Energy, Part 1

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    Feel free to offer any proofreading or feedback help.


    She screamed, her body taut with pain, blood shooting through her iron veins as her body collapsed against the bed. Her hands were outstretched, grasping at air as she reached for relief, but fought the primal urges that were building inside of her. Janet’s body surged and pressed against her once-loose clothing, and her skin rippled and swelled as the muscles underneath bulged and threatened to explode with power. She could feel the power enflaming her, threatening to take over her with its caresses and promises of orgasmic delight. She throbbed and cried aloud as she fought it, feeling her body lose the battle.

    "Ooooooouuuuuuhhhh…" she moaned, trying to keep her body from transforming again into IT, into the beast, watching her pulsating forearms threaten to rip her long shirt sleeves, feeling her toes press against her socks and feel her back muscles contract and expand. Finally, she slowly got herself under control and felt her body give into her willpower.

    "oohhh, huh, huh, huh," breathed slowly, feeling the sweat drip down her shrinking spine. Her hair was a mess, she ran her fingers through it and composed herself, then made her way to her feet shakily. She headed from her bedroom into her bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She was in disarray, her face pale, but at least devoid of any shade of green and soon she found herself back in complete control over body, the shivering stopped.

    "What have I done to myself?" She thought. Janet began to recall everything she’d put herself through, all of the experiments, all of the desires, the lust, for strength, for power, for…

    No. She shook her head, brushing the thoughts away for fear that they would overtake her mind and cause her to actually transform again. It was happening more often, almost every night now, and she knew that she needed to reassert herself before it took her over completely.

    During the day it wasn’t quite as bad, but all it took was a momentary surge of anger, or the accidental brushing of a coworker’s arm against hers in the lab, and she would feel it start to overcome her. Any kind of arousal was bad news, and nothing was helping. The new treatments she’d started, the mood medications (she was afraid that they might mess up her body’s chemistry too much), the meditation, nothing was helping. Nothing was working! She began to feel frustration creep in and she bottled it back down, taking another gasp of air and wondering how she was going to be able to fall asleep.

    Finally, after sitting in the dark without any tiredness in her body, she rose to her feet. Janet was completely bored, and thought that some television might help her get to bed. She curled underneath the blankets and bundled herself up, then clicked it on and surfed aimlessly.

    Soon she dozed off and found herself in a half-dreamstate… slowly drifting away… her thoughts were all over the place, but she was peaceful… she heard something though… it threatened to pull her out of her reverie… it was moaning…

    Janet opened her thickly-shut lids slowly and could make out shapes on the screen in front of her. She tried to freed herself from the tangle of her blankets with a tinge of irritation, trying to find the remote. She could see two people in a passionate embrace, both tanned bronze, bodies lithe and athletic, in contrast to Janet’s own pale, thin, petite frame, and she felt a jolt of envy wake her body up a bit. She struggled to find the remote, thinking that it had probably fallen under the bed. The blankets still contrived to capture her, and she shook herself completely out of them, falling to the floor and banging her knee.

    "Son of a…" She stopped herself and caught a sharp breath, trying to dull the pain by counting to 10. Then 20. Then 30. Finally she sighed and looked up, only to see the people having the most intense sexual encounter she’d ever seen or heard of. It was too much.

    Janet was entranced. She stared at the tv, making no noise, no movement, for several minutes. She saw and heard all, she felt it in her bones.

    The tv crooned pleasurably, "Ohhhh…" Janet got up and walked to the bathroom.

    "Uhhhh…." She placed her hands on the counter, watching her arms shake as she took deep breaths that devolved into short, quick ones.

    "Ahhhh… yeessss…." She knew she had lost, the feelings overwhelming her body as she began to vibrate. Her skin tingled all over.

    "MMmmmmm… oh baby…" She reached forward, the power thrusting itself through her veins this time, and grabbed the mirror, ripping it from the wall, and then threw it from the bathroom into the adjacent room. It smashed into the television screen, silencing the erotic couple that had caused the problem. In the reflections among the shards on the floor, her eyes were already pulsating green.

    Janet collapsed on the floor, her pajama bottoms were already pressed to their limits by her growing leg muscles. Her calves throbbed, her feet tore through her socks, wider and longer, the toes ripping massive holes in each one. Her thighs became rock hard, and ripped long shreds into the fabric as she moaned.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, nooooo…" She was kneeling, thrusting her head back as her burning pecs thrust out and her chest responded. Her breasts grew, pressing into the front of her now-skin-tight shirt. Her arms bulged, forearms shredding the sleeves.

