Female Muscle…have you witnessed it? Short True Story.

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    I want to start by saying I do not post that much, but I want to change that.

    I have enjoyed female muscle since 1989…and I had started drawing and writing stories,
    about female muscle in general, but I always kept the materials and thoughts to myself.

    I was ashamed and embarrased at my interest until I started surfing on the web and slowly
    began to realize that authors and artists were enjoying the same subject matter as I.

    I would like to slowly start posting stories, thoughts, and pics concerning the subject.
    And would also like to thanks all those great writers, and artists, too many to count of course,
    but would like to thank Lingster for one, I have greatly admired your work, thank you.

    I have not posted any of my materials at all.  And would like advice as to what services are best in displaying
    works of this nature…I have tons of drawings, some decent, some better.  And I have some FMG stories
    as well.  In the meantime I have this true story to tell.

    Here goes…I have a thought, please excuse my writing skills, I am not Hemingway.

    Sure we have all admired female muscle  from a far, magazines, gym, maybe even a contest.

    But what I am interested in is random chance encounter stories with a very muscular woman.
    Any great stories?  Let me share my first encounter.

    Please give me any comments, and feel free to add your own female muscle experiences.

    Be nice this is my first story on Amaz0ns/She Grew.  And it is a TRUE STORY!!!!!

    My First Female Muscle Encounter(Summer 1990)
    by FBBFAN

    Back in the summer of 1990, the big movie out there was Ghost.  It was slowly gaining
    momentum as a very popular tearjerker of a movie.  My Stepfather and I decided to see
    the new flick at the new Multi-plex that just opened in Santa Fe Springs. 

    So we go to this movie theater, still somewhat under construction.  My Stepfather was a
    very large man, 6'2, over 275, big all over.  I was barely 5'7, a pip-squeak 17 year old.  My Stepfather
    Bob indicated to me that he wanted to go to the restroom.  So as we climbed the stairs.  , I noticed a young
    girl at the top talking to a parent or guardian.  They seemed to have exited the women's restroom. 
    The little girl was about  7 years old, and reached for the guardians hand.  Not thinking to much of course,
    but as I approached the top of the stairs I could not help but realize that the little girl was holding hands with one of the
    most muscular women I have seen in person to this day.

    A year earlier, I had aquired a taste and respect for the female muscle form.  I was an in the closet fan
    of Raye Hollit"Zap" from American Gladiators.  I had a bit of a crush on her actually, but of course I could
    "NOT" admit to it to my classmates in high-school.  Hell it is hard to admit now in public.

    Now at this time, not having money or anything, I could only see female muscle in Muscle and Fitness magazines, or other periodicals in Super markets in the magazine stands.  Carefully glancing at the pages while not being caught.
    I am sure many guys out there can testify to this.  It can be hard to be a guy admiting that you like female muscle.

    Now back to the muscle lady at the movie theatre, she was obviously taking her niece/daughter, whatever
    to "The Rescuers Down Under".  This woman was incredibly striated, with powerful veiny shoulders breaking
    out of her tube dress.  Imagine a tank top-like top.  Revealing this powerful shoulders and arms.  And a skirt bottom.
    Showing off big powerful muscular legs.

    She was making and putting all us guys to shame, I heard a few snickers from other passers-by.

    "Damm, look at that!"
    "Wow!!!! is what I said
    "She has bigger calfs than me" my Stepfather indicated.

    He was right.  My Stepfather's claves were always big..popeye claves we called them.
    Yet this women beat him by a long shot.  Although this woman was about 5'4 or so,
    wearing her high heels added unusual definition to her already engorged calf muscles.
    Veiny and engorged were her muscles.  The legs were literally exploding out her tube dress.
    and the dress was basically a skirt on the bottom.  This was a really buff lady.

    I literally wanted to follow her around, and continue watching her but my step-father had already
    noticed my gawking.  Those calves were  simply amazing.  Yet what impressed me most about this lady
    is the amount of confidence that she exuded while walking around.  She did not dress down,
    and were baggy clothes.  In the end she showed off her hard earned body with  very sexy ensemble
    that showed the beauty of her feminine form to her full potential.  She was a woman, plain and simple,
    but a very powerful and muscular woman at that.  And she celebrated her feminity, and challenged
    the close minded individuals that could only find strength by insulting this woman from a distance.

