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    Alright guys, her it is my first attempt at writing. I realy hope you like it. PLEASE, I need feedback on this one.

    DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All the characters exept the villain, copyright Josh Weedon/Mutant Enemy. this story is mature in nature, so it must be read by abults only. Over 18 years old or the legal age at the country you are living.

    Now, it's time for some background info.

    This is a fanfic of Buffy The Vampaire slayer series. The story takes place after season 4 finale, but in this version Buffy didn't die figthing Glory. If you are not a series fan, follower or whatever, it doesn't mater, look at it as another story.

    Again, hope you like it, and please feedback.

    Finnaly, thanks to Gblock for editing the stroy and helping me wit hthis story.

    A Buffy episode I'd have loved to watch.


    Buffy Summers was laying on her bed in the master bedroom. She stared at the ceiling, unable to fall sleep. There was something that bothered her too much. Since the death of Glory, everything became really quiet, like if there wasn't a Hell’s mouth in the remains of the old high school in Sunnydale. Willow believed that the word that the slayer had killed a goddess spread out, and all of the vampires, demons, and others of that like were too scared to actually fight her now.

    "I'M BORED!"

    "Man, I never thought that being the slayer would be so boring. I haven't seen any action since Glory, and Sunnydale seems to be becoming a nice place to live."

           With Dawn in L.A. visiting Dad, there weren't many things that she could do.  And to make things worse, all the noise coming from the room next to hers didn't make it easy to sleep. With screams of muffed pleasure as background music, she remembered the last couple of months. Her mother's death, the battle with Glory, Xander and Anya getting married, and Willow and Tara moving into her house. She couldn't actually complain about the lack of events, but none of this gave her many opportunities to release some of her contained anger and frustration. She wanted to beat demons to a pulp, just for the fun of it, or stake vampires, and set free some of the negative energy she had inside.

    "Better take a little walk outside. Maybe, just maybe, there is a night creature stupid enough to be crawling somewhere in the city."

    After changing into something more fashionable, she left her room, trying no to make to much noise. She almost reached the stairs, when she bumped into someone that was leaving the other room.

    First, she thought that she had crashed with one of the girls, but none of them were this tall. She knew she was the shortest of the gang, but not this short, and none of her friends had ever been so fleshy in that particular place she had collided into.

    "Buffy, I'm really sorry… I didn't see you… Are you OK? I thought you were sleeping… Did we wake you up with all that noise?"

    "I'm OK Willow. I'm OK. Just didn't see you that's a…………………. HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?!?!?!"

           In front of her, at eye level, appeared the biggest set of breasts she had ever seen, even bigger than the ones in Xander's old porn magazines. Over her generous cleavage, hung the worried face of her long time friend, Willow Rosenberg.

    "Oh, this? It's just a little spell I placed on myself to have some fun with Tara. That's all."

    "Little is kind of an understatement!"

    "Is everybody OK? What happened?" came the voice from inside the room.

    "We are Ok Tara. Just a traffic accident, that's all," answered Willow, trying to accommodate to her new endowments.

           As she heard the steps getting closer to the door, Buffy was prepared for almost anything this lady might have cast on herself, but what she saw was something completely different. Tara's face looked the same, and she seemed just an inch or two taller, but what really caught her eyes, was her body. Her boobs seemed just a little bigger, but the rest of her body had very visible muscle tone, like she had spent too much time in the gym. She looked like one of the ladies in that TV show she had caught Reily looking on ESPN. Something in the lines of Fit Universe or something like that.

    Buffy tried not to look shocked and turning to the stairs she spoke to the girls, "I'm going out to catch some air, and see if I can do something that the chosen one should do. Since Dawn is not here, I won't bother giving you a lecture, but try to keep the magic inside your room, and your voices a little lower." With that, Buffy went down the stairs, and disappeared through the front door.

    "I told you she was going to hear to us."

    "I know Tara, but you are too much woman for me to handle. And besides, you weren't the quite one, either."

    "It's that tongue of yours, girlfriend, I can't control myself."

           While Buffy was busy locking the front door, in the back of the Summers' estate, a strange mist began to ascend into the night.


    The moment he turned the key to open the house's front door, Xander Harris knew that something was wrong, or at least not right. It was that feeling he developed long ago, when his life-long friend, Willow, started practicing magic and witchcraft. So many things had changed since those days, going from an unknown geek in school to a successful working man, meeting Buffy and learning the truth about vampires and demons, moving from his folks’ house, and finally meeting Anya. Events that led us to this precise moment. He was ready to open the front door and shoot that cliché "Honey, I'm hooooome", but that feeling made him have second thoughts. He wondered if it was possible that the lurking evil had returned. That instant seemed to turn into an eternity.

    Since Glory, everything had been incredibly quiet, especially for the Hell mouth, and his life was beginning to become normal; normal enough that gave him time to get married, and start a normal life without anything creepy surrounding him. He summoned all the courage that he could, which was not much, and entered his house.

    The inside of the house was dark, the full moon casting a dim light that prevented the environment to be pitch-black. He was sweating like never before, his heart about to skip a bit, when two hands covered his eyes, and a sweet voice, that he was so familiar with, said, "Hi honey, I'm missed you a lot!" With a swift movement, Anya clapped her hands, and a million candles turned on, creating that romantic atmosphere that newlyweds enjoy so much.

    Throwing his suitcase away, Xander turned around to see his lovely wife, wearing the skimpiest, most sensual, and tight teddy he ever laid eyes on. With a quizzical look, he realized something was different about his wife. Either the teddy was 10 sizes too small, or his wife had gained 5 cups sizes in 12 hours.

    "You like honey?" said Anya in the most sensual and innocent voice she could speak, as she pressed her more than ample bosom against her lover's chest. Sliding her hands along his body, she caressed his abs, reaching for his most private part. She spoke again. "It seems that you DO like it."

    To say that he was speechless would be an understatement, because his eyes were glued to Anya's breasts. A small drop of saliva was starting to drop from his hanging jaw. He was mumbling like a baby, when his loved one broke the silence.

    "If you are wondering about this, I got it from and old spellbook I found at the Spell Shop."

    "Mmmblm mmnbmllmbnmlm mmmbnlmnbnbm…"

    "Calm down, breathe, take your time."

    "… WOW…"

    "Always the one with the right answer at the right time."

    "… Wow, just wow. It's amazing. You look stunning."

    "I see that you like it, that's perfect. Sadly it's not permanent. However, it will last long enough to spend a nice couple of hours with you."

           Having said that, Anya took a step backwards, and started inhaling. The teddy never had a chance; it immediately started to break at the seams, and collapsed in just a second. Pieces of clothing flew trough the air, and her breasts were shown in all of their buxom beauty.

    She grabbed her man's shirt by the collar, and with a hard pull, she tore it open. Buttons ricocheted trough the house, bouncing off of walls and windows. She then put her hands on his head, and rammed his face between the soft pillows of her massive mammaries.  Moans of pleasure could be heard coming from the vast valley between her tits. Xander started caressing her body, specially her breasts.

