Female Muscle in Cartoons Alert 9/8-9/19

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    Muscle Growth Nut

    Fairly OddParents: Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad:
    9/12/2005  8:00AM  Nickelodeon 
    9/12/2005  11:00AM  Nick2

    Fairly OddParents: Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Meet the Crimson Chin:
    9/14/2005  4:00PM  Nickelodeon 
    9/14/2005  7:00PM  Nick2

    Fairly OddParents: Love at First Height:
    9/12/2005  4:00PM  Nickelodeon 
    9/12/2005  7:00PM  Nick2
    (Note: This is a literal blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Have a VCR ready.)

    Jimmy Neutron: Maximum Hugh:
    9/15/2005  7:30AM  Nickelodeon 
    9/15/2005  10:30AM  Nick2

    SpongeBob: MuscleBob Buffpants:
    9/16/2005  5:00PM  Nickelodeon 
    9/16/2005  8:00PM  Nick2 

    Futurama: Brannigan, Begin Again:
    9/8/2005  11:30PM  Cartoon Network
    9/9/2005  2:30AM  Cartoon Network 

    Dave the Barbarian: Beef!:
    9/8/2005  12:00AM  Toon Disney

    Dave the Barbarian: Happy Glasses:
    9/17/2005  6:30PM  Toon Disney

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