Four Days part 4

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    Day 4

    Jenna climbed out of bed with a smile, feeling quite pleased with herself.  She gave a glance back at Dave, who was still in bed and then smiled even more.  It had been a good night…a great night.

    "The best sex I've ever had," she smirked, then reminded herself that it was only the second time that she'd had it.  The first had been with a boyfriend back in high school.

    She smiled as she thought about the night before, and just how wild it had been.  It had also been quite enjoyable to be the dominant partner during their lovemaking.  She had been bigger and stronger than Dave, so had been the one to choose which direction things took.

    "I could get used to that," Jenna mused.

    Then she sighed, knowing that it was just about over.  Without a word, she picked up her clothes, deciding that she had better get cleaned up, changed and back to her own dorm room.  The only question was whether she should wake Dave up first or not.

    "I never thought that I could hop into bed with someone that fast," Jenna said, feeling a little embarrassed at the fact.  Of course, she knew that this was due largely to Chelsea's more impulsive and uninhibited personality, but she wondered what she'd think about it once she was back to her boring old self. "I'll find out soon enough.

    Once Jenna had used Dave's shower to clean up and then got dressed again, she decided to wake him up.  He was a big groggy, but quite pleased by her kissing him awake.

    "Last night was great," she told him with a smile.

    "Definitely," he grinned back.

    Jenna sat there for a moment, then suddenly noticed the keyboard that was sitting in the corner.  It was half buried beneath clothes, which was why she hadn't seen it previously.

    "Let's see," Jenna mused, cleaning off the keyboard and then playing it.  It was so much like playing the piano that she had no problems, though it was a little odd to hear it digitally rather than the more traditional sounds that came from her playing the keys.

    "Wow," Dave exclaimed, "You're pretty good."

    "Thanks," Jenna smiled, "I've started taking piano lessons when I was about 6.  I've been playing ever since."

    "Very cool," Dave nodded, "Can you play anything else."

    "I can play flute and violin," Jenna shrugged, "And I have some experience with the cello and piccolo, though I'm afraid that I've never had any experience with more exciting instruments."

    Dave just nodded, "Just the classics…  But that's cool.  I've had that thing for a couple years and never really learned how to play."
    "Maybe I can teach you sometime," Jenna offered, then paused to mutter, "Damn."

    "What's wrong?" Dave asked.

    Jenna scowled, "I'm afraid that I have to be going now…"

    "When I can I see you again?" Dave asked with an eager smile.

    Jenna hesitated a moment before responding, "That might not be a good idea."

    "Oh?" he frowned.

    She shook her head sadly, "I'm afraid that Professor Neuman is going to change me back to normal this afternoon, and after that, I won't be the kind of girl that you're interested in anymore."

    "I'll still like you," Dave told her.

    But Jenna shook her head, "After that, I won't be the same person that I am right now.  Not physically, or mentally.  It's quite possible that after I change back, I might not be interested in you anymore."

    Dave frowned in disappointment, and Jenna knew exactly how he felt.  She was pretty disappointed as well that their short relationship wouldn't have a chance to become something more.  Once she was back to normal, back to her boring old self, a guy like Dave would be a bit out of her league.

    "I've got to go," she told him, giving him one more kiss before leaving.

    Jenna returned to her dorm room to find Chelsea just sitting back and silently watching the TV.  This was something that she had never really seen Chelsea do before, but then again they were all doing things differently since Professor Neuman's experiment.

    "Don't worry," Jenna assured her, "We'll both be back to normal before you know it."

    Chelsea nodded, "Okay…"

    Jenna shrugged and sat down, taking her flute from under her bed and bringing it to her lips.  She played the flute for over half an hour, relieved that this was just as easy as it had always been before.  A part of her had been afraid that having so much of other people in her would cause her to lose a bit more of herself.  But playing the flute brought it all back, reminding her that underneath everything that Professor Neuman had given her, she was still Jenna.

    "That's really nice," Chelsea said, never having appreciated Jenna's 'boring' music much before.  It had never been loud enough.

    "Too bad I won't have time to learn guitar." Jenna sighed.  "Maybe I'll try that anyway once I'm back…"

    Jenna leaned back and played her flute for just a bit longer before suddenly sitting up and exclaiming, "What the fuck am I sitting around here for?  I can play this shit anytime, but I won't be able to enjoy this body for much longer…"

    A minute later, Jenna left the dorm room, having no destination in mind.  She didn't know where she was going to go or what she was going to do, but she wasn't about to waste her limited amount of time with that body by staying in her dorm.

    For the next several hours, Jenna wandered around, and just off of campus, enjoying the attention that her transformed body gathered.  She loved being taller than all of the girls, and nearly every boy.  She loved being curvier and sexier than all of the girls as well, both of which ensured that she had every boy on her.

