Catwoman’s Good Fortune and my 1st story

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    Selina Kyle sat at her house.  Disappointed as usual because he nemesis Bruce Wayne aka Batman had foiled her plans again.  The Gotham Muesem had once again foolishly taken hold a very valuable diamond.  Selina, acting on her own will had decided ro strengthen her retierement fund by robbing the diamond.
          She thought she would have a chance that night because she knew Joker was raising hell on the east side of Gotham as usual. What Selina didn't know was the Batman had also asked Wonder Woman to help him patrol Gotham that night.  Wonder Woman was the bane of Selina's life.  She was every thing that Selina wanted to be, richer, powerful,stronger  and she had the largest boobs that Selina had ever seen.  Not that Selina was completely lacking, her small C-cups where nice and firm but required some padding when Selina doned her costume. 
        That night Selina wriggled her self into her skin tight costume.  She took some time to admire the figure she cut in the mirror.  Her long legs matched with the thingh high boot ran up to her very abundant hips.  Her ass had also filled out the costume nicely.  Yet Selina often felt insecure because she desired much larger breasts.  She had always liked her costume because she loved the weay it featured her lower body.  Her legs where curved with tight muscles that made her ass firm.  Then her eyes settrled on her upper body.  The padding in her costume made Seilina feel better about herself but she couldn't help wishing that it was real.  After admiring herself in the mirror she put on her mask, she deiced she was ready for the crime.  She grabbed her whip and turned on her police radio.  Soon she heard the the police responding to the Joker's gang, then she saw the batman sign go up in the air.
        She slipped out her window and began to make her way to the muesem.  What she didn't see was Wonder Woman tailing her high in the sky.  In a matter of moments she had made her way to the roof of the muesem.  She felt her nipples harden with excitement as she prepared to penetrate the muesem.  Once she was in the muesem, Catwoman began to work her magic.  He whip took out the first layer of security guards.  However, Catwoman knew that the first guards where always the easiest.  She began to make her way against the technologies of the muesem and make her way to the diamond. 
        After about 45 minutes of carefully decided moves, Catwoman had only one more guard to get by to get the diamond.  He was without doubt the largest guard she had ever seen.  He stood a little over six feet four inches and has atleast 300 pounds of muscle on him.
        "The bigger they are the harder the fall" Catwoman muttered to her self.
          She had her whip in hand and started to make her way to this hulk of a guard.  He stood alert, like any guard but after 15 minutes he dozed off for a couple seconds and Catwoman made her move.  Quick as lightening, her whip shot out and attacked the mans neck.  The shock, combined with the lack of oxygen rendered the man uncouscious within seconds.
          "Yes, finally" thought Catwoman,  This was going to be her first successful robbery in almost 6 months.  He desk job had given her enough income to sustain herself for the time being, but now she was about to be set for life.  She avoided the infrared security system and traversed the across the floor.  Once the made it to the class contained, her claws made quick work og the last layer of security.  After replacing the diamond she began to back track through the muesem and too her house.  She had just made it to o the roof when an all to familar female voice shouted at Catwoman.
        "Nice try Catwoman" Wonder Woman said, in her usual cocky arrogant tone.
        Wonder Woman stood on the roof, her arms beneath her generous busom, further showcasing them to the self sonscious Catwoman.  The long femine arms of the Amazon where full of superpowered muscle that could easily kill Catwoman.  Wonder Woman, however was in a mood to toy with Catwoman today.
