Celeb Saga Part III

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    Well here’s hoping you guys enjoy this one, I’ll propably condemn myself saying there isn’t too much tf in this one but from here on in it really picks up, comments are very welcome 🙂

    Early Morning Shocked Wimp


    As we left the scene, Mike was coming to grips that his best friend and Latin pop sensation Shakira had the ability to transform into a more than friendly She Hulk. There’s also the pressing matter of despite this revelation not only being shared with Mike and Shakira but someone else knows too. But all this pales in comparison to a newly awoken Mike waking up to discover that his best friend is lying in his bed in her green skinned alter ego, in the nude.

    ‘Morning honey’ smiled Shakira snuggling up to her long time comrade.

    ‘AAAAAHHHHHH!!’ screamed Mike again.

    ‘Look I’m not one to often complain but if you keep screaming like that, the hotel help are going to come round and investigate, and I’m not really prepared for them if you know what I mean’. SheHulka reasoned.

    ‘Do you mind, I’m surprised at the current circumstances…AA…Well now you’ve ruined it for me and what the hell do you mean YOU’RE not prepared, I was expecting to awaken in my bed alone. All By Myself as Eric Carmen once sang and instead I find that your delightful, yet not subtly powerful alter ego is sleeping along beside me, after I specifically requested nothing happen between the two of us and that you’ve eaten my bedroom mint!!’

    Shakira pouted a little and reached to the sideboard cabinet beside Mike. She produced a foil wrapped chocolate mint and handed it to him. Mike grew silent for a little while before speaking again.

    ‘Ok…so I forgive you for the mint, but you’re way over the line with this sleeping in my bed thing. Last I checked my nickname was Mighty Mike not Goldilocks.’ He said while eating his mint.

    ‘No one ever calls you Mighty Mike’

    ‘They might one day, and get the hell out of my bed!’

    SheHulka did so and got out from under the covers standing in her green muscled beauty. Her muscles were rippling in the morning sun and Mike realised this was far more breathtaking than any morning sunrise. Mike swallowed hard and then came back to his senses.

    ‘Get back in here and cover up.’

    SheHulka could sense that his friend was angry at her. She had only seen him angry a handful of times, like when she accidentally taped her sitcom over his wrestling, or when he forgot about caller ID when he called Christina Aguilera. But this time she could sense something much more serious under his usual easy going personality. She sensed that he felt betrayed. SheHulka decided to come clean with Mike. She took a deep breath and hoped he wouldn’t interrupt.

    ‘Mike, I didn’t take advantage of you.’

    She took her strong but soft hand and ran it through Mike’s bed hair in an affectionate manner. She could see he was tensing up less.

    ‘Look your Flintstone’s boxers are still on for god’s sakes.’

    Mike peeked under the covers and did indeed see Fred, Wilma and Pebbles patterns staring back at him. He resisted the urge to turn his head towards SheHulka’s direction and put the covers back down.

    ‘Shaks, babe, I’m really sorry…I just freaked out and not in the good Chic kind of way. What the hell are you doing in my bed anyway?’ Mike finally said softly.

    ‘Well I was worried that the person who left the note might come back in the middle of the night. I didn’t really want to be alone and I figured I could use the protection.’

    ‘If you wanted protection why didn’t you just lock the door like normal non transforming green babes do?’

    ‘Well this way I could protect both myself and you if anything went bad. To be honest I was more worried for you than I was about me.’

    ‘Shaks, that’s sweet but I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself.’

    ‘Like that time you challenged that bartender to a no holds barred fight at the back just so he could serve you another beer after closing time.’

    ‘How was I to know he was a former Ultimate Fighting Champion?’

    ‘Wow, I dunno, how about all those photos around the bar that chronicled his career’

    ‘You think I was drunk enough to focus on those at the time and is that never talking about it again?’

    ‘I’m sorry but you see the point I was making.’

    ‘And you had to make that point nude?’

    ‘My sensitivity means I can easily get very hot, much quicker than when I’m Shakira. Plus there’s no point in shredding a pair of jammies is there, look are we cool about this now.’

    ‘This thing isn’t the easiest thing to adjust to but yeah you make a persuasive argument. Just you know, sleep on the couch next time, huh?’

    At that point a knock on the door could be heard. SheHulka and Mike froze in fear.