    Suddenly Anya pulled him out, and almost pulled him to their room. Inside, she pushed him to the bed, and started to crawl up from his feet. Xander was about to take off his pants, when she said: "No, I have another spell I'd like to cast." With that, she whispered some incomprehensible worlds, and instantly his crotch started to bulge. "It’s not that I don't like your size, but a little more never hurt anybody." His pants exploded from the pressure, and his penis stood erect, 3 times it's original length and width, ready for action. Anya impaled herself, and started moving up and down, slowly at first, but she gained speed quickly. Her swollen boobs began to bounce in all directions, sometimes hitting her face. As the pace increased, so did the screams. Xander was in, for the ride of his lifetime.

           As the happy couple humped into the night, a strange mist began to come out of their window, and ascend into the night.


           The walk should have been pleasant, with the cool wind caressing her face and the full moon shining in the sky, but all this did nothing for Buffy. With each passing second, she began to feel both sadder and madder. Not having anything to slay was very depressing, and the fact that The Bronze was locked for repair, was even worse. This seemed to be another boring and dull night, but unknown for the slayer, the strange mist was gathering in a denser cloud, and flew through the skies, searching.

           About ten blocks from where Buffy was passing by, a woman, in her late twenties, was walking by an alley, when a hand came out from the shadows, and grabbed her. One hand turned into two, and two became six, fondling her everywhere. One hand remained on her mouth preventing her from screaming. The three assailants dragged the poor lady to the back of the alley.

    They were ready to rape her, when a gray cloud fell from the sky over the woman, and covered her entire body. A bright light filled the night, followed by a loud explosion. The shocked men weren't fast enough to react, and crashed into the alley walls, pushed by the force of the explosion.

           The explosion got Buffy out of her thoughts, and brought her back to reality. She saw a ray of light ascending to the sky. She was certain that this event was something she had to check. It might even be the action she was so desperately looking for. She got there in record time, even for her, and was ready for almost anything that could have created that light, anything, but the thing she saw.

           In the middle of the alley, hanging three feet from the ground stood a woman. The most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on. She was sure that she was no lesbian, but she had a strange feeling in her inner most parts, something she hadn't felt in many months. The woman had short raven black hair, with two long tails hanging from each side behind her ears down to her lower back. Her eyes were completely black, even the part that is supposed to be white. They were opaque, with no shine at all, almost like a black hole. The rest of the woman was as stunning as her face. She seemed to be at least 5' 10'', with a very pale and smooth skin. She had the build of a fitness competitor, with nicely toned and slightly defined muscles. The only muscles that really came to full view were her abs, which looked to be carved in marble, eight bumps with very deep separations. The woman was completely naked, except for the skimpiest piece of cloth that covered her crotch, with two straps that came up from the edges, up to her more than ample bust. Her chest could put Pamela Anderson to shame. Her bust sat high on her chest, with not a bit of sag. The straps tried to cover her erect nipples, thicker and longer than a thumb, but were loosing that battle. They finally met behind her neck, and went down in a single strap to her butt, like a thong.

           After a few minutes, when Buffy could come out the hypnotic state she was in, she realized the situation, and saw the full picture. A few feet away from the woman, to the right, on the floor, was the body of one man, built like Arnold (YouKnowWho) in his prime, but twisted at a strange angle at his waist. The man was obviously dead, but his face showed a pleasant expression, as if he had died happy.

    On the other side, to the left, nailed into the wall, was a headless body, built like the first one. A huge red stain was where the head was supposed to be. The third man was hanging in the air, at arm length from the strange woman, who held him effortlessly from his neck. The man's face showed the sheer terror he had. The woman looked deeply into his eyes, and the man started to smile. When he was sporting the biggest grin, from ear to ear, the woman, with a swift motion, snapped his neck.

    The man's body convulsed, and suddenly, the woman's arm began to grow. It tripled in size, crisscrossed by veins. The woman tilted her head back, and released a moan so loud, that it made a couple of windows tremble. Her arm returned to its previous size, and the woman regained her former posture.

           Buffy was still a little dazzled from the small quake, when she saw the woman throw away the lifeless body of the last assailant. Looking at her, the woman began to speak, with a voice that seemed to be like a choire, ranging from the lowest to the highest pitch possible.

    "Ah, it's so nice to have a corporeal form, at last."

           Buffy stood there, with a puzzled look on her face, trying to process all that has just happened in front of her. She made a futile attempt at speaking, but her voice was gone. All she was able to say was a silent whisper. The woman turned her head to look directly at Buffy, and spoke again.

    "The slayer, I presume. I knew we would meet, but not this soon."

    "Wh… Wh… What… or who are you?"

    "Me? You don't have the capability of understanding who or what I am. But the thing I'm sure you will understand, is that I'm the consequence of selfish spells, preformed by powerful sorceresses. I'm here now, and there is nothing that can stop me, not even you chosen one. I will do as I please, and if this realm is good enough, I might conquer it."

    "You talk too much lady. I'm here to protect mankind, and stop goons like you. It's been so long since the last time I dusted some vamps, that I'm going to make this last as long as possible for my personal pleasure."

           With that, Buffy charged at the woman with all her might and will. She took the stake she always carries in her jacket out, and was ready to blast her into oblivion. She was ready to stake the woman, when, with a casual motion, the woman backhanded Buffy in the face, and sent her flying backwards. Buffy flew through the air like a speeding bullet, crashing windows and doors, and going through every piece of construction that was in her path. She eventually started to decelerate. When she finally stopped her flight, she collided with a wall, six blocks away from where she had been hit. Laughing, the woman descended to the ground, and touched for the first time the pavement, with her bare feet. She turned around from the direction were Buffy was, and spoke one final time, disappearing into the night.

    "Next time I won't be so gentle, slayer. And don't bother looking for a way to stop me, I'm INVINCIBLE!!!!"


           The crashing sound made the entire house tremble. Buffy, or what was left of her, came in, stumbling with everything that was in her path, to finally collapse over the carpet at the bottom of the stairs. The sound, that could have waken the dead (the ones that remain dead that is), made Tara and Willow jump of their bed, waking up from the pleasant sleep they were having after a very tiring night of passion. Still a little sleepy, they came down the stairs and saw the terrifying sight. The door seemed to have been pulled of its hinges and the room was filled with wood splinters. At the bottom of the stairs, over the carpet, they saw Buffy's unconscious body laying still. They exchanged glances with a puzzled look, and immediately carried Buffy to a couch nearby. 

    While Willow entered in a complete frenzy of curses and insults, spitting out every dirty word or phrase she had learned throughout her entire life, and panicked about the possibility of the existence of a being powerful enough to beat the slayer to a pulp, Tara took a closer look at Buffy.

    The Slayer lay silent and unconscious on the Sofa, with a split lip, bruises all over her body. Her eyes were so swollen that the left was completely shut, and the right was just a little less. Her face showed a couple of cuts on the cheeks, and because of the marks in her mid section, there was a chance of a couple of broken ribs. Willow continued the demonstration of her knowledge of English vocabulary. Tara took a step back and spoke.

