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    Deep Cover Op.

    Note: Characters and concepts named from the TV show “Alias”, are not my creation, and I do not take credit for creating those characters, all other characters not from the show, are my creation and a product of my twisted mind.  Enjoy.

    “This man is Dane Kaufman.” Sloane began the briefing with the usual background info. “Kaufman is the head of an international courier service that specializes in high security, high risk transports.  We recently hired him to transport one of our Rambaldi artifacts and he’s since double crossed us.  We need to recover the artifact and deliver it to it’s final destination.
    “How do we know he hasn’t already sold it to the highest bidder,” asked Ben, my partner.
    “Because Kaufman is an avid collector of Rambaldi and is keeping it for himself.” Replied Sloane.  “He fancies himself an expert, which is laughable.  Never-the-less, he has broken his contract with SD-6 and we need to remind him, and everyone else, what happens to people who do not hold up their end of the bargain.  Now, this is a voluntary assignment given the particulars of Kaufman’s Organization and in this case, his perversions.”
    “Perversions?” I asked somewhat worried.
    “He has a preference in the type of courier he hires.  In this case, extremely muscular women.  He has developed technologies that allow his couriers to rival, and in some cases exceed the muscularity of male bodybuilders.”
    At this point several images of women more muscular than any human I’d ever imagined appeared on the screen.  The last picture to appear was my own face on a body of impossible muscularity, which was a bit of a shock.  My feelings of repulsion, and wild excitement at the raw animalistic power these women possessed must have shown itself a little on my face, because Sloane smirked.
    “A bit unusual aren’t they?  Unfortunately in this case we have no other options for infiltration.  This will be your cover.”
    “My cover?” I asked.
    “Yes, we have acquired Kaufman’s tech and are going to use it to transform you into a courier that he will then hire.  You will then locate, extract and deliver Rambaldi’s manuscript to our analysis labs in Germany.  In addition you will give us as much information as possible about his courier network and who is to replace Kaufman after you dispatch him, insuring that his replacement will remain loyal to us.  Marshall?”
    The squirrelly, hyper-active and hyper-intelligent Marshall stood up, “So, do you all remember when the microscope was invented?  Well, I don’t either, I wasn’t even alive then, and neither were all of you, but it opened our eyes to how the world was structured, and it’s kind of ironic that the better the microscopes got the more structure we discovered, it’s enough to make your mind go poof, and blow, well it makes my mind, yours may not actually make that sound, it’s the sound I hear in my…”
    “Oh, yeah, well when I say small I mean small, like nano technology.  Kaufman has developed nanites that build muscles in women.  These are teeny tiny micro machines made of organic molecules that enter your muscles, Angela, they won’t enter your muscles Ben, because you’re obviously male, and the very lovely and very tall Angela here is… well his original design took years to take full effect, to make you look like these pictures I morphed for this meeting, actually there’s a large number of these images on the web but none of them were up to my standards so I made these better than any I’d seen on the web, I hope it wasn't too shocking to see how much potential you have Angela, because with your height you'll be able to grow more muscle than usual and well, we'll get to that, so, anyway, I, am a genius, I’ve modified their programming so that they only take months to take full effect, of course it’ll be a lot more painful for you and we’re going to need to assign you a cook and a masseuse, but we can do this and make it work.  You’ll need the cook because you’ll need to fuel your new muscles and that’ll take lots and lots of food, and the masseuse is to get your growing muscles to stretch and relax.  But I’ll get into more detail later because it would, well, it’s really quite ingenious…”
    “Thank you Marshall.  As stated this is a voluntary assignment, however, based on your previous deep cover experience, we feel you’d be the best agent for the job.  Sydney is needed elsewhere, especially given the unique circumstances of the cover.  If you decline we’ll find an agent who will take this assignment and it will reflect badly on your dedication to this agency.”
    “There’s no need for that, I’ll do it.”  I said with that same mixture of revulsion and excitement flowing all through my soon to be transformed body.
    “Excellent, as I expected.  Marshall will brief you on the procedure and Ben will arrange for your support staff.  That’ll be all…, and Angela.  Thank you.”
    As we all got up and left the conference room I saw Sydney, her father, and her partner coming in for the next meeting with Sloane.  I looked down and nodded to her in a cordial way and she looked up and gave me a hint of a smile.  I’d only seen her several times over the past three years due to my sporadic visits to the office.  I always got the feeling from her that she had something else going on.  I didn’t know if she was cheating on her husband/boyfriend, or what, but it seemed like she was two people.  I was sometimes out in the field for nine or more months before returning for my next assignment.  This assignment would be my longest yet, and most of it would be the prep time for my cover it seemed.  I was scheduled for op tech in half an hour, in the mean time I refined my final report from my last mission and sent it to Sloane, and the various other members of SD-6 who required a copy.  My cover story came through as well and I began to memorize that.  I wouldn’t get all of it in twenty minutes, but it was a start.
    My story for my fiends and family: I was to be re-assigned to a branch of Credit Dauphine in Prague for eighteen months in order to broker a huge corporate merger.  While there I was to meet a local bodybuilder who would then get me hooked on the sport.  My body responded immediately to the workouts and I began to grow more and more muscular.  We would take several images of my growth and send them to friends and family at a much slower interval than my own transformation was to take.  This was intended to prepare them for my eventual size upon my return to the normal world.
    Time for op tech and the unusual but always sweet Marshall.  Ben joined us and Marshall outlined what was to happen to me over the next three to four months.  “So, today you’re going to receive three injections of nanites, two hours apart.  This will flood your system with an above average dose.  Now these are the refined nanites and will be more effective that the originals.  You’re also going to need to up your caloric intake starting right now.  You’ll probably be able to eat as much as you want and you’ll still be hungry.  After the first night the masseuse will help your muscles to relax and give you a stretching routine in order to maintain your flexibility.  The nanites operate on a day/night cycle.  In order for muscles to grow they need to be torn down and re-built at a larger size.  The nanites will tear down your muscles at night, and re-build them during the daytime.”
    “The side effect of this cycle is that you’ll wake up extremely sore, almost to the point of not being able to move, until after the masseuse had done his magic, after that you’ll probably eat any amount of food you can get your hands on.  Of course there may be other side effects that we don’t know about, but nothing medical, they’re perfectly safe for humans.  We’re going to set you up in a suite in the building and give you everything you need.  This cell phone will route your calls through the cell towers in and around Prague while still using your cell number, and that will be your life, until you’re a gigantic Amazon who will probably be able to pick a guy like me up off the ground with one arm, well, maybe, who knows until you’ve tried, you know, you could try with me, after you grow some muscle, that is not to say you don't have any muscle now or else you wouldn't be able to move but, well, I’d be a willing subject if you want to try…anyway by that time you’ll be ready to be hired on as a courier.”
    The creepy guy who does the interrogations and executions silently gave me the injections, and within ten minutes I could feel all of my muscles, every single one.  It seemed like I had a highly detailed map of every single muscle in my body and I could feel and control every movement to the highest degree of precision.  It was an interesting sensation which quickly got out of hand when I focused on my vaginal muscles.  They were so sensitive and I had such a degree of control over them that I brought myself to within a hair’s width of an orgasm in about ten seconds, only by pure force of will and training did I keep myself from screaming at the top of my lungs as the best orgasm of my life ripped through me.  I’d save that for later when I was alone in my suite.  Every injection heightened this sensation, this muscular awareness and I assumed it was a result of the nanites being absorbed by my muscles. 
    After all three injections Ben showed me to my suite and introduced me to my cook, a hefty fellow named Chuck, he was obviously a cook, and a good one at that, and my masseuse, Julio.  After Ben left I sent Chuck away with our dinner order and took Julio bodily into my bedroom, where he willingly enough had sex with me, as if he had a choice in the matter to begin with, over and over as I explored every possible sensation and control I currently had over my muscles.  Chuck brought us dinner without batting an eye and even though I knew we were being watched I didn’t care, the orgasms were well worth it. 
