Four Days part 2

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    Day 2

    Jenna glanced at her watch and frowned, knowing that it was nearly time for her appointment with Professor Neuman.  But as she still had a few minutes, she paused to light a cigarette, doing so as if she had been smoking for several years rather than merely one day.

    "Why don't you go on ahead," Jenna told Chelsea, who had come along with her, "I'll be in as soon as I'm finished with this."  She held up the cigarette that she had just began smoking.

    Chelsea quietly nodded, then gave a weak smile. "It's kind of strange seeing you smoke.."

    "Tell me about it," Jenna smirked, "This whole thing is pretty damn strange."

    Then as Chelsea went inside of the building, Jenna took another drag from her cigarette and thought about just how different the last day had been.  Ever since Professor Neuman put her into that booth with Chelsea, everything had been completely and totally different.  She felt different, and it had grown even more obvious that she had gained a great deal of her roommates personality and habits.

    Jenna had gone out to party the night before, which was quite a change from her normal routine of staying home as a dorm rat.  But she had become much more confident, outgoing and social, thanks to what she had gained from Chelsea.  And she found that having fun and cutting loose was so much more important than before.

    Of course, there were other things as well.  Jenna found that she now liked the taste of beer, and that she liked Chelsea's hard rock music, when she had previously considered it nothing but loud noise.  And even though she had always liked broccoli, she now seemed to have inherited Chelsea's dislike for that particular vegetable.

    "And I still have my own personality too," Jenna mused, taking a drag from the cigarette and realizing that she had always been mellow….even boring, so Chelsea's more outgoing personality seemed a bit more dominant.  "I don't know where I end and where she begins…  But do I even give a fuck?"

    Just then, Jenna saw the goth girl Kat walking towards the building.  She was wearing large clothes which barely contained her mass of muscles.  With all of Shawn's muscles transferred to her smaller frame, it made her look even bulkier and more muscular than he had.

    Jenna frowned slightly as she watched Kat, having heard what the goth was up to the night before.  Apparently, Kat had decided to use her new muscles and strength to threaten and seriously intimidate a bunch of girls who'd been on her bad side for awhile, as well as beating up a couple of guys.  From what Jenna had heard, Kat had even broken one guy's arm and then laughed about it.

    "What a bitch," Jenna muttered to herself, dropping her cigarette to the ground and stepping on it.

    After waiting a few more seconds, Jenna finally went inside the building herself and to the room where they were to meet.  Most of Professor Neuman's other lab rats were already there ahead of her, but Shawn and Tanya had yet to arrive.  Fortunately, Jenna didn't have to wait long before they showed up several minutes later.

    Almost as soon as the last person had arrived, Professor Neuman appeared from the back room.  He rushed into the room, frowned suspiciously and looked around at everyone.

    "I need to see your identification," he announced.

    "But we showed you that yesterday," Ethan protested.

    "He's lost his marbles," Jenna muttered to herself, hoping that she could just get this over with so she could go on with her day.  "Just show it to him.  I've got better things to do than sit here wasting time."

    "A fuckin waste of time," Kat growled, pulling out her student I.D. anyway.  For once, Jenna had to agree with her.

    Once Professor Neuman was through looking at everyone's I.D. cards, he let out a sigh of relief.  "I had feared that someone might have tried infiltrating my experiment."  He said it more to himself than to the gathered students, "You don't know the people who are after me and my work."

    "Can we just get on with this?" Jenna frowned, glancing at her watch.
    Professor Neuman nodded, "Very well," holding out the same hat as the day before and saying, "Those who received traits yesterday will draw again…"

    After the poker chips had been drawn, Jenna found that this time she was partnered with Ethan, while Kat got Mike.  Jenna frowned, feeling a bit nervous about what was going to happen soon though refusing to show it.

    "It looks like we each have a fifty percent chance," Ethan whispered to her, "Assuming of course that the choice of donor is random."

    "Just great," Jenna scowled, feeling even less enthusiastic.  She glanced at Ethan and shook her head, "Just fucking great."

    "You two can go first," Professor Neuman said, gesturing to Jenna and Ethan.  Then to the rest of the volunteers, he stated, "Once these transfers are completed, I will examine you all…"  He shook his head and muttered, "I should have done that yesterday…"

    "Talk about an absent minded professor," Jenna snorted as she went into the next room.

