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    Hi guys and girls,

    It's not that I think I warrant a thread all to myself, but I just thought that this was the easiest way to communicate to you all without shedloads of IMs.

    I'm getting married next year and as a result I've decided to make some changes in my life.  I've always been attracted to femuscle since I was a little boy and maybe it will never entirely leave me, but my passion for fantasy femuscle women has got in the way of my relationship with the woman I love and want to spend my life with, and so I've decided that it's got to go. It's a decision that has only come upon me tonight, unexpectedly, but I've cancelled my membership to various paysites and I've abandoned various morphs I was working on.  I'm not trying to advocate this for anyone else, but for me in my life right now, it makes sense.

    So, I'm also leaving the board (or at least not coming here any more).  I've never attempted this before, so I don't know if it's like giving up smoking and I'll be irresistably be drawn back for a hit in a few months or something, but this may well be goodbye for good.

    I'd like to thank a spectacular bunch of people who've put in untold amounts of effort and time throughout the years – you've given me so much entertainment, but also helped me come to terms with myself as an admirer of femuscle.  For years as a boy I'd thought I was the only person on the planet who felt that way and thought there was something wrong with me for getting turned on by John Byrne's She Hulk (etc) because my friends repeatedly told me so when I was a young lad.  On the forum I've really enjoyed the discussions about how various people came to be attracted to femuscle and various psychological/sociological discussions.  Thanks for helping me understand a part of myself – I'm particularly grateful for that.

    Thanks to Lingster and Wreck above all, who've both put in such a lot and sacrificed so much to make nexuses (nexi?) on the net for people like us to gather and share our common interest.  Their input year after year really deserves medals and long entries in the History of Femuscle Fetishism (when it becomes mainstream in the future). 

    Thanks also to all the artists, writers, animators, morphers and members who've collectively built this community over the years – there are so many incredibly talented people amongst you and you've been so generous by sharing these talents with us.  I wish I had some supersecret special fantastic morph with which to say thank you and goodbye, but this decision came upon me so suddenly I've not had a chance to prepare anything and I need to follow it through in the present for it to mean something. 

    I can't promise I'll never be back, but for now at least, this is goodbye.  Thank you all!

    All the best,


    P.S.  I'll send all my remaining morphs to Asusus at the Cove for him to put them up if he feels like it – a few people were asking about where to find my old morphs. http://www.thecove.me.uk/


    I'm glad you've established your priorities.  You must really love your fiance to do this. 

    I wish you the best… and hope you'll not be a total stranger.  Stay in touch with us.  And give my deviantart site a peek every so often, 'kay?  And thanks for the good words on my writings.


    Don't know what to say in this situation.  I know that we all had to deal with the issues of our interest at least some time in our lives, and its nice that you found some solace.  While its sad to see ya go, I'm glad that you are able to dedicate urself to the love to another this way.  It sounds like there was much analyse and contemplation on ur part before reaching this decision.
    So the best of luck on your marriage.

    Sorry to see you go and hope you stick around for the farwells 😥


    You are probably going to get a ton of replies and pms over your farewell post so hopefully this one shall not become lost. No need to reply either as avoiding that hassle is why you started this farewell thread.

    Allow me to say that you will be missed. It has been my pleasure seeing your work and interacting with you on the boards. You have certainly made a valued contribution to our little community.

    But by no means should you hold any regrets. You have your priorties right where they should be: In the real world and on the people (or person) whom matter most in your personal life. If you are in love and loved back that is a treasure not to be taken for granted. Go with full steam, lavish her with your affections, and live a good life!

    Fairwell Random. I wish you all the best.

    My Deviant Art Page (old stuff):

    My Booru Gallery (new stuff):




    I wish you all the best, Dan. I hope you drop us a line from time to time.

    David C. Matthews

    Let me add my wishes for a long and happy marriage. You will be missed.



    Very sad.  You will be missed,
    you often had very nice things to say and to add to my posts.

    I really appreciated that.

    You will be missed friend.

    I wish you and your future bride a beautiful life.

    Take care, and by all means pay us a visit sometime.


    sad to see you go pal…. i got all the morphs and ill place the all on the cove in small updates over the coming months….


    Mark Newman

    Although real life must always take priority over these pursuits, don't lose touch with the spring of eroticism your fantasies bring you.  They are a part of you too.



    I'll miss ya too

    Good luck and very best wishes to you and ….erm….Mrs Random


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