    "Would you PLEASE calm down?! She is OK. I think we better let her rest, if she needs medical attention, we can take her when she wakes up."

    "You mean she is fine, and she is not trashed beyond repair? God, I almost lost it."

    "You think?"

    "Come on Tara, give me a break. She is my friend, and this is the first time I see her like this. Not even Glory could leave her like this."

    " I understand. We’d better call Xander and Anya, get them here, and see what we can find out.”

    "I'm on it."

           The phone at the Harris' house rang like a million times, not giving up. Xander suggested that they should answer the call. Maybe it was Buffy or Willow calling for something important. With a frustrated face, Anya dismounted her husband and lover, and proceeded to answer the phone. "This better be good, or you will be in trouble." was Anya's first phrase.

    On the other side of the phone was Willow's voice. After a small talk, Anya hung up the phone, and, turning to face Xander, she said: "Get changed. Buffy found a match she couldn't take, and got her but kicked really badly. We got to move to their place." In a flash, Xander had changed and was ready to go. It took him sometime to accommodate his new proportions, but was lucky enough to find a pair of pants that fitted just fine. His face showed a worried expression, and was getting worse by the second.

    "Relax, I'm sure it's nothing. I bet Willow is been a little too paranoid, that's all." Anya tried to console her hubby, but that wasn't having good results.

           After a short drive to Buffy's house, they got out and were greeted by the front door tore from its hinges. Once inside, they saw Buffy quietly resting on the couch. Her breathing was calm and steady, which made Xander calm down a little. As they were getting closer to the sofa, a tall figure came out of the kitchen. It looked like Willow, but was too tall and too fleshy. "You are here, that's great." said the passing catwalk model.

    "Guys, it's me, Willow."

    "What in Hallifreg's name happened to you?!" was Anya's first response.

    "I could ask you the same thing." was Willow's response.

    "Good, you have arrived." came Tara's voice from the dinning room.

           As the happy couple turned to greet her, and find some explanations, Tara's new look shocked them even more.

    "What the hell is going on in here!?" was Xander first words after a while.

    "I told you. Buffy came back after a patrol, completely…" was Willow's response, but got cut by Xander.

    " I mean to your bodies."

    "Oh, this" said Willow pointing to her huge rack. "We can explain, as I think you will too. You too look a little different. Both of you." said Tara, who had joined Willow, pointing at Xander's increasing bulge.

           After the proper explanation of the changes, (I'm sure you don't want to read them again) and some exchange of spell tips by Anya and Willow, the gang was ready to start their research, when Buffy slowly, started to regain consciousness. While she was assuming a seating position, the guys went running to her.

    "Are you alright?" "You OK?" "What happened?"

           The scoobys spoke all at the same time. "One at a time please, and can some one get me some water." was Buffy's response. After she had recuperated, she left the couch, and went into the kitchen, always holding her left side from the pain. Once inside, she told them all that had transpired. When she had finished her tale, for Buffy's relief, everybody had returned to their normal self. It's hard to concentrate with four specimens of human perfection looking back at you.

    "…the consequence of selfish spells, you mean that's what she said ?" Willow finally broke the silence.

    "…done by powerful sorceresses. That's right." came Buffy's response.

    "You don't think that… no, that's impossible." said Anya, while she pointed at herself and Tara.

    "That's a possibility you know."

    "Come on… I mean… no, it’s not possible."

    "Consider it Anya, I think that we are the reason that all this is happening." interrupted Willow.

           While the ladies continued their argument, Xander approached Buffy, and spoke to her just that only the two of them could hear.

    "What did you say she looked like?"

    "I told you, like Lara Flynn Boyle, but with a killer body. She had nicely defined and toned muscles."

           The gang spent the entire night discussing, and when the sun shone in the sky, they decided to get some rest, and then meet at Giles' former Magic Shop.


           Since Giles departure, after Glory's death, Anya became the owner and manager of the shop. A former place of meeting and important deliberations for the gang, it now welcomed (in Anya's particular way) common and regular customers, but no today. After some rest, the scoobs met once again in the shop.  It took the guys some time to find something that could help.

    It was difficult to search for information about something that they didn't actually know what it was. While everybody went from one huge volume of witchcraft to another, Buffy remained silent for the most part, sitting on a comfortable chair, eyes closed, healing from the bruises she got the night before, but more important, healing from her shattered ego.

    She would eventually whine a little every time she changed position. Even with the slayer’s fast healing, it hurt a lot. The time went by slowly, and with no visible results, when suddenly Anya, Tara and Willow stood and left quickly for the next room, locking the door behind them. Xander and Buffy exchanged a quizzed look, not really understanding what had just transpired.

           After what seemed and eternity the three girls returned to the main room. "Well, at last. We were getting short of subjects to discuss." commented Xander, standing up, and helping Buffy stand and get to the table at the center of the room. They all seated, while Willow remained standing and began to speak.

    "We have come to a conclusion, I think we know what we are dealing with."

    "What you've got?" was Buffy's quick and obvious response.

    "Patience my friend, I'll get to that, but first lets go back to the beginning…" with that, Willow began a long speech.

    "I will skip the beginning that we all are more than aware of. So, skipping all the Darkness, demons and slayer origin, we reach to the point were we want to be. After all that, the world began to set to the standard we learned throughout school. The incredible powers that created the slayer legacy and formed the Watchers Council, remained silent, in the air, waiting to be needed again. Time went by, the demons became part of popular folklore, and everything seemed fine for the rest of the world. Obviously we know that the fight between Good and Evil or humans against demons, was taking place but going unnoticed for the ones not involved in it. Eventually some renegade watchers left the council, taking with them some books. These books explained how to use the powers. It was basic knowledge, but enough that a simple person could learn how to use them. Thus witchcraft was born. Kings, priests, tyrants, and all in between, began to get hold of the ones that could change the reality, and cast the most ridiculous and selfish wishes. While these wishes interfered with the famous balance between Good and Evil, the Ying &Yang, and all that, there were no immediate problems at all. The problems came up when the wishes were completely irrelevant and selfish.

    “You see, to cast a spell, there is needed a certain amount of energy from both sides, the opposite one from the side the spell is casted, enhances the energy of the next spell casted by the side the energy originally comes from. This seems to be for keeping the balance of the sides, but when an irrelevant wish, like turning somebody into an animal, or improving your personal skill or endowments just for pleasure, the energy doesn't have a side to enhance. It remains floating in the ether and increases every time one of these spells is casted. Through the ages, this energy kept increasing, and with the spells we casted tonight, it reached a collapsible mass, and instead of exploding and destroying the Universe, it channeled to our realm, and possessed the first being it found."

           Everybody remained silent for a long time, especially Buffy and Xander. Eventually, Buffy broke the silence.

    "… Wow… I mean… that's some story… But what that thing she said about powerful sorceresses?"

    "Well…" Willow took some time to think her answer.

    "…Apparently, the energy a spell releases has nothing to do with the spell by itself, but with the person that does it. If you or Xander try to transform someone into a rat, it will consume a much smaller amount of energy than the one it will consume if Tara, Anya or myself do it. "

    "I see… And the ‘sorceresses’ thing might mean that you three were the last ones to do such spell."