    The child was not affected in the least by this muscular woman.  Us guys were the gawkers.
    The child did not even notice the gawkers, the child looked very at ease and protected.

    Of course I never saw that woman again.  I saw the movie "Ghost", entertained I suppose.
    But of course my interest and thoughts lied elsewhere.  That woman was simply amazing.
    I could not get her out my young mind.

    As the years went by, and resources to gaining access to female muscle had increased.
    I tried piecing together who this woman could have been.

    Not totally sure, but my best calculated guess to this day is probably Sue (Susan) Myers.

    You could basically run a simple Google search to see how muscular this woman was back in the
    lates 80's to early nineties.  Very impressive and muscular woman that indeed left her mark.

    Wrapping things up…I also think if there could have been any chance that the young child could
    have been influenced by the athletic and majestic prowess of the muscular female guardian. 
    The child would be about 22-23 now, so it is somewhat conceivable that she may have taken route and
    become a strong women in her own right.  There is that possibility.





    Nice little anecdote.  🙂


    🙂  NIce slice of life.  🙂


    Great story. Susan Myers is still one of my all time favs. If you had to spot an FBB in the 80s that was the one to see. I highly encourage everyone to check out her video at WPW her physique defintly holds up even to todays standards.

    I would also love to hear about everyone elses experiences spotting real FBBS. If we get a group dialogue going maybe I'll share my story about spotting Christa Bauch in NYC.

    FBBfan any other memories of that night or other FBB sightings?


    I've seen Colette Nelson on the street in NYC a couple of times.  That was nice.


    Thanks for the compliments, my story had a bunch of mis-spellings and grammar and such.

    Cool, it sounds like were are starting a forum here, let's go folks,
    what are the stories?

    Loulass wrote….

    "FBBfan any other memories of that night or other FBB sightings?"

    Well, I got some good ones, and one is about a certain bodybuilder I used to see in
    a Gothic-Industrial club very often back in the late 90's.  I do not want to give it away just yet.
    Great story.

    In fact I will write another short true story on this one.

    let's just say this bodybuilder came out in a very big movie within the last 3 years.

    Loulass, I want to hear that Christa Bach story, and sub999 I want to hear that Nelson story.

    They both sound great.


    So now that everyone is sharing here is my first real FBB encounter.

    My first actual FBB sighting happened about five years ago. I was waiting for a light on a street corner in SOHO Manhattan when directly in front of me I spy a pair of monumentally muscled shoulders. Something comes over me I loose my breath and my heart begins to pound, I was always a fan of Female muscle but I had never seen it up so close in real life, something came over me and I felt as if I was in a trance (this, I would learn later on, was a common feeling when spying female muscle out in public.) I tried to regain my composure and assess the situation. I wanted to make sure it was real FBB muscle and not some chunky chick, sometimes I have noticed a large girl can look like an FBB from the distance.

    I traced those thick broad delts down her back. She was wearing a tight fighting sun dress/mini skirt type of thing. As she readjusted her shoulder bag I noticed the cords of thick muscle in her upper back dance and flex. What was I thinking, this girl wasn't fat… in fact she was in almost contest hard condition… holy shit!!! And she was big too!!!! My eyes continued down her amazingly developed body. If my heart was having trouble dealing with her broad back… it skipped a few beats when it came to her arms. They where pushed out at 45 degree angles and just sort of hung at her sides (is it just me or is it sooo sexy when an FBB's arms dangle like that because her lats are so big.) The arms where huge… huge… and ripped too, there where thick veins on the front, not just those little tiny ones on the forearms, but big ones running down the bis. Yikes.

    I noticed that this monument of muscle was with a dude. I managed to pull my eyes off those insane bi's for a second and check out the dude. The FBB was flirtatiously running her fingers through his hair. By the way they where touching each other it was obviously they where more then just friends. Here was the best part, he wasn't even big. Totally normal sized, even kind of dorky looking. So there is hope.

