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    Cowprobe suggested something like this. An alternate ending to improve an already legendary game.


    Cloud bounded into the air and plunged his sword into the unworldly, monstrosity that was Sephiroth. The chimeric solipsist flailed in the air, but his damaged wings failed him, and he collapsed.

    "My turn," whispered Tifa, who approached the bleeding, kneeling abomination. She bent down and whispered in his ear. "I hate you more than I can say, but you don’t need words to express my feelings for you."

    Tifa kicked Sephiroth in the stomach multiple times and flipped him over. Then she applied a submission grip upon each of his arms gradually, smirking as the rhythmic pops and whimpers indicated his progressive incapacitation. Finally, once Sephiroth could no longer utter a single effete sound. The martial artist clenched the flowing argent locks in one hand and begin to tear them from his scalp. After he was completely bald, Tifa flipped her hand, snapping his neck.

    Unable to withstand any more attacks, Sepiroth’s body began to seizure and diliquesce into the ground.

    Tifa witnessed the vacant center of the planet in pensiveness. Her sleek muscles surged against her white T-shirt, diaphonous with sweat. Propelled by her overwhelming fury, her full breasts looked even grander and livelier from being thrust forwards by her pectoral muscles.

    As her breathing slowed, her lip began to quiver. She burst into tears, screaming, "Mako! Jenova! I hate them all!" She slid into Barret’s arms."

    The huge brown vigilante patted his comarade in arms, trying to educe a droplet of emotion from a conflict-stiffened heart. He thought of Marlene, in the care of Aeris’ mother, and suffered the briefest intimation of a frown.

    "Da-mmmmn…" He said sympathetically.

    Cloud looked into the abyss, heedless to the exchange beside him.

    "What’s wrong, Cloud?" Tifa asked.

    "Sephiroth…isn’t dead…"

    Barret rolled his eyes. "What you talking ’bout? Tifa done busted him!"

    Cloud shook his head. "He’s there… laughing."

    Barret was about to reiterate his conclusions about Cloud’s mental health when a wormhole emerged from the abyss and enveloped the blonde swordsman.

    At the end of the tunnel, stood he. The dashing megalomaniac stood before him without a shirt, blade poised in an implaccible challenge. Cloud began his ultimate attack, but Sephiroth parried before the blade could touch him. The two foes, blade against blade, sought each other’s destruction. After innumberable salvos, Cloud fell prostrate. Had he wished to plead for mercy, Sephiroth would not have allowed it as he drove his towering blade through Cloud’s heart. Sephiroth ignored his victim as he pondered the circumambient spiritual energies from the planet.

    He stetched his arms triumphantly and began to imbibe the planet’s power.

    "I am triumphant."

    "I am uncontestable!"


    "No you aren’t." A whisper swept across the planet. Sephiroth was taken aback by the fact that something was still blocking him. A shilloette approached in the chaos of the omphalos. As she approached, Sephiroth teetered backwards in confusion.

    "You! I killed you!"

    "You killed me once, but never again." Aeris smiled serenely.

    "Die!" Sephiroth snarled, and launched himself as he did at the Cetra temple. Howver, he did not land. Closer to his enemy, he saw Aeris for the first time since her departure. She dangled his sword between her hands as she stared down upon him.

    With some effort, Aeris wiggled the sword until it was separated from its owner, and hurled the weapon against the floor.

    "How…?" Sephiroth looked at Aeris, whose arms were about as muscular as Cloud’s.

    The Cetra answered nonchalantly. "I have unlocked the full power of the Holy Materia. I have become one with that which you wish to defile." Aeris and Sephiroth enaged in battle. Sephiroth noticed that Aeris only expanded gradually as she punched and blocked him, but she was steadily besting him.

    Why doesn’t she finish me? He thought.

    The answer came to him. "Absurd Girl!" Sephiroth snorted. "Your reservations to claim the prize will be your downfall."

    Sephiroth rose into the air. "COME METEOR! THE REFORGING OF THIS WORLD IS NIGH!"

