Cursed Lace

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    Maxine had the whole evening planned. She had finished her work early so that she could go shopping before her husband got home. All the food for the dinner had been bought the day before and all now Maxine had to do was buy some new lingerie to surprise her husband on their anniversary.

    Maxine was headed to the main department store along Main Street when she saw a neon light flashing down a small side street. The street itself was like every other in the city, well kept and clean, with a few newspaper sheets blowing across the road. Intrigued, Maxine went to the shop and looked through the crystal clear window. Inside she saw all manner of female clothes, and looking above she saw the title, Female clothiers and Tailor, clothes made the same day.

    This surprised Maxine herself, she owned a couple of tailored suits for work and they had taken a couple of weeks until they had been ready for collection. Maxine thought that she could get something tailored to suit her own and her husbands desires, so she stepped through the door. Behind the wooden counter was a kind looking gentleman and a woman who appeared to be his wife. Speaking to the shop proprietor, Maxine explained her wish and soon he agreed to produce something within the next hour.

    The lady besides the owner, took Maxine’s measurements and disappeared behind the drapes that lead to the rear of the shop. All of a sudden the owner began to sing a soft gentle lullaby that Maxine found entrancing. Seemingly, he stopped right after he had started, and beside Maxine stood the woman who had gone off to make the lingerie.

    In her arms was a black lace gown that was almost see through, on top of the gown lay a beautifully patterned wonder bra style brassiere and a pair of slim line knickers. The shop owner motioned Maxine to try the outfit on, and pointed to a well lit changing room. Feeling at ease with the old couple, Maxine obliged them, taking the outfit and made her way to the changing room. The cubicle smelt of summer fruit essence and made Maxine feel quite pleasant as she changed. The full length mirror reflected her slim figure back to her, letting her see the fabulous work of the tailor.

    The hourly chime of her digital watch broke her reverie and Maxine suddenly realised that she was going to be late to cook the dinner for that night. Quickly dressing, not bothering to take off the soft lace, Maxine thanked and paid the kind couple for the exquisite work they had done and left. Behind her the shop owner and woman smiled to each other pleased they had successfully changed another persons life.

    Traffic had been light and Maxine was glad that she had made good time as she drove into the driveway. Inside the spacious two bedroom house, Maxine quickly set to work making dinner, as she did her thoughts turned to how things would be in the bedroom for her and Rob, her loving husband. Maxine slowly became aroused at the thought of what would happen and she slowly became wet to the touch. Under her smart trousers and blouse, the lace underwear she wore from the tailor shop responded the arousal state of Maxine.

    The bra cupping her b-cup bosom swelled her breasts slowly until they were full to the point of overflowing the lace. At her crotch, the lace massaged her clit ever so gently Maxine never felt the arousal until she almost climaxed at the sink. Steadying herself Maxine composed herself and resumed her work making dinner. Her underwear continued it’s work. Maxine had finished preparing the food and was about to begin the cooking when she felt faint suddenly.

    Putting down the saucepan, Maxine went to the bathroom to freshen herself up. As she walked to the bathroom, she passed the full length mirror she used to check her appearance before going to work each day. Working in the kitchen had rumpled her blouse and she straightened it. Doing this she made her way back to the kitchen but as she did she noticed something quite extraordinary.

    Rob Smith

    Come on, come on, don’t leave us hanging! 🙂 🙂


    I didn’t know the pretorian were so crual, letting us waiting for a such good beginning story… aargh!!!! 😈


    ha ha ha ha ha.

    I’m glad you all like it.

    I’ll be finishing it soon.

    ha ha ha ha ha


    Great story praetorian. I’m definitely becoming a fan of your work. Do you have your stories compiled anywhere yet?



    I have a bookshelf on Diana the Valkyrie’s website under the title of Storyteller.

    Thanks for your compliment.


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