    "And I'm stronger than most of those guys too," Jenna grinned, looking down at her body with the tightly packed muscle.

    Eventually though, it was time for Jenna's appointment.  She made her way to the science building where Professor Neuman was working from, then sat outside the door and smoked her final cigarette.

    "A bad habit," she smirked as she dropped the cigarette butt and stepped on it, "I think I'll quit."

    When Jenna arrived in the waiting room, she saw that all of the other volunteers were there ahead of her.  That didn't surprise her though as she knew that they were all impatient to reclaim their missing traits.  Chelsea was the only possible exception in that she didn't seem to have many strong emotions left, including impatience and eagerness, though even she wanted to be returned to normal.

    "About time you got here," Shawn said with a scowl.

    "What?" Jenna grinned as she sat down, "Afraid that I was going to just run off instead of coming back to return your traits?"  But from the look on Shawn's face, and several others, she realized that this was exactly what some of them had thought.  "Sorry to disappoint you…"

    Kat just sat in the back corner, giving Jenna a vicious glare.  If looks could kill, Jenna would have been dead several times over.  But she took delight in just smiling pleasantly back at Kat and watching the goth nearly choke.

    "C'mon," Mike sighed after several minutes, "When's the professor gonna get here…"

    "I hope he gets here soon," Tanya scowled, "I'm tired of looking like this…"

    "I know what you mean," Shawn muttered, "I'm so scrawny that my little sister could kick my butt."

    "What about me?" Adam asked, "I forgot just about everything I ever knew about athletics or defending myself.  I'm so clumsy that I keep tripping over my own feet…"

    Jenna just sat back, trying to be patient, though it wasn't easy.  Professor Neuman was over fifteen minutes late, and the others were all getting restless.  They kept glancing at her more and more frequently, with less than admiring looks.

    "I guess we'd better remind him," Jenna finally said, tired of waiting there with people who seemed to be blaming her for Professor Neuman being late.  "I'll drag him back here if I have to…"

    "I'd like to see that," Mike grinned, "I'm coming with you."

    "Be my guest," Jenna shrugged as she opened the door that led to Professor Neuman's actual lab.

    As soon as the door was open, Jenna froze, her eyes going wide as she gasped, "Oh shit…"

    "What?" Mike demanded, squeezing past her and into the room.  "No fucking way…"

    At this, everyone came pouring into the lab, all of them pausing to gasp in shock as they looked around.  The entire lab was completely empty.  There was no sign of the booths which had caused their traits to be transferred, the racks of electrical equipment and computers which had been connected to them, or even anything else.

    "Where the hell did it all go?" Adam demanded, staring at the empty space in the middle of the floor which had previously contained the transfer booths.

    "Where's Professor Neuman?" Tanya asked with more than a bit of fear in her voice.

    Everyone froze, staring at the lab and each other in horror.  More than one pair of eyes darted to Jenna with accusatory expressions, though no one dared to voice them.

    "That's a damn good question," Jenna scowled, looking around the empty room.  She quickly went to the second door and peaked into the second waiting room, seeing that there were no clues in there as to where the professor had gone.  "I think we should go look for him…"

    "You think?" Kat spat out.

    "Where do we look for him?" Ethan asked with a slightly blank expression.
    Jenna scowled, definitely not liking what she had seen so far.  She had a very bad feeling about this.  "We look everywhere," she told them. "We split up and search the entire campus…  If he's not here, someone will know where he is…"

    "Makes sense," Mike responded, "Let's go.."

    As everyone split up, Jenna went through he science building, looking for anyone who might know where Professor Neuman was.  However, no one that she talked to had any idea, leaving her without any clues by the time she returned to the waiting room.

    Once everyone had returned to the waiting room, each of them revealed in turn that they had no luck.  They had looked everywhere, but there was no sign of Professor Neuman or anyone who knew where he might be.

    "None of the professors I talked to had any idea he was gone," Mike grumbled.

    "I checked out his house," Adam scowled.  "No one answered, but when I looked through the window, everything was a mess…"

    "Maybe the professor was right," Jenna said as she slowly looked around the disappointed and horrified faces, "Maybe people really were after him and his research…"  She gulped, "Maybe they finally got him…"

    "Or maybe," Mike frowned, "He was so paranoid that these people were after him that he just grabbed his stuff and ran…"

    Several people nodded at that, knowing that it was just as likely as Jenna's suggestion.  Professor Neuman had definitely been paranoid and none of them put that past him.

    "Shit," Shawn spat out, "What the fuck are we gonna do now?"

    "There's nothing that we can do," Jenna said after a moment.

    "That's bullshit," Shawn glared at her.  "You just want to keep my muscles…"

    Several of the others gave Jenna accusatory glares, as if Shawn were right and she had intentionally stolen their traits.  They were acting as though it were her fault that Professor Neuman was missing, and his strange machine with him.

