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    Digital Amazons has been teasing about an upcoming growth video.  In the last comic installment, Sasselle's vile captives use their beast-booster on her.  The video was posted last night.  It's excellent!  I highly recommend anyone with an interest in FMG taking a look!


    It's possibly the best FMG vid out!


    It really is a great video.  I did have a couple of comments on it though.

    1. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a smaller girl get that big (it's a little easier to see the changes when they don't start out ripped to shreds)

    2. If they want to use a girl that starts out that big, then I wouldn't have minded seeing her get a bit bigger so it was more noticeable.

    Other than that, it is definitely they way that FMG videos should go.  No more of these cheesy videos where they zoom in on a bicep and then pull the clothes so tight that they rip and expect everyone to believe that she is growing.  This video looks EVERY BIT AS GOOD or better and can definitely push the boundaries much farther without having a real actress who is worried about her credibility.


    Just a bit of an update, they have extended the video a little bit to get a great crab pose from the new Sasselle beast and then a final frontal shot of her with her new size.

    Here are before and after pics of her.

    Devon Cory

    I actually joined the website yesterday just for this one video. After watching the new extended version, I must say it was worth it. Having collected FMG for years, I can say that this thing is absolutely amazing. I hope that DA will make another, extra extended version of it. It's just that good.

    …did I say it was good?



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