    In the morning I woke up in agony.  I could move, barely, but it felt like every muscle in my body had been worked over by millions of tiny guillotines.  Julio immediately went to work and within an hour I felt good enough to move about and do the stretches Julio had prepared.  Chuck also brought breakfast and I wolfed everything down in ten minutes and asked for another round.  The rest of the day Julio and I had sex and relaxed in the posh suite they had set me up in.  Hot tub, sauna, exercise equipment and all the luxuries.  By the time it started getting dark out I was crashing hard, and by full dark I was out like a light.  I assume the nanites were gearing up for a night of wanton destruction within my now growing muscles. 
    That next morning I woke up screaming from the agonizing pain in my muscles as they all cramped at once.  Julio once again worked his magic and this time after an hour and a half I was finally able to move, even though I was still extremely sore.  Chuck brought twice the food he’d brought yesterday and I still asked for another course.  The rest of the day I spent recovering from the night.  By this time I’d lost the muscle sensitivity to the soreness and pain but I knew that the nanites were busily working away and that within a few more days I’d begin to see changes in my muscles. 
    I’d already gained four pounds over yesterday putting me at 209 pounds.  My 6’8” of height made me a very slender but well figured woman.  I never had a shortage of hot guys shorter than me wanting to get into my pants, and part of me enjoyed being the taller of the two halves.  Every once in a while though I searched for those elusive basketball players in the seven foot range because it also feels good to be the smaller of the two halves, once in a while.
    So this became the routine, wake up in agonizing pain, get a massage, stretch and eat, then half the day training for my mission and the other half fooling around with Julio until the sun set when I promptly dropped like a rock.  Within five days we were seeing definition develop in my muscles, and a week into the treatment my muscles were visibly growing from morning to evening.  One day I measured my arms in the morning at 12” and by that evening they were 13.25”.  I started gaining weight at an almost exponential rate and by the second week I looked to be as muscular as any female bodybuilder I could find pictures of on the web.  My height put me at 285 pounds however.
    I was bursting out of my clothes on a daily basis.  The shirts I would put on in the morning would begin to tear by lunch, and by dinner my muscles would totally destroy almost everything I was wearing.  My arms would rip sleeves, my shoulders would split the seams on shirts, and my legs would tear my jeans to shreds.  Even when I wore stretchy workout clothes, they would only last a day or two longer before my growing muscles would destroy those too.  It definitely put my growth into a very sharp perspective and while part of me found it really cool that I could burst through my clothes like some super hero, there was a little voice in the back of my mind wondering how long this was going to go on, it had only been two weeks after all, and Marshall had said this would take months, not weeks. 
    It was at this point that Julio began making excuses to leave after he had done his job.  Baffled at first, I quickly realized that while he could handle being with a woman ten inches taller than him, he couldn’t handle a woman who was so much stronger and especially so much more muscular than he was.  It sent me into an immediate spiralling depression as the part of me that was repulsed by those images of inhumanly muscular women, those that Marshall had made, asserted itself with a vengeance.  I couldn't get the image of myself as one of "them" out of my head.  I began to hate the changes to my body that SD-6 and the CIA had forced upon me, every detail of my change sent splinters into my eyes. 
    After a month I was easily as muscular as any male bodybuilder, with 24” arms and weighing in at 355 pounds, and I hated every ounce and inch of myself.  Julio barely made eye contact anymore, and even Chuck and Ben were treating me like you’d treat a caged zoo animal while you were in the cage with it.  I suppose some of that had to do with my own hatred and anger, but I could tell that my size had something to do with that as well.  They were intimidated by me and had no idea what I was capable of, actually even I didn't know what I was capable of, not yet anyway.  The only thing that kept me going was the thought that I was doing this for my country. 
    “I am a highly trained agent of the CIA working for the secret branch called SD-6.  It is my duty and a great honor to serve my country.”
    I repeated this sentence like a mantra and it got me through the days of isolation, training and loneliness.  I was only allowed intermittent contact with my friends and family and as per the schedule in my cover story I sent them pictures that were weeks out of date with reality, but showed enough progress to justify my eventual size.  I kept telling them that I had natural genetics for bodybuilding and that my genes were allowing me to break any and all preconceived notions about female muscularity.  They were predictably skeptical.
    After two months I had left the realm of human muscularity.  I was easily bigger and more muscular than any man had ever, and would ever grow.  My arms measured just over 35”, bigger than my waist, and I had more than doubled my original body weight, I was pushing 485 pounds of muscle onto a 6’8” frame.  It was disgusting.  I hated it, and I hated myself for agreeing to this, knowing the change was permanent.  I looked like some-one had come along and put a sack of potatoes under my skin.  Actually no, not potatoes, more like cantaloupe.  I had been filled with cantaloupes and I could barely move.  I did the stretches so I had full range of motion but it was muscles getting in the way of muscles.  I could barely brush my teeth because my biceps would bounce off my forearms, shoulders and chest muscles and when I tried to relax the offending muscle another one would have to flex to keep things balanced, and it would then get in the way, keeping my toothbrush away from my teeth.  It was infuriating.  Normal sized people didn’t have to worry about not being able to get keys out of their pockets.  My arms, chest, and lats were so big that every time I tried to reach into my pockets my lats and chest would flex and prevent my arms, which were also flexing, from being able to reach my pocket.  Normal people didn’t have to worry about not being able to tie their shoelaces because their thighs, chest and arms were so hideously muscular that I could barely reach past my knees without being stopped by one or another of my muscles.   Even when I was standing up and leaning over to try and touch my toes, my abs, hamstrings and glutes were so big that I had lost the ability to reach beyond my knees.  Brushing my hair was a joke.  Not only were my forearms, biceps and deltoids too big, my traps would hit my deltoids and my neck, jaw and ear, preventing my elbows from going any higher than parallel to the floor.  And when I flexed my disgusting arms I couldn’t even bring the angle of my arm past 90 degrees.  Actually I couldn’t even bring my arms to 90 degrees because of my hideous muscles. 
    All I wanted was out, out of this room, out of this job, out of this life.  Not even sessions with the psychologist helped my depression and the success of my mission was beginning to be questioned.  If I couldn’t pull through this and perform my duties they would replace me.  I had a sudden but very vivid image of that creepy guy giving me a different injection this time, one that I wouldn’t wake up from.  That had a way of clearing my mind and now I actively fought the depression, even though I still couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror or think about the changes to my formerly beautiful body.  They had ruined me.  I would never again be normal.  I would forever be an outcast from society, a freak show attraction you paid $2.50 at the carnival to see with your normal sized girlfriend.  You'd point and laugh at the hideously muscled woman who could crush your car into a ball of scrap metal but was too depressed and despondent with her state of being to do anything more than stare at you with that blank expression that zoo animals always have.  These images and scenarios kept playing through my mind until I had myself convinced that I was going to end up exactly like the sideshow freaks of yester-years.
    I suppose that kind of life wouldn't be too bad.  I could be the circus' strong woman and humiliate any man in the audience, bodybuilder or no, with my hideously humungous muscles.  I would probably be forced to bend bars of steel, and do various other feats of strength that normal people could only dream of doing, and I would hate every minute of it.  The audience would throw their popcorn and cotton candy at me and I would stand there dejected, taking it because this is the only life I'd be able to live and still be able to eat and feed my extremely hungry new muscular body.  Then after a time of miserable freakish loneliness I'd be so depressed and lacking the will to live that I'd go to sleep one night and never wake up again…
    Then, one night, they attacked….

