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    As my previous blog post explained in length:

    There is no current way of defeating piracy. In our small community, only a change in behavior of our members or a change in business model will make things fair for both the artists and the honest readers.
    For the artists, the situation is clear: get revenue that allows them to break even with their investment plus a reasonable compensation for their effort and inspiration. For the honest reader, not much has to be said except when the large numbers of publications renders the acquisition of “all” their desired stories impossible within their budget.

    For the entitled pieces of shit that think they should have everything for free and don’t care about anyone else… why should WE care about them? How the honest reader ends up giving his copy to pirates in the first place still bedazzles me but the fact is: it happens.

    Working as a commissioned artist is the way to go it seems. The story doesn’t get published until paid in full (which means the artist should at least break even) honest readers can form a group to pay for a commissioned story with every sponsor sharing the cost. Some artists may accept to waiver their intellectual property, others may choose to copyright the commissioned story and sell extra copies for the readers who did not sponsor the project.

    If the story turns out to be really good, the artist will get more orders for new stories and maybe some extra sales after publication through the usual outlets. (This means a little more profit on better products) If the story ends up on pirate networks, the amount of damage to the artist is limited to a share of those extra profits but not to the base revenue.

    The “Kickstarter“ website allows such a business model to work, giving both the producer and the sponsors (or “backers”) to keep track of the project’s funding. It even offers the possibility for increased value and bonus features four outstanding “backers” or popular projects that receive extra-backing beyond their stated objectives. The transparency of the “Kickstarter” process will also help debunk the idea that content creators are greedy abusers of the community’s dependence on new fetish material by exposing how much people actually pay for it, how much resources are expended in production.

    Sponsors can submit their story ideas through the “about” tab on my website:

    Once a project is accepted a budget baseline and project scope will be established and published on forums with a link to the related “Kickstarter” project. If other artists want to pick up the proposed outline, they can do so through the same means of contacting me. Otherwise, any successfully funded project will be written and rendered at Bloopers Studios.

    Some basic rules regarding content and story topics must apply of course:

    – No Child sex or abuse (Teenagers don’t go past “3rd base” either)
    – No Bestiality
    – Nothing truly disgusting (2 girls one cup)
    – No characters or names from Intellectual properties of other artists (Unless that particular artists is the initiator of the project)
    – Nothing that’s straight-out illegal
    – Yes, you can sponsor a Funky Spice 2.0 Episode but you can’t dictate the story.

    Once the project’s funding reaches 25% on “Kickstarter”, Character design and set design will be initiated and preview renders of the sets and characters will be published within a week. At 50% funding, production will start proceeding in order to make sure that the final product can be delivered within 30 days of the project’s funding objective being reached. Sponsors/backers will receive the download link for their copy of the final product and other honest readers will be allowed to buy their copies through digital distribution.

    Entitled little pieces of shit will do as they normally do but me and the other artists who chose to follow this business model, won’t care so much about the smell.

    Comments are both requested and welcome


    I guess you’re some sort of “artist” (quotes used as I don’t know if you’re a writer illustrator or whatever and i have no idea who you are). I don’t like reading threads that contain phrases like “entitled pieces of shit” or other such foul language on this forum. Amaz0ns seems to have become a spill over point for people who are having problems with other people on other forums to continue their flame wars, rants andor personal attacks herewithin and I’m getting a little tired of having to deal with fallout from other places here. It’s an unpleasant time consuming task on a forum that seems to generate fairly little drama on it’s own. You are free to express your opinion on whatever around here, personal attacks and flaming of any sort will NOT be tolerated by anyone. I know I don’t have to worry about that from any of our regular members, but anyone thinking of registering to start a big piracy debate be warned if this topic devolves into a mess it will be locked or removed.

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