    The lab looked the same as the day before, though this time it seemed just a little more sinister.  Jenna had no doubt that this was because this time she knew that it actually worked, and that however it went, she wouldn't walk out the same as she had walked in.

    Jenna scowled as she climbed into one of the chambers, then called out to Professor Neuman as she tried to hide her nervousness, "Don't you think that you could have made these thins look a bit cooler?  I mean, more like those things from that Fly movie with Jeff Goldblum, and a little less like Bill and Ted's phone booth…"

    Ethan laughed at that, "Yeah, they don't look very impressive.  However, these are real and you can't deny that these things are cutting edge technology that puts just about anything else to shame…"

    "Now we begin," Professor Neuman exclaimed excitedly.

    A moment later, the lights came on in the booth, followed by the humming, just like the day before.  Then came the static shock and the feeling that everything inside of her was being twisted.  And when it was over and Jenna was able to stagger out of the booth, she let out a long sigh of relief.

    "I feel…different," she said unnecessarily.

    Jenna paused to catch her balance, taking a deep breath as she did so.  She closed her eyes and stood up straight, immediately feeling better.  Her whole sense of balance was back and stronger than every.  Her entire body suddenly felt stronger, more balanced, and graceful.

    "I got the traits," Jenna said in sudden realization, looking to Ethan who was still trying to regain his balance.

    "Right this way please," Professor Neuman said, gesturing at the door to the second waiting room.

    Once Jenna and Ethan were in the next room, she tried to understand what the professor's transfer process had given to her this time.  She certainly felt stronger and more athletic, and with that came the sudden understanding of just what she was capable of.  Countless martial arts katas, moves and techniques ran through her mind, as well as certainty that she could apply any of them with ease.

    "Incredible," Jenna gasped, "Fucking incredible.  So this is what you meant yesterday when you said that you felt like you could kick anyone's ass."  She shifted into a martial arts stance and smirked, savoring the confidence she now felt in her ability to fight and defend herself.

    "It was pretty cool," Ethan frowned, "But now I'm back to normal…"

    "I don't know," Jenna frowned thoughtfully, "I think that there's more to it than that…"

    Jenna closed her eyes and tried to do a quick internal survey.  She started to catalog what she knew and felt, then paused in understanding.  For the next few seconds, she silently ran through various math problems.  Math had always been her worst subject, so it surprised her a little at just how easy they problems were.

    "Do you know what four times sixteen is?" Jenna asked Ethan.

    Ethan blinked in confusion, then shook his head.  Jenna asked him several more questions, getting only a blank look each time.

    "It would appear that you were right yesterday," Jenna told him thoughtfully, "It seems that the trait that Professor Neuman selected for you was your intelligence.  And it also seems that it's been transferred to me…"

    Ethan just nodded at that, "I knew I felt different…but I couldn't think of why.  I feel…blank.  It's like I've got a buncha mush in my head…"

    "You're speaking more slowly too," Jenna pointed out.

    "I am?" Ethan gave her a slightly blank look.

    "Maybe it's taking longer to think about what you plan on saying," she mused.  "Perhaps a brain is like a computer in that the more processing power it possesses, the faster it runs.  If you have a computer with very little processing power, it tends to move very slowly to perform even simple functions."

    Ethan shook his head with a blank expression. "I guess…"

    "This is fucking awesome," Jenna exclaimed, excited by these new changes that she had just gone through.

    Just then, the door opened up and Kat stepped into the room.  However, she was not the same Kat that Jenna had seen in the other waiting room.  She was MUCH taller and much sexier looking.  It was obvious with just a single glance that she had been the one to take Mike's traits.

    "Interesting," Jenna mused as she noticed that Kat wasn't anywhere near as bulky or muscular looking as before.

    Kat was still quite muscular and strong looking, but all of the muscles that she had taken from Shawn were spread out on her now 6 foot 5 body.  She was taller than Shawn, so didn't look as bulky as he had, but the muscles were obviously still there.

    And then of course, there was the fact Kat now possessed all of Tanya's sexiness and curves as well.  These looked MUCH better on her than they had on Mike, especially since they mixed with what she already had and made her even bustier and sexier than Tanya had been.

