Full Moon Fever Formula

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    M Lee

    Just in time for Halloween!!!

    I noticed that there hadn’t been any new additions in a while. So, as promised, here is another story that I’d written years ago. As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!!!

    Full Moon Fever Formula

    All her life, Raechel Mason wanted to be noticed. In school, she was the perennial science fair winner, the spelling bee champion, and the person who got the highest grades in school. As is often the case, Raechel’s academic success didn’t transfer to her social life. She was always the shortest and weakest, and was often teased in school. The only class she struggled in was gym. But she always brown nosed and did extra things for the gym teacher to get a passing grade. When senior prom season rolled around, she waited for guys to ask her. She waited, and waited. No one ever asked her to go. The closest she came to getting asked for a date was when some guy asked her who her date was. When she said "No one", hoping he’d ask, he just walked away, without giving it a second thought. So prom night came and went, and she stayed at home, sleeping right through it. That night she made a promise to herself. She was committed to become the life of the party once college started. She’d still be a bookworm, deep down, but she made a vow to party just as hard, if not harder than, she studied her books.

    During the summer, Raechel was committed to her "social transformation". She bought all the fashion books, brushing up on the latest clothing and hairstyles. She changed her entire wardrobe. She even bought colored contacts, to replace her all too stereotypical eyeglasses. She was going to be ready for her new life in college. College began with the usual formality. Being an honor student gave her special perks, such as preferential course scheduling for classes, and such. Her roommates were honor students, too. Even though, Sandy, Jessica, and Amy all went to the same high school, Raechel still felt very comfortable at the thought of living with them, since they had so much in common. It wasn’t until she met them in person that she realized that they were worlds apart. Raechel felt her heart sink. All three of them looked like they walked out of a Playboy magazine. You could tell right away that they never had a problem with finding dates to their prom. Compared to their looks, little 5’3", 98 lbs. soaking wet, with a 32B chest Raechel felt even more out of place. As they unpacked, Raechel couldn’t help but to notice each of them had brought reminders of their high school glory days with them. Sandy had her track & field trophies; Jessica had her swimming medals. But, Amy took the cake. Amy pulled out pictures of her and her boyfriend at the beach. Amy had no shame in flaunting her rather large bust. Judging by those pics, she had to be at least a 38D. They looked even bigger on her 5’4" frame. And, to make it all the more worse, Amy’s boyfriend looked like a Greek God. Raechel didn’t even bother finish unpacking. She just went to bed.

    Raechel’s first day as a college woman consisted of scheduling classes, getting familiar with the campus. Raechel class load consisted of Biology Lab, Chemistry, Calculus, and Urban Mythology Literature. As the day passed, she felt a lot less jealous about the possible attention that her roommates caused her. But, by 9:00 that night, it came back to slap her in the face. Since 7 that evening, their phone rang off the hook. Guys, upon guys, upon guys, calling to talk to her roommates, whom she’d decided to nickname the "Heavenly Bodies". Phone calls from anxious college men were overrunning even Amy, who had a loyal boyfriend at home. Raechel lost track of the ringing phone, as she drifted off to sleep around 1 in the morning. As the semester rolled on, the Heavenly Bodies and Raechel all got into their books. But, Sandy, Jessica, and Amy still had their pick of the men on campus. And, a few more men that they didn’t pick still called their room at all hours of the night. Raechel just wished that she could have some of the attention that they had gotten. Raechel wasn’t a bad person, she thought that she was funny, and kind of cute. The most attention that she got from a guy was when she took messages for one of the Heavenly Bodies. Often times, the guys called Raechel "the other one", or "the runt". Most of the guys didn’t even bother to learn her name. Why wasn’t she getting all of this affection? Why wasn’t anything changing from the way things were in high school? It seemed like no matter what Raechel did, nothing was going to make things change for her.