        Catwoman, with out thinking of the consquences decided tonight was the night she was going to take down that arrogant bitch.  Wonderwoman watched in slow motion as she saw Catwoman hurl her self at herself.  Wonder Woman merely stuck out her super powered boobs and watched Catwoman bounce off them.
        "Nice try pussy cat" laughed the herione.
        Catwoman, now both humilated began to pound Wonderwoman with all her might.  She let blows fly with abandon at every part of Wonder Woman and was not surpirsed to see no of them had their intended effect.  Wonderwoman stood there with a smirk on her face that conveyed the confidence she had in her self.  As she watched Catwoman continue to attack she decied to finish the fight.  In one swift movement, she swung her massive chest, her boobs collided with Catwoman in mid-air with Catwoman getting the worst it.
        "My tits are so much stronger than you Catwoman.  In fact, I would wager my life that my nipple has more strength than 10,000 humans.  They are so much bigger and firmer than yours Catwoman.  I know how you envy me secretly.  I followed you the whole way here and heard all your remarks.  Look how much padding you have to wear just be a fraction of my chest!  Look how much firmer mine are.  They ride high on my chest, while your's have begun to sag."  laughed Wonder Woman, "Why don;t you just give  me diamond and I will look you up for good."
          Catwoman lay on the ground, even more humilated.  Wonderwoman was right, Catwoman was not even in her league, both by looks or power.  Resigned to the fact she was not escaping with the diamond, Catwoman clutched one of her smoke bombs to try to make a last second escape.  Catwoman aimed at Wonder Woman but in her current state, she missed badly and in fact struck a pile of loose bricks that had been on the roof for some time now.  The avalanche of rocked piled on the prone and self satsfied Wonder Woman rendering her unconscious.  Despite her brain telling her to flee, Catwoman decided to look at the limp Wonder Woman, but when she saw the pile of bricks stir, she knew she should take off but decided to investigate.  Soon she had unearthed the lower body of Wonder Woman.  Then it struck Catwoman, the source of Wonder Woman's power, her Golden Belt was there right in front of Catwoman.  Selina unhooked the belt and then gasped in surprise.
        Wonder Woman's body began to deflate infron of her.  After it was done, Wonder Woman was nothing but a 5 foot 75 pound stick of a woman.  Catwoman laughed to herself as she realized what this belt would to her already toned 5'6'' 120 pound body.  With out hesitation she put on the belt and began to feel the transformation take place. 
        Her already tight calves began to stretch her lyrca costume out to the max.  They became hard and very large.  They continued to inflate until they reached their largest size of about 20 inches.  Next where her thighs.  Selina's thighs had always been large and muscluar.  They supported Selina's full ass and where toned through years of prowling the city.  They began to grow along along with her calves.  It ws like Selina was watching a layer upon layer of mard muscle added until they topped out at about 50 inches.  Selina;s already thin waist remained trim while her hips responded wonderfully to the growth of her lower body.  Her abdomen became a layer of diamond hard abdominal muscles as they formed the picture perfect six-pack. 
        What happened next almost made Selina cry and orgasm on the spot.  He breasts begna to inflate.  Larger and larger until they surpassed Wonder Woman's DDD size by several cup sizes.  Beneath her now massive chest grew a set of riduclously lrage pectoral.  They eliminated any say her boobs might of had.  Soon Catwoman's costume had ripped at the chested, revealing a layer of cleavge that would turn on any man.  The cold wind brought Catwoman's nipples to their thumb sized states.  They stuck out of her costume like bullets.  Next where the arms and shoulders.  Her forearms added mass in proportion to her lower body as her biceps fuilled yp to 22 inches, ripping her sleeves at her first attempted flex.  Catwoman could not believe her fortune.  She grabbed the prone former Wonder Woman and returned to her apartment.