    "That's right." answered Tara, who showed an expression of sadness and regret on her face.

    "It's OK Tara. None of you knew this could happen." Buffy tried to comfort her friend, while she stood and assumed a more leader-like posture.

    "Alright, now we know what we are dealing with. Willow, if you three are really that powerful, can't you fight it, or find a way to release all that energy?"

    "First, once the energy got corporeal, there is no way to undo it. We have to find a way to kill it, just like any other demon. And second, we have a serious problem. To put it simple, this being would make Glory look like an earth worm compared to the powers it has."

    "DAMN… but I know you long enough to know that expression. Tell me what you've got."

    "It might be a little dangerous…"

    "Desperate times need desperate actions. If we don't stop it, it might be worse than a thousand Glorys."


    “Hit me."

    "We found that the only way to stop it is by having an equally powerful entity. So, we think that calling the Power Primordial would be the best thing to do."

    "Like we did when fighting Adam and The Initiative…"

    "Not exactly. When we fought Adam, all we did was give you a temporary power boost, to be able to destroy him. Now that boost doesn't last long enough to fight this new foe, and it might not even be sufficient to eliminate it."

    "So, what do you guys suggest?"

    "Well… The power of the slayer passes through every generation. It is the same power used to create the first slayer. But, as each and every slayer was human, their essence is floating in the universe's energy. We believe that summoning all of this energy and the Power Primordial, combined with your own personal life force, it would be enough to finish this monster we now have."

    "Fine. I've known you fir quite some time, and I know that expression you have is hiding something. Now give me the small print."

    "Mmmmmm… Well… Mmmmmm… You know…"

    "Make it fast, lady. We don't have all day."

    "Fine. First, we don't know how long it will last. Second, if it lasts, we don't know if it will be permanent. Third, we don't know what the changes to your body will be. And fourth, and most important, I'm sure you know that you are the only one that can have this responsibility. You are the only one we can cast this spell on, and we don't know if you will survive all the enhancing process."

    "I understand. We don't have many chances. I say let's do it. If we do nothing, the most likely thing to happen, is that we all end up dead or worshiping some strange creature. And if I don't make it, I come from a long list of warriors that never lived past 25. So, I don't have much of a choice. Gather all the things you need. When you have everything, call me, I'm going to the training ground in the back, to release some tension."

           Every body left the room, leaving Xander alone, wondering why he was still with them. Like many other times, he was just the sidekick, never doing anything that actually helped at all.

    To be concluded, contimued, whatever……

    PS: I know there is no FMG yet, but I had to get everything set, and when I realised, I had all this write. (and to think I complained about marknew's looong stories, wich I like a lot). In the next part I'll give you all the things you are expecting, don't worry.


    I've already said this to you, but I'm going to say it again, to get things moving on this topic. This is definitely a good start for a good story.

    And now, for a disclaimer of my own: While I did edit this story, I am not perfect (but I try). I'm sure that I did not catch everything. What I did catch, though, I corrected to the best of my ability. So please, if you catch something that I missed, please keep it to yourself. I don't want my flawless image of myself to be tainted.  😉


    You do good work, Sir! I'm eager to see how this progresses. 😀


    Alright guys, here is the rest. Hope you guys like it, and I really hope to get more feedback, now that the story is finished.

    I have to warn you, there is violence up ahead, not to much, but I had to warn you anyway.

    Hope you like it…



    Buffy walked from one corner of the room to the other. Alone, her inner most feelings came to the surface and the anxiety and nervousness could be seen on her face. As the one supposed to take care of all the events like the one at hand, she couldn’t let her friends see how worried she really was. After three days since the first encounter, everything seemed too quiet. There weren’t any news about that mysterious specimen of female beauty. Only a couple of shoplifting at dressing stores, but nothing more. She was having second thoughts about all this when the knock on the door took her out of her hypnotic state.

    “Buffy…” Came Xander’s voice from the other side, slightly opening the door.

    “Come in.”

    “Hey, the girls are almost ready. It’ll be anytime soon. But the reason I’m here is because I have Dawn on the phone. If you want I can tell her something, but she seems a little worried.”

    “It’s Ok, I’ll talk with her.”

    Leaving the training quarters and entering the shop’s main room, she saw for the first time all the things the ladies had done. Drawn at the center of the room over the floor, was a pentagram, the symbol she got used to see with time.  At each tip of the pentagram, a tall, almost 6-ft. candlestick was placed. Over them, there were five candles, a foot tall and five inches wide. Strange symbols were painted all over the room on the walls, and on the roof also, were Anya was still painting. She floated from one side to the other giving the final touch here and there. Willow and Tara were standing behind the counter, wearing long tunics with their hoods folded back. Xander was sitting on the top of one of those wheeled stairs that are so common in libraries, looking around still wondering if there was something he could actually do. Reaching the counter, Buffy picked up the phone, and began a casual conversation with her sister. She tried to maintain her calmness and not show any sings that there was something wrong around there, but when Dawn mentioned that some weird things were happening in L.A., the conversation changed. As Dawn began her description, Buffy’s face expression switched to one more pleasant, and something inside her was different. With the usual advice from Buffy, and the usual complain from Dawn, Buffy hanged up the phone.

    “So, How are things going down there?” asked Xander.

    “Everybody is beginning to worship a statue of a woman that somebody built. The description she gave me fits perfectly with our little friend, so I think she has decided to go into action. That’s just perfect. I was starting to think that she wouldn’t do anything at all, an was just bluffing.” Answered Buffy. The anxiety building within herself.

    “So, she is in L.A. then?”

    “I don’t think so. Dawn never mentioned that the being was actually there physically. So, my guess is, that she is testing her powers, besides, the Hellmouth is here, and not in L.A… except for that one in Detroit” Buffy’s voice trailed off, remembering something Giles had sometime ago mentioned.

    “I don’t get it, if everybody is worshipping that statue, why would she be able to talk to you, wouldn’t she be affected also?”

    “Xander, remember that she is an energy source, in a human body. She is not really human. She can’t suffer anything, besides some physical pain.”

    Xander was about to ask something more, when Willow entered the scene, and told that they were ready to begin the enchantment.

    “Buffy, we are ready. Take your place at the center of the pentagram. As we are calling the Power Primordial, There is the possibility that it may be like the one the ancient warlocks place on the first slayer. Don’t worry about a thing, it will all be fine.”

