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    This is actually Vollar Tile’s story not mine, and the original can be found on page two. This is also my very first FMG story and I can’t promise that I can live up to the original. Anyway this is how the unfinished story looked in my eyes, plz, critism is welcome, good and bad, and depending on how this chapter goes, im planning on writing 3 others.

    My story isn’t as detailed as vollars and I also didn’t take time to correct the spelling and grammar cuz I think it’s the story that counts. Anyways, heres chapter 1

    Dragonball absurd crossing – my continuation

    A swift wind traveled off the planets edges as the grass bent to its gentle force. All looked peaceful, until suddenly the ground tremble as quakes of shear power rocked then tiny planet to its core. On the other side of the planet a very one sided battle raged on between to godly fighters. Faint blurs of green could be seen dancing through the air as a a raven haired woman could be seen throwing punches. There was something wrong though, this woman seemed to be HUGE. She was at least 10 feet tall, she had tree trunk legs and mammoth arms, but it was all muscle. Her breasts also looked enormous, due to the fact that her pecs pushed them out into a F sized cup. Every muscle group in her body form her calves to her abdominals, to her biceps was clearly visible and glistened with the sweat around her body, but was also illuminated by the furious red storm raging around her body. Eventually, she seemed to hit something solid. A moment later a green man wearing a white robe and turban shot through the air, with the raven haired amazon following. Almost instantly though, the green man disappeared, and reappeared right above the woman, and instantly kicked her to the ground. Again the earth trembled as the might of the blow and the weight of the woman joined in force to hit the ground like a meteor. As the dust settled the gargantuan woman could be seen in a desperate effort to get up, but when she raised her head, her eyes became witness to a redish-orange glow. Then before she had time to react, her vision was completely overtaken by this glow and She was sent back a good 100 meters, leaving a trail behind her of crushed ground and over turned rock. As the woman struggled to get up, the red glow that covered her body had started to diminish, and with it her massive size. Then the green man came with lightning fast speed and a outward elbow came down upon her as she was in a state of shock, and disappointment. Then a booming voice yelled “STOP.” Just then the green man stopped, with his elbow inches way form the woman’s head. A blue and very short man then walked on to the seen and said calmly “Picaan, Chi-Chi, that is enough sparring for today,” then he directed his attention to the green man,” thank you again Picaan, for helping train my newest student.” Then he responded,” no problem, I’d do anything for a friend of Goku’s,” then he turned toward Chi-Chi,” but she’s his Wife, so I will do ALL I can for her.” Chi-Chi turned and tried to hide that she was blushing, then stood up, while continuing to not look him in they eye. Picaan then gave the two a friendly wave, and was on his way into the skies. Just as he departed, a small ball of anger engorged Chi-Chi for a moment, that was just another example of her in her husbands shadow. She was now standing, and was still big for a woman, like a heavyweight bodybuilder, maybe a little bigger, but not quite a male bodybuilder’s size. She stood at 6,4 and had B cup breasts now, her muscles wer still very defined, but because of her skin not being stretched out so far now, they were not quite as visible as before. “Master, why is it that after my year of training, I still can’t beat Picaan?” asked Chi-Chi with a somewhat irritated tone in her voice. “ Picaan is a magnifiscent fighter and so are you, but he has trained steadily for hundreds of years, you have been training with leaps and bounds for a year with me, but don’t worry, I sense your greatest leap yet is soon approaching.” Chi-Chi sttod in shock thinking of how wonderous it would be, finally being stronger than Goku, O how she’s awaited there fight for so long. “And with that note, I want you to go into deep meditation for TWO WHOLE DAYS, got that” said the kai. At that moment Chi-Chi would do anything, with the thoughts of her “big day” arriving shortly, she was okay with whatever the kai had in mind.

