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    Joe flung open the dormroom door and shoved a newspaper in the face of his roommate.

    "You did it again!"

    The young man blinked, yawned, and stared fecklessly. "What do you mean?"

    "My article got edited again, Keith! Why don’t they leave it alone."

    Keith grasped the paper and skimmed it. "The changes are numerous, but they are small ones. Semantic fluctuations may seem subtle but they can have profoundly different consequences. Now go to sleep!" Keith urged. He pulled a sheet over his head and stared into his pillow.

    Still he failed to fall asleep, for the cacophony of shattering glass reverberated through the room at that moment. Keith glaned across the dorm room to see a broken window and a peculiar stone.

    "What’s this?" Joe scratched his head.

    Keith pondered, "I think it’s some form of scoria. Probably a fraternity prank…" Utterly fatigued, Keith fell asleep.

    Joe admired the lithic projectile and picked it up. "It’s warm…" he thought. He placed the ruddy mass on his dresser and fell asleep, allowing the cool autmn air to perfuse the dormitory room.

    That night he had a mirandous dream. He was supine on a beach, and a glorious woman towered over him.


    The figure appeared to be an ethereal maiden. She stood between six and eight feet tall, her ankle length jet hair shone with a gentle amber light. Profound coils of muscle swelled and stretched as she looked down with a serene smile.

    "You free me from prizhon nasty. I give you wish."

    A familiar disjointure swept over Joe. He began to realize he was dreaming, a sign that his somnulence would soon subside. With an absurd jocose rictus he nearly shouted a wish at the mysterious being.

    "I wish that I had I body immensely more powerful and beautiful than any man that is, was , or ever will be."

    The woman smiled. "I do this. You wake up now!" She concluded.

    A self referential dream. This is outlandish

    On cue, the thunderous wake of the alarm reverberated through Joe’s oneiric paradise, shattering it utterly. To exacerbate matters, Keith was shaking his roommate for some reason.


    "What?" Joe responded in an unfamiliar voice.

    "Something is very wrong here!"

    Joe realized that his hand was still around the stone. "The rock! It’s cold!"

    Keith seemed prepared to slap somebody. "Forget the rock! Don’t you even know what happened to you?"

    "I’m naked!" Joe remarked with an abrupt epiphany.

    "Stop being so dense!"

    Joe scratched his side and discovered the cause for alarm. His fingers stroked a cavalcade of abdominal muscles that were no smaller than full rolls of toilet paper.


    Then Joe sat up, looked down, and gasped.

    "What happened to me…."

    Joe stared pensively at her new genetalia.


    Please don't stop there. What happens to Joe next. I would love to know 😉

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