    In Raechel’s Urban Mythology Lit class, they started to read up on Lycanthropy, or people becoming werewolves. According to myth, ordinary men who were bitten by a wolf or werewolf, would also become a werewolf, giving them extraordinary size, and strength. The downside was the growth of the fur, and fangs, and the general killing instinct. But, the idea of a person gaining such size and strength intrigued Raechel, and she was determined to learn more about it. She spent all of her free time in the library and on the internet, reading as much as she could about it. Knowing that most myths were actually based on factual information only helped to increase her desire to learn more about it. From a scientific standpoint, she felt that the idea of a wolf-human hybrid would be amazing. And, she had to know everything that there is to know about it. All of this "voluntary study" wrecked havoc on her social transformation plans. She never saw the inside of her dorm room, except for the moments before she shut her eyes to sleep. She rarely saw her roommates anymore, either. She spent every Saturday night, engrossed in a book, instead of being at the next frat party. Just like high school. She stopped worrying about her clothes, and keeping up with the fashion trends. Just like high school. As she walked the campus, wearing her glasses, she periodically heard a snicker, or a snide remark from an upperclassman. Just like high school.

    After a month of non-stop research, her roommates decided to intervene. Sandy, Jessica, and Amy had been invited to the biggest party of the school year. The party was by invitation only, and they wanted Raechel to come with them-whether she wanted to or not. They went through her closet, and got her best party dress and shoes. They even did Raechel’s make up and hair. After three hours of painstaking poking and prodding, the four of them were ready to go. As Raechel looked in the mirror, she felt a boost of confidence. As she stepped outside, into the light of the full moon, she made sure to not look at her roommates, for fear that comparing her looks to theirs would only ruin the night for her.

    The guys at the party quickly brought her back to reality, though. It started immediately, as they arrived at the front door. The guy taking the tickets didn’t want to let Raechel in, claiming that he knew that "no brother in his frat would ever invite someone who looked like her". Sandy immediately jumped to Raechel’s aid, and lobbied for her admittance. Begrudgingly, Raechel was let in. Her confidence was dented, but was still going strong. That is, until she entered the party. As the night progressed, Raechel could feel her confidence being stripped away. Every time a guy turned away as she danced towards him. Every time she made eye contact with a guy and he’d just look away, unimpressed. The wall became a steady dance partner for Raechel, as the

    Heavenly Bodies had the time of their lives. As she neared her breaking point, she felt a man’s hand grab hers, as he whispered in his ear. As his breath hinted of vodka, he introduced himself as Peter, and asked her if she lived in 110 Burrowes Hall. She answered "yes", and he sweeps her through the party to an upstairs bedroom. In the near-darkness of the bedroom, Peter chats politely, as he moves his hands on Raechel’s knee and upward. Was this really happening to her? Even though he was a little tipsy, she was too excited at the thought of a "college man" showing her some attention. She didn’t even bother to worry about who he was, or what he was about. Raechel reciprocates his touch, with touches of her own, and she runs her hands along his body. They begin to kiss. Peter lies Raechel on the bed and begins to undo her dress. Raechel, now topless, is loving every minute of this attention. And she doesn’t want it to stop. But, things come to a screeching halt when Peter reaches Raechel’s chest. He stumbles out of the bed and throws on the light. "Who the hell are you? Aren’t you the one with the big tits?!" exclaims Peter. It’s at that point that Raechel realizes that Peter had mistaken her for her roommate, Amy. Feeling dirty, and full of shame, Raechel tries to cover up. Peter yells at Raechel, and throws her out of the house, barely giving her enough of a chance to put her dress back on properly. As Raechel walks home, embarrassed and demoralized, she tries to think about something other than how pitiful she looks and feels. As she looks up to the full moon, her thoughts stray to her lycanthropy study. What if she could use a wolf attributes to her advantage? What if she could figure out a way to gain extra strength and size? Could she really pull it off? She ran as fast as she could back to her dorm to change into something more comfortable, and off she went to the library.