    "Maybe," Jenna snapped at him in annoyance, standing to her full height to make them realize that it might not be a good idea to push her too much at the moment. "But I sure as hell don't know of any other way of giving them back to you.  I sure as hell can't go to Wal-Mart to buy a new transfer machine…"

    "She has a point," Adam frowned, sitting down and letting out a long sigh.  "She came here to finish the experiment and give us back our traits.  It's not her fault that the professor up and vanished."

    "I guess," Shawn reluctantly.

    Jenna frowned as she silently looked around the room.  None of them looked happy and she didn't blame them.  They had all just lost things…things that were integral to their very sense of identity.  These were things that most of them couldn't get back.

    It would take years of exercise and working out for Shawn to build his muscles back up, but Jenna had a feeling that it wouldn't be that easy.  Jenna had a sneaky suspicion that Professor Neuman might have given Shawn's ability to build muscle to her as well as the muscles themselves, just as he had given her Adam's athleticism, balance and coordination.

    Adam might be able to regain some of what he had lost as well, but Jenna knew that it would take a lot of time and a lot of work.  And even then, Jenna was positive that he would never get anywhere near as good as he had been.
    Tanya could never be the sexy girl that she had been before, and Ethan would likely be forced to leave college as he could no longer keep up with the school workload.  Their lives would both be completely ruined.  Mike probably wouldn't like being so much shorter, but at least he could live a normal life and do most of the same things that he had before.

    "Poor Chelsea," Jenna frowned as she looked at her roommate, who looked vaguely disappointed though not nearly as horrified as the others.

    There was no doubt that Chelsea had been hit very hard with what had just happened.  Her very personality had been torn right out of her, and nothing could replace that.  Sure, she might develop new confidence and personality as time went on, but the person that she had been was completely gone.

    Then Jenna turned to attention to Kat and frowned as she did so.  All that the goth had lost were a few tattoos and piercings, all of which were easy to replace.  It just didn't seem fair to Jenna that someone like Kat came out of this relatively unharmed, while just about everyone else had lost things that were so irreplaceable.

    "I'm really sorry that you guys can't get your traits back," Jenna told them sincerely.  Sure, she was partly excited by the thought that she could keep everything that she had gained, but she was horrified at the price of her gain.  Seven…no, six other people would be paying the price.  "I'd give them back if I could."

    "I guess," Mike scowled.

    Jenna shook her head sadly, then finally left the waiting room.  There was nothing more that she could do, so she saw little point in hanging around longer.  She had no false hope that Professor Neuman would suddenly come through the door, apologizing for being late and saying that he had just moved the equipment.  The fact was, he professor was gone and all of them were now stuck as they were.

    "Poor guys," Jenna sighed, "Especially Chelsea and Ethan…  They didn't deserve that…"

    After a few minutes though, Jenna allowed herself to smile again.  She looked down at herself, knowing that she was strong, smart and sexy…and that she would remain that way.  This was no longer a temporary thing that would soon be removed.  This was what she had become, and this was what she now was.

    There was no doubt in Jenna's mind that she liked what she had become.  She liked…even loved having all of the traits that had been transferred to her.  The thought of being able to stay like that filled her with pleasure and excitement.  Of course, she felt sorry for the others, but she refused to feel guilty and miserable for something that she had not been responsible for and had absolutely no control over.

    "At least someone came out of this better off," Jenna looked down at herself and grinned, then mused, "I wonder if Dave is up to anything tonight…"


    Great stuff! Hopefully you'll continue it some time 😉


    I really dig this story.

    From mousy college wall flower to GLOW superstar  👿

    The other students having their lives ruined or at least irrevocably altered might lead to some interesting threads.

    After all she IS incredibly smart and perhaps the guilt might make her unconsciously choose a 'mad' science major.

    Her final form is like something out of a Kulli drawing. Big, pierced and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing!

    A bizzare meeting of the Science and Magic amazons might occur if The Mistress Of The House runs into the Test Subject  😀

    Hunter S Creek

    Well done!  Thank you for sharing it with us, Morpheus!



    Wow, that was a great story! I loved the build-up, with the slow gaining of traits. I also really like the way you've left it open for lots of follow-ups. Thanks for sharing your great work with us! 😀

    Zespara Alathar

    Very nice story.  😀

    I was thinking that somehow she'd wind up with all the traits.  However, my thought was that she had gained enough intelligence on her own to manipulate the machines herself.  Perhaps she could find some notes somewhere and could replicate the experiment herself!  Mayhaps a sequel to your fine tale?  😉



    And maybe find a way to duplicate the talents and restore the drained folks while keeping all the goodies she's gotten herself.

    Fun, creative story, but her simply shrugging and leaving the others with nada without even thinking of any way to help them always left a sour aftertaste in my mouth.


    Excellent as always, cannot wait for your next story…

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