    "Impressive," Jenna finally said.

    "Take a look at this short stuff," Kat smirked, flexing her arm, then muttering, "Not as big as earlier, but I'm still pretty damn strong."  Then she cupped her generous breasts and said, "Between these babies and my new size, I bet I can get anyone to do what I want.  Right loser?"  She scowled down at Ethan, who scampered away.

    "Leave him alone," Jenna scowled.

    "Who's gonna make me shorty?" Kat snorted, "You?  Don't make me laugh…"

    Jenna stared up at the now gorgeous amazon who stood in front of her, bracing herself for an attack.  She knew exactly how to deal with a larger person in a fight, thanks to the skills that she had gained from Adam and through Ethan.

    But before things could get more tense, Mike came through the door, exclaiming, "Man I feel short…"

    "You are short," Jenna pointed out with a faint smile.  Mike was now only 5 foot 8, nearly a foot shorter than when he had started out.  "Or at least you're about the same height as me."

    "I like you better this way," Kat smirked as she moved closer, just to make their difference in height all the more obvious.  This obviously made Mike uncomfortable, though he tried not to show it.

    "At least I'm all guy again," he grinned, patting his flat chest.  "I'm more than glad to get rid of those things.  You wouldn't believe how much my roommate teased me about looking like a girl all night.  And on the way here, some guy even tried hitting on me."

    "Well, it will all be over with in a couple days," Jenna pointed out. 

    "The day after tomorrow, we'll all be back to normal."

    "Thank God," Mike grinned.  "But I think I can handle being short for a couple of days.  It might give me an appreciation for how the little people live."

    "Ha ha," Jenna rolled her eyes.  "You're just lucky that he didn't make you into a midget."

    "Now THAT would have been great," Kat grinned, her eyes gleaming greedily as she considered how large that much extra size would have made her.

    "Well anyway," Mike shrugged, "The professor says that he's going to start doing the exams.  He wants you two first, then he's going to get the rest of us."

    Kat looked at Jenna and snarled, "I'll go first.  I want to get my ass out of this place as soon as possible."

    "And I don't?" Jenna snorted.  "I guess when you're in a hurry to go to the litter box…"  Kat glared at Jenna, then turned and went back into the lab without another word.

    Professor Neuman was finished with Kat in just ten minutes, then it was Jenna's turn.  He measured her height, her weight and used some strange hand held device to scan her, though little more.  There was no doubt that he was much more interested in the fact that the transfers worked than he was in any side effects this process might leave.

    "It is perfectly safe," he told Jenna when she voiced her comments, "Now off with you… I have others to look at…"

    "Whatever," Jenna rolled her eyes as she left the lab.


    Jenna stared at her stack of school books and let out a sigh.  She'd been out having fun most of the day, and now it was time to get serious.  The parts of her that she'd gained from Chelsea were urging her to ignore the homework and go out to find something fun to do instead, but enough of her own personality remained to remind her that she had responsibilities.

    "Maybe afterwards," Jenna sighed.

    With a shrug, Jenna opened her math homework and took a look at it, blinking when she realized just how easy it was.  It hardly took any effort at all and she was through in a matter of minutes.  Then out of curiosity, she started looking through her math book, finding that just about everything in it was simple and that she already understood it.

    "Interesting," Jenna mused with a smile, "And thank you Ethan."

    Jenna quickly went to work on the rest of her homework, finding this was just as easy as the math.  Everything seemed so much simpler…so much easier to comprehend and remember.  And it didn't take her long to look through the other books and realize that she even knew things that hadn't been covered in any of her classes.

    "I didn't just get his intelligence," Jenna realized, "I've gained much of his knowledge…"

    Jenna leaned back and smiled, imagining how much easier finals would be if she could keep all of Ethan's knowledge and intelligence.  After all, he was one of the smartest people on campus, including the teachers.

    "Wait a moment," Jenna frowned, remembering just how slow Ethan was the last time she saw him.  The transfer had left him and less than average intelligence.  Since all of that knowledge and intelligence had been transferred to her, and she had been of average intelligence to start with, then the conclusion was obvious.  "I'm now smarter than Ethan was before this began…"

    Then Jenna quickly glanced to the violin that was sitting in the corner and she let out a sigh of relief that her traits hadn't been transferred to anyone else yet.  She feared that it would leave her tone def, and after all of the years she had spent practicing her skills, that was something she couldn't imagine.

