DOOM… Or how a movie should end in the FMGVerse.

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    Well folks, as the tittle says, this is my version of how the movie should have ended.
    Please tell me what you think of it. If you haven't seen it, the only problem I see, is that I didn't go too deep in the story, so there might be some things you don't understand. If you want to know how the lady loks check this link:,%20Rosamund

    Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction, all characters copyright ID software.

    Sam watched her brother pile up more and more crates in front of the door. After that fight in the drop zone, he was severely injured. As he put the last boxes available in the small room, she wondered what to do. He wouldn’t last long enough until the emergency lockdown would finish. If her last minute research back on Mars were accurate, a shot of the C-24 would save him. Franticly searching in her lab coat pockets to find a needle and the drug, she saw her brother John “The Reaper” Grimm collapse on the floor. Rushing to his aid, she took his pulse, and tried to CPR him, but it was too late. He was dead. Realizing the situation she was in, Samantha panicked and began to walk in circles faster and faster, while she delivered all the insults and curses she was aware of. After a few minutes, her rational, scientific mind began to work, and she calmed down a little. Analyzing the predicament she was in, she could come up with only one solution. Inject the serum on her and see the results. If she changed like the rest of the guys in Mars, it would make no difference at all, because it would be the same fate as if the monsters outside the room caught her. But if she didn’t mutate, it would give her a slightly chance of actually escaping the compound and saving her life. As the pounding on the door got louder, and the improvised barricade began to give, she took the needle and filled it with the translucent liquid and searched for a vein. She gave herself a full dose of the serum and waited. She began to loose her senses. The pounding on the door began to fade, as she began to go numb. She finally fainted and fell on the floor.

    Awakening, Sam slowly opened her eyes. She was laying on the floor, her brother’s corpse just a few feet away. Standing up, she noticed that something was different. She could actually sense her surroundings. She could hear noises that came from far away in the complex, and smell a million different scents. Her sight was also enhanced as she realized she could see much better than ever before. She approached a metallic surface that be used as a mirror and took a look at herself. All the bruises and cuts she had on her face were gone, as well as the mark in the rest of her body. She had never felt like this before. Taking a closer inspection at the rest of her body, she saw noticeable differences, her skin was more smooth and healthy, and she was far healthier than before. Apparently the mutation hadn’t taken place, and she was ready to leave the facility. She looked at her brother again, and excused for not been able to give him the proper rites. She took his rifle, his backpack, and loaded it with all the ammo she could find. Now it was time to wear something more adequate. She inspected the room, and found a T-shirt and a pair of snickers that could fit. She took off her lab coat and her shirt and changed. She couldn’t find a pair of trousers, but the ones she had on would have to do the job. Hanging the backpack on her back, and picking up the shotgun, she marveled at how light they felt. “Maybe it’s another effect of the serum” she tough, but she didn’t have much time to think now. Summoning all her courage, she pushed a button, and the door in front of her opened.

    Trying to remember were the main room was, she began to wonder through the underground building. Her senses were at full speed, and she could guess were the monsters were, and was able to avoid them the most. Walking through the narrow alleys, she found it impossible to avoid the creatures anymore, and besides, she had to fight with them to get to the elevator, the only way out of there. She encountered a few of these mindless goons, and acting by instinct, she was able to take them down easily. After a couple dozen of monsters, she felt like she had born knowing how to handle a gun. The more closer she got to the exit, the amount of creatures was multiplying rapidly. Her accuracy was outstanding, since she was giving precise shots at the monsters’ heads easily. She was in the zone, her confidence growing and the body count was rising quickly. More and more monsters came, and she kept dealing with them fast and simple. The bullet caps filled the floor, and she changed clip after clip. The she was beginning to get short of ammo, when a turn left, and she was standing in the main hall, the lockdown clock ticking the countdown. 2 minutes and 36 seconds were left. There was no sing of John’s superior, “The Sarge”. Samantha was puzzled, because the monsters were all gone. The place remained silent and it was impossible that she had killed all of them. Suddenly a voice came from behind her.

    “So, you made it. But you know that no one leaves this place without my approval.” Said the voice.

    Sam turned around and saw Sarge standing there, with a bite on his neck and the mutation was starting. He grabbed the RPG he had brought from the Mars lab and aimed at her. Reacting with surprising quickness, she avoided the blast and rolled back aiming at the Sarge. The blast evaporated half of the room, and Samantha was very stunned by the hit. She released the remaining load of her gun at him, but with no success. He was quick enough to avoid all of the shots. Now Samantha stood in the middle of the room, with no ammo at all, and a mutating creature chasing her. Sarge jumped in front of her, and now he was beginning to lose the last remaining signs of humanity. Approaching her, he began to speak.

