Female Muscle Growth Club open again, for those who care,heh

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    Reopened it which some older stuff still around and newer stuff still being posted,



    Trent Harlow

    I just tried going to the group and Yahoo said it didn’t exist. What happened?


    I’ve actually already installed about half of what I need to make She Grew! a full archive of FMG and GTS material. I need to get off my ass on that.


    Joined the group, but it has now disappeared from my list.

    Did a search just now and got:

    There is no group called Female_Muscle_Growth.

    Maybe they deleted it because it wasn’t declared ADULT??????

    Just a thought.


    FMG Dead…

    Hey everyone, sorry to say but yesterday when I woke up I tried to get online… no luck. I tried to figure out what was making my DSL not work, but no luck. Kinda pissed me off because usually I can get it going again in no time, not this time though. So finally I just decided the hell with it, I’ll go back to 56k land, oldies never die. So after a rough start I get online and try to sign on Yahoo Messenger, I get the try again screen, I try 3 more times… no dice. I do direct to yahoo and try to sign into my yahoo mail account, invalid password… I finally say what the hell is going on and go to the ‘forgot your password page.’ After filling out the useless information I thought I would never see again, Yahoo so kindly tells me that my account has been deactivated… Before even reading any further I go to yahoo groups and search for the club… there is no club called female muscle growth. Damn… that just made my day. So kids, as for now there is no FMG. I am truly disappointed, but i guess when lighting strikes twice, maybe I shouldn’t run the Yahoo club. My LonerforHire screen name and everything attached to it is dead. I’m not sure if someone hacked into my computer and did it, or the fact I didn’t label the club ‘Adult’… who knows.

    Until I can get my DSL back up and running again I will post every now and again. I will post the new pics I uploaded to the group here asap when things straighten out. I already made another yahoo group for the future under my former name Zeromager (odd how many split personalities I have) but I’m not sure if I should even bother with another attempt at a yahoo club, instead post pics at places like this. Plus it’ll be adult this time, hopefully that was the cause of it’s death…

    For anyone who joined the new FMG that was open for 3-4 days, i am deeply sorry I wasted your time and anything else. I just hate it that people went out of their way to join up and then it’s gone, which is why i fear doing it yet again.

    Again, I am truly sorry everyone

    Thanks, Loner


    Your link doesn’t work. 😥


    Apparently the link changed. The group is still present.

    The link is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Female-Muscle-Growth

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