    More coming soon…Ratty

    rick powers

    Great story so far, ratlaf. I love the angle you're taking with this, telling it from the perspective of the woman going through the changes. Although, I gotta say … she's freakin' huge 😮 Is she going to stay that way?

    Looking forward to the next installment.



    Very nice so far! And just my own $0.02, but the bigger she gets, the better. 😀


    I agree with bigger is better…..  😉 although when the Power Company gives a compliment like that, I'm flattered.  Here's a bit more…

    ….After a time of miserable freakish loneliness I'd be so depressed and lacking the will to live that I'd go to sleep one night and never wake up again…
      Then, one night, they attacked.  It was the hour of the secret police when the door was broken down and in rushed half a dozen armed men in battle armor.  I was awake within seconds, despite the nanites, my training was stronger than the pain.  By the time they reached my bedroom I was moving off the bed and rolling towards cover.  I was too slow.  My extra mass slowed me down because I still wasn’t used to my new size, or deep down I didn’t want to get used to my new body.  They shot tasers and tried to subdue me.  Oddly though, I barely felt the tasers, they were nothing compared to the daily soreness of my muscles in the morning.  Now there were three guys on me trying to restrain me, but I hadn’t moved, or rather they hadn’t moved me because I hadn’t let them.  So I stood up, and took the three guys with me, suddenly they were dangling from my arms and neck a full eight inches off the ground, and I barely felt any weight.  The three others saw my feat and tried to tackle me.  Now I had six 200 plus pound men attached to various body parts and they were totally ineffective in doing anything to me.  I stood perfectly still while they struggled and a thought began to grow in my mind.  I may be a grotesque mockery of a once beautiful woman, but I am strong!  Strong enough that six full grown, highly trained men were totally ineffective against one woman!  A slow rush of power and possibilities was growing within me and when the power filled me up to the bursting point, I flexed every one of my gigantic muscles.  The agents attacking me were thrown across the room and some through the walls.  I had dispatched a team of agents by flexing my mountainous muscle covered body, I didn’t even have to do anything, no punches, kicks, or dirty tricks they teach us women to use in situations where we’re out muscled.  I out muscled six men!  Six!  I couldn’t believe it and since I knew by this time they were our own agents, sent against me to show me my own potential I stood there with a slow smile forming on my face.
      Leaving the team to regain consciousness on their own I strode to Marshalls’ office, and as I expected he was working, analyzing the footage of what I just did.  I paused momentarily and watched as my body erupted with muscle when I flexed and the sight of so much animalistic power on a woman made me want what she had.  Then I realized that it was me, that was me, I was that woman with the muscles, I now possessed that raw animalistic power and I could do anything.
      “So Marshall?  You said you’d be a willing subject?”  I asked him coquettishly as I stepped up to him.  As he turned around in his chair I grabbed a handful of his shirt and proceeded to lift him out of his chair, off the ground and up into the air with one of my muscle bloated arms.
      “Hamna hamamana, iguubundum, um, what are you, what…”  stammered Marshall as I raised him almost to the concrete rafters with no apparent effort.  Actually I could have held many many more of him.
      “What do you think?  Am I strong enough now to be a courier?”
      “I, we, I mean, we knew you were wildly muscular but we had no idea how strong you were.  Sloane thought that six would be enough but now I’m not even sure that twenty would have been enough.”
      “Oh I don’t know, I’d like to try twenty, that may actually take some muscle, but of course when you have arms the size of watermelons, it’d probably take twice that many of you ‘men’ to take me down.”
      Marshall whimpered a bit as I flexed my now 38” arm, I was still a growing girl, in front of his face, I even added my shoulders, chest and lats to the flex and with a visible shudder Marshall turned into a blithering idiot with a raging hard on.  Here’s another aspect of my newly muscled body that I hadn’t even considered, that I would be attractive to men.  Here, however, was evidence to the contrary in my hand eight feet off the ground.  With comforting words I gently set him on the ground in front of me and as he regained his composure I wondered what type of man would find a muscular woman attractive.
      “Why Marshall?  Does my new body turn you on?”
      “What?! I mean yes, well, yes and no, I just don’t know why but you’re huge, bigger in real life that I ever dreamed, I just don’t want to say something wrong and have you crush my skull between your fingers because based on my calculations you should be able to do that, and, well, I really need to sit down now.”
      Marshall sat down and almost immediately stood up again, came up to me and looked up the 14 inches to my face and asked, “Would you flex for me?  I mean would you flex each part of your magnificent musculature, so that I can measure them, I need to collect data, and take photos, and video of you lifting and flexing, and well, I’m just trying to be thorough, I’m not really, well you’re lovely and all but…”
      “Marshall," I said as I bent over him and silenced his babbling with a finger on his lips that sent him staggering back a few steps, "enjoy yourself, I may not like the way I look, but the strength and power that I’m now capable of, excites me to no end.”  I told him adding a friendly and flirtatious smile.
      He nearly passed out.  He scurried to a nook and pulled out a scale with a height measure.  I stood on it and it creaked as Marshall adjusted the height to my 6’8” height that I’d been since I was twelve.  In a monster growth spurt when I was ten, I went from a giant five and a half foot tall ten year old, to my current height in about two years.  They were not the most pleasant years of my life.  I had killer headaches as my skull grew and at night I could actually hear my bones growing longer and thicker, it was disturbing to no end.  As he measured my height, I set the counter weights to find out how heavy I was.  After moving the big one to the 450 mark the small one slid almost to the 45 mark before leveling off.  I had added another ten pounds since yesterday!!  I hoped my strength and size would level off before I grew so muscular that my joints wouldn’t work at all.  He then pulled a step ladder out of the same nook and began to take my upper body measurements as I flexed each body part.  After measuring my arms at 38.25” he swayed and nearly fell off the ladder.  I steadied him and playfully picked him up and set him back on the ladder, only letting go when I could tell he would stand on his own.
      “Neck, 25 inches.  Shoulder to shoulder 46 inches!  Waist 32 inches.  Chest 102 inches!!  Legs 67 inches.  Calves 35 inches. My gods, what have I created?”  he asked as he fainted into my waiting arms.  After he regained consciousness he went about his work with his usual frenetic energy.
      “Well with everything we’ve learned from your transformation we should be able to make very good use out of these, and out of you.  Have you ever picked up a car?”
      “A what!!?”
      “A car, if my hasty calculations are correct you should be able to lift a car with no apparent effort.  Actually it’ll take quite a lot to take you down, well except for guns, there’s not much we can do about those except design a suit of body armor to match your new physique.  I also think that you’ve most likely stopped growing, at least based on the dose I gave you, I was hoping you’d turn out this well, well, this well muscled, it’s always been a secret dream of mine and well, not only do I have one of the best jobs in the world, now I also get to make my very own muscle women…I mean…not that I….I need to go to the, well, excuse me…”
      After Marshall scurried off in embarrassment after baring his soul to me I wandered up to the parking garage to my Suburban, I still had a few hours before business hours would begin.  As I stood there looking at the massive car that looked way to heavy for anyone to lift I caught sight of my biceps out of the corner of my eyes and for the first time since I became inhumanly muscular I flexed my arm to see exactly how big it really was.  I took off my blinders and as my arm grew more and more massive as I flexed it, I realized that here was a thing of beauty, that not only could my muscles provide me with the power to lift this very heavy car parked in front of me, but that my muscles could also be beautiful, possessing their own aesthetic appeal.  I realized that I was a muscle crazed freak, and proud of it.  I am beautiful.  I am the Hulk, actually I'm bigger than the Hulk, I could kick his ass, or, well at least give him a run for his money.  I am bigger than Hercules, I am stronger than Atlas, I am stronger and more muscular than any man, ever.  I am a woman!! and, I am ready for my mission.
      Without a second thought I stepped up to my car, put a hand under the frame and tilted the car on two wheels.  Then, reaching across the frame I gripped the frame and with some effort, but definitely not all the strength I now possessed, I hoisted the car over my head, where it promptly crashed against the roof of the very low parking garage that even I almost have to duck under while walking to my car, there was exactly half and inch of clearance between me and the ceiling when I wasn’t wearing heels, which I usually did, being even taller is fun.  Oops, should have done this outdoors, I'm an idiot.  I lowered the car back onto two wheels then gently set it down.  That was easy!  The damage was minor but I would need to bring it to a body shop and one of the doors wouldn't open, I didn't want to force it because I knew now that I would rip the whole door off the car, and that would be even more expensive.
