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    magnus knight

    First off let me apologize for anyone I upset with my little contest. That was not what I wanted, nor do I wish to insight some flame war over it. I just want to get more people to contribute giantess related material. Yes, my rules are "odd" and maybe a little strict, but I did not mean to discourage anyone from being creative or scare off any newbie’s. The story starter ideas were put in so those who never wrote anything before would at least have some idea to begin with. How many times have we all seen requests for stories answered with "Why don’t you write it yourself?" and an answer of "I don’t know how." or "I don’t know where to begin." I’m trying to give those people that idea to start with. To spark their imagination. The point system I put in is sort of like my electoral college. I’m the only one judging these stories and I don’t want my decision to be biased towards an author whose past stories I liked. I want everyone to know their story will be judged on the same criteria and all viewed equal. It also lets everyone know how I’ll evaluate their story, and can be used to guide them on the way. If it limits them in any way I’m sorry. That was never my intent. The prizes are a little lame, I know, but what do you want? I can’t afford to hand out cash prizes. I can’t draw squat. I’m a writer. It’s what I do best. That’s why first prize is a story by me for the winner on the celebrity of their choice. As for only two people even getting a prize, what else can I do? Write an original story for everyone who entered? I’d have no life away for my computer. I hope this will clear things up for you all. Thanks for your time.

    -Magnus Knight

    PS: If my point system frustrates you too much or is confusing to you in any way, then write what you want. Ignore the points. Just write or contribute something. If you feel it’s good, then it will stand on its own. In the end it will be better for us all. The growth is out there. Find it, and then share it.

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