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    Women's Physique world http://www.wpw.net is featuring a new muscle woman, Danielle Smith, who is 5'2" 180 pounds and 24 years old!!!!  That's eight inches shorter than me and thirty pounds of muscle heavier than me!!!!  She is phenomenal, and is only known to WPW.  In an effort to let her know that there is a lot more support for muscular women in this world, check out her photo shoot and if possible support her in any way possible.  How she grew so enormous at the young age of 24 is an incredible feat that needs to be shared far and wide. 

    Here are some pictures:

    👿 😀 👿


    Is no one interested in new talent to our world,I hope this is not the case, and the best way to encourage a bodybuilder like Danielle to stick around is for us to support her in any way we can, which in this case is by simply taking a look at the WPW samples and building up the number if hits on their site so they know that she is worthy of further attention!

    I personally would like to see more women bodybuild and i try to support ANY newcommers where ever possible, including our Kuli !


    I’ve seen these. Impressive size for sure.


    Wow I'd love to look like her~! ^_^

    Heh don't worry you guys gave me the push to join the gym in the first place and that's often the hardest step. All I have to do now is keep going regularly and who knows maybe one day… 😉


    It's quite a sight to see a fireplug femme phenom the likes of Danielle Smith!

    I'm getting Tina Lockwood flashbacks.

    The fact that she's well inked suggests she might be headed to the World Wildlife Fund.. or is the WWE  😉

    Quite an incredible combination of muscle density and no place for it to go but out  😮

    Here's hoping she takes herself as far as she can while still remaining healthy and happy. If only for the selfsih desire on may part to see a more conditioned echo of Miss Lockwood. 👿

    A thousand thank you's for the update on Danielle, ratlaf! :mrgreen:

    Her genetics and her work ethic really have complimented each other in this case.

    PS Good luck on your own journey into sinew Kulli. It's awful brave of you to take control of your physique's status. 🙂


    She looks great. It'd be nice to see her in the WWE or something but I think they're in bimbo wrestling mode again over there.

    David C. Matthews

    Hate to be the one to strike the sour note here, but…

    My disaffection (to put it mildly) for tattoos competes with my love for female muscle; and when the skin ink is as extreme as this, unfortunately, they really, really put me off.

    As one poster amusingly phrased it at the Unreal Muscle message board (no doubt referring to this pic, "So she's saying that her cooch is on fire?"

    (There seems to be something about FBBs named "Smith"… Brenda Smith also seems to be fond of working hard to build muscularity, then obscuring it with tacky tattoos (sorry for the redundancy))


    She looks delightful, though I suspect she may be taking steroids.  It would certainly explain the short stature and the inordinately heavy body, but I've never seen a steroid user looking so attractive either.  I wonder if she is endorsing any products now.  I might buy her cereal 🙂

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