fbb SURGE…my 1st posted drawing.

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    Okay, no more tests…
    I have not posted that much.

    So many people have posted wonderful drawings and stories over the years.
    I thank you…you know who you are.

    Lingster, DC Mathews, Cancuz, Wreckshop, Zanfader Creek, Mark Anew..
    so many  to name over the years, thanks again.

    I am not an artist, but I draw.  Particulary I have been drawing muscular women
    and writing personal fbb stories as a hobby since 1992.

    I have never shared my pics at all, till now in this forum.
    In terms of Muscular women art and stories, I would like to be known as
    fbb SURGE!!! 

    I will post my first pic here, and if anybody can recommend a good site that can hold my
    pics, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I hope I can possibly share more, since I have many.

    Be nice were criticism is concerened, I drew this over 10 years agoAnd the story is rather
    silly.  In no way am I endorsing the idea of young ladies dropping out of high school and
    taking drugs in the persuance of becoming a muscular woman.
    (Then again…..just kidding!!!)

    This is Amy, 21 years old, 6'7, and over 300 lbs,
    and she has been working out with a vengeance for about 10 years.

    -fbb SURGE


    It appears you've come to one of the right places. They've set up a place to post stories (there's a post about it on the blog), and you can always toss images onto a message thread.

    Are you still drawing today? I (and others, I'm sure) would be interested to see how your stuff has evolved. I mean, 10 years ago. Dude! Sounds like you have a biiiig backlog of material.

    Heck, I started drawing muscle-growth sequences when I was in junior high. Went through several sketch pads. All were tossed long before I started posting online.

    Anyway, welcome, and show us whatcha got.



    For a drawing that is over 10 yeas old, it’s pretty good.

    Considering you are not an artist, what I see so far look pretty good. Keep up the good work.


    Thanks eegore and 10-4….

    Those are kind words from you guys.

    Hopefully, I can post more since I got many more drawings, I got more in L.A.

    The following is another unfinished sketch of an odd couple…Tammy and Alvin.
    Tammy ia a tremendously huge and muscular female college student, and Alvin is her smaller nerdy
    boyfriend who is a wiz in  chemicals.

    Tammy used to be smaller than Alvin.

    Alvin needs to stand on a box just to be eye-level with her breasts.
    He is 5'3 or so, and she is about 6'7, so far.

    In future sketches, Tammy is even larger and buffer.

    In the meantime, I will showcase this drawing, and later this week hopefully I can post a re-inked,
    re-tooled drawing.  I can have a before and after. 

    Then I can show the one where Tammy really gets big.

    let me know what you folks think.


    That second one is pretty cute. Good work.


    Cool pics!  Thanks for showing them to us.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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