    Buffy was standing in the middle of the pentagram, eyes closed, and the three girls placed themselves about ten ft. from the symbol. Xander remained in the stair, holding tighter and tighter to the stair’s railing. The girls had the hoods on, and their faces had some more symbols painted on. The five candles were lit, and Willow began the enchantment. “MNITAE TOTHALYS LIBERATE. CAZATHIF ENZIATE RECALLIS” were the words that she pronounced, and the other witches repeated. The ladies began to repeat this sentence over and over in unison. The lights began to pulsate and a strong wind began to flow trough the shop’s air. The candles kept on shining, stronger and brighter with each passing second. Suddenly, all the lights went out, except for the candles. Out of nowhere, four lightnings interrupted the sepulchral silence, and four white spots hanged on the air. They all looked like small suns, and from each one of them come out a metal chain. The chains clasped the slayer’s extremities, and tightened leaving her hanging, like if they were trying to rip her apart. Buffy opened her eyes, and the only thing she could see where the three women floating in the middle of the darkest darkness she had ever witnessed. Their skin was as pale as snow, the eyes where folded back and had a small glow. Their lips looked like if they were painted with black rimel. As the chanting continued, they got louder and louder to a deafening point. In this precise moment a breach like, the ones that earthquakes leave in the ground, appeared in front of Buffy. The crack got wider and wider, until a skull came out of it. It looked like the skull of a vampire, with the particular facial features, the fangs and everything, but it also had what looked like the horns of a ram. The skull got close and closer and Buffy tried to scream, but found herself with out voice. She turned her face, so she wasn’t facing the approaching ram, but a fifth lightning exploded, and another chain came out of it. The chain got hold of the slayer’s face, and rotated it until the skull and Buffy’s face were facing each other again. All the chains got tighter, and the skull sped up to meet with the awaiting mouth. It crashed with Buffy’s face at full force, and it penetrated through the slayer’s mouth and went down to her chest. Buffy’s breath was becoming more spasmodic and frantic; her chest pulsed like if her racing heart was trying to come out.

    Buffy was coming back to consciousness, when the chain holding her head made her look upward, as a ray of light felt over her. Then from the sky came thousands of white energy spheres, the size of cannon balls, and collided with the petite woman’s chest going through her clothing and penetrating her skin. The three witches kept on chanting, and Xander was glued to the bookcases on his back pushed there by the sheer force of the energy released. When the final sphere came down on her chest, Buffy found herself with voice again, and the loudest and deepest scream came out from her lungs. It wasn’t a scream of fear, but one of anger and wrath. The glasses of the shop and from all the buildings in a block radius shattered to pieces, followed by the sound of the sirens from the nearby cars’ alarms. The chains released her and folded back into the holes they came from. The holes banished, and slowly the lights returned to normal.

    Not having the force holing him back, Xander collapsed to the stairs’ floor. The girls returned from their trance and gradually regained their senses. When everybody had returned to normal, they noticed Buffy. She was still standing in the center of the pentagram, her arms on her sides and her fists clenched. She was the same petite woman, but her body emitted a dim fluorescent glow. She opened her eyes, and the most penetrating eyes one could stand were looking all around. They shone brightly, and they seem to also glow in the dark. Her pose was somehow more confident and she emanated an aura of power that could make your knees tremble. As the four scoobs began to understand what they were witnessing, Buffy suddenly broke the unreal silence. Her voice was way deeper than before, and it showed no sign of fear.

    “Everything seems to be Fine. It worked. Now I have to find that monster and destroy it.”

    With that, Buffy turned and exited the shop, or what was left of it, with a powerful and steady stride. She sensed the demon’s essence, and was drawn to it inexorably. Back at the shop, four figures exchanged puzzled looks, with their chins about to hit the ground.


    Striding confidently trough the streets, Buffy followed the scent of the demon. All her senses were enhanced to the extreme, making her hear, see and smell almost everything in the air. She could tell how many humans were surrounding her, how far they were, and she could even sense their fear. She kept on walking, instinctively turning right or left at the corners. The entire world around her was kind of blurry, except for the life forms she could sense through walls and doors. She could even feel which of the latest additions to the Sunnydale Graveyard were going to turn into vampires. A while ago, this power might have been really useful to her, but now the only thing that was in her mind, was to follow that golden glow coming from the middle of town.

    As she got closer to where the energy came from, people were coming out of their houses, and a small crowd was beginning to gather. The closer she got to her destination, the bigger the crowd got, and all of them were walking to the same direction as hers. As she got closer, she began to feel a rage building up inside her. It was the same feeling she got when she was slaying demons and she let herself go, but a thousand times stronger. She kept on walking with the crowd, none of them actually noticing her presence, until she noticed that the crowd was slowing down and eventually everybody had stopped walking and stood there with blank expressions on their faces. All of them looked at the crossroad ahead. The burning inside of her was now almost painful, but she continued approaching. Less than a block away she began to notice the full picture. Almost the entire town’s population was gathered in front of her, at the town’s square. Everybody seemed to be circling a figure in the middle of the plaza and if she wanted to reach that figure, she had to start pushing some mindless zombies away. When she was ready to start crashing some heads, the crowd around her moved, leaving a pathway to the square’s center, where her destiny was waiting.


    “If somebody tells me what has just happened here, I’ll be very grateful.” Said Xander, turning to look at the girls, but they were all too shocked to answer. “Come on ladies. Is everything OK? Did we succeed? Did all go like it was supposed to? Somebody answer me. PLEASE! ”

    “Now, that’s something I didn’t expect to happen.” Said Willow, completely ignoring Xander.

    “Yeah, but apparently it all went just fine, and the spell was a complete success.” Replied Tara.

    “And all we have to do is follow her to see if all this was worth for something.” Came Anya’s response.

    The three girls began to talk about what they could remember during the process, what they felt and what they could sense, all the time, completely ignoring the fact that Xander was still standing there trying to begin to understand all that had transpired in the last hour. For Xander’s sorrow, they kept on ignoring him, and what’s worse, they had begun a small girl talk, giggling and laughing. The tension seemed to have completely vanished from the room and apparently everything was like before, peaceful and quiet. Maybe it was this relaxation the scoobs were in, that none of them noticed the countless persons that had gathered in the shop’s front door. Suddenly, they broke into the shop and after a small fight from the scoobs, the hypnotized men had tied them down, and dragged them out into the night.

    Outnumbered by ten to one, the gang was guided trough town and eventually they reached the square. The crowd gathered there was amazing all of them looking directly to the square’s center. There, the scoobs could only see a bright golden glow that almost blinded them. They tried to resist their captor’s pushes, but were completely unsuccessful, and ended up in front of this incredibly powerful power source. As they were giving up any hope of survival, the crowd began to move, and leave a pathway through them, and at the end of it, a familiar shadow moved closer to them.

    “I see you didn’t take my advice, slayer” came the creature’s voice.

    “It ends tonight. I won’t let you destroy mankind. I have fought many battles, and stopped many Apocalyptic events, you die tonight… erm… err…”

    “You can call me BLISS Chosen One. But you worry too much about these pathetic beings. See how easy I control all of them, they are not even worth the life essence they are made of.”

    “I was created for the purpose of stopping creatures like you, so that’s what I’m going to do, “Bliss”. I’ve always found a way to stop goons like you, and tonight it won’t be different.”

    “You mean that pathetic Vegas Magic Show you put up with your friends? I sensed it, and I can tell you it won’t make a difference. And I have also brought your friends here, so they can see first hand how futile all their efforts were, and witness the fall of their precious Hero.”   