    “You see, I prefer hand to hand combat, you know. I don’t like fighting women, but with you I’ll make an exception. Let’s see what you‘ve got baby.”

    “Bring it on.” Was the answer she gave him. Samantha raised her hands and took a defensive position. Adrenaline crossed trough her veins and she found it hard to concentrate because of the fear she felt. The former marine kept getting closer and closer, an evil grin on his face. He mocked of Samantha’s defense and threw some weak punches at her, making fun of her all the time. Samantha kept falling back, her face covered by her forearms. She didn’t know what to do and she kept defending herself. This scene lasted a couple of minutes, until the Sarge got bored, and delivered a punch that could go through a wall. Samantha received the impact full force on her forearms and flew midair until she hit the back wall, collapsing on the floor. “Damn, I hoped she could last longer, that wasn’t much of a test.” Complained the monster. But as he was getting ready to finish her, she stood, and raised again her arms. Her broken bones and the shattered skin fixed and returned to normal, with no signs of been pulverized by the punch. The quizzed look on the monster’s face resumed the feeling in the air. Samantha wasn’t sure what had happened, but she welcomed it non-the less. Because of this turn of events, her confidence grew, and she began to throw some punches at the beast. Surprised by this, the Sarge blocked the punches she threw, amazed by the power they had. He was actually feeling them. Realizing this, Sam began to throw faster and harder punches. She sure knew how to fight, and had an advantage on him because he underestimated her, but now he wasn’t going to hold back. She fought well, but she left some opens in her defense. Seeing this, he had a chance to deliver a hard punch at her face. For his amazement, she took the hit full force, and didn’t move an inch. Her head tilted back a little, but that was all. She had received a frontal hit on her face and only showed a split lip. He took a few steps back, and for the first time, saw the full scene.

    While he showed the expected signs of the transformation, his hands now had three fingers with long thick nails, his muscle mass had increased, and he had gained a few inches; she was experimenting some changes too. Her once loose fitting clothes were now skin tight, and there were a couple of broken seems in her trousers. She seemed the same height, maybe an inch or two taller, but her body was something completely different. She had doubled her size. Blinded by the rage within him, he charged at her full force lifting his hand in the process. She accepted the challenge and readied herself for the impact. They crashed and clasped their hands with a loud sound above their heads. He seemed to be the one in charge and pulled her back a few steps, but she began to regain herself and even the test of might they were having. When she had finally set them back to starting positions, he lost the last sign of humanity he had left, and completely turned into a monster. He was a mindless creature now, and had no intentions in stopping. His last inhibitions lost, he charged at her with all the strength he had. His body was now twice his original size and a thick layer of scales had replaced his skin. His face was what remained the more like human, but with his cheekbones really sharp and protruding out. He was at least a foot taller than she was, but she stood her ground fiercely. He was gradually pushing her down, but suddenly her body shivered, and she began to push the monster back.

    What came next, was something completely unexpected. Her forearms began to thicken veins like steel wires crisscrossing all over. They grew and grew until they doubled the monsters’ forearms. The growth crept up her arms, and now it was time for her bis and tris to swell. Her biceps kept growing, pushing the sleeves to the stretching limit. The cotton shirt never had a chance, and the sleeves split in two at the seems, revealing a cannon ball sized biceps and an equal triceps with the perfect horseshoe shape. Striations covered them all, showing the strain they were under; a thick blue vein came into full view over the biceps. Next, it was time for her legs to show all their glory. Her calves grew to the point that they were visible from the front. They were o thick and huge, their heart shape clearly seen. The lower part of her trousers had the same fate as the shirt s’ sleeves, they were completely shattered, hanging loose from her knees. The tights followed, swelling, adding mass at an impossible rate. The rest of the trousers gave in record time, and hanged from her knees, which remained the same size, making her legs look more massive. Her but thickened, and looked like two half of bowling balls, but way harder. The only piece of cloth that remained on, were her panties, which now looked like a thong, lost between those spheres that were her buttcheeks. Her waist was now impossibly thin, but her back began to broaden, her lats expanding, giving her a V-shape that would kill in the Mr. Olympia. They were so wide, that they began to cast a shadow over the poor monster that was starting to kneel on the floor. Her shoulders followed, now reaching the size of soccer balls, and her traps expanded, and now were almost touching her ears. When her back broadened, a huge rip appeared on the shirt’s back from the lowest part, up to the neck. The final sews couldn’t withstand the pressure, and broke, making the remains of the shirt over the creatures face. An eight-pack could be seen clearly, each muscle of her abs came out like bumps carved in marble, and her obliques had a definition never before seen on any human being. Her pecs had become a thick striated hard muscle mass, with a cleavage 2-foot deep. All muscle. Over those layers of pectoral perfection, stood two round mounds of tits flesh, big as melons, without a bit of sag. The hulking beauty that towered over the now frightened monster, had managed to completely subdue the creature. It now was kneeling, its wrists about to break from the pressure.

