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    damn frenchy

    Is Anybody into foot growth? i dont know what it is about it, but its got to be one of my favorite aspects of the whole growth theme. just to be able to see and hear the stretching sound of leather, followed by five swelling toes poping into view… hmmm HMM! ๐Ÿ˜€


    I like it as part of an overall package, I do not like just footgrowth all by itself unless it is backed up by a huge amount of muscle mass followed up top. I also like GTS growth but I do not like GTS if they are just skinny women without muscle.

    Lucky for you frenchie I’ve made a few animations on foot growth and will be doing approximately 3 more when I have my most recent animation done.


    A sizeable (no pun) portion of those that regularly attend are foot fetish-ists (man, that’s not an easy word to say outloud). 8)

    โ€œI like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.โ€
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)

    Matthew Lim

    There’s also a reasonably decent ammount of crush videos that go into the forums. I’m not a foot fetishee (I think thats the way you say it AlexG ๐Ÿ˜› ), so I don’t know too much on the subject.

    Deadly Pixxxie

    I’m big into foot growth.

    I think it’s one of the most underrated parts of the TF sequence.

    Mr Burroughs

    Count me in. Best example I’ve seen thus far was in the "Attack of the 50 Ft Woman" remake with Daryl Hannah, when she looks down at her feet and her growth is warping the fabric of her shoe.

    A runner up is probably "Compounding Interest," when the main character is giving Brenda a massage and notices her feet are now as big as his. I was hoping Hunter would throw in some updates on that issue later in the story, as Brenda grows 8-10 more inches in height after that scene. Feet and hands are probably my favorite body part to compare in before-after growth stories.

    magnus knight

    You like foot growth, eh?  You like it when the woman bites her lower lip with a slight grin upon her face as she feels her new leather pump begin to tighten on her petit foot.  The sound of the leather material stretching and groaning as its confines expand into them without mercy forcing the stiff material to bend into a shape it was never meant to hold.  You see how more of her ankle is visible under the cuff of her nice black dress pants as the limb itself shutters and that same cuff rises as the woman lets out a moan of satisfaction as all her clothes now tighten there grip around her, teasing her to see how far she can push them, but you still focus like a trained puppy at her feet.  You now see throught the top of the pump how pale the blue sock she wears grows as the cotton material is stretched out paler by the moment.  Five little indentations begin to form at the fronts of her shoes as her feminine toes curl and then thrust out into the starining leather.  Then you begin to hear the sounds of stitches poppoing.  You get down on all fours to get closer and see the small leather stitches at the tips of the rounded toe part are now snapping open, unable to contain her growing feet no longer.  you watch each strand snap and give way to the next ones destruction, unitl, at long last her beutiful sock clad foot ruptures the fronts of both shoes all at once and burst into sight.  You want to reach out, and as to caress her expanding toes they curl up an she lets out a soft moan that is both pleasure and pain as now thw back heels of the footwear are causing her some dicomfort.  You would offer to remove them yourself, but you know how she likes to do things herself, the "fun" way.  You manuver yourself to see just in time as the back stitching of the heel begins to snap, and the blue material of her sock pushes out and at that same moment she moans in relief as the tightness starts to subside.  You come back around to see the top of the pumps split open and adventually the ruined footwaer just falls from her feet in a pile upon the floor.  Her socks now draw your attention.  The cuffs of the dark blue cotton material pulls down to her lower ankle where it seem to become caught.  Then both your ears pick up an odd ripping noise.  You lok down to see rips appear along the tops of the blue material as her foot grows and split the cotton sock open along the tops of them.  Then her well pedicured toes forc the fronts to rip open, and five little bundles of pure joy burst onto the scene.  Shen gigles as the tearing cotton tickles her toes,  the elastic band around the ankles twirls and rips to leave nothing left but two smooth, wonderful  feet expanding towards you.  You gently take one in your hand, and like a romantic kiss the top of it ever so gently.  You feel the expanding toes wiggle as you let go to gaze up into her eyes, and as she looks down upon you the two of your eyes meet, with a mutual understanding and expression of love.  ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Is that what you are interested in?  Have you been to my group?  I have foot growth folder in the photo's section, plus I try to capture each body part in all its growing glory in all of my stories.  And I see Ms. Pixxie likes this interest too.  Where were you on my prom night?  :mrgreen:  Any more like you back at home?  ๐Ÿ™„ 
    The one who likes to keep them all growing,
    Magnus Knight
    foot growth, breast growth, butt growth, all growth is good growth.  ๐Ÿ˜€

    damn frenchy

    Great Story! You write them like no otherย  :-o:-D

    damn frenchy

    Magnus, where can i find your website? i'd love to see more of your work…

    magnus knight

    knights_of_GTS in yahoo groups.  Found in adult and other group area.  Email me for more info.

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