    "Oooohhh… ohhhh… ohh gooodddddd…. yeeeesssss…" Janet flexed and her biceps exploded through the sleeves. Her back muscles began to ripple, and she bent forward, tearing the shirt down the middle. Her breasts were huge by now, and tore through the shirt, her nighttime bra barely able to contain them. Her abs rippled, a washboard of pure, solid muscle. Her entire body was turning a vibrant shade of green by this point. But she didn’t care. The beast had taken over.

    "Uhhhh… Uhhh… Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…" A series of guttural grunts came from her in throaty fashion as the final throes of power racked her now-massive frame. Her shirt was in tatters, and her ass had expanded, destroying her pants. The Beast’s breasts exploded, snapping the bra free and freeing her immense chest. Her nipples were huge and hard. Her womanhood throbbed and she lay back on the floor, her body expanding until the tears in her panties finally overtook the garment and it fell away.

    The beast shook and swelled further, the arms, the legs, the back and stomach all becoming harder. She had grown in height from a mere 5’3" to a huge 6’6", her body was that of a goddess, hugely muscular, yet still feminine. Her long dark hair cascaded in greenish waves down her face. Her body was completely soaked in sweat and she steadied herself now and rose slowly to her feet.

    The Beast knew what it wanted, and it lept from Janet’s apartment window to the streets below, dashing through the streets at manic speed. Janet’s consciousness was inside, watching, worrying about what would happen, yet still enjoying it vicariously, submerged beneath the primal instincts of the Beast.

    A young man and her girlfriend walked along the nearby park’s paths, hand in hand, smiling at one another. Neither of them noticed the Beast’s approach until it was too late.

    The Beast landed in front of them with a thundering leap, and the young man stepped in front of his girl right away.

    "Who are you?" He asked. "What do you want?"

    The Beast struggled to respond with words. "I… LUST…"

    She swatted the young man aside and grabbed the young woman, pressing her small frame against the Beast’s gigantic body. At first the girl resisted, then realized it was useless, then finallly started to enjoy the monster’s embrace. Her lips were soft and sweet, and her body just throbbed with absolute energy, the girl could feel it in each kiss. Suddenly, the monster bit her lip slightly and kissed her deeply. The girl tried to pull away but couldn’t. She could feel something rising in her, then it dropped back down as the monster did the same to her.

    The Beast leapt away, into the night, and the girl was left stunned. Her boyfriend, who had only stood and stared at the past minute’s proceedings, approached her and tried to help her to her feet. The girl brushed him away and steadied herself, then walked off, despite his protestations. Her body seemed to shake and, unknown to her, her eyes were softly glowing green.

    When Janet awoke in the morning, she immediately realized what she’d done, what she’d given into, and the price that would have to be paid. She cried into her pillow and hugged herself.

    "Not again," she sobbed. "What Have I Done?"

    End of Part 1


    More more more! Great stuff! 🙂


    … and the suspence about what she do to the girl…

    The only thing which is not my taste is the green color and all that she-hulk thingy, but I’m waiting before judging.

    (I hope it won’t be too long to have the following episode….)


    Rob Smith

    A were-shulkie. I love it! (has anyone done that before?)

    Great job. Now stop teasing us and write more 😀 😀


    -sign of the horns- 😈

    Very very cool. I really don’t wcare what color a gal ends up in a tf scene merely that she transforms at all.

    The tease of an intro was a nice touch. At first I thought you were getting immediately into the action with no backstory. While not a liability in this genre it’s a pleasant surprise to find some larger plot simmering along.

    It’s a real comment on Janet’s personality that despite her being a scientist she couldn’t trust her condition to her co-workers.

    That’s a really interesting untappaed, so far, dynamic that might be fun to see. Her finally going Beast when in the anomalous materials labs would provoke quite the reaction out of any survivors. One of her peers might get infected prompting interest by whoever’s funding them.

    If it isn’t the military have it be in a field totally unprepared for such a finding, like an agriculture firm or snack food mega-corp.

    The glowing eyes remind me less of Shulkie and more of the television adpatation of "The Tommyknockers" for some reason.

    The Beast might slowly gestate a personality and begin to manipulate Janet in her waking life. A bizzare turn of event might have Janet in control of her green and mean format while The Beast is stuck in waifish alter ego mode. Having Beast-Janet get arrested for disorderly conduct and put in a holding cell only for Janet-Beast to realize the only way to escape is to infect her cell mates and literally make a break for it.

    Eagerly awating the next installment. 😉


    Thanks for the positive feedback, I most certainly have ideas for where I’m going with this, and there is certainly a reason for her being green beyond the simple She-Hulk similarities. 😉

    The next one is coming soon, honest!


    An awesome opening. Continue, please!

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