    to be continued


    Nice start! Looking forward to part 2.


    Very good story. Looking to see more of it.

    magnus knight

    😎 nice, keep it up and bring it on home for us.  Great start for a new person.


    Catwoman arrived at her apartment in a matter of moments behind her knew found strength.  It was just as she entered the door that Wonder Woman began to come to her senses.  Catwoman surveyed the new Wonder Woman, famous top now held nothing but the flattest chest Catwoman had ever seen.  Her formerly massive breats where gone along with her curves.  Her body had physically regressed to that of a 12 year old.  In fact, Catwoman watched as Wonder Woman's costumes partically fell off her when began to move.
        For the first time Catwoman now looked in a mirror.  Her mouth curled the evilest grin of her life.  Her entire body had been transformed.  Everything.  Her legss stretched her skin tight costume up to the max, but what amazed Catwoman was what was between her legs.  Her vagina had kept pace with her entire body.  It was not massive, infact Catwoman could see her lips thrugh the costume.  ON the rear of her costumke she saw her already formidable ass had grown along with her legs.  They stood out like twin cannonballs from her legs.She also noticed a damp spot forming from her own juices as she looked at her new and improved chest.  It had grown soo much that it had ripped her costume open exposing a cavern of clevage.  Her boobs where now backed up by a set of massive pectoral, eliminating any sag.  Upon removing her mask, she saw her face had improved itself.  All of her attractive features had become more distinguished and stunning while her bleminshed where memories.  Her hair had become the long black luxurious curls of her dreams.
        "What happen to me"  Wonder Woman groaned, "and what happened to my body" as she put her hands on her now non existent bust. 
        It was Selina's turn now to laugh, "I have inherited all of your strength and your body through your belt,  And it would seem that the belt has taken a liking to my body as I would appear to be stronger than you ever where with your powers."  Selina was right, as the natural power of the belt was magnified not only by her personality by also the level of fitness she had maintained as the powerless Catwoman.
        Wonder Woman, now completely blinded my rage and confusion managed to get her self up and throw her hardest punch straight at Selina's chest.  Selina saw this coming not only from a mile away but her enhanced reflexes allowed her to see it in slow motion.  As Wonder Woman fist began to assault her breast, Selina simply lightly flexed her pecs and caught Wonder Womans hand deep within her clevage.
        "Look like I caught your hand in the cookie jar" Selina giggles and puncuated that comment with another flex her pecs, but this times her boobs rammed Wonder Woman right in the faces, not only knocking her several feet back but also giving her a nasty nipple shaped bruise.
        "Wonder Woman, you must realize by now you are mine.  Your arrogance lost you your powers.  Now I plan to use then as I se fit.  And I think my first item on my agenda is having you become my personal sex slaves" Selina said with a sadistic grin.  "In fact your mouth could help her out right now" added Selina as she tore off  what remained of her costume.
        Wonder Woman gasped, she had never seen a vagina that big.  The fact that it looked like it was salivation at the fact of being serviced frightened her even more.  But before she could even act, Selina's hand forced her face into the wet cunt.  Wonder Woman was disgusted, she was never close to a lesibian but did her best to please out of survival instinct.
        Selina moaned with pleasure as she felt her former tormentor eat her out with reckless abandon.  Juices began to flow more freely and Wonder Woman was having trouble breathing.  Selina tensed her thights a little bit to keep Wonder Woman from leaving before the job was completed.  After was seem like an eternity for Wonder Woman but a second to Selina, Selina erupted.  Wonder Woman ws sprayed with piping hot fluids and recoiled in pain. 
        Selina watched the wimpering flat chested Wonder Woman cry in the corner.  This all made Selina happier.  SHe grapped Wonder Woman by the chin and forced her to make eye contact with her nipples.
        "Want to see what a real woman's tits look like" Selined said.  "They are so big, they make your former self look like a 6 year old but anyone with even an a-cup makes you like a 6 year old now.  I don't know if I will find a bra big enough but that is not a problem since they don't sag an inch.  And just look at the rest of my body, my minf was enhanced too and I have figured out that not even those kryptonian ass holes are in my league."
        As she said all this, all Diana could look at was Selina's massive cunt and think of the trauma it just inflincted her.  When the massive lips separated, they lead to a clitoris that defied belief.  Diana could not fathom why any god would force her to go through this  But she was soon distracted when Selina began playing with nipples.  Wonder Woman did all she could to try to stop his but Catwoman just laughed it off and she destroyed what little self esteem she hadn't already robbed from Wonder Woman.
        "and too think, you where gloating about your tits a couple hours ago, I figure some one as inteligent as you could appeciate the irony of all this.  Your whole body has lost any appeal with mine has gained all yours times that which I already had.  But you don;t thinks these gorgeous knocker are too big" she asked as Diana began choking on the nipple that was being forced down her throat.  "I don't see how any man could truely get hard again after seeing this bod.  You see that problem with you is that you used you abilities to please society and become a gofer of the police.  Now that I have your power, I uses them as I see fit and that means it is going to take a lot more to please me beause tonight did not even come close."
        Selina closed her eyes in bliss and began to realize that this was all not a dream, in fact she hd big plans for tomorrow.