    Raechel put even more time and energy into this new "project". Her roommates saw her even less. She even stopped going to her classes. Her theory was to simulate the effect that a wolf’s bite would have, turning her into a werewolf, minus the fur, fangs, and killer instinct. If she could isolate the enzymes and DNA that she wanted from a wolf’s saliva, she could gain exactly what she wanted. Raechel also hypothesized that the reason why there aren’t werewolves alive today was because our own immune systems were too strong to allow the wolf’s saliva to have an effect. She’d have to find a way to suppress her own antibodies that would fight off the saliva’s effect. After a week of study in the biology lab, her hard worked paid off, as she finally came up with a formula that should work. As she looks at the formula, she thinks over the possible side effects. The problem was, she had no idea what the side effects could be. Would she end up some sort of genetic freak? Would the formula kill her? Or, would it do nothing at all? Raechel decides to sleep on it, and she puts the formula away, and goes back to her dorm room. Being a Friday night, her room was a mad house. Sandy and Jessica were running back and forth through the room, getting dressed to go out, and Amy was on and off the phone constantly. Raechel laid in bed looking at them, as thoughts raced through her head. What made them so much better than her? Why couldn’t she get all the guys and all the popularity? It was at that moment, amidst all the chaos in the room that she made her decision. She was going to take the formula. The upside greatly outweighed the downside. She immediately got up, and walked out of the dorm, towards the lab. She took the milky white formula out of the refrigerator, and held the beaker in her hand. After a momentary pause, she downed the solution in a few gulps. To her surprise, it tasted smooth, and creamy. She sat still in the lab, waiting for any changes to occur. Five minutes passed. Nothing happened. Fifteen minutes. Still nothing. An hour passes. Still no change. Dejected, and feeling like a failure, Raechel walks back to her dorm. The next weekend, she decides to re-examine her data, and try to see where she went wrong. She can’t find anything wrong. Over the next two weeks, Raechel tries everything that she can think of. Wolf’s bane, meditation, vitamins, energy drinks; none of it works. Depressed, Raechel decides to give up on this project. She wonders if she’s just meant to live out her life this way.

    Throughout that week, Raechel starts having the weirdest dreams. She dreams that she’s out in the woods, hunting for food. But, she’s not walking around like a human. She seems to be running around on all fours, like a dog, or more like a wolf. Every time she awoke from one of these dreams, she couldn’t fight off the feeling of being horny, for some reason. This is definitely not like Raechel. She’d never considered herself "sexual". The few times she’s had sex weren’t even a great experience for her. Sure, she wouldn’t mind having more sex, but it just wasn’t something that she normally fantasized about. Every night that week, her dreams and subsequent horniness, seemed to intensify.

    Early Friday morning, she even woke up with her fingers lodged deep with in her pussy. There was definitely something odd about that. She just chalked it up to her subconsciously feeling guilt about the formula not working, and her lack of sex since she’d been at college. During her classes, and throughout the day, she couldn’t get her mind off of sex. When lunch came, all she could think about putting in her mouth was a dick. As she drifted off in her Calculus class, her hands drifted to her crotch, as she stroked herself through her jeans. Somehow, she made it out of her last class, without embarrassing herself. As the sun started to set, her stomach felt a bit upset.

