not so wee, and frickin huge!"

    Amazon Lover

    – Left: Have you ever had surgery done on those?
      Right: Yeah… you should have seen them before the reduction!

    – Left: Can I stick my hand in there for no reason other than to provide fanservice to the people of Amaz0ns?
      Right: Only if AD draws a second panel.

    – Left: How can I get as huge and busty and muscular as you are?
      Right: Always eat your vegetables, excercise each day, and marry a plastic surgeon who's a personal trainer on the side.

    – Left: Holy crap!  You were an a-cup just this morning!
      Right: I'm not sure what's happening… my breasts and muscles are growing, and I'm gaining lesbian desires… it's almost like some poorly written muscle-fetish story!  Wanna make out?


    RoboGal-Whats these things on my chest?
    LeftGal-Umm there call boobs!
    RoboGal-Ooooh! I name the one you are pointing at righty and the other one Denise!

    drumsstick master

    Girl on left: "Why is only your top half muscular? Below the chest, nothing! What did you do to them?"

    Girl on right: "They're out for an upgrade."

    Really nice pic, character interaction is done really well.


    Left: You stole my headphones, bitch!

    Erm. I'm usually much better at these than that. 😳 More if I think of them!


    Girl-On-Right: "What've I told you about eating all the muscle growth cookies?!"

    Girl-On-Left: "'Finders keepers, losers weepers?'"


    I thought I told you no milk!


    Pointer:  "I don't care if you DO have superpowers! D.C. Matthews said he doesn't have room or time for ANOTHER Amazon comics line!  Now stop bugging him!"

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 14 total)
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