    Will there a third part??
    I just love the turn of the events… as well as the new and powerfull Catwoman


    Nice story Z, I like it.
    The only thing I moght recomend to you, is that you check the spelling, there are some tiping mistakes, thta kind of make it complicate to understand it, specially if you ae not from an english speaking country, that's just a little confusong for me, at least, but keep it up you`ce got potential.


    Selina awoke the next morning in she shreds of her former costume.  Her new body, combined with her domination of the former Wonder Woman had done quite a number on her old clothes.  She soon realized some serious alterations, specifically in the chest area, where going to be needed before she re-introduced her self to the world today.  After careful consideration, she looked at the costume the stick thin Wonder Woman had on.
        "Give me you costume" demanded Catwoman
        Wonder Woman tried to resist as Catwoman held her done and started to rip the costume of Diana.  Soon Wonder Woman stood naked in front of Catwoman, her face burning as she mentally compared her old body with Catwoman's new body and realized the power she now had.  Meanwhile Selina had stripped down naked too and was trying to force Wonder Woman's tops over her gigantic busom.  Even her super strength could not allow such a feat though.  Try as she might, the top could not even cover her nipples.
        "Look Wonder Woman" laughed Catwoman, "Your top must be for petite flat woman because my huge tits can't even fit.  Whoops!" Catwoman exclaimed as an "incidental" flex of her deep pectorals caused the golden W emblem along the top to spilt with cleavage. "Looks like I'll have to use my old costume"
        After a couple hours of alteration Catwoman looked at her self in the mirror once again and donned her new and improved costume.  Her legs, for started, looked like they had [had] a thin layer of purple paint out on them.  As her eye line moved upward they settled on her groin.  The lips of her huge vagina her clearly defined by the stretched costume.  Before she had often wore a thong with her costume but now she felt no reason to hide herself  Her costume did little to hide the abdunant curves of her chest either.  Her nipples, even when not hard, could be easily seen by anyone.  The rest of her breasts where simply huge as well and matched her 22 inch biceps.  She also opted to keep going with the mask.
        "Now Wonder Woman, where should the world meet the new and improved Catwoman?  I know you have a thing for Batman but I am saving him for last.  By my calculations, most super heroes where not nearly as strong as you and I have about 100 times you original strength.  That super bitch Superwoman was always a thorn in my side.  She dresses like such a tramp, like you before you had the chest of a 7 year old.  Do you think she will be surprised to find her new foe, do you?
        Wonder Woman said nothing and just tried to avoid eye contact, but she soon found her self face to face with Catwoman cavernous cleavage.  AS quick as a flash Catwoman forced her head into the proverbial cave.  A light and sustained flex of her pecs held Wonder Woman's head in place as Catwoman stood up to her full 6'4" height.  Catwoman watched the flailing limbs of Diana with amusement and then let the gasping heroine down.  Wonder Woman though she was done but soon sniffed the familiar odor of Catwoman's love juices and looked up and the pantless Catwoman's massive cunt in her face.
        "One more time for good luck" giggled Catwoman

    im not sure if i should keep on going, I doubt there is going to be anymore muscle growth if i continue, thanks for the support though

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