    North Kai walked into the hotel through the sliding doors, He had a sad and/or disapointed look on his face. Then from the corner of the room, at a table sipping on some Tea, a old man said in his rather “scratchy” voice “ whats wrong North Kai, bad day, or maybe YEAR.” Suddenly the northern kai’s eyes shot open and his head quickly toward the old man. “*sigh* why does that scoundrel, poor excuse of a god, Old kai always insist on bothering me,” he said under his voice, but intentualy let the other kai hear. “Heh heh heh,” snickered Old Kai,” sticks and stones may break my bones but names’ll never hurt me, your just covering up the fact that you’ve failed, Chi-Chi can’t reach the final level of fist of the worlds, well without MY help that is.” Then North Kai broke out in laughter,” YOU, what can YOU do that I can’t.” Old Kai then became serious for a moment and close his eyes,” You’ve been training Chi-Chi’s body to hold the power, as you did Goku’s, buty with Chi-Chi you also needed to train the spirit, to donate that power, While Chi-Chi’s body is able to withstand the power, her spirit isn’t enough to fill herself.” North Kai just stood there dumbfounded, maybe this kai isn’t such a coot after all. Then Old Kai continued” Chi-Chi has reached the highest level of Kaioken, but she’s yet to master it, While using kaioken, the user is given tremendous power, but tha power is covered by restraints, two to be exact.” North kai was even more surprised of this knowledge than of the previous tid bits of information, and while he tried to come back with a wity comeback, Old Kai continued,” While using Kaioken, your body is going through a constant strain, so you therefore cannot use the full extent of Fist of the worlds, your flying with a injured wing, and of course, theres the time restraint, but You being the DECENT martial arts master discovered a way to bypass these restraints. North Kai just couldn’t get the words to his mouth so the older kai gave his last input,” I can unlock a persons true power, I can fill that gap in Chi-Chi’s power, I’ll be in room 307 if you want Chi-Chi to realize her full potential,” and on that note, the kai left, but his snicker still rang threw the northern kai’s ears.

    Chi-Chi had been in deep meditation for only a couple of minutes, it tok her a bit to reach this form of meditation, but at her current state, she could sense different energies for hundreds of miles. A jolt of lightning went through her mind as she felt her master’s lifeforce, her eyes shot open. “What is it, it certainly hasn’t been two days yet.” “Chi-Chi, we need to talk,” said north kai with a look of shame upon his face. Chi-Chi turned her head, as she was clueless to what was happening, but for some strange reason, she felt sick at the pit of her stomach.


    It’s getting interesting! Can’t wait for the next part of the saga!


    Chapter two

    “Chi-chi, theres no easy way for me to say this, but I’ve failed you” King Kai said with a rather serious voice, opposed to his normal happy-go-lucky mood, or the frightened tone in his voice often heard whenever some evil force has come to threaten the universe. “What, what do you meen” Chi-Chi said while trying to hold back the tears that came with the thousands of thoughts in her mind. “Your not strong enough, well, strength isn’t the issue, your spirit isn’t strong enough.” Chi-Chi looked as if she was holding back tears, and a nuke, she was in shock, but before she could speak(or tear the God apart) King Kai added” but I think there is a way for you to continue your training, and if you agree, your training may be done in a week or two. With this Chi-chi was overwhelmed by relief and joy, but she quickly straightened up and realized there must’ve been a catch, so in all seriousness she said” I’ll do whatever I can to complete my training.” King kai that seemed to shrink a bit, but it was just his posture lighting up as he was now more relaxed, this made Chi-Chi more comfortable as well. “well you see, do you remember when your son Gohan came back to fight Majin Buu, well probably not because im sure they didn’t have a wide screen in buu’s tummy,” the kai said with a snort,” but Gohan was given immense strength because of a ancient kai’s ability to unlock someone’s potential(which seems very hard to do considering that old namekian did the same when he was a child) but I guess what he tried to mean is that he can increase your power greatly.” Chi-chi slowly built up a smile and a giggle, with her mouth wide open, al the thoughts tha swarmed her mind then disappeared, well, overrun by “positive” thoughts of beating her husband to a pulp.Then, King kai threw in ‘but there’s a catch, in order for Gohan to receive this power, Goku had to promise him a kiss by a beautiful woman, Goku figured not to use his wife for this, so he volunteered Bulma, but the pervert never got his end of the deal, now I’ve been keeping him off your back for a while now, but I’m afraid will have to face him in order for you to obtain the full power of kaioken.” Chi-chi was already prepared for this kind of treatment with Master Roshi, so she simply nodded, her fears were overthrown by the thoughts of finaly being able to stand with her family and friends.