    She decided to skip dinner, and just head for her dorm room to lie down. Unfortunately, her room on a Friday night is the last place to be able to lie down in. The hustle and bustle of the Heavenly Bodies, as they prepare to go out on the town, will kill any and all quiet that you might want to find. Luckily for Raechel, the girls have an early engagement, and they leave almost as soon as Raechel comes in and plops down on her bed. As she lies there, beads of sweat form along her brow, and her heart begins to race, as the rumble in her stomach strengthens. The sweat begins to soak through her shirt, as her discomfort increases. The wetness of her shirt is quickly matched by a wetness in her crotch, but it isn’t sweat. Raechel gets up out of her bed, to open a window, hopefully to cool herself down. As a gently breeze wafts through the window, Raechel looks up, and sees the full moon. Suddenly, her body is racked with an intense sensation, a burning from within. Almost like something wanting to come out. She backs away from the window, and stares at herself in the mirror. Sweat is all over her face, as she breathes heavily. She notices that her hair is longer than she remembers it being. And, it’s growing. As she runs her hand through her hair and notices her nails have grown longer, as well. The burning sensation grows as all of her muscles suddenly tense up. She notices the sleeves on her shirt begin to pull up her forearm, as the cuffs in her pants legs do the same. The now 5’6" Raechel is looking at her body, fearful of what’s happening to her. She looks down just in time to see her toes, with lengthening nails, tearing through her socks. She looks back to the mirror, as the pain in her stomach intensifies. She looks in the mirror and sees her hair now down to the middle of her back, and she sees that her shirt has risen enough that she can she deep ridges of abdominal muscle. Muscle? Raechel’s never fat, but she’s never had a six-pack like the one she’s looking at in the mirror. Raechel begins to feel a tightness all over her body, as her now 5’10 frame is too big for the clothes that she’s wearing. Her muscles tense even more. Veins begin to bulge all over her body, as muscle tissue begins to form on her normally thin body. Her forearms begin the process, as muscle builds over the bone. The buttons on her shirt cuff pop off, as the muscle grows. Her watchband gives way next. Raechel feels the tightness on her calf, as the cuff that was once at her diminutive ankle. Her bulging calf tears through the fabric, as the jean begins to tear along the seam. She flexes her right arm, and watches a bulge of feminine muscle tear through the sleeve. Invigorated by the sensation, she flexes the left in the same fashion, but slower, to take it the ripping of every inch of the now flimsy cloth. The pain of the transformation is too much, and the now 6’1" Raechel is dropped to her hands and knees. As she collapses, she feels her quads thicken into two slabs of steel, destroying what’s left of the legs of her jeans. Raechel squeezes her eyes, as the transformation sears through her body. She feels her hips begin to grow. The growth is fighting against the remains of the jeans. The muscle won’t be denied. She grunts as her ripe, firm, round ass tears through what’s left of her jeans, turning her underwear into a makeshift thong. The pain ebbs, and the now 6’5" Raechel opens her eyes. As she kneels on the floor, she is astounded at the change that has overtaken her. She looks at every ridge, and every indentation of the new muscle that covers her body. She grins a bit at slight addition of breast that she’s gotten, from the growth of pectoral muscle. Suddenly her back is racked with another overwhelming pain, as she’s thrown back to her hands and knees. She begins to convulse as her spine readjusts to her changes. Through her shirt, you can see her back contort. As with the rest of her body, muscle begins to form along her new back. Her back widens as she convulses, and it begins to tear through the back of her shirt. Her tattered shirt rips down the middle, to accommodate her newly muscular back. She leans against one of the beds in her dorm room, as her hands are drawn to her chest. She feels warmth there. But, unlike the rest of the transformation, this part feels good. She feels a soothing sensation along her breasts. A gentle pulsation starting from her back, and ending at the end of her nipples. She grasps her tiny tits in with her huge hands, and begins to lick her lips. She feels her breasts, as they pulse in her hands. It doesn’t take long for Raechel to realize that they’re growing as well. She feels her own tit-flesh, as it expands in her own hands. She can feel her already rock hard nipples expand. From the width of a nail’s head, to a marker cap, to the size of a thumb, and even larger. Overwhelmed by the growth sensation, Raechel tears away at the shreds of denim that are over her crotch, and jabs two fingers deep in her pussy, while her other hand caresses her now 36D tits. As their size increases, so does their sensitivity. The buttons of her shirt strain as her now 42DD tits stretch the shirt to its limits. Buttons begin to fly off, as Raechel is lost in the sensations from her fingering herself and manipulating her own tits. In a fit from the sensation, Raechel tears the remains of her shirt and bra open, liberating her tits. They hang in the air as they expand, almost defying gravity. Raechel slides two fingers into her wet cunt and probes every inch of herself. Near orgasm, Raechel opens her eyes, and stops fingering herself. Her breasts have stopped growing, too. She stands up, and looks at herself in the mirror. She can hardly recognize herself. By looking in the mirror, she approximates her new "dimensions". About 6’5", maybe even 6’6". Probably about 245lbs. all muscle. Eyes: A Yellowish-Brown color; Waist: 36inches; Hips: 40inches; and Bust: 48EE. She slides a finger back into her snatch, and pulls it back out, full of juice. She puts it to her mouth, and as she tastes it, she’s overwhelmed with an instinct. It’s not a killer instinct, but one for SEX. Thoughts of school, and books and science are all gone. She wants to fuck, and nothing’s going to stop her! She jumps out of her window, with only the tattered remains of what the old Raechel wore to cover her body. She’s on a hunt for sexual prey.