      Once I was clear of the garage and most all prying eyes, even though I suspected I was being watched by satellite, and at least one surveillance team, I got out and went about lifting my car over my head again.  Just like before it was fairly easy, I could feel the weight of the car as I held it over my head, but while my muscles were working, they were not getting tired.  A thought zoomed through my head and I began to reposition my hands until I found a place on the frame in the middle.  Then with a noticeable effort I balanced the entire Suburban on one hand, using only one arm.  I could see my muscles expand as blood flowed into them as they worked to hold the weight, and it was hard, I could only manage a few minutes before I had to switch arms.  After both arms had their turns I worked on setting it down again.  That was exhilarating, amazing, I felt like a superhero, if only I could fly.  Before I knew it my hands were over my head in the classic Superman pose as he flew through the air, only my feet were still firmly planted on Terra firma, especially with gravity affecting me so much more now.  Chagrined, I threw a glance at the most likely cover for a surveillance unit, shot them a shit eating grin and shrugged.
      I went back home, and after showering my perfectly sculpted amazonic body, only Michelangelo himself might have had a chance of doing better, maybe, I prepared for a meeting I had Ben arrange with Sloane for that morning.  Then I was caught by the mirror like Bacchus.  I took my first long hard look at my beautiful new body.  I watched mesmerized as muscles grew and changed and hardened to warm marble as I flexed and moved.  No wonder Marshall was mesmerized by my new size.  Hell, any self confident man who realizes that a woman is so much more than a different body would fall instantly in lust with a woman who possesses this vast amount of raw animalistic power.  A woman is so much more, her personality, her intuitions, her logic, her voice, her speech patterns, her movements, her smile, that look in her eyes, her feelings, her insanity, her confidence, her beauty, her essence, and then, of course, there's always those glorious organs between our legs capable of creating life and oh so much pleasure, which just so happened to flare up into an almost overpowering urge to crash through the walls, grab the more than willing Marshall and fuck him senseless 'till I was satisfied.  Later!  Later.  For now I've this meeting and the mission to focus on.  Ooohh, I can't wait to bend the gun barrel of a tank into a pretzel and then throw that tank into an attacking helicopter.  The possibilities were endless, walls to be crashed through, fences and twenty foot walls to be jumped in a single leap, semi trucks as blunt objects to be swung at rampaging hordes, motorcycles to be thrown like molotov cocktails, cars to be thrown like grenades, light poles to be thrown like spears, and of course, big trees to be wielded like baseball bats.
      "Angela, come in.  I'd ask you to sit but these chairs are only rated to 250 pounds and since you're now more than double that…"
      Sloane began our meeting but cut off as I sat in one of his chairs.  It didn't collapse because I was using my wonderfully muscular legs to support the majority of my weight, which also made them flex to glorious proportions.  It wasn't even difficult to sit this way.  His eyes widened a bit but otherwise his expression remained unreadable.  I'd hate to play poker against him.
      "You have more potential than we anticipated and I must say I'm very happy to have you on our side.  After this recovery mission we'd like to place you in a more active role within the agency.  You alone will strike fear into the very hearts of our enemies.  We're thinking of having you appear on the scene as an independent agent who shows up at the most unlikely places at the most unlikely times, with no apparent allegiances, which means we will arrange for you to be hired by K-Directorate, and this new player called The Man.  We're still trying to give him a name."
      I was thrumming with anticipation at what Sloane was giving me.  I would be the most powerful and most sought after agent in the world, with the appearance of being freelance, although I'd still be doing good things for my country.  My muscles were visibly expanding from the increased blood flow due to my excitement.  I also had to restrain myself from crashing through the walls to Marshall's office, not yet, not yet.
      "In any case, Angela, we have arranged for you to meet with Kaufman's recruiter, a woman by the name of Tabitha Clark, who, at six feet tall and 310 pounds is the largest courier they have.  You will, of course, overwhelm and impress her with your new size and they will send you on a test mission, which, I believe, you will waltz through like a stroll in the park."
      A picture appeared on the screens of my contact and on top of the desire to crash through the wall, I suddenly wanted to reach into the monitors and rip her out into this world and make love together like two Goddesses as they bring about the birth of all reality.  I now understood the attraction of a muscular woman, it was so contrary to everything we had been told that a woman should be that by it's uniqueness alone, it was erotic and irresistible.  I couldn't wait to meet her.
      "Please, keep yourself focused on your mission, and thank you again, Angela, for everything you've done for us."
      I stood up to my full height, plus the four inch heels I had Marshall make, and shook Sloane's hand, careful not to break any bones but still bearing down hard on his hand.  Again his expression never changed and I realized that here was a man who I would never be able to intimidate.  He was more hard core than I would ever be and I realized that for all my new strength and power, I was totally at his will and mercy.  Surprisingly, this also turned me on, I had the physical superiority but he would always be stronger than me.  He was probably the only man on the planet with this position but I had to stifle the urge to rip all his clothes off and take him into me right then and there.  I could read in his eyes that he would be willing and also enjoy it, but he was old enough to be my father, he's married, with grandkids, and he's my boss, we're in the office surrounded by everyone.  Well, I suppose I can't have everyone I'm attracted to, for now Marshall will do just fine.
      Once again, as I was leaving the conference room, by the door, I passed Sydney and her partner.  This time both of them stopped and looked at me with expressions not as well veiled as Sloane's was.  Sydney especially looked flushed and excited, I could tell she wanted some of what I now had, so that she could do her job better as well.  I gave her a wink and went to op-tech for my gear.
      My flight would leave in two weeks, which was the earliest contact we could make with Kaufman's recruiter.  So I had some time to enjoy myself in the solitude of my suite.  As expected Marshall was more than willing, in fact after that work day he showed up at my door, unexpectedly, with a bottle of champagne.  I invited him in from my towering seven feet of augmented height and all he could do was stare up at my beautiful face surrounded by an impossible mass of muscle.  So I picked him up around his waist and kissed him while smothering his body with my muscles.  He was so much cooperative jelly in my hands that we had a wonderful evening of food and sex.  He could have died happy and I enjoyed feeling like a woman again, feeling his tiny male body against my gigantic counterpart made me very happy and satisfied.  I definitely enjoyed being the bigger of the two halves and he clearly enjoyed being the smaller.  I knew that soon I'd want to be with someone my size and the image of my contact swam into my brain and right then I had multiple orgasms, on top of the ones I'd just had with Marshall, it was stunning.  I fell asleep with a smile on my face for the first time in two months.
      I passed the down time by training, getting used to my new body and what it was capable of, thirty foot walls were a joke, and every once in a while Marshall wouldn't be able to stay away and I'd take him into me as if he were the sex doll that he secretly wanted to be with me, but I sensed that there was nothing deeper between us than physical superiority and my theory was proved a day later, four days before I was to leave.  We got a new hire into the office, who, I could tell, was a perfect match for Marshall, mentally and personality wise as well.  The fact that she was also six inches taller than him helped as well.  Almost immediately Marshall picked up on their similarities and he promptly stopped coming to me, and directed all his squirrelly, stammering attention on her.
      I also saw Sydney a day before I was to leave and I must admit that I was startled to see changes in her as well.  Apparently she had convinced Sloane to give her the nanites as well because she looked to be carrying as much muscle as a super heavyweight female bodybuilder.  She wasn't as big as a male bodybuilder but she put any average man to shame with her slender, shapely yet somehow still massive new muscles.  Then I took another look around the office and realized that all the women were more muscular than they had been not two weeks ago.  I suppose they felt it was in their best interests to tap the full potential these nanites offered.  It made me even more proud because my service to the agency had made this possible.  It was the data, and measurements, and pictures and videos that Marshall had collected, and not all for official use I suspect, that gave them the control to make their women as strong as required.  I even learned that they had categories that went from FBB, MBB, 5MBB, 10MBB, 25MBB, and 50MBB.  I was categorized as 10MBB, but it shook me that they were planning to, or already had, made a woman who was five times my size.  How tall would she have to be to fit that much muscle onto her skeleton?  Eight feet, ten feet, or even fifteen feet tall?  I had no idea but I knew that Marshall did.
      In his office his new girlfriend Tracy was giving a blood sample to the Interrogator, and as I walked in they both left on business of their own.  I grilled Marshall and all it took for him to spew what he knew was for me to do a partial full body flex.  I love this new body!  He said that he was developing nanites that also activated the growth plates of bones, allowing us to increase a woman's height as well.  I was to become their first 25MBB test subject, and they were going to test only one 50MBB but he wouldn't tell me who.  I remembered the blood that Tracy was giving and kept my suspicions to myself.  I also introduced myself to her in an effort to become friendly with each other in case my hunch was true.  The new nanites weren't ready yet so I'd have to wait until after this op was completed.  Talk about motivation!  I couldn't wait.
      The op only took two months….