    Samantha was completely lost in her adrenaline rush, and never realized what had happened to her. She let go of the monster’s hands, and applied a powerful right cross to the monster’s face. The monster flew, head first, across the room, but never hit on anything. With lightning speed, Samantha had crossed the room, and was waiting for the flying object to reach her wit her left arm tilted back. When the creature reached hitting length, she punched it, with all that she got. The impact was so hard, that it created a shock wave that could measure in the Rigter scale. The horrendous figure flew to the other side of the room, embedding on the concrete wall. Slowly, it fell backwards over the floor. Samantha approached the beast, fists clenched, not a sign of tiredness on her. The monster was able to stand up, and face her. The sight was awful. The creature’s jaw was completely shattered dripping blood like a fountain. Its eyes flamed with rage, and it charged her one more time. It hit her with all the remaining power it had. The results were devastating. The creature’s had had collided with Sam’s left breast. While the monster’s hand was completely destroyed, its bones pulverized, Sam’s left tit had no mark at all, the beast not able to make the slightest dent on that soft tissue. The monster looked up at Samantha, who know had an evil grin on her face, and lifting her left eyebrow, casually backhanded the monster. The creature fell back, and tried to crawl away from this deadly beauty that was demolishing him. She approached it slowly, and grabbed it from the ankles. She began to spin, speeding up quickly. When they had reached an impossible speed, she let it go, and the monster flew like a speeding bullet, going through a steel wall and crashing on another wall. It now lay unconscious over the floor. Realizing that the fight was over, and that there was no use in prolonging this pummeling session, she stood over the creature, grabbed its head, and with a swift movement snapped it.

    “Guess it‘s time to return to the real world” Sighed Samantha. Reaching the elevator, Samantha caught a glimpse of her body, at the reflection on one of the few glasses that remained intact. For the first time since she had taken the serum, she saw the transformation her body had went trough. Amazed and mesmerized by her reflection, Samantha removed the remains of her trousers, and began to improvise some poses that showed and accentuated the muscles she now had. After a routine of the classic poses, she finished with a most muscular that would put Markus Ruhl to shame. Considering the possibility of clothing, a selfish tough crossed through her mind. Searching the remains of her clothes, she found the vial with the serum. Thinking all of her possibilities, she finally went to her backpack, and collected the nanobomb she had picked up just in case. Turning on the gate that opened the vortex to Mars, she threw the bomb inside. The bomb, that was like ten nuclear blasts, traveled trough space and finally destroyed the entire martian facility, including the gateway. Crafting something fashionable enough and that fitted, she settled with a pair of shorts that looked like mini-shorts on her, and for her upper body, she tied some shirts together making a tube like top. It covered her breast enough to pass censorship, leaving her midriff bare. Placing the serum on her panties elastic band, she pushed the elevator’s button. Entering the elevator, and pushing the up button, she wondered out loud.

    “Man, how am I supposed to explain this at the office?”

    THE END (roll credits)


    Comments, suggestions, insults, whatever welcomed.


    That was fantastic! Truly a wonderous work of art! My only complaint is that we will probably not be able to see her use the rest of the serum.


    Thank you for putting into text what I wanted to see the minute the possibility of genetically engineered 'Berserker Mode' was shown onscreen.

    Very nice fan fic.

    The Gore has its place, after all it's a freaking DOOM inspired flick not 'Serious Sam'.  👿

    EDIT- "Casually lifted her left eyebrow" DIZZAMN you People's Eyebrow'ed the ROCK  😆 😆


    Her once loose fitting clothes were now skin tight, and there were a couple of broken seems in her trousers.

    Um… when in the movie was she ever wearing "loose fitting clothes?"  🙂

    Very nice fan-fic.

    I was hoping against hope that the movie would have some superwoman action.  It was even hinted at when the doctor said the skeleton had once been a woman with super strength, speed and healing.  But no, brother gets the serum.  Thank goodness you corrected this.


    I really liked that and I haven't seen the film yet! 😉


    Thank guys for your coments. I hope that half the people that saw this tread had actually read the story.


    I just read it, and of course, it's exactly what I was hoping for as I watched the movie.  😛 Rosamund Pike hulking out would be a vision.


    Thanks for the great story. If only this was the movies ending …
    I look foward to more of your stories!

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