    As Raechel lands in the woods behind fraternity row, her now heightened sense of smell catches onto a familiar scent. A familiar male scent. She walks towards the edge of the trees, and sees a somewhat familiar face in an open window. She climbs in a nearby tree for a better look. It’s Peter, from the last party that the old Raechel went to. She watches him as he closes the window slightly, and undresses, as he obviously gets ready for bed. Raechel hungrily licks her lips, as she scales the branch closest to his bedroom window. As Peter turns off his light, Raechel leaps effortlessly to the thatched roof near Peter’s open window. Peter begins to doze off to sleep, and Raechel climbs through the open window. She silently slides into his room, and into the bed next to Peter. Before he can turn around and find out what’s going on, Raechel grabs his mouth, silencing him. She closes her eyes, and takes in all of his scent. She can smell the fear on him. Peter can’t tell what’s going on. All he can see is her long hair, as the light from the window shines through it. Raechel begins to lick, and kiss all over Peter’s neck and face. Her kisses begin to soothe his fears, and he decides to just go with the flow. Peter gets into the rhythm, and begins to kiss her back. He runs his fingers through her hair, as she growls seductively. Raechel throws Peter onto the bed. She straddles his head, and grinds it between the loose patches of cloth between her legs. Peter laps at Raechel’s exposed cunt. Her juices are sweeter than any pussy he’s ever been in, as they flow down his throat. He struggles to swallow it all, as it overflows and runs down his chin. Peter makes loud, slurping noises, as he eats away at her pussy. As he tastes the most intimate of areas of Raechel’s hypersensitive pussy she grinds Peter’s head further in her cunt. He nearly suffocates, as she eats her out with large paintbrush strokes. Raechel grunts and growls, as a sign of how much she’s enjoying his thick, wet tongue. Peter attempts to pull away, to move on with the night of passion, but Raechel holds his head firmly in her dripping crotch. Peter begins to lap away, paying special attention to massage her clit along his teeth. He tries to pull away again, but Raechel won’t let him move. He begins to concentrate more and more on escaping his pussy prison, rather than eating her cunt. He finally slides out of her grasp, and backs up on the bed, almost afraid of the pussy. He reaches up for the light, and screams at the Amazon woman that he finds standing over his body. Raechel reaches up and yanks the light bulb out of the ceiling. She reaches down, and grabs Peter by the throat. She holds him down to the bed, and rips his boxers to shreds. Raechel’s eyes widen as she sees what Peter has been hiding under his shorts. She licks her lips as she eyes his 10" cock. She lies near his crotch, and raps her muscular hand around his hard shaft. She sniffs gently around it, as a small dollop of pre-cum on the oozes out of the head of his dick. Raechel opens her mouth wide, exposing her sharp canines. She impales her head on his cock, and baptizes it in saliva. She looks up to Peter devilishly, as she holds his cock, deep in her throat. Her cheeks cave in, as she sucks on his cock. The sheer force of her suction on his cock implores Peter to grab a hold of the headboard of his bed. He’s flooded with emotions of fear and sexual intensity, as the sensations Raechel gives him through his cock are extraordinary. Peter is speechless, as Raechel works away at his hard, thick cock. Raechel ravages her new toy, as she slurps and licks Peter’s cock. Taking it out of her mouth, licking up and down the shaft with her muscular tongue, teasing the tip of his cock with the edge of her teeth. She tickles his scrotum with her long fingernails, as she roughly jerks on Peter’s dick. She takes another taste of Peter’s dick, and begins her oral piston pump again. Her head bounces up and down, and her wild hair is strewn all over the place. Raechel reaches up, and runs her nails up and down his muscular chest, as she gives Peter’s shoves Peter’s shaft further down her throat. Peter’s cock twitches, in anticipation of an orgasm. Sensing the ensuing flow of semen, Raechel halts the pump and eases her firm, muscular body, up along Peter’s. She nuzzles against him, and she licks the sweat off of his neck. Lying in bed, her 6’6" muscular frame almost dwarfs Peter’s 6’1, 195 lb. frame. In one fluid motion, Raechel sits up and swings her beefy, muscular leg over Peter’s body, straddling him. She slides down his body, and positions her body over his shaft. Peter sits up to interject himself in this "sexual repossession". Raechel grabs him by the throat and pins him down to the bed. The combination of fear and sexual anticipation has kept his cock hard. She grasps Peter’s cock, and guides it into her wet, muscular, pussy. She settles onto the cock, as she balances on the balls of her feet. Using her dexterity, she bounces up and down on his cock. She slides up to the very tip, before shooting back down onto it, but sliding back up, only touching the base of his crotch slightly. Her hands grope and massage her own breasts, as the sensations of his throbbing cock cause her pussy to throb in reciprocation. She begins to grunt and growl, as the passion of the moment overflows. She readjusts her body, and kneels on his cock, allowing the full force of her 245lbs. to bounce onto Peter’s body. The bed begins to bounce, as Raechel increases the force of her impact. The entire bed is starts to move, as the headboard loudly bangs against the wall. Peter can feel every ounce of her weight, as she pounds away on his cock. Peter struggles to gasp for air. He inhales as Raechel rises on his cock, and has no choice but to exhale as she plunges back down onto his cock. She lowers herself on his dick, and holds it deep in her pussy, as she grinds back and forth on it. Peter can feel the mattress indent, as Raechel adds her whole weight on his crotch. She leans forward, smashing her 48EE sized tits into Peter’s face. She takes his head and rubs it all over her basketball-sized tits, as she slides her ass up and down Peter’s shaft. Peter opens his mouth and tries to take in as much of her massive mammaries as he can, sliding his tongue across her bottle cap-sized nipples. Nearing orgasm, Raechel begins to bounce on Peter’s rock hard cock again, more fervently than before. The Peter and the bed bare the brunt of the sexual punishment. Cracks begin to form along the wall where the headboard is banging against it. The bed begins to creak from the sheer force of Raechel’s erotic impact. The ceiling beneath Peter’s room begins to crack as plaster falls from it. Through all the excitement-and pain, Peter doesn’t even notice his own orgasm coming and going. As Raechel’s orgasm hits her, she grabs Peter’s shoulders, digging her nails into his flesh, drawing blood. The bed collapses, as the supports break in two. Peter passes out, from the sheer exertion of the moment. Raechel climbs off of her conquered prey, and slides back out of the window she entered.