    and what an op it will be    😮


    Great new part. I really the balance you are giving at the story as you show at Angela wanting to use her strength to accomplish what her desire wants, but she keep herself in control. Very nice.

    I can't wait to see what she will look with the upgrade.



    Here's one of her upgrades… 👿

                    The op only took two months.  I met with their recruiter, Tabitha, and when we met I looked down on her and flexed.  She didn't even bat an eyelash and without another word gave me my first job.  For some reason my size didn't seem to impress her, and I was curious as to why.  The job was easy, they even tried to intercept me but of course they sent men, and they didn't have a chance.  I could see why Kaufman used the type of couriers he did.  They seemed vulnerable until they went into action and became devastation itself. 
    "I don't know where you acquired our tech, but I suppose being the heir to the Daunton fortune can help."  Tabitha began when I reported back to her.
    "Like I said I don't care, just don't rely on your new size, it doesn't mean much anyway."
    "I'm confused."
    "Arm wrestle me."
    I obeyed her command and we squared off across her desk.  She said go and as my muscles flexed and expanded to their now 40" size, her 26" arm remained the same size and amazingly didn't move.  I worked for about a minute before she brought my arm down to the table with more than enough power to make me feel as weak as Marshall feels when I manhandle him.
    "As I suspected you acquired an older version of the nanites and pose no threat to us.  Once you've proven you can be trusted we will upgrade you and given your size you will go far in our organization.  Welcome."
    Confused and a little worried I went to my apartment in Rome where they placed me and I began to work.  I now had an additional objective, which is how these things usually work, and six weeks later I was invited to meet Kaufman.  He was a ferret like, skinny man about six feet tall who reminded me strongly of a ruthless and ambitions Marshall.  I could see why and how he had put together his little organization of Amazons.
    "So you're the new recruit, and weak as a baby from what I hear."
    I endured this in silence even though I had fended off a five car, twenty five man attempt to steal the cargo on my most recent run, which he knew very well as he chuckled to himself.
    "We've been working hard to find out why the heiress of the Daunton fortune would do this to herself, then come looking for this line of work."
    I could tell he meant that they were trying to find out who I was really working for, but of course Marshall was far better than they were.
    "The only reason I could come up with was the desire for power, hunger really, which makes me skittish to give you the upgrade because then none of my girls would be able to handle you should you get ideas in your pretty little head."
    "So what I'm going to do is have Stacy here observe your work, and if she gives me the green light, and I trust her explicitly, you'll get what you want.
    Stacy looked somewhat surprised at her assignment and extremely happy, then quickly covered it up.  She makes a good courier at 5'9" and 289 massive pounds of muscle, but an agent she will never be, I could tell that she wanted me and that she would be so much putty in my hands within a day.
    Kaufman didn't notice the exchange between Stacy and I and dismissed me.  Stacy accompanied me back to Rome and all the way there and as we were moving her into my flat I sent her signals that were irresistible, and by the time we had finished dinner she attacked me over desert with a kiss so intense and passionate that I was the one to nearly faint.  She was strong, much stronger than I was and she very easily took me, and we made love that night like two Goddesses giving birth to creation.  I had never been with a woman before but we instinctively knew exactly how to touch each other and even though I didn't think it was possible but orgasms with her, as she overpowered me, were even better than any orgasm I'd had with a man.  It was epic, biblical in it's repercussions on my soul. 
    A week of working and living with Stacy was all it took before she broke down and against Kaufman's better judgment, gave me the approval for the upgrade.  The thought of so much more strength and power in my body was more than Stacy could handle.  I was thrilled to become even stronger and not gain any size.  They explained to me, as they injected new nanites, that their muscle density was four times the normal density of human muscle, allowing them to blend in with the normal people a bit better yet still achieve a greater strength than ever possible in the past.   I could feel the effects almost immediately, it felt like all of my muscles were very slowly flexing without my telling them to.  I stayed the same size but that feeling of constant tension and flexing continued to increase until it felt like I couldn't move.  When I tried to move, however, I found that everything worked like normal and that very quickly the world seemed like a very light playground of toys to be flung about like feathers.
    Then they gave me the book.  They actually gave me Rambaldi's journal because I was now the biggest and strongest courier they had.  Stacy was as weak as a child to me now and when I arm wrestled Tabitha our positions were reversed.  It was amazing and intoxicating.  I could see how I could become power hungry very quickly and actually decided to keep my upgrade a secret from SD-6.  Tabitha was poised to take over after Kaufman, then Stacy, so that part of my mission would now be easy, since I have Stacy wrapped around my finger.  The night before I left I gently asked her if she'd like being in charge of the courier service.  Without raising suspicion I convinced her that she's ready to be in charge and to leave it to me.  Like I said she'd never be an agent and my training came from the best in the world.  I detected no hint of betrayal, just loyalty.
    I simply had to run the book, literally, from Cairo to Casablanca to where Kaufman and Tabitha were waiting.  It would take a week, and it’ll be hot but I'd be along the Mediterranean and things were going a little too well.  I suspected a set up, but it turned out to be only an ambush, not a test.  They set on me in Tunisia with four small tanks, two attack helicopters and an even six amphibious assault vehicles.  Whoever they were they knew my potential and came prepared.  As far as I knew there was only one other agency who knew my potential and I realized that this was part of my set up to be a freelance agent for hire by anyone, and if that meant taking out my own people, so be it.
    I broke into a sprint, dodging the shells they fired at me and when I reached the first tank, I fulfilled one of my fantasies and bent to barrel into a quick pretzel.  It felt like silly putty in my hands.  Cool!  I leapt away from that tank just before they fired into their barrel and destroyed themselves.  I landed between two other tanks and grabbed the frames of each tank, one in each hand, lifted them up and smashed them together like cymbals over my head.  Each tank was now easily half the thickness it should have been which made them perfect frisbees.  I had to leap out of the way of the fourth tank as it fired, and almost collided with one of the helicopters 45' in the air, who panicked and fired a missile that went well wide.  I landed at a run and threw my makeshift frisbee tanks at the AAV's taking out three of them in a fiery explosion.  I had to duck and roll again because that pesky fourth tank kept firing at me.  I sprinted over to it and picked it up by the barrel, it felt like a Louisville Slugger to me, he he he, I shook it hard enough to stop the crew from doing anything stupid like firing useless shells at me.  Now the helicopters were in full pursuit and I had to run for it.  There were rock outcroppings nearby and I used them to weave enough to get around one of the choppers.  I leapt off a cliff and used my tank-bat to swat it out of the air like the angry hornet that it was.  Unfortunately at that moment the other chopper fired a missile at me and since I was still in mid air and couldn't change my fall I did the only thing I could do.  I threw my tank-bat at the missile destroying both.  I liked my tank-bat.  You'll pay for making me loose my tank-bat!  I landed, making a crater about three feet deep and immediately flexed my now even stronger leg muscles into a 65' foot leap that took me directly into the path of the other chopper.  Despite the pilot's best efforts I latched on to the tail, and proceeded to rip the tail off like it was tin foil.  By this time our trajectories had taken us back to the beach and when the chopper started to go down I threw the pieces away from me because I didn't want to incinerate the book that was still in my backpack.  I landed on the beach and had just time enough to plant my feet and flex my muscles to their massive maximum, when one of the AAV's crashed head on into me.  I was shoved back about ten feet due to the soft surface but the vehicle was totaled.  This was fun!  I still had two more coming at me so I waited for the closest one to reach me and then punched it's nose into the sand, followed by an uppercut that sent it about thirty five feet out into the ocean.  The last one was trying to make a clean getaway but I sprinted up to it, even though it was going about 35 miles per hour on this beach, and lifted it up off the ground with one arm, treads spinning uselessly.  I had had my fun so I walked back up to the rock formations and balanced it upside down on a formation about 50 feet tall that I climbed with the help of my other free arm.  I felt a little like King Kong as I climbed. 
    Wow!  ”I'd like to see the Hulk match that with the same ruthless efficiency” I thought as I surveyed my work.  The whole attack only lasted three minutes, and they were special forces to boot.  Of course the Hulk wasn't a woman; beautiful, sexy, tall, red-hair with freckles and an impossible tan for a red-head, wearing a bikini top and micro shorts, but I'd still do him if we ever meet.  Ha!  Only in my dreams will I meet a man, like the Hulk, who can handle me now, I was real, the Hulk wasn't.  I wondered what army it would now take to take me down?  Then I realized, thunderstruck, that they're going to make me even bigger, a 25MBB!!!  If I had only been a little power hungry before, I was voracious now. 
    "Patience," I told myself, "there's still a mission to accomplish before all that, then you can become the ultimate power in the universe.  You'll still be twice as strong as Tracy who'll be the 50MBB.  This is really going to be fun.  Maybe, I can…"
    I noticed I was talking to myself as I strolled down the beach away from the wreckage I had created, and smiled to myself.  Life was now very very good.
    When I arrived in Casablanca I went to the meet and right on time came Tabitha and Kaufman.  “No trouble I expect?” Kaufman asked.
    “Just a bit, I had to take out a tac team in Tunisia but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, just a little workout.” I said as I pulled the book out of my pack.