    "But there's still tomorrow," she frowned, "I have a fifty percent chance of losing my music for a day…  But at least it would only be for a day."
    Jenna frowned, then glanced back to the books, deciding that as long as she had the extra intelligence, she might as well use it a bit more and do some studying.  However, she had barely gotten into her science book when Chelsea made a coughing sound.

    "Yeah?" Jenna asked, having almost forgotten that Chelsea was even there since she'd been so quiet.

    "What's it like?" Chelsea asked in a shy voice.  "I mean, having all that…stuff."

    Jenna was silent for a moment while she considered the question, then she responded, "Very cool.  I feel different…VERY different.  But at the same time, I feel really good.  I'm confident, outgoing, smart and very tough.  Of course, it's a bit confusing as well because I have so much of your own personality mixed in with my own, and I am no longer certain where my own limits and boundaries are."

    "Oh," Chelsea responded, nodding her head in understanding.  She stared at Jenna for a moment more with a faint expression of envy before she turned to playing on the computer.

    "How boring," Jenna sighed, thinking about Chelsea's personality since the transfer.  She had become bland and uninteresting, being mostly quiet and not showing any strong emotions.  "Well, I know where all that went…"

    Jenna was almost looking forward to Chelsea getting her personality back since she'd be a whole lot more fun.  But she was well aware of the irony in the fact that once Jenna was fun and exciting again, she would no longer be able to appreciate it.

    After a moment, Jenna decided that she was finished with studying for the moment.  It was time to go out and get some fresh air, and perhaps find something interesting to do.  She suspected that there might be a party around somewhere on campus that could benefit from her presence.

    "Might as well enjoy it while I still can," Jenna told herself as she rushed out the door.

    Jenny was soon wandering around the outside of the dorm building that she lived in, about to light a cigarette when she noticed  Kat.  The goth girl, now a sexy amazon, was in the middle of harassing a couple of skinny guys, and obviously enjoying how easy it was to intimidate them.

    "Now drop down and kiss my feet," Kat ordered the two boys, "And if you don't do it right, I'll kick your scrawny asses…"

    "Leave them alone," Jenna exclaimed, glaring up at Kat.

    "And why the hell should I?" Kat sneered.

    "For one," Jenna shrugged, "You'll be back to normal the day after tomorrow, and they might come looking for some payback…"

    "FUCK YOU," Kat snarled, "I'll do what the fuck I want, when I want to…"  The paused for a moment to stand to her full height and stick out her chest,

    "And no one can stop me now."

    Jenna just shook her head, "You know, you sure are full of yourself.  Too bad it's all shit."

    "You scrawny little bitch," Kat growled, charging straight at Jenna, a punch already flying.

    But Jenna reacted with a blinding speed, catching Kat's wrist and twisting it, sending her much large opponent crashing to the ground.  Then Jenna shifted position, pulled the arm tight and made Kat scream in pain.

    "I could dislocate your arm with just a little twist," Jenna pointed out, putting just enough pressure to make Kat howl again, "Or I could snap the bone in your wrist.  Now why don't you go home and leave people alone."

    As soon as Jenna let go of Kat's arm and stepped back, the larger girl got back to her feet, glaring down at her once again.  For a moment, Jenna thought that Kat was going to come after her again, but she saw a hint of fear in Kat's eyes.  The amazon goth realized that in spite of her having the advantage in size and strength, Jenna was the one with the true upper hand.

    "You little bitch," Kat kissed, as she turned and left, "I'll get you…"

    "And my little dog too?" Jenna rolled her eyes.

    Once Kat was truly gone, Jenna shook her head and muttered, "Thank you Adam…"  Without his martial arts skills, there was no doubt that she would have been completely and truly smashed.  Of course, without his skills, she wouldn't have had the confidence to face Kat down in the first place.

    A moment later, Jenna let out a sigh and slowly stared back towards her dorm room.  After that little confrontation, she didn't really feel like partying anymore.

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