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    Howdy folks, yes you heard the title correctly but since this is under video games clearly there is a catch.

    There is a new game that was released last month titled "The Movies."  I got it for Christmas and I'm just going to tell you right now that game is a blast!

    But I've found, that there's also more power to this game than meets the eye.

    The power I'm talking about?

    The ability to make "Monster" movies, and with monster movies comes the incredible possibility of making an FMG movie!


    You won't see any actual muscles growing in the movie, BUT I'm going to direct the movie in such a way that it will give the illusion that you saw a woman busting out of her clothes.


    I need your help in making this a reality.  The true power in this program lies in the ability to modify files which is fully supported by the game.  Now you may be asking yourself, "Why don't I just get the movies myself, skin it myself and not worry about having to send you all the files to make a movie?"

    Well a few things,

    1.) I do intend on making movies for a living, this program is a damn good first step in finally giving it a shot.
    2.) These files could be shared with the community so those who want to make movies as well can also have the files.
    3.) I could host this stuff at my yahoo group and let folks tune in to watch the movies etc.

    What do I need to make this happen?

    I need a skinner to make muscular textures, a sound FX guy to create clothes ripping or female moaning files, and a modeller to make a mesh that is compatible with the game.

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to do any of these things and all I can do is give you a head start on where to start looking.

    If you want to help me take on the task contact me at [email protected]

    That's pretty much it, the rest is out of anyone's hands really.  The movies will be uploaded to a place where people can download it once it is completed, good luck!


    I see once again I'm flying solo on this… 😐


    sorry but I have no skill with any of the things that you requested or I would be more than happy to help in you creation of two of my most favorite subjects (Movies and Muscle women) being put together. There just aren't enough movies with muscle women in them.


    The thing is this is not so easy as it sounds. I didn't have time to dig into that more, but with games, that
    dont have built in texture editing interface, its a lot of research just to make a skin, let alone modelling.
    Model? Sure I can make a model, but that's not it. Modelling is just a process of creating a mesh.
    But theres a LOT more to it…

    To create a working in game character you have to attach a skeleton to mesh, make mapping so that textures
    would apply correctly. And final and toughest part. Script it… You have to know game's programming language,
    and insert a script with your new model into the game. So that game know how to attach the skeleton to the
    mesh, animate skeleton, how to apply textures, and how will the mesh itself interact with the games physics
    system… Thats not all im sure… So, as u can see this is not a piece of cake.


    The mesh I was actually not expecting to be possible, I know full well the difficulty in making a mesh.

    However, I did my homework and learned how to extract the skins from The Movies video game so that they can be modified.  I'm not 100% positive how to get it working accurately in game but I do know how to extract the skins so that they can be changed into muscular textures.


    All righty well for those still intereted in helping me make a movie mod I have found some resource links for you all.

    Each of these websites contain valuable information as to how we may be able to possibly mod the game.

    Though it's not possible, this is what we need to do to make the FMG movie a possibility.

    1.) Hex edit already existing female mods so that instead of creating an entirely new mesh from scratch, all we have to do is modify the values of the polygons so that their arms and legs appear "beefier."  That way the actual mesh itself was changed in-game without the need to create a new skeleton or texture map.

    2.) Skin the existing female skins so that we can put a muscular texture on them.  You can modify the "body paint" selections so that female muscles comes up as an option, or you can modify an existing skin on a female so that when you hire her she will already be muscular.

    If we get those two things done we can have our FMG movie, as long as their is a noticeable size difference it can be done.

    Prophet Tenebrae

    I believe gai_x is working on a She-Hulk movie in "The Movies" too.

    I'd offer my help but beyond writing dialogue, I'm afraif these task are beyond my expertise.


    Making a She-Hulk movie is easy, all you have to do is make the girl have green skin bodypaint which is available.  The problem is unless he has special modifications, She-Hulk isn't going to be muscular, she's just going to be busty.

    Prophet Tenebrae

    Ah… I getcha.

    Shame you couldn't slot in Poser models or something like that… ah well, few things worth doing are ever easy. Wish I could help.


    I watched the She-Hulk movie the "competition" was working on.  I'm very pleased with how he put the movie together actually, I think there was some points where his movie was boring as hell and that the subtitles went too fast, but I liked the way he put it all together.

    But man…

    If we can't get those muscle skins working all that effort he put into it isn't going to help him much.

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