    “Excellent, thank you so much Claire…” began Kaufman with his last words because the moment he touched the book I sent a punch directly into his chest, liquefying his organs and sending him flying through the wall, into the parked car on the street which slid across the street into another car which then also crashed into the wall of the shops on the far side before finally coming to rest.  At the same time I sent a kick into Tabitha’s windpipe, which was enough to stun her for a moment as she staggered backwards from my kick.  Recovering quickly she came at me but I was ready for her and using my upgraded strength I wrestled her until her ribcage was between my mammoth legs which I then flexed to their massive maximum size.  I had control of her with the strongest muscles on my body around the weakest ones on hers, but she was still strong enough to put up a fight and after three minutes of grappling and punching she finally began to fade from lack of oxygen.  Finally I was able to muster up enough strength to crush her ribcage, and her lungs with it.  I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the rest of the girls because by now Stacy will have taken command and another of my objectives had been achieved. 
    Now came the betrayal and establishment of myself as an independent agent for hire by anyone.  It pained me a bit to leave Stacy but this was my job and I have learned to be more detached from it than from the rest of my life.  Marshall had created a fake communiqué from three different interests which I now released, and, by the time Stacy had sorted through it all, it would look like everyone in the world had hired me to take down Kaufman and sell Rambaldi’s journal to the highest bidder on the open market, which of course would never happen because I was now headed for Germany and then back home.  Another mission accomplished.
    Back in L.A. I got off the plane and dominated the human swarm with my size, even though I was conservatively dressed so as to hide my muscles, my size, height, and bulk were impossible to conceal.  I got a few stares and points and even though I wished to reveal and revel in my glorious new muscles I knew that would blow my cover with the agency and attract too much media attention.  I wonder what my friends and family will say when I show them?
    I went home and even though I had prepared my roommate for my new size, she still stared in slack jawed amazement when I walked through the door, needing to turn sideways because of my shoulders.
    “Angela, you, you’re, you’re huge, you’re a Giantess, I didn’t think you could get any bigger but, but, this is impossible.” babbled the five foot tall 100 pound Sarah as I took off my jacket to reveal my muscles.  “How is this possible, I knew that you had become obsessed with bodybuilding from those pictures you sent, but I had no idea it went this far, you must be the biggest person on the planet, don’t you feel weird, isn’t it gross, are you still a woman?”
    “Of course I’m still a woman,” I replied heatedly, “and believe it or not there are Men who find me irresistibly attractive, but you’re right, I probably am the biggest person on the planet, and I’m going to get bigger too. 
    “Sure.  At first I hated it, but then I got mugged one night by three guys and I was stronger than all three of them!  Guys!  Three full grown strong men had no chance against me.”
    “So, after that I realized that it was better to be stronger, so I made myself as strong and as muscular as I could.  What do you think?”  I asked as I pirouetted and flexed at the same time.
    “Well, I don’t know, conflicted, part of me finds you totally disgusting, but you’re so incredibly strong, if only all of us had your strength, then we wouldn’t have to worry about men and their macho ways.  I’m stunned.  You’re gigantic. You’re…”
    “I’m still the same Angela from before, except now I can pick up a car too!”
    “A car!?”
    “Yeah, it’s fun, I’ll show you sometime.”
    And with that we were still friends, and other than her snuggling with me until she was surrounded by my gigantic muscles, everything stayed the same between us.  The rest of my friends had mixed reactions, only a couple of them couldn’t deal with the changes in me but the rest could see that it was still me inside all of that muscle.  Actually, my friend Kevin began to show an avid interest in me where before he hadn’t.  He’s a champion bodybuilder that puts all but a handful of men in the world to shame, and for some reason he was now interested in me. 
    He asked me out a couple days after I got back, and over dinner I asked him, “So why the sudden interest?”
    “Well, because you’re beautiful.”
    “And I wasn’t beautiful before?”
    “Heh!  Female logic, proceed with caution, of course you were beautiful before, only now, you’re my type of beautiful, I can’t get you out of my head and since we’re already friends all that awkward get to know you stuff is taken care of.  We can have a real conversation about real things and learn about who we really are.”
    “What about the fact that I can overpower you as if you were a wet noodle?”
    “Well, I love being a big strong man who can bench almost 800 pounds, but the thought of a woman, and my good friend, who can overpower a strong man like me makes me want to take you home and get you to let me make love to you for the next seven days and seven nights.  We’d have our own Arabian Nights because you’re the most amazing creation in the universe and I want you to be mine.”
    “Well, we’ll just see about that,” I responded as our food arrived.  Our conversation the rest of the night was as fluid, fun and hilarious as it had always been which was one of the things I loved about hanging out with Kevin, except now there was the distinct possibility that we would become lovers as well, which kind of excited me, so I decided to be a bit more cautious so that our friendship wouldn’t be destroyed in the process.  As he dropped me off and walked me to my door, we kissed under the full moon and it was wonderful.  His muscular male body complimented my muscular female body and while he was strong he had nothing compared to me, and as we kissed I bear hugged him almost to the point of unconsciousness which only heightened the kiss for him.  But when he tried to come in I stopped his 390 pounds as easily as a brick wall and when he looked the two inches up to me I gave him my most stunning smile and gently told him, “Not yet. But I’d like to take you out for lunch tomorrow?”
    “O.K., I’d like that.  Good night.” and with another kiss he left.  I was happy, not only had I had a crush on him for the longest time, I now had everything he wanted in a woman, and he was big enough that I wouldn’t destroy him even though he was no where near as strong as me, and I liked it that way.  Woo Hoo!  I went inside and gushed at Sarah all night as she lay in the crook of my arm which was almost as big as her entire body.
    At work the next day it was the usual post op routine, prepare my report, debriefing, pysch check, and a new one, strength check.  Apparently Marshall had constructed a device to test our new strength.  So here was the tricky part, I had to guess about when I was using a quarter of my upgraded strength and I think I got close, even though those numbers were still impressive.  My new size made me appear to be about ten times stronger than a male bodybuilder.  I dead lifted over 6000 pounds, even though I was capable of 24,000, I benched 5500 pounds out of my 20,000 plus pound potential, one arm curls with 2300 pounds of my 9000 pound potential, military press for 3000 pounds, out of 12,000 possible, and squats 10,000 out of my 40,000 potential.  No wonder I was able to take out those tanks and choppers so easily.  Now I had numbers to the limits of my strength, but still no point of reference that applied to the normal world, and it didn’t much matter because I would soon become even bigger, at least two and a half times bigger and stronger and if I can play it just right maybe even five times bigger than I am now.  Egad! that would give me at least a 45,000 pound one arm curl, I couldn’t even conceive how much power and strength that would give me.  The average car weighs between 4000 and 7000 pounds which means that I’d be able to one arm curl nine! Nine cars with one arm!!! I couldn’t wait!!! I marched right to Marshall’s office and asked him if the height nanites were ready yet.
    “They’ll, ah, be ready in a week, how do you know about those, no wait you flexed that info out of me, I remember, and now you’re going to flex a change in your status out of me too, aren’t you?”
    “Well, if you think that a weak little girl like me could use a bit more size and strength, I’d like to take Tracy’s spot for the 50MBB test.” I pouted, and as he had asked I flexed my muscles for him and when his eyes turned into dinner plates he obediently switched my test status and I solidified my future position as the ultimate power in the universe.
    “So how big do you think a 50MBB woman has to be to hold all that muscle?”
    “Well based on my calculations you’ll have to be at least eleven feet tall, which means that I’d be able to walk between your legs without having to duck under your hips.”
    Now it was my turn to have the dinner plate eyes.  At least eleven feet! I’d be beyond gigantic, I’d weigh well over 3000 pounds of towering muscle, no army in the world would be able to take me down then!  And Kevin would only come up to my hip, he’d be like a tiny little muscle doll to me, Aahh!!! I wanted the nanites right then and there, but I had to wait.  Instead I left the office for lunch and when I saw him there waiting for me I went over to him, picked him up with one hand, kissed him and took him back to my place where we had sex like two crazed animals in heat.  We destroyed my bed, shattered the jacuzzi tub, and broke down half the walls in the apartment but we were both so intent on each other that we hardly noticed.
    Hours later, when we were both exhausted and resting on what was left of the couch I told him, “I’m going to grow even bigger.” 
    He looked at me like a road-kill squirrel, and after a minute his wee little blood deprived brain processed what I had just said.
    “What!, How?”
    So I told him my cover story. “The doctors told me that the size of my new muscles has activated the growth plates in my  bones which means I’m going to have another growth spurt, just like the one I had when I was ten.”
    “But you grew over a foot then.  Does that mean you’re going to be almost eight feet tall?”
    “Actually the doctors said that because my muscles are so much bigger than anyone’s muscles have ever been, I’ll probably grow more like five feet taller.”
    “Five!” he said totally shocked and flabbergasted, “but that’ll make you almost twelve feet tall, you’ll be a Giantess!!”
    “Hush dear, you’re panicking, this is what I want, I can’t wait to be the biggest person in the world, I’ll be the ultimate power in the universe and you’ll be my man, even though you’ll only be as tall as my hip and only a big as one of my legs, but I can sense it’s what you want in your deepest desires, that’s why you work so hard to be the biggest man in the world, you want someone who can either be your equal, or surpass you.  Me?  I’ll make you feel like the man you want to be.
    “Say yes. Yes you want me to become your Giantess.”
    “My Giantess…yes, yes I do, I want you and I definitely want you to be my Giantess.”
    “I love you Kevin.”
    “I love you too Angela.” and like that we were engaged.
    In the end I grew twice as tall as I had been since I was twelve….