    This was followed by a member of hotel staff speaking from behind the door.

    ‘Mr. Rielly, there have been reports of screaming in your room is everything ok?’

    There was a short pause. An anxious SheHulka motioned Mike to say something. Mike motioned for SheHulka to change back. SheHulka closed her bright green eyes and began trembling under the covers.

    ‘Uhhh yeah, everything’s fine, I just cut myself while shaving and I really freak out at the sight of my own blood.’

    ‘But sir, the screaming was awfully loud and prolonged, are you sure you’re ok?’

    ‘Yes, I am fine, it was a really big cut and I couldn’t put any toilet paper on it as I kept seeing it in the mirror.’ Mike unconvincingly explained as he watched green feet at the end of the bed begin to retract within it.

    ‘Would you like me to put some on your cut for you sir?’

    ‘No, that will be quite all right, I’ll think I’ll give it another go. …AHHHHHHH!!…OW!!’ At this point the almost returned Shakira punched Mike in the leg. She still had a little bit of her strength left in her decreasingly muscular arms it would seem but the screaming caught her by surprise.

    ‘Sir, maybe you’d like me to take a look at it?’

    ‘Jeez’ Mike said to Shakira. ‘This guy’s more persistent then that encyclopaedia salesman I got last year’

    ‘Yeah and unless you forget you ended up buying four volumes, I’ll sort this out.’ Shakira got out of bed, cracked her neck and tied Mike’s bathrobe around her. The robe was obviously too large for her but she strode to the door, picking up Mike’s belt on the chair and opened the door. Standing in the corridor was the young hotel help. Looking all of 17 years old and wearing a name badge that said ‘Dennis’, he seemed uncomfortable seeing the famous singer giving him her best scowl. Her face then softened and she smiled apologetically.

    ‘I’m really sorry Dennis but I’m just having a bit of fun with dear Mr. Rielly and well he can’t really handle a little pain.’ At this point she cracked the belt in her hands like a whip and both Mike and Dennis winced.

    ‘So if you give us a bit of privacy, I promise he won’t scream anymore and there’ll be a nice tip for you at the end of the day, ok?’ She winked that seductive wink of hers and Dennis simply nodded as Shakira closed the door.

    ‘Oh nice going Shaks. Pass me off as some kind’ve fetishist, you know he was believing my cut story.’

    ‘A child who believes in Santa would’ve seen through your excuse’

    ‘Shaks, please, he smites down all those who don’t believe in him.’

    ‘Ok Mr. Funny, put on your trousers and make yourself look…well presentable at least. We’ve got a party to go to tonight and I know it takes you all day to get ready.’

    ‘A person who doesn’t care about his appearance is a person not worth knowing…unless it’s that lovable scruff Andrew WK.’

    ‘You’re the most untidy man I’ve ever met.’

    ‘Yeah? Well you’re a…poopyhead…hey what time is it anyway?’

    ‘Eleven O’ Clock’

    ‘Eleven? I don’t believe it…I coulda slept for another two hours if it wasn’t for you!’

    Shakira sighed and smiled leaving the room.

    After a few PR events in the town and dinner with a few executive types, Shakira returned and got herself dressed ready to go to the party. The afternoon would’ve been too tiring for her had it been any other day but the fact that someone else knew her secret kept her anxious and she was still bursting with energy as she got herself changed. Mike was already waiting for her at the downstairs bar, making conversation with Dennis and drinking Pepsi’s. She looked at herself in the mirror at her black dress whose straps criss-crossed at her back at the shoulders and fell at her ankles. The glitter shimmered under the room’s lights and she looked radiant. She went to put on her black high heeled shoes and hesitated. She was so used to not wearing shoes and always felt uncomfortable wearing them but this was a classy party, she couldn’t turn up barefooted. Shakira took a deep breath and put her feet in her shoes, frowning as she adjusted in them and silently promising herself and SheHulka that she’d make up for it later tonight. Before she left the room she picked up the invitation. A map of the location was crudely drawn on the back and there was no evidence as to whose party it was. Either way Mike knew where that area was and he was staying off the drink for now. She crossed herself and closed her door behind her.


    Matthew Lim

    It’s really interesting to see a more mundane side of Shulkiness. It’ll make those Shulkie strength feats (maybe?) all the more worth it. 😉

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