    For the first time since the transformation, Buffy felt some fear. Fear that was instantly erased by that inner rage that kept on building inside. During the entire talk, all that she could see was a glowing human figure, but now the glow had began to vanish and the female form she had met before was starting to appear. It seemed to have the same built, but on a bigger frame. The creature now stood 6’ 2’’ and was far more intimidating than before, even with her new wardrobe. Instead of the almost non-existent red suit she had on before, Bliss now had the classic rider look. Black leather boots with stilettos, skintight black leather pants, and a leather jacket that was loosing the battle with her more than ample bust. She didn’t have a shirt or a bra underneath (not that she needed one), and her nipples were clearly visible through the thick leather of the jacket.

    “You are special slayer. You are the only one that can actually see me. All of these simple beings only see a golden glow, but you can actually see me the way I want to be seen. It is too sad that you have to DIE.”

    “You talk too much woman. Bring it on instead. ” Replied the slayer, raising both her arms, and signaling Bliss to come closer, obviously mocking her.

    Accepting the challenge, Bliss charged full force at the slayer. The battle was on.


    The strong steps echoed through the hard concrete floor. Bliss was getting closer and closer to Buffy. She was confident of the outcome, their previous encounter, and the fact that she was getting stronger by the minute made her feel more secure of her capabilities. “I won’t hit you so hard slayer. I don’t want to make you fly so far this time.” Said the approaching creature. “I would like that this fight lasts longer, you know. It is so boring not having a real challenge.” Pronounced the demoness, and without further notice, backhanded the slayer, swift and fast.

    For the monster’s surprise, Buffy didn’t move an inch. She didn’t end up flying across town, and not even stepping back. All the impact did was to make Buffy turn her face slightly to the right. Facing bliss again, and with her head titled slightly to the right, Buffy gave the puzzled monster The Rock’s trademark eyebrow lift, and said in the most mocking way she could:

    “Is that all you’ve got? I thought a godlike entity would be more powerful.”

    “That little play you put with your friends seems to have worked after all.” Responded Bliss. “That’s better, ‘cos I won’t have to control my punches.”

    Bliss began to deliver a storm of speeding bullets like punches, but to her panic, Buffy seemed able to block all of the ones that went to her chest and midsection, dodge the ones aiming her face, and eventually take a minor hit on her shoulders. This outcome had apparently diminished the growing rage inside the slayer, and she was beginning to enjoy this situation. An evil grin began to form on the slayer’s face, and she began to tease the monster. “Come on Bliss, you can do better than this.” or “Man, this is not even a warm-up.”, were the phrases pronounced by the slayer. Bliss anger was growing, and she kept on increasing the speed and force of the blows but with no visible results. The slayer was too much for her.

    Suddenly, the slayer jabbed Bliss right in the middle of her face, and the surprised monster flew a couple of yards away, finally crashing with a tree nearby. Slowly regaining her composure, Bliss began to feel strange sensations. First she felt a wet red liquid substance falling from her lips. Then came the pain from her bruises. She had hit full force with a tree, and she was actually feeling it. But what was sorer, was her ego, because she felt like a goddess, and gods don’t bleed or get hurt. The slayer’s mocking laughs didn’t make it easier to withstand all this new sensations. Anger began to cloud the creature’s mind, and she lost all self-control she had. The power cruising through her every cell was let loose and the mindless monster charged full force at the slayer.

    Buffy never really knew what hit her. One second she was looking at the creature and the next she was sliding across the grass with a shoulder nailed in her chest. Before she could react, a blow to the side of her face sent her flying a few feet away, blood dripping from her mouth. “Who is eating dirt now, bitch!?” Shouted Bliss to the fallen heroine. Trying to wipe out the webs in her head, Buffy stood up, and took a better look at her enemy. Her clothes seemed to be tighter all over her body, seams straining, and you could actually see her veins through the thick leather.  Bliss charged at Buffy again, but she was ready for the blow this time. Instead of waiting for her, the slayer charged back at the creature, and they collided in the middle of the park. Their hands were clasped above their heads, in the classic test of might. The struggle was incredible, but none of the women gave an inch to the other. This scene continued for some minutes until Bliss began to subdue the slayer. Buffy kept on trying to regain her position, and was actually winning some ground back, when suddenly a ripping sound broke the sepulchral silence. Bliss’ jacket could no longer hold the expanding flesh, and the seam in her back gave away. The cut began at the center of her back, and spread up to the neck, and down to her lower back. The seams at her forearms, which opened to give space for the growing muscles, followed this rip. Her pants had followed the entire body expansion, and were visibly torn all over. You could actually see the quads and the calves through the holes, pulsating with blood.

    Unable to withstand the sheer pressure Bliss was applying, Buffy’s wrist began to twist backward almost reaching breaking point. To avoid permanent damage, Buffy raised her elbows and turned her arms. The power was so overwhelming that she was kneeling on the grass in front of this terrible monster. She was actually sinking in the mud, when a powerful kick to her side sent her face first to the floor. Recovering from the blow, holding tightly to her side, a couple of ribs broken, the sigh she had in front was shocking. Now 7 ft. tall, Bliss stood with her arms at her sides fists clenched. She was breathing heavy, and her growth didn’t seem to have stopped at all. Her forearms kept on thickening, as well as her arms.  Her biceps and triceps expanded further. Her back and shoulders widened, doubling her width in seconds. Her traps began to rise, reaching her earlobes. Her waist was impossibly narrow next to her wide shoulders and widening hips. Her quads were just huge. Big like tree trunks, but her knees remained the same size, what made her thighs and calves size more dramatic. Now bigger than the biggest heaviest heavyweight at the Ms. Olympia, one might have thought that the growth was over, but for everybody’s surprise, and specially Buffy, Bliss let out a terrible roar, and was suddenly covered in the brightest light possible. When the light disappeared, what came out was just impossible. Bliss must have reached 7‘ 5’’ at least, but what was more amazing was her body. She had achieved a size and definition only possible inside the mind of a twisted writer. Her arms were at least 30 inches unflexed and her shoulders 3 doors wide. Her waist had remained incredibly thin, and her thighs were bigger than stone columns. Her calves were as wide as her arms, giving her an amazing symmetry. Her chest was just colossal. Her pectoral muscles had reached an amazing size and definition. Striated beyond belief, they stood high in the air with a foot deep cleavage, just muscle. On top of them came two spheres of soft flesh. Her breasts were like beach balls, sitting over her pecs, and without a bit of sag. Overall, she was the biggest, hardest, strongest, being on the planet, and she would make a guy like Markus Ruhl look like a toothpick next to her.

    The earth trembled when Bliss took a step. The first rows of the mindless crowd that was watching fell to the floor because of the shock wave Bliss’ footstep sent away. Buffy herself had to grab the tree she was standing next to, to avoid falling. Bliss wardrobe had vanished; tattered remains covered the surrounding areas. She now wore her former skimpy suit, but her nipples had managed to break through the material, and stood proudly out and erect.