    "The tables have turned! The Meteor shall land within seconds. Do you protect the spirits or defeat me now?"

    Aeris did not know how much of the Lifestream she would need to win, so she quickly seized all the essence that was was currently unattached to a living being. She knew that the planet would implode if she did not return its power within a minute, furthermore, if she were to somehow die during the transformation, the Lifestream would be forever forfeit. Still these apprehensions did not prevent her from growing at an unfathomable rate. She squished Sephiroth at a height of twenty feet. A meager spritz of white sparks was all that was left of him. One second after Sephiroth had been dispatched, Aeris towered over the abyss, chin level with trusty Highwind. She placed Cloud’s broken body on the cliff beside her friends above and stretched towards the heavens.

    After growing to her maximum size, Aeris grabbed the massive projectile from space with both hands. Ignoring the scalding pain, she swung around for potential energy, and released the vast sphereoid. It caroumed rapidly into the inscrutable void of space, never to be used as a weapon again.

    Without hesitation, Aeris began to return the wayward spirits to their rightful location, except for that of Cloud, which she reattached to his body posthaste. Soon Aeris stood among her comarades, no longer a giantess, trademark smile wider than ever.

    She knelt over the slumbering swordsman.

    "Cloud… wake up."

    Cloud was still groggy from his reanimation, but he was faintly aware of someone rubbing him.

    "It moved." A female voice stated incredulously.

    "Urmmm… Tifa?" Cloud looked at Tifa’s direction and realized that she was too far away. "You?" Cloud densely mumbled when he saw his revivor.

    "Cloud, It’s me!" Aeris giggled as she hugged him. She also could not stop from smiling as she recalled how vehemently he protected her at the cathedral and when he pushed her in the swing of the cherished old playground.

    "Oops, you’re out of breath. And I thought you were in Soldier!" She laughed ironically. Cloud regained his breath enough to laugh as he put her arms around his no longer lost love.

    "We thought you were totally dead!" Yuffie exclaimed.

    "I was, but thanks to your weakening of Sephiroth, I live again."

    "But how?" Cait Sith’s operator was dumbfounded.

    "The White Materia unifies me with the Lifestream. I can borrow the power of the lifestream at will, as long as I return it. Such is the legacy of the Cetra."

    "You appear to have forgotten something." Vincent remarked.

    "No, I… Oh! This?" Aeris looked at herself.

    "Sephiroth’s soul was so corrupted that the Lifestream wouldn’t take him back. That guy were sick! But I’ve been allowed to stay bonded with his spirit energy permanently." She twirled herself to stretch out her new body. Her brawny body popped her red jacket and tore her dress. "Oops!" She tittered girlishly, causing her bulbous abs and now tremendous bosom to move with her laughter.

    "How do you live with breasts like this, Tifa?"

    "I don’t think they make orthopedic underwear in your size, Aeris." Tifa stared at her previously inconceivable endowments.

    "Well, Lady, What’re you going to do now?" Cid asked, trying to conceal his appreciation.

    "I’m going to take Cloud up for a night at Costa Del Sol, and that’s just the beginning! Bye!" She whipped her flowing hair behind her and rescaled the final dungeon with Cloud, a trivial feat with her new 6 foot 9 inch body and the melon-like pistons of her calves.


    -"But how?" Cait Sith’s operator was dumbfounded.-

    Trivia and a responsibility to the cherished source material (or is it materia?) makes this a wonderful story.

    Given the extremes that Square heroes regardless of gender go through during an average 70 hour quest it isn’t entirely out of the pale either 😀

    Thanks Axel3.14.

    P.S. Utilization of Tifa’s martial prowness in the beginning was a very well placed red herring as to the lass whose body was to blossum profusely. Such surprises are well recived in my mind’s eye. 😉


    I now understand why so many people enjoy writing fanfiction.

    Aeris was the least developed of the characters. So her part was the hardest to capture.

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