    As the light changed the mass of muscle turned into a walking anatomy chart as movement made her whole body come alive. There was something about the way she walked. Everything seemed to stop around her. People starred (and this is NYC… no one stares there.) But she didn't care. She moved slow, it was as if she didn't have to move for anybody, and she wanted to linger long enough to show everyone just how a female body should look… to show off the fruits of her labors. I followed a few feet behind her. Just starring.  My eyes where fixed to her rock hard, squared glutes which flexed back and pushed her dress out with each flexing step so I could see the outline through the fabric. There is something so distinctive about a FBB’s ass. If I had only seen that one aspect of her body I would have known on sight she was a bodybuilder, because it was so distinctly muscular. I couldn't get a detailed look at her legs because of the angle and her dress. But I did catch her calves. Even though she was wearing cowboy boots. Her calves where so rock hard that I could see them flex through the leather of her boots… whooaa!!! I needed to see the front side of this goddess. I ran across the street so I could catch her head on. As I viewed her front side it hit me… I knew who she was… Christa Bauch!!

    I don't know why she was in Manhattan but there she was and thank god for it. I managed to get a view of her pecs. They where fantastic of course… hanging high on her chest, taught with little ripples of muscle. She ducted into a boutique with the guy. I wanted to follow them in to get a clothes show from this awesome lady… but I figured I had been stalking them for almost six blocks and it was time to lay off. Not a bad first female muscle encounter… but that wouldn't be the last.


    I saw Gayle Moher last year on Holiday in Niagara Falls at the end of November. I was in the cinema 180 doing the tourist thing, queing for a 30 minute niagara falls information film, when i saw this familiar face. I couldn't quite put the name to the face, but then i saw the darkly tanned thick muscular figure, probably 5' 2" (deceptively short), dressed in a skin tight black top, the penny dropped. The musculature was unmistakeable. Needless to say (its a bit sad i know) i had to try and get close to her in the queue. It was just fascinating. She was with two young teenage girls (daughters?). I was with the wife at the time, and trying to get near to Gayle when going in to the cinema and exiting the cinema was a nightmare. My wife didn't go where i wanted her to go! Still, Gayle hung around in the gift shop afterwards, and i got to say, looked sensational. I've never though of Gayle Moher that way before, but man was she looking amazing. This was my only time near a real muscular attractive woman, and it stirred me, i've got to say.


    In my's long life I's have met, been companion to and seen at a distance many muscular women and female bodybuilders and there are all, for the majority, treasured memories.
    Although my's favourite encounter runs thusly.
    Five years ago, I's was working security in the Australian city of Melbourne with Shadow and we had just finished our job at Private Function when it was suggested that we all engage in the great Australian after work past time -that is: to get so drunk reality itself twists around you.
    We had just arrived in a nightclub just outside of the suburb of St. Kilda when one of our workmates -some Johno or another- decided to make fun of a rather obstinate women for wearing bulky clothing by calling her "fat".
    Shadow quickly drew my's attention to the line of her jaw and the rigid way she held herself, as well as the way her thick jacket fell about her waist quite loosely. We had to styful a laugh when she removed her jacket to reveal large arms -the size of powerlifters but cut more like a bodybuilders.
    The Johno had merely enough time to utter a good old Australian "Aw, fuck!" before he fled for his meagre life. The last we saw of him that evening was his head above the crowd (he was rather tall at 6' 5")  as the Lady did give chase. We found her at the bar ten or so minutes later after throwing Johno out on his scrawny backside and Shadow and I offered her a drink in reparation for our workmate's behaviour towards her. She refused alcohol because she informed us that she had an amateur Bodybuilding compotition coming in the next week or so.
    We soon got to chatting about training, people's reactions to her and so forth. I's even tried to set up a date with her and Shadow but she, alas, was already spoken for.
    We discovered later that she did not place well in her contest because of her bulk and inability to shed her waterweight in time. We are still in contact every now-&-again and she keeps I updated with her progress.
    A most wonderful woman and most enjoyable way (at least to I) for us to meet.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    My first girlfriend in high school played the bass saxophone for three years prior, which gave her very strong arms and shoulders, strong enough to let her do anything she wanted to me, she even commented on how light i was, and after that i was hooked, even though at that point i hadn't connected her strength with muscles on women, that connection came later when i randomly read a comic called Jaguar, the rest is history…

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