    “ I gave you the chance to save your life Slayer. You only had to leave me be that was all. But you had to play the hero, and save the day. Now look what you have done. You made me summon my true power and I’m really mad at you. You would have made an excellent soldier, but now I have to kill you. Nobody mocks me!” shouted Bliss, approaching the slayer menacingly.

    “Buffy! You have to believe in you! You have the power to stop her, but you have to accept what you are! You have to accept that you are different from all of us, and embrace your true nature! That’s the only way you can stop her!” Willow shouted at her friend, before she was dragged back to her front row seat of this fight.

    Buffy let out a long breath, and prepared for round two with this beast. The odds were against her, but she was the Slayer, and she had to fight ‘till the end.

    A second. That’s all it took Bliss to get rid of the slayer. A swift punch to her mid-section and a hook to her jaw, and Buffy was flying away, until she was out of sight.

    “That’s the last we will see of that annoying brat. I have to take care of her dull friends, and I’m ready to conquer this realm.”

    One mile across town, a small dot in the bright night sky, enlarges as it descends to the ground. As the speeding meteor approaches, and the ground gets closer and closer, Buffy faithlessly accepts her fate, and prepares herself for the worst. The impact could be heard many blocks away. She first hit the outside wall of the ruined High School. Once the proud academic place if Sunnydale, now the only that was left, since the fight with the mayor, was the first three stores of the main building. She went through shattered windows and kept on crashing through walls and floors, until she finally stopped at the former library, above the Hell Mouth. Slowly standing up and regaining her senses, she wondered about the situation. There wasn’t a millimeter of her body that didn’t ache, but she was still alive. “Man, I can’t believe I survived THAT.” Wondered Buffy out loud.  Walking through the debris, she finally seated at what was left of a stair, and began to consider the situation she was in.

    “ Well, that spell must have done something. After that amazing flight in space and the peculiar landing that came afterwards, there is no way I could’ve survived without that enhancement.”

    Buffy spent the subsequent moments analyzing the situation, until she remembered something, “The guys.”

    “I have to find a way to stop Bliss. I did with all of the other foes, so I can with this one.”  Thought Buffy, her mind starting to work.

    “The spell worked, so that means I have that power. I have to finds a way to use it. I should consider what Willow said.”

    Since she knew she was the Slayer, The Chosen One, she thought it was a curse, not a blessing. She might have accepted it, but deep inside, she felt it was wrong. All the pressure and the stress it generated were overwhelming, and she couldn’t take a brake. She always saw it as a job, and a very tiring job that is. Now, she had to be at peace with her feelings, accept her true nature, and she didn’t have much time. It’s not that you have a switch inside your head, and you can turn it to “accept” with your will. It always took her a lot of time and concentration to at least connect with her inner power, now she had to fully bond with it, and time was something she didn’t have. Her mind was racing, all the possibilities she could think of, always ended with her dead and the world destroyed. Panicking, she began to walk around the place, kicking away some pieces of rock that were around, redecorating the war zone like library. Fear began to fill her, and with it that anger she felt before came back. She tried to expel it, but was unsuccessful. Trying to withstand these emotions, it hit her like a blow on the face.

    “I have to accept this feelings. Every time I get carried away, I’m in contact with my inner most feelings. I have to blend with them. That’s the only way.”

    Thinking of all those apocalyptic possibilities, her mind begins to cloud with that rising rage. It grows larger and larger, and she begins to feel a heat forming inside of her. Letting that fire burn her, but maintaining control of her actions, she lets out a scream. Her body is surrounded by a bluish energy that quickly fades away. Her body now stands more erect and confident than ever before, a bluish aura emanating from her. Her eyes glowing like the rest of her body.


             Like a lightning, Buffy strode out of the school. The sight was completely menacing. Although she remained in her 5´ 4´´ petite frame, she was pure power. She reached the plaza in no time. The crowd remained gathered there, circling Bliss and her four friends. She couldn’t hear exactly what Bliss was saying, but it had something to do with her friends’ fate. Not bothering with the possible injuries she could cause to the involuntary minion, she kicked him full force. The poor man never had a chance, and flew through the crowd opening a path to the slayer. It collided with a tree opposite, and fell unconscious. Bliss, who was busy frightening the scoobs, was surprised by this events, and turned around to see the slayer and her glow approaching aggressively. The gang was also surprised by this sight, and could actually believe that the figure in front was their friend. Buffy jumped at Bliss incredibly fast, and before anyone could react, she was connecting her face with the post powerful punch she had ever delivered.


    Bliss body decorated the night sky for a brief moment, before falling to the floor and sliding across the mud a few feet. Standing up and looking at her foe, she saw something different. The form she was facing was the same as moments before, but this time it had a blank hateful expression. It seemed that all her emotions were removed, and only hate filled her entire being. Angry because this pest kept on annoying her, and not wanting to be delayed any longer, Bliss charged at Buffy and delivered an incredibly strong punch that could shatter a brick wall. Buffy blocked the blow, but receded a few feet. Taking no time, she responded with a hit as powerful as Bliss’, but tit was effectively blocked. The battle was on again. Each woman delivered punches powerful enough to demolish a skyscraper, but for them were just punches. The scoobs had to move out of where they were, because the shockwaves were starting to collapse the constructions nearby, and the nearest zombies were falling down, some of them even flying a few feet away. The sight was completely surreal, a woman built like a caterpillar and a small woman that reached bellow her bust line delivering impossibly strong punches at each other, never tiring. As the fight kept on going, the defenses were falling down, and the punches began to hit directly were they were aimed. Surprisingly, none of the women was presenting bruises, cuts or marks at all. Twenty feet away, the gang was looking amazed by the sheer power these ladies were showing. As the fight continued, they began to move away from the square, and were now walking across the streets. Windows shattered, the building pieces began to fall. The fight seemed to go on forever, when suddenly Buffy found an open, and delivered five quick hard punches to Bliss’ mid-section, and three to her face, to finally deliver the fiercest uppercut to her face. The cracking sound of Bliss’ jaw breaking and her cheekbone cracking filled the air. She flew four blocks away, and crashed hard with a wall. Confidently, Buffy casually strode to where her opponent was. When she arrived, Bliss was slowly standing up, her face a bloody mess. Apparently, the fight was over, but to their shock, Bliss let out a terrible high-pitched scream, and extending her arms out, lightning bolts coming out from her fingers. The rays spread through the air, and reached a couple dozen men and women. As the lighting stroke them, it kept on spreading reaching more and more people. When the ray caught about five hundred people, they began to twist and shiver. They started to shrink, consumed by the demon. As they got thinner and thinner, they became completely pale, and when they were literally just skin and bones. They collapsed to the ground. The rays then receded back to the source, and engulfed Bliss body.