    13' 4" !!!!! HOLY ….!!!! Please, tell me that there will me more.

    Fantastic new chapter. I really like the battle scene with the army and very hot descriptions to show the sex scene with Stacy.

    I bet that Kevin is a very happy man now.



    …and the conclusion

                    In the end I grew twice as tall as I had been since I was twelve.  It took seven excruciating months and this time the sensation of my bones growing was much worse than the first time, and definitely more painful than growing muscle.  Tracy and I received the height nanites at the same time from the Interrogator, Tracy was already rivaling any and all men in muscularity on her 6’ frame, which put Marshall in his special heaven.  He still hadn’t had the idea to develop nanites to increase the density of muscle, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if the density of my own muscles were to increase even more.  I wondered how much strength and muscle the human body was capable of dealing with.  I should casually drop the idea to him and see what he comes up with, after all, I’ve been feeling rather weak, especially since I can’t even budge a 747, I tried the other night.
    It was fun to watch the entire world shrink as I grew.  Tracy was shrinking slower than the rest of the world but my growth quickly made her as short and puny as the rest of the little people.  Wow, what a feeling of superiority and power, even though I was in agonizing pain while my bones and muscles grew.  I was averaging a foot of height every month along with a proportional amount of muscle to go with that height.  Kevin, with his six and a half feet of height gradually went from eye level with my nose, to eye level with my neck, to eye level with my perky breasts, to eye level with my stomach, to eye level with my bellybutton, to eye level with my hip, to eye level with my bush, to eye level with my upper thigh which is where I finally stopped growing.  He had to duck only slightly in order to walk under my legs, and he had to stand on his tip toes in order to pleasure me.  I had orgasms simply because of the fact that he had to stand on his tip toes in order just to reach me.  I was Gigantic, my one arm alone was bigger than Kevin’s entire body, by a wide margin, and when I tried to lift a 747 at the airport, I was able to lift the nose off the ground and over my head, I still couldn’t get the entire jet off the ground.  Sigh, I’m still too small and too weak.
    Tracy ended up at nine feet two inches but my thirteen feet four inches simply made her a roach among gnats.  I began to look down on everyone with contempt for their puny size, I was their Goddess and they were all unworthy of me.  Everyone was small enough for me to swat them like mosquitoes and anyone who didn’t obey me at once ended up a Rorschach-Blot test on the nearest wall.  The first thing I did was have Marshall make nanites that would increase the density of muscle by a factor of ten.  He stammered a bit but when I lifted him up using just my index finger and thumb, nearly cracking his ribs in the process, he told me they’d be ready in three days.  I told him a day and a half, and he nodded his head in a panic to please me and spare his own life.  Only ten hours later I received the new nanites at my new base of operations in New York City.  What a rush of power!  The new nanites flooded my muscles with what seemed like an infinite amount of power.  I could topple skyscrapers with the flick of a finger, I could throw a 747 like a styrophoam glider, and aircraft carriers became an aerobic workout as I swam with one attached to my shoulders.  I had set up shop in NYC in order to carry out the next phase of my mission for SD-6, but it would also become the capital city of my new Empire. 
    The first order of business was to finally break through the walls of SD-6 and take Marshall and his nanotech to my Tower in NYC.  They put up a token resistance and while Sydney tried to take me out, which was a joke, Tracy offered to come with me so that she could be near her man.  I realized that while I had Marshall she would be a loyal lieutenant.  Then I began to recruit loyal subjects.  I began to show up at all the social events and parties and the men and women who weren’t worshipful of their own free will were taken by Tracy and either converted, or disposed of.  I had no use for anyone who didn’t see me as the supreme Goddess.  Tracy was also responsible for my church and the rituals, prayers and exaltations that went along with the required subservience to me.  By this time SD-6 had been taken down by the real CIA, and while it was a bit of a surprise to learn who I had really been working for, my new freedom allowed me to focus on more important matters, namely my Goddess-hood.
    I exerted my influence on the criminal element in the city and after a few months I had killed every leader of every criminal organization and taken command.  This bought me City Hall and within half a year the city was mine.  Anyone who even thought about challenging me ended up against a wall two blocks away where my cleaning crew brought only wet vacs and a jug of acid for the blood.  Kevin became my little muscle doll, and I played with him, and dressed him up and everything.  I did only dress him in guys clothes, like a sailor, or a construction worker, but I ignored all his protests that I had lost all respect for him.  I still loved him, but he was a small as a mouse and just as cute and I just couldn’t help myself.  He did worship me in a manner appropriate for a subject while pleasuring his Goddess, which he did very well, partly because he really did still love me, and partly out of fear for his life.  A healthy dose of fear is a good thing.
    When I had total control of my City I removed it from the USA and, like Hong Kong before it, made my own city-state that was at the heart of the international monetary markets.  I forced business to keep running as usual while the US mobilized to take me out and return my fledgling little country to theirs.  Their attack was as useless as the attack on me in Tunisia had been because by this time I had used the nanites to create my Imperial Guard which consisted entirely of women, all of them between eight and nine feet tall and each possessing the strength of  at least 100 men.  They made short work of the US military, even with all their high tech weaponry, and after a short siege of six hours, we established a perimeter, international boundaries, shipping lanes and cemented our position in the world markets.  My Ladies were no match for their jets, helicopters, tanks, and submarines, we Women were simply tougher than all of those toys that Men had created, it was the ultimate empowerment, and the rest of the world fell into my way of thinking shortly thereafter.  We forced the US into a third world poverty almost overnight and China swept in to take it’s place with full assurances of loyalty to me.  It’s amazing how a country can be so dependant on one city for it’s position in the world and how quickly it falls apart once you pull that lynch-pin out from under it.
    My Empire was developing nicely, my Church was spreading the worship of me across the globe and as long as a majority of everyone in a country swore fealty to me my Ladies and I would leave them in peace to run their own affairs.  If not, we waltzed in and as per usual, those who did not convert were disposed of.  I was a despot and I loved it!  Of course there were many underground movements that organized to resist me, and try as they might, none of them even came close to hurting me, let alone disrupting my rule.  I had my Ladies posted throughout the world and no shortage of volunteers either, my ranks were actually growing, and when the majority of women in the world had become initiates, I slept well at night knowing that I really was the ultimate power in the universe.  I had single handedly converted my world from an oppressive patriarchy to a forced peaceful matriarchy where the majority of women, who so choose, were eight to nine feet tall with indescribable muscles that allowed them to lift cars and trains and what not over their heads with one arm, and I ruled over it all, the benevolent dictator who dealt out mercy and vengeance with justice and fairness.  Or so I thought.
    We had many decades of peace and world dominance.  Men learned how to be either accepting of women and their new stature, or totally subservient depending on the philosophy of the woman they were with.  We kept a tight reign on domestic violence and while we did have harsh punishments and even harsher jails for both men and women guilty of violent crimes our world was not much different from the previous one.  I set up a group of highly trusted Priestesses to act as Judge, Jury and Executioner when necessary and they became highly feared.  Everyone was on their best behavior when one of these Ladies was in town, and only I could help you if one of them was after you.  Oddly we had just as many women who thought they were all powerful and could do what they wanted without fear of recrimination as men with violent and homicidal tendencies.  I had strictly controlled the nanites and insured that one of my Judges would be able to take out any other woman, except me of course, they still only had a fraction of my strength, especially since I had grown another factor of ten stronger thanks to Marshall.  Juggling three aircraft carriers at my eighteen foot height was a fun demonstration of my ultimate dominance over this planet.  Apparently the ability to lift a train locomotive over your head with one arm makes you power hungry, hmm I wouldn’t know.
    I was also concerned about the future of my legacy so before I chose the best man in the world to help me bear my daughters I had Marshall engineer a virus that would interact with the nanites and alter the genetics of women so that the construction of the nanites would be written into our genetic code.  We would naturally produce the nanites that give us our height and strength.  We tested it and found that the daughters would produce approximately the same amount and proportion of strength and height nanites as their mothers.  I had created an inadvertent caste system based on physical size.  My Judges would bear daughters who would then become Judges in turn.  I very quickly worked this revelation into my church so that all women everywhere would raise their daughters with the same moral and ethical teachings that will allow them to do their jobs when they come of age.  In the case of my Judges they would need to be highly disciplined, highly trained, ruthless, loyal, and above all ethical assassins.  When we released the virus there turned out to be an unexpected side effect, all of us received an unanticipated dose of natural nanites that caused even the uninitiated to grow about a foot and a half taller and ten times stronger.  I enjoyed my now almost twenty feet of height, but every woman in the world was now at least six and a half feet tall and made men like my Kevin look like underdeveloped children playing with their sisters’ weight sets.  The tables had truly and definitively been turned on men who were now condemned to look up at the shortest of women, and be far out muscled by the weakest of women.  I love my brave new world.