    “Room 307, home of the otherworld pervs” said king kai, and surprisingly, with the otmost seriousness. King kai then knocked on the door, but while he stood straight, he was quivering with the thoughts of what this dirty old man had in store for his pupil. Then they heard a raggedy, scratchy voice yell,” come innnn, I’ve been waitin long enough norty!” King kai then walked in, with Chi-chi direrctly behind, Chi-chi was shocked at the sight of the feeble old man, and she started to have doubts that HE’d give her the power she desired. Then Old kai hopped off the bed and headed towards another door,” well, follow me then, I’ve had a room ready for your “awakening” Chi then walked into the room and was amazed by what she saw, there was a beautiful fountain in the corner, the walls were painted as if they were in a jungle, and the ceiling was a starry Sky. Old kai saw the look of amazement on her face and added in” Yep, its one heck of a place ain’t it, see the nice bamboo floor.” King kai stood in the doorway, also examining the room, but trying as hard as he could to hide it. “Well, anyways, we’d better get started, so northy you can leave now, and Chi-chi, get into your meditation position, I’ll be with you in a second,” Old kai said while pushing King Kai out of the room. “But wait, arrgh, im not gonna leave YOU alone with one of my pupils,” King kai said fighting against the old man. “ you see this room, its to aid in the meditational process, and in it, I don’t even need to do my ritual dance, but you would ruin the atmosphere, so shew!” said the kai. The northern kai looked at his pupil, she gave him a nod, and so he walked out of the room. “Well then, the awakening process takes 24 hours so get yourself comfortable, and then enter a deep meditation, but make sure you don’t power up during the process,” Old kai said that while sitting down paralel to Chi-chi, and then he entered a deep meditation, but not before wiggling his ass on the ground. Chi-chi was in deep meditation the whole time, but the elderly kai was staring deep at her cleavage the entire time.

    Old kai had fallen asleep about 10 hours in, when he woke up, he took a glance at his watch, 3:52 P.M. Well yesterday they started around 3:30, so she must be finished, but just in case he looked deep within her power, yes, she was finished. “Okay then, your all done, now just power up to feel that power, well actually, your at a limit were I think that would ruin my meditation room, so you should do it outside,” Old kai said to her while struggling to get up on his own. Chi-chi helped him up and graciously bowed down before him, even though she was still unsure whether or not he even increase her power at all. She then said while still bowed ”thank you very much, you truly are as kind as I’m sure you are wise. The kai then blushed, and turned his head down while snickering, but managed to straighten up to say one last thing,” Oh, before I forget, there’s a favour I’ve been meeting to ask you,” Chi-Chi was not as scared as she was curious, she got lucky with Roshi, maybe that would happen again. Then old kai continued “can you tell goku, I’m still waiting for my life, and my payment, would you do that for me sweetheart. Chi-chi nodded and walked out of the room, she decided to check there normal training spot for her master.

    “WHAT, no perverted moves,” King kai screamed. “No, he was very curteos to me the whole time, I think you peged him all wrong,” Chi-Chi responded. “No, he’s just got something up his sleave, but any ways, let’s see that power now,” king kai said as he was curious at how she turned out. Chi-chi then closed her eyes, put her fists to her sides, and then her power quickly shot up. The wind seemed to entwine around her, and then she let out a scream, and it suddenly exploded in all dioretions. Every blade of grass for half a mile was now pointing away from her, and the ground around and underneath her started to crack and crumble, until the ground a meter away form her shot up while the ground she was standing on sank down. Then her scream reeched its highest point, and so did her power. The ground now at all sides of her turned to boulders and shot out all around her, while a massive wave of raw power sent King kai and his monkey bubbles soaring through the air. King kai managed to stop himself using his chi in mid air, but buubles was sent hurtling into a pond a good mile away. Then standing there, at the center was Chi-chi, with a wide grin upon her face. She then screamed out to her mentor “So we start training tomorrow.” King kai, floating in shock, simply nodded, and thought to himself” boy, that old coot ain’t so bad after all, he deserves ALOT of credit.”

    Old Kai sat there, crossed legged, in the same room which Chi-chi’s awakening had taken place, flipping through the pages of his dirty magazine. “phase one complete,” he thought to himself,” she thinks I’m a kind and powerful man, and so she’s ready for me to make my move in the near future.” HE snickered and continued to flip through his magazine, with that wide grin on his face that no one could forget.

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