    As morning comes, the rays of sun wake up Peter. His memories of the night before are somewhat hazy. Could it all have been a dream? But, all the signs are there. The broken light, the cracked plaster around his headboard, his bed is broken in two. And, most of all, his crotch is badly bruised, and he can hardly feel below his waist. Back in the dorm, Raechel awakens with a bad headache. She looks around and sees her roommates, all lying in their own beds. She stands up, and looks in the mirror. She is still wearing scraps of the clothes that she remembers wearing the day before. The memories of the night before are a bit hazy, but they’re coming back little by little. She smiles as they come back, realizing that all of her nerdish hard work has finally paid off. She felt rested, and invigorated. She can’t wait for the next full moon, and to find out who her next prey would be.


    Always wanted to see a were-zon story.

    Thanks for sharing yours Leondus.

    You made the Heavenly Bodies act like decent human beings to Racheal which made it not so much a tale of revenge against THEM as it was against her own waifishness.

    A really nice Halloween tale!


    Of course, to be a real were-zon, she has to be able to spread her "curse". Wheee! Nice story, Leondus, thanks for writing it.


    😯 😯 This has been among my favorite FMG tales since the first time i read it at DTV; very good job on the setup and more even on the TF, i hope to read more from you dude!

    Cheers, Lonebeatle.

    M Lee

    I’m honored to have gotten your seal of approval, Lone. Your reputation preceeds you…


    Very nice, Leondus.

    Cowprobe wrote

    Always wanted to see a were-zon story.

    For another one see Smitty‘s Mark of the Amazon.

    Trilliwig wrote

    Of course, to be a real were-zon, she has to be able to spread her "curse". Wheee! Nice story, Leondus, thanks for writing it.

    It looks to me like Leondus has already set the stage for that… we’ll have to see exactly what happens to Peter.


    Spreading the curse – heh.

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