    In the end, it was my own people who took me out.  It had been two hundred and eighty years and I still looked to be thirty years old, and 24 feet tall, thanks to Marshall.  My little Kevin would have come up to my knees, but I did have a large number of men who requested the honor of pleasuring me from the inside.  They would fit into me to the waist and using their hands and tongue were able to create sensations that one lone penis wouldn’t be capable of.  Unfortunately my orgasms would in turn crush them while they were inside me, but it was considered the ultimate sacrifice to the Goddess.  Marshall predicted at least 450 years out of his age nanites.  A Goddess need to be nearly immortal after all. 
    It was a group of eighteen initiates, all in the eight to ten foot tall range who had gathered around a genius girl named Kaylie.  They were a product of the caste system and their bitterness had been handed down through the generations.  Kaylie however was a very rare albino, and very short, only 6’3” tall, and for some reason her body was resistant to the nanites which limited her potential growth.  What her situation did was transform her into a genius and a mystic.  She actually had a bit of a cult following and was able to develop the first serious resistance to my regime.  Religion, as ever, seems to be the most influential force we humans have either discovered, believed in, or created, and Kaylie was using it masterfully.  Her following provided her with the funding and technology to further research the nanites and it turned out that she was no match for Marshall’s brilliance.  When she finally decided to make her move, combining the new advances she had made with her fledgling religion, I was overwhelmed, and considering that a majority of my initiates were secretly worshiping her instead of me, I only had the Judges left on my side.  One thing that Herstory has taught us is that despots eventually become hated and are always taken down by their own people.  I was no different.
    They chose the 15th of March, durring my monthly worship ritual, to spring their trap.  I was in the central plaza I had constructed specifically for the viewing of me, with the usual 747, a smattering of cars, and three aircraft carriers, and the host of sacrifices to me.  Durring the course of the ritual I would pick up the cars and crush them with one hand into little marble sized, for me, balls of steel, with the sacrifices still inside.  I would pick up the Jumbo Jet, fully loaded with sacrifices to me, with one hand and throw it like the glider it was to me, twenty miles out into the ocean.  Then came the carriers, after juggling them like tennis balls I would proceed to rip them into scrap metal and sculpt them into whatever struck my fancy.  Mostly I would create monstrous sculptures that looked like they came straight out of an H.P. Lovecraft story.  They were placed throughout the world and helped to remind my subjects who was in charge, especially since I rendered those sculptures out of aircraft carriers.
    While the ritual progressed into it’s final stage, half of my mind noticed that the women in my audience were not so gnat like anymore, they had grown larger in a matter of seconds but denial is a powerfull tool for self deception.  My mind also blocked out when they grew from roach-like to mouse-like, then to dog-like, then to elephant like.  As the final chant began the women in the audience suddenly dwarfed my Judges, and moments later I realized that I was now surrounded by an angry army of giants who still only came up to my shoulder, but with their superior numbers I realized I had little chance of surviving this day.
    “In the name of the White and the Red, destroy the Goddess, return freedom to the people!!!” it was a battle call from the insignificant Kaylie and it initiated movement in everyone.
    My Judges reacted first and with their advanced training they nearly won the battle.  My still dominant size and strength added to their merciless efficiency decimated their ranks.  In the end though they had greater numbers and as we slowly fell to the mob their numbers seemed to stay the same.  They had organized a world wide effort to take me down and in the end they were able to subdue me, three days of fighting later in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, with about a dozen mountains worth of rock and earth caved in on top of me.  In the process we had leveled New York City to the ground, Chicago, Denver, Paris, and Tokyo also lay in mostly ruins, and filling in the Grand Canyon to imprison me was the final act of devestation, like when Buddah imprisoned the pesky and arrogant Monkey King.
    Kaylie approached my head, which was the only part of me exposed, and injected something into my neck. “These will imobilize you for the next 100 years, giving you plenty of time to think on your situation and all the hurt you’ve caused.  We will keep you alive with food and water and you will see what a world ruled by Amazons should be like.  Real peace, not peace forced upon the people by Judges.  Equality between men and women, not men as slaves and toys.  And most importantly happiness, something dictators are never able to create, only destroy.”
    She went on her way and I was forced to watch as my world was transformed before my very eyes.  At first I was seething with rage and hatred.  I had become a tourist attraction for families on their vacations to where the Grand Canyon had been replaced with the Fallen Goddess.  I served as a reminder to not allow too much power to fall into one person’s hands.  The average woman remained at eight to ten feet tall, while men actually began to grow taller now that they were no longer respressed by my Initiates.  They became about six and a half feet tall and built with enough muscle to handle their women.  As the years rolled by I began to notice the changes Kaylie had told me I would see in the families who came to visit me.  They were happier, they were more peacefull, and men and women got along as well as ever.
    As time passed I became more calm and as Kaylie knew it would, a Zen like acceptance of my fate gradually seeped it’s way into my thoughts and I began to devote myself to the bettering of myself and to self control.  All I had available to me was visualizing scenarios in my head, and slowly I was able to evaluate the situations I put myself in and made myself choose the, happier, more peacefull path.  I began to make choices for the betterment of humanity, and this planet, instead of the selfish choices I had made in the past.  At the end of my imprisonment I was able to put my almost four hundred years of life and wisdom at the disposal of those pilgrims who choose to seek me out, instead of gawking or even harrasing the Fallen Goddess.
    “Well, are you learned now?” asked the granddaughter of Kaylie who had been chraged with my parole.  She was the spitting image of her grandmother, albino and at 6’8” still very short, but fair and able to make hard decisions.
    We talked for days before my time was up and in the end she believed that all my lust for power had been stilled forever.  As the nanites effect wore off I found that I could extricate myself from my prison of earth and rock with ease and there were a great many pilgrims who had come to witness the Fallen One arise.  I had earned myself an offshoot branch of the dominant religion of the Amazons and my pilgrims built modest shrines that still allowed for my 24’ size, but spoke nothing of power and dominance.
    For the last two hundred seventy years of my life I traveled around the globe, on foot, carying my belongings with me and acepting the generosity of my pilgrims, because I was still a goddess to them, even though I would forever be know as the Fallen One.  I was content because while I had to put up with a certain degree of anger, most everyone was friendly and respectful and I had no shortage of good conversations, good food, and especially good male company.  I would impart my wisdom, and learn from the people I met, and as I traveled I kept a journal that I hoped would rival the ancient texts of Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, and many others like them.  I still demonstrated my strength and enjoyed the aesthetic forms of my muscles the like of which the world had never seen, and never would again.  I was to be the first and last Goddess, and while my impact on this earth was monumental (I had permanently flipped the genders) I was not immortal.  My legend and mythology would live on ‘till the end of the universe.  With a sigh of contentment, I lay down in my favorite shrine in New Zealand, closed my eyes, and peacefully, stepped into the clearing at the end of the path.


    Beautiful… simply beautiful  😥

    I don't have words to express how marvelous your ending was. It was a truly great epic story.

    Thanks for sharing this story.



    To be perfectly honest, I don't know how much I liked the ending of the story.

    In all seriousness, I read your story for the muscle-growth. The stuff in parts one and two were fantastic, part three was good… but the last chapter didn't have much at all.
    The whole "world domination" plot seemed really rushed. Seriously, the story goes from "she's an agent" to "she takes over Manhattan" to "she rules the world" in a matter of paragraphs, and suddenly the story hops ahead several decades, to where nothing is even recognizeable, and she's being overthrown… and then she wanders the earth and then the story ends. The whole last chapter seemed like something that should have been spaced out over several lengthy chapters. It all read like plot exposition, not like actual character interactions like the previous chapters had.

    Just my thoughts.  😐

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