    When the light dissipated, Bliss stood at least ten feet tall, and had maintained her proportions, what made her an impossible huge hulking mass of power. Before Buffy could react, she had received a blow to her stomach. The blow was so fast and hard, that you could actually see it sink inside her flesh. Bliss knuckles were actually visible from Buffy’s back, trying to split her in half. As fast as the first blow came, Bliss delivered another punch capable of destroying a small planet to Buffy’s chin. For Buffy’s dismay, Bliss didn’t let her fly away. She grabbed her head with both hands, and guided it to her rising knee. Her face hit at an incredible speed, full force with Bliss knee, and blood filled the scene. The slayer fell back her face completely unrecognizable. Bliss’ evil laugh filled the air, and she let out a load roar, performing what one may call a most muscular pose. On the ground, Buffy could hear all this, and the rage and anger within were rising, making her blood reach boiling point.  The anger inside kept on growing, the rage kept on building up. All that power made Buffy stand up. Not believing what they were seeing, everybody looked at the slayer. She was looking straight at Bliss. Her anger filled eyes could pierce through anything. She opened her mouth for the first time since her return, and with a guttural primal roar, shouted:


    Buffy’s body began to shiver. Sweat spread all over her body. She bent forward, grabbing her belly, teeth clenched. A small tear appeared on the back of her jacket, spreading in every direction. Her blouse underneath began to tear too, following the jacket. The sleeves came next. First at the seams of the forearms, more skin was becoming visible by the second. Her arms grow at an impossible rate, testing the material’s elasticity. It could no longer hold, and it also tore open. The sound of shredding clothes filled the air. Her shoes could no longer hold her expanding feet, and ripped apart, the heels collapsing, not able to support the increasing mass of the slayer. Her tight jeans couldn’t stand the pressure any more and each leg’s seam began to rip. The rip went from her ankles, up to her butt. One could actually see her muscles expand, as the rip crept up her legs. First her calves ballooned, followed by her quads, and finally her butt rounded and expanded at the same pace as her hips widened. Abruptly, Buffy straightened, and with the strongest loudest voice possible, she let out a terrible scream. Her entire body tightened, her muscle stretching a new level of definition. Her clothes could no longer hold the strain, and were completely pulverized. Now the slayer stood in the middle of the park, naked except for her red panties, which were almost unnoticeable.

         The sight was almost impossible. The scoobs were completely shocked. Their mouths were so open that you could actually park a 16-wheeler in each one of them. Bliss’ expression was a mixture of fear and incredulity, not able to comprehend what had just happened. In front of them, stood the former 5´4´´, petite slayer, but small was something she wasn’t anymore. She might have gained an inch of two, but it was impossible to know, because she was so wide, one couldn’t tell if she was actually taller. Her feet were so small in comparison, that it was hard to believe they were holding that her entire frame. Her calves were so ludicrously huge, that she couldn’t have put her feet together if she wanted. Her quads were so impossibly big, that her knees were separated a foot and a half. Her butt was round and hard, like two halves of bowling balls, but a million times stronger. Her panties were completely lost inside that muscular valley. Her hips were wide and strong, but her waist had remained a perfect 22´. Her waist was narrow, but was as hard as her legs and hips. She had an incredibly defined 8-pack, each muscle clearly visible and striated. Her obliques could be clearly seen. From her narrow waist, her back widened and widened. Her lats so wide, her arms were at a 45º-degree angle. Her back was just huge. Her shoulders were now as big as soccer balls, striated and defined. Her traps were so big that they came in contact with her ears. Her forearms were thick and strong, her relaxed biceps were bigger than Bliss’ fully flexed. Her triceps were as big as her biceps, the typical horseshoe shape perfectly visible. Her chest was something so wide, that no metric tape could handle it. Her pecs came out from her chest at least 3 feet, striated beyond belief. On top of them were two spheres of tit flesh, big like basketballs, and impossibly firm. Her face had remained with the same innocent expression, except for her eyes that were now completely blank, and the fact that she had grown a couple of long fangs.

    Bliss never knew what happened next. In a flash, Buffy was standing next to her, and had delivered a punch, full force to her. She flew twenty blocks away, crashing with every building that stood in her way. She finally crashed with the reinforced wall of Sunnydale’s bank vault, but to her dismay, the entire building collapsed over her. The pile of boulder sized rocks that was over Bliss was removed effortlessly with a single blow by the slayer. She grabbed bliss by her neck, and sung her back to the park. Bliss flew through the air, until she hit with the ground, and slided through the mud. She finally stopped a few feet away from Buffy’s friends. The slayer reached her in no time, and was now standing over her. Buffy grabbed the straps of the creature’s skimpy outfit, and spoke in the deepest and most sensuous voice imaginable.

    “You will beg me to kill you.”

    Releasing her left hand, but keeping the hold on her right, Buffy began to deliver a dozen of punches to Bliss’ face, each blow, harder than the previous. When pummeling Bliss’ face became boring, Buffy grabbed her by the ankles, and began to spin around. The speed increased rapidly, until they were a blur, and smoke began to form because of the friction between Buffy’s feet and the grass. Buffy released Bliss’ ankles, sending her high in the air. Bliss flew in a straight line for some seconds, until she began to decelerate, to finally stop and begin the trip down back to the ground. Back at sea level, the slayer was waiting her, arms wide open. Bliss realized she was on a collision course with the slayer, but to her surprise, instead of moving, Buffy began to inhale, an evil grin forming on her face. Buffy expanded her chest, flexing her pecs to the maximum, and eagerly waited for Bliss. The monster bounced off the slayer thick pectoral tissue, and landed next to the scoobs. Meanwhile Buffy had received the full impact of Bliss and her chest, and hadn’t moved an inch, or felt anything at all. Standing on her hands and knees, Bliss looked at the gang, but especially at Willow, who was still in shock for the resent events. Coughing blood, Bliss tried to talk, but her voice came out cut and very low.

    “My time … might have … come. But mark … my … words … witch, you have … let loose … the monster that laid … within the slayer … that was the price … the first one paid … remember … what she really is…”

    Willow looked at Bliss, a quizzed expression on her face. Before she could comprehend the events that had unfolded, Buffy had taken Bliss and was holding her in her arms.

    “It’s useless to continue this fight, I’ll finish it once and for all.”

    With that, Buffy bite Bliss on her neck. Blood began to flow out of the wound, and Buffy sucked in all, not leaving a drop. As Buffy kept on sucking, Bliss body began to shrink; returning to the size and shape of the poor woman that was that night walking through an alley. The woman had returned to her former self, but Buffy kept on sucking, until the woman was completely empty, not a bit of life force left inside her body. Buffy dropped the lifeless body, now the vampires’ facial features clearly visible on her face. She let out a passionate scream, and shouted out loud, to no one in particular:


    THE END (?)


    "She had achieved a size and definition only possible inside the mind of a twisted writer."


    Very neat story and too bad they couldn't salvage poor Bliss, she was selfish magical toxic waste given life, some salvation like the former demon Anya recieved.

    Now that Buffy's a dangerous creature who's to say she won't go down INTO the Hellmouth and show some Big Bad's who's boss.  👿

    PS-The properly copyrighted People's Eyebrow had me rolling. Mark Ruhl should show up in one of your stories just to mention "Wow this woman is so impossibly developed it puts ME to shame!"  :mrgreen:


    It's just fantastic!
    The Beast… from within has emerged!!
    Can't wait for a sequel…

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